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  2. Hi Pat. TUT, Mike to Abby on the dance floor. Next quote: "........., Let me be a man!" (man to woman) Lyn.
  3. Morning, Lyn I'm gonna get dressed and go to the grocery. I need quite a few things. It makes me nervous but what can you do. Don't know whether to go to D&W...it's more expensive but less people or Meijer...less expensive but way more people! Normally, anyway. From TUT.....Larry to Georgia as they're walking outside listening to Abby "go off." Next: "Yeah, we should go." (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  4. HI Rayna. Be very careful with ant wipes. They will get attached to something inside the drain pipe and eventually cause a backup in your toilet. Its happened here and they don't allow anything other than toilet paper in the toilets. TUT, Jonah to Mike at the studio. Next quote: "Wow, and I thought you were angry and bitter" (man to woman) Have a good day. Back later. Lyn
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hi. Sorry I missed you. I was sanitizing my latest delivery. I ordered Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl flushable wipes. I use them in each bathroom. Got a package of 3, and had to wash and sanitize each pack of sanitizing wipes! How's that for ironic? haha! This is BH, Milo to Nicole, when they're having dinner at the B&B. Next:"Don't forget the pizza, King Kong." Boy to man, woman present. I'll stop by later. Rayna edited for: see you all tomorrow.
  7. Hi, Lyn. Sorry you can't get your apartment cleaned but with just you in it....should stay clean for awhile. Smart that you don't let anyone but Donald in to bring your groceries in and he's wears a mask and gloves and leaves immediately after. Just cleaned mine today and baked a lemon cake for Gary. From BH.....Irene to Dwight in her office about smashing Stuart's knee with the golf club. Next: "Of course I like you." (man to woman) Shutting down. Everyone have a nice evening. Pat
  8. Hi. Had to come back online as the woman who cleans text me about coming here. I told her no one comes into my house till this is over, including my family. Told her I'd let her know when. BH, the hostess at the Golf Club to Nicole and Milo about her being a model. Next quote: "Here, break something" (woman to man, others present) OK, I'm gone now. Lyn
  9. Well, I use Earthlink. I use Windows Live Mail, which is a nice box, where all my mail goes, and I have several folders. But, I can access it online (for travel) cause it's also Earthlink Web Mail. If that gets full, the Windows Live Mail won't get any new mail in my inbox. It gets full a lot cause I get a lot of junk mail. Shane and Ari want me to use my gmail account, which, btw, I can't get into for some reason. It won't let me log in with my password, so it's useless to me at the moment. But, that was the problem. It's working now. I'm even getting notifications from this site. This is BH, Milo to the owner of the B&B, when they're going up to their room. Next:"Really? How long ago was that?" Woman to woman and man. Rayna
  10. HI Rayna. How can your email be full????????? BH, Milo to Nicole after she states she in not going to jail and he puts her into the trunk. Next quote: "She tasered me" (man to woman) Lyn Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Stay safe.
  11. You got my quote, although I didn't scan for it, and it's not in my notes. I'll check it later. Yours is BH, Milo to Nicole, when he catches up to her in the race track, when she's running away from him. Next:"Duly noted." Man to woman. If you tried to send me an email in the past 2 hours, try again. My online box was full. Rayna
  12. Hi Rayna. BH, I think its Milo to Nicole when she says she'll sleep on the couch. Next quote: "Extra salt, just the way you like it" (man to woman) Lyn
  13. Hi. This is BH, Milo to Dwight, at the 4th of July parade. Next:"Overjoyed!" Man to woman. Rayna
  14. RNR, Mumbles to One Two about HB coming out to him and spent the night dancing. Next quote: "I owe everybody money" (man to man) OK, Back later. Lyn
  15. Well, she wakes us (or me) up around 2am, then again around 5, then Ed gets up and feeds her later in the morning. Can't lock her out of our room, cause she scratches on the door till we let her in. She's so annoying! But, actually, I'm sleeping till about 9ish. We haven't been going to bed till after midnight anyway. We're watching tv at night, after Ed "closes" his "office" and we have dinner. This is RnR, One Two to Stella, at Bertie's party. Next:"You must have touched it." Man to man. Rayna
  16. Hio Rayna. Boy, you really are sleeping in. Putting the cat in the bathroom??? RNR, Archie to One Two who is tied up by the Russians. I can't remember how he gets loose. I'll have to see it again. Next quote: "Can I dance?" (man to woman) Back in a bit. Lyn
  17. Hi girls. This is RnR, One Two to Stella, when she's at his door. Next:"Is this a bad time? Should I come back later?" Man to man, other men present. Just got up. I'm around. Rayna
  18. Morning ladies. RNR, Johnny Quid to Archie in the elevator. Next quote: "Then I guess you should come up" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn
  19. Morning, Girls. Rainy again today. Guess I'll clean after I drink my coffee. From RnR....I'm assuming it's Stella to One Two when they meet up in the restaurant. Next: "Don't hurt me, ...., I'm only little!" (man to man) Back later. Pat
  20. Last week
  21. Oh I know that! Ed and I walk for 30+ minutes everyday. He takes a walk in the morning, and again before bedtime. I was being facetious! This is RnR, One Two to Archie, who shows up at the Speiler to pick up the money for Lenny. Next:"Oh my god, you're a mess!" Woman to man. Have a nice evening, Lyn. I'm around. Rayna edited for: shutting down. Caireen, if you come on, you know you can skip this quote and leave a new one for us. Rules haven't changed. See you all tomorrow.
  22. Hi ladies. Rayna, you are allowed to go for a walk or bike ride. Get some fresh air. RNR, One Two to Stella in the restaurant. Next quote: "Can't you smell it?" (man to man, other present) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  23. Sounds like a nice day to stay inside. Like we have any choice! This is RnR, One Two to Mumbles, after their run-in with the Russians. Next:"Goodbye, sweetheart. You're way too dangerous for me." Man to woman. Rayna
  24. Hey, Rayna. Been lazy today. Raining and really windy today....so no walking. I took a bath and washed my hair this morning. Then I've been watching HGTV's Home Town. Love those two! From RnR.....Johnnie Quid to his Dad in the wheelchair down by the water. Next: "Drop me off on the way home...I'm going back to bed." (man to man....another man present) Back later. Pat
  25. Hi. Just got busy, that's all. This is RnR, One Two to the junkie selling fur coats. Next:"Daddy! Nice wheels!" Man to man, several men present. I'm around. Rayna
  26. Hi Rayna. Was getting worried and was going to call at 4pm and saw you posted. You are always on first thing. Glad everything is OK. RNR, One two to Mumbles and HB when they are being attacked by the Russians in the car. Next quote: "It's the middle of summer!" (man to man, others preset) Lyn
  27. Hi girls. Sorry I'm late to the party. Busy morning on the phone. Thanks for getting my quote, Lyn. Yours is RnR, Lenny to the councilman, about the expensive pen. Next:"Abandon shp!" Man to two men. Back later. Rayna
  28. Morning ladies. RNR, Uri to Lenny at their first meeting. Next quote: "Its got your name on it" (man to man) Mostly cloudy here and going to 65. Have a good day. Lyn
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