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  2. Morning, Girls. Just about to start cleaning my apartment. I work the rest of the week...so, I have to today. From POTO....the former owner of the Opera House to Firmin and Andre in the beginning of the movie. Next: "But his voice filled my spirit with a strange, sweet sound...." (woman to man) Back later. Pat
  3. POTO, Raoul to Christine during Masquerade. If you need me, I shall be in Australia. (man to two men, others present)
  4. Lady Elissa

    Movies ABC

    ABCs of Comedy/Romance Films A) Analyze This B) Blazing Saddles C) Cheaper by the Dozen D) Death at a Funeral E) Ever After F)Father Goose G) Galaxy Quest H) Haunted Honeymoon I) It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World J) Jumanji K) Kate and Leopold L) LadyHawk M) Moonstruck N) Nights in Rodanthe O) Out-of-Towners (The) P) Princess Bride (The) Q) Quiet Man (The) R) Runaway Bride S) Sleepless in Seattle T) Timeline U) Ugly Truth (The) V) Valentine's Day W) What About Bob? X)
  5. ABCs of Movie Characters (Does NOT have to be a Gerry Movie) Please name movie A) Amy March (Little Women) B) Black Widow (The Avengers) C) Carrie (Carrie) D) Davy Crockett (The Alamo) E) El Cid (El Cid) F) Frenchie (Grease) G) Gerry Kennedy (PS: I Love You) H) Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs) I) Iceman (Top Gun) J) Jane Austen (Becoming Jane) K) K (Men in Black) L) Lex Luthor (Superman) M) Michael Corleone (The Godfather) N) Norman Bates (Psycho) O) Optimus Prime (Transformers) P) Peter Parker (Spider-Man - Far From Home) Q)
  6. ABCs of Television Shows or Characters A) Arya Stark (Game of Thrones B) Brianna Randall Fraser (Outlander) C)
  7. 20 Song Titles Starting with W Name artist, please 1) Walking in the Rain (Johnny Ray) 2) Walk This Way (Aerosmith) 3) Wayward Wind (The) (Gogi Grant) 4) Walk Away Renee (The Four Tops) 5)
  8. V  1. Song......Venus in Blue Jeans 2. Famous Person......Veronica Lake 3. Household Item......Vacuum cleaner 4. City.......Victoria 5. Movie.......Vanishing (The) 6. Plant or Flower.......Violet 7. Food Item.......Vanilla ice cream 8. Mood.........Vicious  9. Something Sweet........Vanilla pudding  10. Something You Would Like.........Vacation to Hawaii W  1. Song...... 2. Famous Person...... 3. Household Item...... 4. City....... 5. Movie....... 6. Plant or Flower....... 7. Food Item....... 8. Mood.........  9. Something Sweet........  10. Something You Would Like.........
  9. Got pulled over by a cop today for speeding. The nice officer gave me a warning instead of a ticket. Whew!
  10. 13 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat 1) Eat ice cream 2)
  11. Hi Pat. I did a little more cleaning than I planned. After I vacuumed the kitchen I mopped it. I wish they'd let me hire a cleaning service for them, but they're so stubborn! Anyway, I'm back. Glad you're home and able to relax. This is POTO, the Phantom to Christine, in the Lair, when she removes his mask. Next:"It's an engagement, not a crime." Man to woman. I'll be back, hoping that caireen stops on. Rayna edited for: see you in the morning.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hey, Girls. Sorry I missed you, Lyn. Hope you're doing good today. Benita is with you now, huh? Hope you're enjoying your parents, Rayna. I just got home a little while ago. Had to go to a company 50 miles north of GR. Have to go back Thursday and next week, too. From POTO....Madamn Giry to Christine after her performance....from the Phantom. Next: "Is this what you wanted to see?" (man to woman) Sorry, I'm tired and I didn't feel like looking something up. Hope you all have a nice evening. Gonna go take a nice relaxing bath. Pat
  14. Hi Lyn! I missed you. Went to the gym, then the market on the way home. Then we had dinner right away. You're offline anyway. Glad to see you were able to pop on here for a little bit. Hope to see you again sometime tomorrow. This is POTO, the Phantom to Raoul, in the Final Lair. Next:"He is pleased with you." Woman to woman. Pat, if you come on, I'm cleaning around here for about 30 minutes, then I'll be back. It's 6:35 right now. Rayna
