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      Photobucket has changed their rules of usage. They are not allowing embedded photos to forums with the simple accounts all of us at GALS have. The mods are really annoyed - Photobucket wants $39.99 A MONTH which has to be paid in advance in one sum of $399!!! Can you imagine? Some of us have an account that should allow us to have our photos 'hot linked' as they call it, through December 2018.   There are alternative services, but they all are charging, too. This will mean the end of our avatars, signatures and images of Gerry that we're so fond of sharing in our posts.   Image Shack will still allow sharing, but they are charging for that service, although not as much as Photobucket.   The images cannot be hosted by GALS as that would drive up the cost of hosting, which we already struggle to pay.   We're looking into alternatives.   To find out more about the issue:  http://support.photobucket.com/hc/en-us/categories/200056995-Sharing-and-Linking   http://support.photobucket.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010128088-What-users-are-affected-by-the-changes-to-our-3rd-Party-Hosting-policies- If you were a Plus Account subscriber in good standing as of June 1, 2017,
      you will continue to have all the privileges you have enjoyed including 3rd
      Party Hosting until December 31, 2018 as long as you maintain your
      subscription. http://blog.photobucket.com/please-review-latest-changes-photobucket/

      http://photobucket.com/terms   https://twitter.com/photobucket   Discussion thread:  

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  1. Last week
  2. Got your votes, Bonnie and Sue.
  3. Voting off 300 and PS I love You to the vault.
  4. I'll go with Joanne - voting off London Has Fallen and putting Dear Frankie in the vault.
  5. Got it, Joanne and Barb.
  6. Voting off The Jury and keeping PS I Love You in the Vault.
  7. Voting off London Has Fallen. Shipping Dear Frankie to the vault.
  8. I just signed up for a paid account with Imageshack. Photobucket wants $399.99 a year for the privilege of 3rd party hosting. Imageshack's basic plan which also allows 3rd party hosting costs $37.99 a year. So far, Photobucket hasn't removed my links, but I'm ready for them when they do. Here's a link to Imageshack's plans if you're interested: https://imageshack.com/upgrade Got your vote too!
  9. Looks like Photobucket will no longer allow third party sharing of pictures off Photobucket unless you pay. Are some of you paying or using another free site? I used to pay for years but stopped when I decided I didn't need it as much as before. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  10. Voting off Lara Croft and into the vault goes London Has Fallen. ~HUGS~ Kathy
  11. Got it, Jan.
  12. I am voting OFF Machine Gun Preacher and putting Olympus Has Fallen in the Vault. 😀
  13. Got your votes, Missy, Suzie, and Sarah.
  14. This week, I vote to boot off Machine Gun Preacher and returning POTO to the vault. Suzie
  15. This week I vote to eliminate Lara Croft and keep POTO in the vault!
  16. I am voting off Beowulf and vaulting Dear Frankie.
  17. A new game! Welcome to the 2017 Edition of Gerry Movie Survivor! Week 22- Immunity Challenge: The Vault continues Gerry's movies are all waiting to be shown in a film festival. In weeks 11-24 (or until 10 movies remain) vote ONE OFF, and vote ONE for IMMUNITY by sending it to the VAULT. The movie with the most votes for the vault in one week will be immune from elimination the following week. The movie with the most trips to the vault will receive an extra week of immunity at the end of this round of play. Vote by posting your choices TO BE ELIMINATED and for IMMUNITY on this thread. You are to consider each film as a WHOLE (plot, costuming, chemistry between co-stars, etc.) NOT just Gerry’s performance, in deciding which film to vote off. Voting will end each Sunday at 8pm Pacific Time, 10pm Central time, and 11pm Eastern time. NO LATE VOTES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Eliminated last week was: Playing for Keeps. The winners of the Vault (immunity) were: Phantom of the Opera and P S I Love You. They are immune from elimination this week. Week 22 In no specific order, here are our movie competitors. Please vote ONE OFF. Please vote ONE for the VAULT (Immunity). Please make your vote very clear. For example: "I vote off movie A. I vote movie B to the Vault for immunity." You may state why you chose these movies for elimination or immunity, but you are not required to do so. Chasing Mavericks Dear Frankie Machine Gun Preacher 300 P. S. I Love You - Immune Phantom of the Opera - Immune Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life The Jury Beowulf & Grendel Timeline Attila Olympus Has Fallen London Has Fallen Eliminated: Week 1 Movie 43 and Tale of the Mummy Week 2 Fast Food and The Cherry Orchard Week 3 Tale of the Black Freighter and The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star Week 4 An Unsuitable Job for a Woman and Little White Lies Week 5 Please and Tomorrow Never Dies Week 6 Harrison's Flowers and Shooters Week 7 Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married and Jewel of the Sahara Week 8 Gamer and One More Kiss Week 9 Coriolanus and Gods of Egypt Week 10 Shattered and Mrs. Brown Week 11 The Bounty Hunter Week 12 Miracle Match (Game of Their Lives) Week 13 How to Train Your Dragon -2 Week 14 Nim's Island Week 15 How to Train Your Dragon -1 Week 16 Reign of Fire Week 17 Dracula 2000 Week 18 Law Abiding Citizen Week 19 The Ugly Truth Week 20 RockNRolla Week 21 Playing for Keeps
  18. Voting has ended for this week.
  19. "He's there......inside my mind."

    1. becozy


      Zany! Good to 'see' you! :hug1:


  20. Got it, Bonnie.
  21. I vote off Playing For Keeps. Send Dear Frankie to the vault.
  22. Earlier
  23. A lovely blast from the past...and since we don't have a gallery, nice to have a 'legal' embedded image to enjoy! click n the photo and Gerry moves closer
  24. It's a Living A) Attila's Horse Trainer B) Beowulf's Body Guard C) Carlotta's throat spray specialist D) Dance instructor for One-Two E) Erik's cape ironer F) Frank's muddy clothes laundress G) Gorgo's Dress Designer H)
  25. I detest malls! TGBM Likes Blue Moon Ale
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