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  2. Have a good evening, Lyn. So glad you had a day out. Going stir crazy, huh? This is 300, Gorgo to the councilman, who is going to help her to try to get the council to back the 300. Next:"She offered herself to me." Man to group of men, woman present. Heading out. I'll be back in maybe 90 minutes. Hope Pat comes on. Rayna
  3. Hi Rayna. Nice to see something more than 4 walls, for a change. 300, Leonidas to Daxos's men when they me on the road to the Hot Gates. Next quote: "You are wise as you are kind" (woman to man) Shutting down and getting some dinner. Talk tomorrow. Maybe Pat will pop on. Lyn
  4. ABCs of Timeline A) Arrows B) Bow C) Castlegard, France D) Decker E) Edward Johnston (Professor) F) Francois G) Gordon H) Handsome Historian I) ITC Corporation J) Josh Stern K)Kate Ericson L)
  5. Hi. I'm here. When I got home from class, the repairman was waiting for me. I was so angry, cause I told the main office THREE TIMES to get here after 1. I got home at 12:30. He was nice, even though I was very angry when I returned his call, not knowing he was parked and waiting for me. Anyway, the job was so simple I could have done it myself with the right glue. He's all done, and I'm having my lunch. Gonna head out to try to find something I need for my living room. This is 300, Gorgo to Theron, when she's running him through with his knife, on the floor of the council. Next:"You there. What is your profession?" Man to man, several men present. I'm here for about 30 minutes. Hope you come back, Lyn. Rayna
  6. 20 Song Titles Starting with Y Name artist, please 1) Yellow Submarine (The Beatles) 2) You Should Be Dancing (Bee Gees) 3) You, You, You (The Ames Brothers) 4) You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban) 5) You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Stevie Wonder) 6) You Light Up My Life (Debby Boone) 7) Yummy, Yummy, Yummy (The Ohio Express) 8) You Win Again (Bee Gees) 9) You Belong To Me (Jo Stafford) 10) YMCA (The Village People) 11) Young Love (Sonny James) 12) Yesterday (The Beatles) 13) You Send Me (Sam Cooke) 14) Yesterday Once More (Carpenters) 15) Yackety Yak ( The Coasters) 16) Young Turks (Rod Stewart) 17) Yellow Bird (Norman Luboff Choir) 18) You Didn't Have to be so Nice (The Lovin' Spoonful) 19)
  7. Lady Elissa

    Movies ABC

    ABCs of Science Fiction or Fantasy A) Alien B) Battleship C) Creature From the Black Lagoon (The) D) Doctor Who E) Escape From New York F)
  8. I'm half-way through reading a novel that was highly recommended. I've just realized I don't like any of the characters. I'm not sure I'll finish it. Life's too short to read novels you don't like when you don't have to.
  9. ABCs of Things We COULD NOT Live Without A) Asparagus B) Books C) Cotton Candy D) Dear family and friends E) Earrings F) French bread, New Orleans style G) Gerard Butler H) Hairspray I) Ice Cream J) Jewelry K)Kleenex L) Limes M) Money N) Naps O) Omelets P) Phantom of the Opera Q) Queen's music R) Road trips to the Texas Gulf Coast S) Sweet Tea T) Tabby cats U) Underwear V) Vampire novels W) Walker"s Shortbread X) X-tra sexy Scottish actors Y) Yellow Roses Z) Zippers ABCs of Things We COULD NOT Live Without A)
  10. 13 Things That Make Christmas Fun 1) Parties 2) Peanut Butter Fudge 3) Christmas movies 4) Decorating the Tree 5) Family dinners 6) Presents! 7) Family traditions 8) Candlelight service at church 9) Christmas music 10)
  11. Lady Elissa

    Yes and No

    Sometimes. Do you like rainy days?
  12. A 1. Song......A, You're Adorable 2. Famous Person.....Andy Gibb 3. Household Item......Apple corer 4. City....... 5. Movie....... 6. Plant or Flower....... 7. Food Item......Asparagus 8. Mood......... 9. Something Sweet........ 10. Something You Would Like........
  13. ABCs of Television Shows or Characters A) Adam 12 B) Bonanza C) Carol Burnett Show D) Dallas E) Ellen F) Forever Knight G) George of the Jungle H) Honeymooners (The) I) I Dream of Jeannie J) James T. Kirk (Star Trek) K)
  14. ABCs of Things We COULD Live Without A) Allergies B)Backaches C) Cockroaches D) Drab colors E) Earaches F)
  15. Cheese, although I like croutons. I don't eat them because I limit carbs. steak vs fish
  16. ABCs of Books You've Read or Would Like to Read - Please include author A) Amityville Horror, The (Jay Anson ) B) Bad Seed (The) (William March) C) City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments) (Cassandra Clare) D) Drums of Autumn (Diana Gabaldon) E) East of Eden (John Steinbeck) F) Frankenstein (Mary Shelley) G) Great Gatsby (The) (F. Scott Fitzgerald) H) Historian (The) (Elizabeth Kostova) I) Ivanhoe (Sir Walter Scott) J) Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte) K) Keys to the Kingdom (Brian Moloney) L) Lover Revealed (J R Ward) M) Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (The) (Sloan Wilson) N) Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen) O) Oliver Twist (Charles Dickens) P) Princess Bride (The) (William Goldman) Q) QB VII (Leon Uris) R) Retribution (Sherrilyn Kenyon) S) Savior (The) (J.R. Ward) T) Time-Untime (Sherrilyn Kenyon) U) Up the Down Staircase (Bel Kaufman) V) Valley of the Dolls (Jacqueline Susann) W) Witchblade Origins (Satoshi Ichikawa) X) Xenophobe's Guide to the Irish (The) (Frank McNally) Y)
  17. 12 Colors of Gods of Egypt PRETEND THESE COLORS ARE IN A CRAYOLA BOX Remember the DESCRIPTOR GOES FIRST, COLOR GOES LAST IE: SKY BLUE, GRAPE PURPLE, APPLE RED 1) Set's armor Gold 2) Eye Patch Black 3) Sand Serpent Brown 4) Armband Gold 5) Ugly Tunic Blue 6) Desert Sand Tan 7) Flying Ship Gold 8) Eye of Horus Blue 9)
  18. It's A Living A) Acting Coach at the Opera Populaire B) Board Short adjuster for Jack Rusoe C) Carlotta's hairdresser D) Diving coach for Jay Moriarity E) Erik's tailor F)
  19. ABCs of Movie Characters (Does NOT have to be a Gerry Movie) Please name movie A) Alan Grant (Jurassic Park) B) Becca Tyler (Us) C) Curt (American Graffiti) D) Denise (P S I Love You) E) Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice) F) Fanny Brice (Funny Girl) G) George VI (The King's Speech) H) Henry VIII (Anne of the Thousand Days) I) Iron Man (Iron Man) J) Johnny Castle (Dirty Dancing) K) Kevin (Home Alone) L) Laeddis (Shutter Island) M) Marek (Timeline) N) Nancy (Oliver) O) Oliver (Oliver) P) Patricia (P S I Love You) Q) Quartermain (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) R) Reynolds Woodcock (Phantom Thread) S) Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon) T) Thomasin (The Witch) U) Uncle Remus (Song of the South) V) Vicky (P. S. I Love You) W) Waldo Pepper (The Great Waldo Pepper) X) Xavier (Professor) (X-Men) Y)
  20. Yep. TGBM likes to try new restaurants.
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