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  2. Hi, Lyn. We got home about 3:30. Just missed you. I'll be around tomorrow. Services start at 10 and probably run to 2. We might run over to Ari's then to help with a few things, but I'll be on in the morning. This is POTO, Lefevre to Firmin and Andre, when he leaves the Opera company in their hands. Next:"These things do happen." Man to woman, other people present. I'll stop back. Our Kol Nidre service starts (zoom) at 6. Rayna
  3. HI Rayna. POTO, Firmin to Andre about Christine gone missing. Next quote: "If you need me, I shall be in Australia" (man to men) Lyn Shutting down. Talk tomorrow.
  4. Hi Lyn. My quote is Firmin to Andre, reading the Phantom's note of demands, in Notes. Yours is POTO, the Phantom to Christine, the morning after he takes her from the opera house. Next:"Now that's exactly the sort of thing the public loves." Man to man. We're gonna be leaving soon. Lunch, and then a little time there. We should be back by 3 or so. Rayna
  5. Hi Rayna. I don't know this one. Could be Phantom to Firmin in POTO? I'm going to leave another just in case. Next quote: "Those two fools who run my theater will be missing you" (man to woman) Be back later. Lyn
  6. Morning, girls. So glad you had a better night, Lyn. It's sure to be better and better each day. We drove to their house about 2 weeks ago, when we were picking up our dinner from a restaurant we like that's about 2 miles from there. It was dark, and they have a gated driveway, so we couldn't drive up and walk around. We've only seen pictures, and a "walking tour video" posted by their realtor. It looks great to me. They sent us a picture of the kids having ice cream around 6pm yesterday, so I guess they're settling in! I have to run to the market this morni
  7. Morning ladies. Last night went a little better. Woke up 4 times to clean my eye but right back to sleep. No burning. I took pain meds and that helped a lot. Lets see if it works all day with my eye blinking. I know Ari and Lara are going to love their new home with all the extra space. Will this be the first time you see the house, at lunch? POTO, Phantom to Christine during MOTN. Next quote: "Look at your face in the mirror,...." (man to woman) Be back later. Have a good day, ladies. Lyn
  8. Morning, Girls. Hope your night was better than the night before, Lyn.......no burning discomfort!! Hope Ari's move went smoothly! Moving is not fun when you have little ones...not fun anyway!!! It will be nice having a larger home! Sometimes, no home is too large when you have a family!!! Enjoy your lunch today, Rayna! I'm assuming this is Raoul to Madamn Giry in her room....about Christine and the Phantom...POTO! Next: " You alone can make my song take flight.....it's over now......." (man to man and woman) I'm going over to
  9. I'm back. This is POTO, the Phantom, coming down the stairs in Masquerade. Next:"Where is he taking her??!!" Man to woman. I'll stop back later. Rayna Edited for: see you all in the morning.
  10. Last week
  11. Hi Rayna. Uncomfortable and tired. It is what it is! POTO, Carlotta to Christine on stage. Next quote: "Did you think that I had left you for good?" (man to others) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  12. Hi Lyn. How are you feeling? This is POTO, Mme Giry to Firmin and Andre, during their first rehearsal with the opera company. Next:"Your part is silent, little toad!" Woman to woman, many people present. Rayna edited for: heading out for my manicure. I'll be back later. Have a good evening.
