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  2. D2000, the co-worker at the shop to Mary about Lucy? What are those leeches? (man to himself)
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  4. Have a nice evening, Lyn. This is TUT, Abby to Mike, after she pretends to flirt with him and sort of turn him on. Next:"Looked like she had a date." Woman to woman. Maybe caireen will stop by. Hope so. Rayna
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  6. Hi ladies. Sorry but Donald just left. I don't know how its smoked but I must say it was salty and so were the fries. I'll pay for it with my feet swelling up but would I order it again, no. This is TUT and Mike to Abby when she is balling him out for entering her office and about how he spoke to her on his show. Next quote: "Sucker!" (woman to man) Shutting it down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  7. Hmmmm. Smoked meatloaf, eh? That sounds interesting! Can you tell us how it's made? This is TUT, Abby to Colin, when she finally confesses to him that Mike told her how to act so he'd like her. Next:"I"m not picturing you that way, but that's a nice image." Man to woman. So, I'm just doing laundry. I'm around. Rayna
  8. Hi Rayna. This is TUT and Colin to Abby in his apartment after he bandaged her foot. Next quote: "I hate being fed like a toddler" (woman to man) Donald is coming over with Smoked meatloaf, baked beans and fries for dinner. Ronnie and Victoria are working so I get the visit and dinner. Lyn
  9. Hi girls. Sorry. Didn't mean to stump you. I thought, if caireen came on, she could answer it. She always know the more obscure quotes, although it is in our notes file. It's Georgia to Larry, on their show, referring to having her petunias watered. Silly, really. This quote is TUT, Mike to Jonah, about Mike's sister (Jonah's mom) telling him stories about when she and Mike were in like in Jr. High. Next:"I like dogs but I'm a cat person." Man to woman. We're leaving here in about an hour. Hope you're both having a good day. Rayna
  10. Hi Pat. TUT, Mike to Jonoh giving him girl advice. Next quote: "I was there and she lied" (man to boy) Lyn
  11. Morning, Lyn Sorry don't know Rayna's quote either. Your's is from TUT....Mike to Abby when she's walking her finger down Mike's chest. Next: "Dorky? Hell, no!" (man to boy) Back later. Gonna finish my book...it was too late last night to finish it. Pat
  12. Morning ladies. Sorry, I don't know this one. Maybe Pat does. I'll leave another to keep it going. Then Pat can answer 2. Next quote: "Will you stop doing that?" (man to woman) Have a good day, ladies. Back later. Lyn
  13. Last week
  14. Have a good evening, Lyn. This is TUT, Joy to Abby, who's hiding in her closet after Mike's first day on their news show. Next:"I sure hope mine do." Woman to man, another man present. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning. We have a memorial service to go to, so we'll be leaving the house at 10:30.
  15. Hi ladies. Tracy came this afternoon. She just finished my laundry and she's returning something at Walmart for me and picking up her dinner. This is TUT and Abby to Mike when he starts to get out of the hot air balloon. Next quote: "Congratulations?" (woman to woman) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow, Have a nice evening. Lyn
  16. Hi Pat. Just got back. She did my fills, which take a little more time. This is TUT, Mike to Abby, when he's teaching her how to flirt and keep a man interested. Next:"Oh that's a shocker! You're bailing." Woman to man. We're going to a back-yard dinner party. It starts at 6, so we'll be leaving here in 90 minutes. I'll stop back before I go. Rayna
  17. Hi, Girls. Been doing all the paperwork that I had saved up all week. Everyone wants money....contributions of one form or another! From TUT....Mike to Abby when they're in bed and he questions her big "O." Next: "Do everything else....but!! (man to woman) Gonna shut down and make some dinner. Pat
  18. Hi Lyn. Just getting ready to leave for my manicure. This is TUT, Mike to Abby, under the table at the dinner with corporate. Next:"Real or fake?" Man to woman. I should be back in about 90 minutes. Rayna
  19. Hi Rayna. Been online looking at the new Medicare plans and trying to decide which one I want. This is TUT and Mike to Abby when he orders water at the Salsa bar. Next quote: " And you're wearing them now? " (man to woman) Lyn
  20. HI girls. I was able to sleep in a little, after the cat had me up twice during the night. When Ed got up at 8, he shut our door, so she didn't bother me anymore. She's really such a pest! Pat, what a wonderful day you had! All that food sounded so good! Especially the pecan encrusted Walleye! Wish I had that recipe! I love Walleye. We have it maybe twice a month. And I've had cherry salsa. Someone gave us a bottle of it for Christmas a few years ago. Sure didn't last long in my house! Glad you had such a fabulous day! Thanks for explaining your water issue, Lyn. Glad you're ok with enough bottled water. This is TUT, Mike to Abby, in the balloon, when he confesses how he feels and she's correcting his description of her. Next:"It's the same thing, isn't it?" Man to woman. Back soon, after my shower. Rayna
  21. Morning ladies. They shut off the main to the street to repair it and when they do, it releases a lot of crust and microbes and it has to be tested before we can drink it. You can very sick from it.Need bottled water for brushing my teeth, washing dishes, washing me, cooking and making coffee and drinking. This is TUT and Abby to Mike when she wants him to do the balloon show. Next quote: "...and you're giving me a vocabulary lesson" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn Sounds like a very wonderful day.You could use the fun and rest.
