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  2. Attila to Aetius when told they could do great things together if they go to Rome together. Next quote: "Once perhaps" (man to man) Back later. Lyn
  3. That's only fair. You're not a hotel! This is Attila, N'Kara to Attila, when she's dying after giving birth. Next:"If we don't kill each other first." Man to man. I'm going to run out to Barnes and Noble and then Target. Shouldn't be too long. Maybe an hour. Rayna
  4. Today
  5. Hi ladies. Yeah, but they have to change the sheets and pillowcases, not me. Tracy was the last one to use my bed. They have the whole bedroom to themselves. Attila to the man who missed the target. Next quote: "Teach him well" (woman to man) Back later. Lyn
  6. Morning, girls. Good luck with your weigh-in, Pat. I know it's been hard. And good luck with your Roku and Comcast. Lyn, I see your B&B is open for business again! I think Pat's quote is Attila at Galen's grave. Yours is Aetius to Lydia, when she says she'll say a prayer for Attila. Next:"His mistake is your mistake." Man to man. I'm around. Rayna
  7. Morning ladies. Attila to Galen the night before he fights Bleda. Next quote: "Say one for Rome as well" (man to woman) Food delivery today, cleaning lady tomorrow, and Thursday Benita and john are coming and staying till Sunday. Be back later. Lyn
  8. Morning, Girls. Gotta get weighed in today. This has been hard! Comcast is supposed to come at 8a to install me again. Erin contacted me last night and she offered to come Tuesday to look at my ROKU.....yay! She has to come into town. She took me off of Philo....I never watch that channel anyway and it was $20 a month. I'd like to keep ROKU because I like some of the channels and I have Starz with it too and Outlander should be starting up sometime. From Attila.....Galen to Nakara at the little stream. Next: "How am I supposed to find it before sunrise?" (man to woman..sort of) Pat
  9. Sorry. Spent the evening either cooking for mom, or sitting with her. I knew it was too late to come on to play after 6pm, cause you shut down by then. This is DF, Frankie, narrating one of his letters to his "da" about Nell's reaction to moving again. Next:"He would never love a toadstool." Woman to woman. (switch) See you all in the morning. Rayna
  10. Yesterday
  11. DR, the Stranger to Frankie when he is saying goodbye. Next quote: "She says, don't tempt her" (child to man) Lyn Shutting down. Talk tomorrow.
  12. DF, the Stranger to Frankie, about taking a picture in front of the Accra. Next:"Remember, ......... We're all connected." Man to boy. Rayna
  13. DF, the Stranger to Frankie walking home after their day. Next quote: "Take one for later then" (man to child) Later. Lyn
  14. Just got back. DF, Lizzie to Ricky Monroe, when he's jumping on Frankie's bed. Next:"I've had an idea." Man to boy. Rayna
  15. DF, Waitress to Frankie when she brings him the sundae. Next quote: "Get your feet off the bed" (woman to child) Be back later. Lyn
  16. Yeah, I plan to. The market is practically across the street there. This is DF, Nell to Marie, when she wants to hire Lizzie for her shop. Next:"Stupid me! It's for you, isn't it?" Woman to boy, man and woman present. Rayna
  17. Hi Rayna. Good for you. If you have time left over, you could stop at the market. DF, the Stranger to Lizzie in the hallway with Frankie and Nell. Next quote: "Just tell her what time to be there" (woman to woman, another woman present) Be back later. Lyn
  18. Morning, girls. I've got a pedi appointment for noon today. I figure, we wake mom up by 11:30 now, so I might as well. The weekday gal leaves at 2pm, so I can do this. This is DF, Nell to the Stranger, when he brings Frankie home late. Next:"He's waited all this time. You've waited all this time." Man to woman, another woman and boy present. I'll be back. Rayna
  19. Morning ladies. DF, the Stranger to Lizzie in the hallway. Next quote: "You've not got a watch?" (woman to man) Be back later. Lyn
  20. Morning, Girls. Rayna....good luck with finding someone on Saturday. Gary is coming over for breakfast after he gets his oil changed. He's gonna carry a few boxes down to my dumpster. They are too heavy....I can't pick them up. I took a couple the other day...the lighter ones. Trying to get my storage cleaned out little by little. From DF.....Marie to Frankie in her chip shop when he's taking forever to order his lunch! Next: "One more day....that's all!" (man to woman) Pat
  21. Last week
  22. I can go for my nails during the week, since they're only 5 minutes up the road, and she takes one hour or so. Hair, not so easy. They're at least 20 minutes away. Appointment takes at least 2 hours, then home another 20 minutes. So we're talking about 2 hours, 40 minutes for that. If I could leave right at 11, I could do it. We'll see. I don't want to leave the house before mom is up. She's not usually up till 11:30. So, weekends are better. This is DF, the Stranger to Frankie, at the shore. Next:"This is half an hour of my life I am never getting back." Woman to boy, man present. I'll stop back later. Have a nice evening. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
  23. Hi Rayna. Why not go during the week? You'll have a better chance getting the hours needed for both. People will be at work. DF, Lizzie to Frankie's principal. Next quote: "Want to have a race?" (man to child) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  24. Everything's ok, I guess. We're trying to find an afternoon person for Saturdays. I could use that day for hair/nail appointments. But things are ok. This is DF, Nell to Lizzie, when they first move in to their new apartment. Next:"There's nothing wrong with his brain." Woman to woman. Rayna
  25. OK, got it. DF, Ali to Frankie walking with Marie in from of Lizzie and the Stranger when he's counting una, due, tre" Next quote: "I'm going to miss my programs" (woman to woman) Back later. How is everything going? Lyn
  26. Left an edited clue. Clue: people walking. Rayna
  27. Sorry, I can't place this quote. Need a clue. Lyn
  28. Hi Lyn. This is DF, the Stranger to Frankie, about the wooden seahorse. Next:"You are the best!" Man to boy, woman present. Rayna clue: people walking.
  29. Hi Rayna. DF, Lizzie to the Stranger about Frankie and the book. Next quote: "Did you do this?" (man to child) Back later. Lyn
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