  13. Hi Rayna. POTO, Phantom to Christine after she removed his mask. Next quote: " ...and commands that you continue to leave box 5 empty for his use" (woman to man) Back later. Lyn
  14. Hi Lyn. Of course. I remember now that you told us Tracy set up a reminder on Google for you. Duh! My quote was from AIAOY, on the roof, Raoul to Christine. Yours is POTO, MOTN, the Phantom to Christine. Next:"You little lying Delilah!" Man to woman. We're getting busy today. I have my manicure at 2:30, but the kids need Ed's car. I'm here for now. Rayna
  15. Hi Rayna. Yes, I have a schedule for the drops. Tracy set up Google to remind me when they are do. Hope tonight is better. POTO, Phantom to Christine, I think during MOTN. Next quote: "Softly, deftly, music shall caress you. Hear it, feel it, Secretly possess you" (man to woman) Back later on. Lyn
  16. Morning, girls. I didn't see that Lyn edited her post and answered my quote. Thanks for letting me know. Sorry you didn't sleep well, Lyn. Maybe you'll have a better night tonight. Do you have a certain schedule for the drops? Sounds like you can't just put them in when your eye hurts. Hope you have an easy day. Ari and family are moving today. They found a really great house and Laura's boss is helping them with the money. Only thing is it's about 8 miles west of us. We'll have to take the freeway now to see them. I'm gonna miss having them 2 minutes down
  17. Hi Pat. Nope. bad night. Went to bed at 10:30. woke at 1:30, again at 4:30. My eye was on fire. Finally put the drops in at 5am. The at 6am, took some pain meds and its eased up some. Going to try and rest for awhile. POTO, Christine to Raoul on the roof. Next quote: "Gossips worth its weight in gold" (man to man) Be back later on. Lyn
  18. Morning, Girls. Hope you slept well, Lyn. Rayna, Lyn answered your quote in the post above yours. Next: "....., I've been there...to his world of unending night!" (woman to man) Back later. Pat
  19. We bumped heads, Lyn. I knew we would. Have a good evening. Your quote is POTO, the Phantom to Christine, at the Masquerade. My quote is still here:"Is this what you wanted to see??!!" Man to woman. Back later. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
  20. Hi Pat. Last post for me today. POTO, Phantom to Christine after she removed his mask. Next quote: "Your chains are still mine...." (man to woman) Talk tomorrow. Lyn
  21. Hi girls. Wouldn't you know -- just as you were posting, Shane dropped by! We only get to see him about once a week at our garage door. He just left. So glad your procedure went well, Lyn! Listen to Pat's advice. Hope you sleep better tonight. Your food sounds totally yummy! This is POTO, the Phantom, on the rooftop, after Raoul and Christine leave. Next:"Is this what you wanted to see??!!" Man to woman. I'm around. Gotta do a little cleaning, but I'll stick around here till you log off. Rayna
  22. Hey, Lyn. I'm so glad you can see good. Do you have to take the contact out overnight? Dont' forget the drops....Google....what a great help! Brisket for lunch and meatballs and spaghetti for dinner. What a life!!! just take it easy. I know you will. So glad everything went well. Hope you sleep well tonight. From POTO.....Christine to Raoul on the rooftop...about the Phantom. Next: "You will curse the day you did not do all that the Phantom asked of you!" (man to woman and man) Back maybe later. Pat
  23. Hi Ladies. Amazing, I can see. Wearing this contact will be a great help during the healing process. They said it takes about 5-7 days for the cells to grow back. Have to take antibiotic drops and pain drops. He did the worse eye first.So far so good. I hope I sleep good tonight. I was up every 2 hours last night. We stopped on the way home at a Mission BBQ and got brisket and fries for lunch. The girl who cleans for me is stopping by with angel hair pasta and meatballs for my dinner. Tracy will be back tomorrow to do laundry and shop. She set up all the time
  24. Good luck, Lyn! Hope you can let us know how everything went today. I'll be thinking of you. Hi Pat! Hope you stick around and play today. This is POTO, the Phantom to Raoul, when Raoul shows up in the Final Lair. Next:"Scrap metal." Man to man. Quiet day for me. I'm around. Rayna
  25. Morning, Lyn. Good luck today.....hope everything goes well for you. Prayers! You'll let me know how everything went!!! From POTO....the Phantom to Christine in the Lair. Next: "I had rather hoped that you would come." (man to man....woman present) Back later. Gonna wash my hair. Pat
  26. Morning ladies. POTO, Christine to Phantom on the roof. Next quote: "Come, we must return" (man to woman) Be back later. I think. If not, tomorrow. Lyn
  27. Have a good evening, Lyn. This is DF, Frankie to the Stranger, when the Stranger is leaving. Next:"Order your fine horses." Woman to man. (Movie switch.) Back later. Rayna edited for: see you tomorrow.
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