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  2. Our coffers are running low again! We have monthly obligations that we have to meet in connection with gbGALS.com. If you're able to pitch in, ANY amount is appreciated. Please paypal your gift to support@gerardbutlergals.com. If you'd rather send a check: Mailing Address: Address the envelope to Katie Steuart, but please make the check payable to: GBGALS, note: support Katie Steuart 2010 Oakwood Dr. Fayetteville, TN 37334 THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! gbGALS Admins & ModSquad
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  4. Have a good evening, Lyn. This is BH, MIlo to the owners of the BnB in AC. Next:"Well, that's just hurtful." Man to man, woman present. Leaving for my pedicure. Back in about an hour. Rayna
  5. Hi Rayna. This is BH and Teresa to Milo on the phone from his car after putting Nicole in the trunk. Next quote: "She tasered me" (man to woman) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  6. Thanks for letting me know my edit showed up. I think this board can be strange. This is BH, Milo to Nicole, at the gas station, talking about how he found her at the race track. Next:"The last time I saw him, he was trying to start a fire with two sticks and pure rage." Woman to man. I'm around for about an hour. My pedi got pushed back 45 minutes. Rayna
  7. This is BH and Nicole to Milo in the bed at the B&B. Next quote: "Who has a lucky letter?" (man to woman) Lyn Your correction from Mike to Nilo shows up.
  8. I edited my Mike to Milo. It doesn't show up? I did the edit 30 seconds after I posted. That's strange. Look at it again and tell me if it shows up. This is BH, Kitty to Milo, at her club. Next:"You gonna swallow that any time soon?" Woman to man. I just sit there, holding him while he sleeps, and Laura puts Sloan to bed. Ari's in the backyard on his computer with his client. Laura inevitably falls asleep on Sloan's floor. I sat there, no tv, no nothing, for over an hour, till Ari came back in the house. Don't have to go tonight. I guess the new mother's helper worked out. I didn't hear any complaints. Laura also had a doctor's appointment with Dresden. He gained 12 oz! Yay! Back later. Rayna
  9. Hi Rayna. Boy, I was really off on that one and btw, its was Milo, not mike. This is TUT and Mike to Abby in the balloon. Next quote: "I'll pretend I believe you" (woman to man) Enjoy your day. Did the child helper come to Lara's house yet? Lyn
  10. Morning, girls. We were expecting Ed to get a recall notice for his 2014 Prius. I don't remember if he got one. I need to ask him. Good luck with your car, Pat. This is TUT, Mike to Abby, about the Naked Weather Girl. Next:"Panic? I came by your room!" Man to woman. Oh, btw, Pat's quote is BH, Milo to Nicole, outside at their table at the B&B. Regular day for me, but happily I've got a pedicure at 2:30! Woot! Rayna
  11. Morning ladies. This is TUT and Mike to Abby but can't place the scene. I just got up. Waiting on my coffee!!! Next quote: "Hey, can we get her?" (man to woman) Back later. Lyn
  12. Morning, Girls. Gotta take my car to Toyota....I have a recall notice! From 300.......the Captain to Leonidas after his son, Astinos is killed in battle. Next: "You're kidding me....of course, I like you!" (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  13. ...Persian. Perhaps you should have done the same." Leo to the Persian Messenger, just arrived in Sparta. I didn't realize you had so much time off, caireen. Here in the States, we're usually given something like 5 straight days, or the holiday week. No wonder you haven't been around! heh heh! How many more weeks (or months) do you have to go? Next:"I have filled my heart with hate!" Man to man, several other men present. Sorry, but I'm shutting down. I was just going to do that when I got the email notice that you'd posted. I sure hope you have a great day! I'm not watching Dresden tomorrow night, so I'll be home the whole night. Hopefully you'll stop by! Rayna
  14. 300, the captain to king Leo about the Persians. Oh, I've chosen my words carefully,... (man to man, others present) Last day of holidays, I better review what we learned last week.