  15. Hi ladies. Needed to get online to check some things so came on here. This is POTO and Firmin to Andre the morning after Christine was taken. Next quote: "Be my guest, sir" (man to man, woman present) Back when I can. Hope you are having a nice time with your parents. Lyn
  16. Hi Pat. I had a problem getting online all morning. It took me nearly 3 hours to work it out, with Shane's help. This is TUT, Stewart, in the control room, watching Mike and Abby in the balloon. Next:"Gossip's worth its weight in gold." Man to man. I'm here all day. I know you're at work. Maybe caireen will be on later. Rayna
  17. Morning, Rayna I have to work today. So, you're not gonna have much company. You'll probably be busy anyway. From TUT.....Mike to Abby when they're in bed together about the big "O". Next: "Oh, for God's sake...there's the first one!" (man to himself) Well, got to get going. Have a good day. Pat
  18. Have a good evening, Pat. I'll be up much earlier tomorrow. Have to help my mom with her driver's license renewal. This is TUT, Abby to Mike, at the salsa restaurant, when he tells her he turned down the job at the network. Next:"That was perfect. Real or fake?" Man to woman. I know I'll be shutting down before caireen can come on here. Maybe she'll stop by. Rayna edited for: see you in the morning.
  19. Hey, Rayna. Got back from Pam's a couple hours ago. Been a lazy day for me. Came home and made a burger on the grill. From TUT....."sh*t".....Mike to Abby in the balloon. Next: "Well...I think that's a very good decision." (woman to man) I'm shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Pat
  20. Last week
  21. Hi Pat. About to leave to do some grocery shopping. Have fun with Pam. This is TUT, Mike to Colin, in the car with Stewart and Abby, on the way to the dinner. Next:"Beats the :censored: out of me, but I do." Man to woman. Rayna
  22. Hey, Rayna. Glad you made it safely and got to sleep in. Yay! Have fun today. Hope your parents are doing well. I'm going over to Pam's in a minute. From TUT....Mike to Jonah when he visits the studio....about the pizza. Next: "No, Dude....I'm the talent!" (man to man....another man and woman present) Back later this after. Pat
  23. So, I did sleep till about noon! Sorry! This is TUT, Mike to the Jello Twins, at the dinner with corporate. Next:"Have I ever?" Man to boy, woman present. Back later. Have a good day, Pat. Rayna
  24. Morning, Girls. Guess you got to Philly safely, Rayna. I have to run to the grocery and get a couple things. From TUT...Abby to her date in the restaurant in the beginning. Next: "You're looking quite fetching." (man to two women....others present) Back later. Pat
  25. Hi girls. Getting ready to leave. Maybe in about an hour. Traffic is light. This is TUT, Abby to Mike, on the set, talking about "flicking the bean." Next:"It was in your back ground check." Woman to man. Not gonna spend too much time on here. I'll try to be online when I get to my parent's house. If not, I'll be here tomorrow. Have a great day everyone! Have a good evening, caireen! Rayna edited for: got to my parent's house about an hour ago. Everything is good. Guess you were all busy today. See you in the morning, if I wake up before noon! haha!
  26. Morning, Girls. Rayna...have a safe trip and enjoy your mom and dad, too! You're lucky to still have them. I know you wish they were out by you. Good luck with working on the reunion. From TUT.....Mike to Abby in her office when she tells him her cat stepped on the remote and brought up his tv show. Next: "I find it impersonal!" (woman to man...another woman present) Back later. Pat
  27. TUT, Mike to the boy with the remote at the restaurant. Remember to thank your pussy for me. (man to woman) Welcome back Lynn, you've been sorely missed!
  28. Concert was great, but they're not my favorite band. The audience does love them, though. I must admit, they do put on a great rock concert! I'd forgotten how many hits they had. Still sound great! Getting ready to shut down. Had a very busy day. Thanks for the good wishes. I'll probably be online in the morning before we head out to the airport. This is TUT, Mike to Abby, in the balloon. Next:"Sorry Buddy, this is my toy." Man to boy, woman present. See you all in the morning. Rayna
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