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  2. Have a good evening, Lyn. Actually, my quote is the councilman to Gorgo, about her son running around when she's meeting up with him. Yours is Leo to Xerxes on the beach. Next:"Our ancestors built this wall." Man to man. I'll stop by again later. Rayna
  3. Hi Rayna. Sorry, I've been watching this great documentary on David Foster and got carried away. 300, I think its Theron to Gorgo when he returns her son by the fountain. Next quote: " I'll show them that even a God king can bleed" (man to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  4. Hi Lyn. 300, Gorgo to the council, when she's trying to convince them to send a larger army to help the 300. Next:"He's doing what children do best." Man to woman. Rayna
  5. 300, Leonidas to the Captain when he goes to strike the hunchback. Next quote: "He doesn't have 3 days" (woman to men) Lyn
  6. Hi Lyn. Yeah, of course, when I'm in a hurry and just want to leave a quick post, I have problems! Ugh! This is 300, Leo to the Captain, about Astinos joining the 300 army. Next:"I gave no such order." Man to man, another man present. Rayna
  7. Hi ladies. Boy, talk about a glitch! 300, Leonidas watching the Persian ships during the storm. Next quote: "He has yet to feel a woman's warmth" (man to man) Lyn
  8. My computer re-posted my earlier quote. This is just a way to erase it. Rayna
  9. 300, Stelios to the 300, when they find the tree of death. Next:"You are kind, as you are divine." Man to man. I'll be back in about 2 hours. Rayna edited for: hi guys. I just got back. When I was trying to post, I lost my internet connection. It posted anyway, after I left. Seems Pat and I were leaving the same quote, but mine was wrong and her's is right. Her's is Leo to Xerxes, on the beach. I'll leave a new, correct quote. "True, it does look like rain." Man to group of men. I'm here now.
  10. Hey, Lyn. Gosh, it's hot....94 degrees out. I see you have 96!!! I went out to pull some weeds and water the flowers and it's miserable. I hate Winter but this is ridiculous!!!!! lol At least the humidity is only in the 40%. From 300.....I can't remember if this is Leonidas or Stelios??? Next: "You are generous as you are divine." (man to man) OK...back to ironing. Pat
  11. Hi Rayna. 300, Leonidas to the Persians who had asked them to throw out their weapons. Next quote: "Have the Gods no mercy?" (man talking outloud) Back later. Lyn
  12. Morning, girls. So glad you were able to get out and see people yesterday, Pat! We only see Ari and the kids, or Shane, and we stand 6 feet away or further. So not fun. But we need to do it. This is 300, Leo to the Ephors, when he wants to go to war. Next:"Come and get them!" Man to man, large group of men present. Hope you're both having a good day. I'll be back after my class. Rayna
  13. Morning ladies. 300, Leonidas to Xerxes. Next quote: "I'd rather you trusted your reason" (man to man) Back later. Enjoy your day. Lyn
  14. Morning, Girls. Well, I got out yesterday. I had ordered a pair of shorts and a top both in Medium which always fits. Well, they were cheap and too small...so I took them over to Les to see if she could wear them. She's gonna try them on this morning. She's so skinny now...they probably do fit. We stayed 6ft apart. When I left there...I stopped at Marge's and she was sitting outside. I hadn't seen her in ages. We sat outside 6ft apart. I must have stayed a couple hours. It felt so good to get out and talk with them. From 300....the Captain to Leonidas after Astinos' death. Next: "I would die for any one of mine!" (man to man) Back later....gonna walk. Pat
  15. Last week
  16. We're back. Only took about 90 minutes. And we were the only ones in there most of the time, which was good. This is 300, Leo to the Councilman and Theron, when he and the 300 are leaving for the Hot Gates. Next:"I have filled my heart with hate!" Man to man, other men present. Have a good evening, Lyn. I'm around for the rest of the night. Rayna edited for: see you all in the morning.
  17. 300, Gorgo or Leonidas to Theron when he brings the Persian messenger to meet leo. Next quote: "What can you say" (man to man, others present) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  18. Well, we're not doing much more here. Pat doesn't come on here enough. She needs to play! This is 300, the Ephor to Leo after the Oracle's dance. Next:"I see you've made yourself useful for once." Woman to man, other people present. We're heading out to the laundromat. Such fun! Back much later. Rayna
  19. 300, Astinos to Stellios about the line "We will fight in the shade". Next quote: "Honor the Carnea" (man to man) At least you are getting out of the house and doing things. Pat has been bored stiff and I'm not much better. Just watching all the shows I missed. Lyn Lyn
  20. Yeah, I figure this is the last time I'm gonna fix this thing. Twice in the past 14 months. Not a good track record. We got them around 2004. They were in storage for 6 years, 2010 - 2016, but I'd like a new washer. One without the center agitator. I'll keep my eyes open for any good sales. This is 300, the Captain to Leo, when they're about to push the Persians off the cliff. (It's actually "They look thirsty.") Next:"You had to say it." Man to man, group of men present. We might be going to the laundromat a little early. Ed needs to run to his office to pick up some things, and we should go to the market later, at the end of the day. Rayna
  21. Hi Rayna. Was just online requesting a consultation at the Mid-Atlantic Cornea Consultants for my eye problems. 300,Leonidas to the Persian before he kicks him into the hole. Next quote: "I think they're thirsty" (man to man) My daughter Benita had to buy a new washer, dryer and stove at the same time. This time the washer and dryer does really big loads. Like spreads and blankets. Back in a bit. Lyn
  22. Hi girls. Ed and I have to go to the laundromat later today. My washer won't be fixed till Friday. Not looking forward to going, but it's only 3 loads. Just don't want to be in there with other people. If we have to, we'll go sit in our car. Luckily, it's only 1/2 mile away from our house. Maybe we'll take a little walk. Get our walk in early. We're planning on going around 4 when it shouldn't be too crowded. Hope your weather is good for you both. This is 300, Gorgo to Theron, when she's running him through with his knife, on the council floor. Next:"Well, you'll find plenty of both down there." Man to man, several people present. I'm here. Rayna
  23. Morning ladies. 300, Gorgo to the councilman in her courtyard. Next quote: "This will not be over quickly" (woman to man) Back later. Enjoy your day. Lyn
  24. Morning, Girls. Lucky you, Lyn......for your lunch and dinner. I'm going out and walk early today. It's been so hot and we have an "air alert" this morning again. Pam and I might go out to get something to eat today but she's dogsitting and she doesn't know when they're gonna pick up the dog. So it might be today we go or Wednesday when she's off next??? We'll just have to wait and see. From 300.....Stelios to the Persian after he cut off his arm. Next: "I'm in your debt." (woman to man) Back later. Pat
  25. Have a nice evening, Lyn. Your dinner sounded great! This is 300, Gorgo to Leo, in bed, on their last night together. Next:"It's not yours anymore." Man to man. Rayna edited for: see you all tomorrow.
  26. Hi Rayna. My day of specials! Banana split for lunch at 11am and my daughter in law Ronnie brought me over some of Ruth's macaroni salad, which I had for dinner. Great day! "Leonidas" from 300 and the Ephor to Leonidas when he climbs up the mountain. Next quote: "Your lips can finish what your fingers started" (woman to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  27. Hi Lyn. Just got out of the shower. This is 300, King Leo to his son, after their wrestling lesson. Next:"Welcome, .......... We have been expecting you." Man to man. Rayna
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