  22. Morning, Girls. We had a wonderful day yesterday.....sunny, nice temps, no winds....all in all, just a beautiful day. We took Marge to visit her sister in a managed care facility. She has Altzheimers (sp.) and only remembers her for a few minutes. But Marge feels better being able to see her for a little while. It just hurts her to see her sister like that! But the colors were wonderful. We drove all over and stopped at some wineries for Bill and Les to do some wine-tasting. It's fun but I'm not a big fan of wine. The one had a large patio overlooking Lake Michigan and they had a large fire going on it. Just beautiful. We went to this cherry shoppe (Michigan is know for it's cherries, apples and fish.) We stopped in this little bar/restaurant and I had Walleye and some Whitefish chowder....yum. The Walleye was encrusted in crushed pecans and lightly sauteed!!! OMG....it was delicious! We walked all over some of the little towns and went in some of the shops. I brought home some Whitefish spread and some little lentil crackers for it. Went in this cherry shop....everything has cherries in them. Got some cherry cheese queso, cherry salsa and got Gary some cherry summer sausage with smoky habaneros in it. That was it! Lyn....they shut out water off for a couple of hours periodically. But we don't have to boil our water afterwards for a few days???? From TUT....Abby to Mike at the craft table. Next: "....cause you're great when you're interacting with people." (woman to man) Got some stuff to do. Back later.
  23. Hi Lyn. It's a really good thing Kinsie came to visit you. Would you have found that note? If not, that would have been a horrible surprise! Did they give you a reason? I have that happen here, but only when one of the units needs a new water valve, but the water is off for only about 4-5 hours. And we don't have to boil the water afterwards. So glad you are prepared now. This is TUT, Larry to Georgia and the crew on set, a they're getting ready to go on the air. Next:"I find it impersonal." Woman to man, another woman present. Have a good night, Lyn. I guess I'm here alone. Maybe caireen will drop by. Rayna Edited for: see you all tomorrow.
  24. Hi Rayna. Kinsie just left. When she came, she found a note taped to my door , that the water would be off between 4-10pm. When it comes back on, we are to boil the water before we can drink it, for approx 2-4 days. We will be notified when the water is safe to drink. I sent her to buy me 2 gallons of water and another 8 pk. That should hold me over. If not, I'll have Donald or Ronnie bring some over. This is TUT and Joy to Abby when Mike sounds normal and then he's back to his old self. Next quote: "There's a bird in my dressing room" (man to others) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  25. Sometimes there's still some color. I'm hoping for that! This is TUT, Mike to Abby, at the restaurant with corporate and her "special" panties. Next:"....aaaand he's back." Woman to woman, other people present. Gonna be here at my computer for about an hour, then I'll be busy in the house. Rayna
  26. Hi Rayna. Maybe there will still be color when you get here. Look out the plane window, if you have that seat. LOL. This is TUT and Mike to the make-up lady. Next quote: "No, I rather like the way your telling it" (man to woman) Back later on. Lyn
  27. Hi guys. I really envy both of you this time of year. I really love the Fall! Beautiful trees and great weather! Not like here, where it goes up to 100+ even in October. Fire season here, too. Santa Ana winds and everything. Have a great time!! Take lots of pictures! This is TUT, Mike to Abby in her office, about Colin. Next:"Promise you'll talk dirty." Man to woman. Have fun with Kinsie, Lyn. I'll be back after class. Rayna
  28. Morning ladies. I know you'll have a great time. Perfect season to go up north. This is TUT and Abby to Mike in her courtyard after her date with Colin. Next quote: "I'm going to make him your b*tch" (man to woman) Kinsie and her boyfriend are coming for the afternoon. Have a good day, ladies. Lyn
  29. Morning, Girls. Just a short one. I have to get ready and then go over to Marge's. Bill is picking us up there. Everyone have a nice Friday. From TUT.......Abby to Colin when she was doing the "happy dance" and he caught her on his porch. Next: "I'm going to ignore that because I'm in such a good mood!" (woman to man) Probably won't be on any more today. Traverse City is up north and I won't be back in town until later. Pat
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