  15. Last week
  16. Hi. Just got back and I'm already behind to go to they gym. Got a new phone, still have to update some stuff. Then went to Target and the market. Guess I'll be back later. This is 300, the Ephor to King Leo, after the Oracle's dance. Next:"They look thirsty!" Man to man, other men present. Ok. Back later. Rayna
  17. Hi Rayna. This is 300 and Leonidas to Xerxes when they first meet. Next quote: "Trust the Carnea" (man to man) Lyn Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Did the baby helper arrive at Lara's yet?
  18. Hi Lyn. 300, King Leo, to the Persian Messenger, when he arrives in Sparta. Next:"You are generous as you are divine." Man to man. I'm also running out. Hopefully won't be more than 90 minutes. I'm going to the Apple Store without an appointment. Ulp! Rayna
  19. Hi Rayna. 300, Leonidas to the Captain when he goes to strike the hunchback. Next quote: "You bring the crowns and heads...." (man to man) Going out to run errands. back later. Lyn
  20. Hi girls. I"m not too busy today. This is 300, Gorgo to Leo, on their last night together. Next:"I gave no such order." Man to man, another man present. Back later. Rayna
  21. Morning ladies. This is 300 and Leonidas to Dilios when he sends him back to Sparta. Next quote: "Instead, ask yourself, what would a free man do?" ( woman to man) Everyone have a good day. Be back later on. Lyn
  22. Morning, Girls. The weather was wonderful yesterday. It actually got up to 72 degrees...the high for this year. From 300....the little girl dying in Leonidas' arms. Next:"You'll have a great tale to tell....a tale of victory!" (man to man...others present) I have a long day today....might not be back on. Everyone have a good one. Pat
  23. Wow! Two meals! You done well, lady! I don't know what we'll eat tonight. Nothing in the house. Spent Thursday and Friday cooking, and nothing here for us! I'll probably just run to the market for some burgers or something. This is Attila, Aetius to Attila, in his grand Leader's Tent. Next:"Everyone but me." Child to man, other men present. Back later. Much later, since it's just me. Rayna edited for: shutting down. See you all tomorrow.
  24. HI ladies. Just got back home. Diunner was great. It was Donald,Ronnie, Victoria, Tracy and her son Lee and me. We all brought dessert home except for Tracy and Lee as they had Creme Brulee. This is Galen to Attila by the woods. Next quote: "You've done well" (man to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have to go to Gina's at 6:30 to get my dinner take out. It will be enought for 2 meals. Lyn
  25. Sounds like a really nice day, Pat! Glad you're back to your walking regimen. This is Attila, Attila to Aetius, as they watch the Roman army march by. Next:"Just a short walk with your friend, ........" Woman to man. I'll check back later to see if Lyn comes back. Rayna
  26. Hey, Rayna. Lunch was really good. Just vegged this afternoon and then I power-walked my 2 miles. Hadn't done that in a long time here at home. I walked a lot in FL! Hope you all had a nice day. From Attila....Aeteus to Rua after the meeting in the large hut/tent when they brought Nakara in! Next: "They march well but can they fight?" (man to man....other men present) Shutting down...have to get my clothes ready for work tomorrow. Pat
  27. Hi everyone! Happy Easter to you all! So glad you're all having a wonderful day with your families. Hope you had a good day, caireen! This is Attila, I think Attila to Aetius, when Aetius asks Attila to join up with the Roman army. (Brain not working this morning. Let me know if I got this wrong. But I'll scan the movie in a little bit to be sure.) Next:"Who is the outspoken one?" Man to man. Ok, back later!! Rayna
  28. Morning ladies and HAPPY EASTER! This is Attila to IlDico when she wants to get married before he goes to Rome. Next quote: "If we don't kill each other first" (man to man) Have a good day everyone. My family and I are going to the Crimson Grill, just like last year. Thsi way, Ronnie isn't spending the day cooking and cleaning. Back later. Lyn
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