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  2. I never got a notice that you'd posted. Sorry, I didn't refresh the page. Wait...just got two notifications, one from your earlier post with the quote "Go away" and now from this one. Sorry I missed you. This is DF, Lizzie to Janet, talking about Davey. Next:"Be the hero of your own story." Man to woman. I'll be around. I'll be cleaning a little. Rayna
  3. Hi Rayna. Like I said, I don't use it. Its for when I'm in the car and have car trouble, I can call AAA. That's it except it holds all my family and friends cell numbers. No texting, no pictures. I text on my computer. Easier to see and read. DF, Lizzie to the Stranger in Frankie's bedroom when he wants to say goodbye to him. Next quote: "He's my brother, I know what he is" (woman to woman) Lyn Been on the phone since I posted. I'm shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Its Friday, sushi??
  4. Why do you hate smart phones? They're so convenient and practical. I gave my old 6x phone to Shane when his new (non apple) phone just didn't work out for him. He just replaced it with a better phone. But I'm thinking about giving that 6x to my dad when(ever) I can go to Philly. They both have Motorola flip phones, but I think I can activate my old 6x with dad's number. That way I can facetime with them and send pictures. Gotta check with Shane to be sure I can do that. I really wish my parents had just one 21st century device! Oh, and I'm always ordering replacement batteries for them. This is DF, Nell on the phone with Janet. Next:"If you can wake him." Woman to man, child present. Rayna
  5. Hi Rayna. Been back and forth with Donald today. My flip phone died. He wanted me to call and see if the ATT store was open for us to enter to get another phone. Then he called me back and said to look at the battery and see if I could get it at Amazon. Sure enough, they had it and I'll have it by Monday. for $14 dollars instead of $125 at Att for another one. Worth it even if it doesn't work. I can return it. Rather try this first. I hate the smart phones and I only use mine for emergencies. I never turn it on. This is DF and Nell to Lizzie while she gets her nails polished. Next quote: "Go away and leave us alone" (woman to woman) Back in awhile. Lyn
  6. Hi girls. This is DF, Nell to the Stranger, when he asks what Frankie's dad is called. Next:"I never really liked Bette Davis." Woman to woman. I'm around. Rayna
  7. Morning ladies. TUT, Abby to Mike in the courtyard after her date with Colin. Next quote: "Depends on whose calling him" (woman to man) Back later. Lyn
  8. Morning, Girls. After I have my breakfast, I'm gonna go do my laundry. I haven't washed in two weeks. From TUT.....Mike to Abby in the taxi going to the CFshow. Next: "I'm going to ignore that because I'm in such a good mood!" (woman to man)' Back later, Pat
  9. Last week
  10. Ok, have a nice evening. I'll go clean my house now. TUT, Mike to Abbey, in the Salsa bar, after he's been on the Ferguson show. Next:"Then I realized, I'm smarter than everyone else." Man to woman. Back later. Rayna edited for: see you all tomorrow.
  11. OK, last one for me. TUT, Mike to Abby about the filtered water at the Salsa club. Next quote: "You're totaling trying to kill my buzz" (man to woman) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  12. Hi Lyn. TUT, Mike to Abbey, in the Saloon, when the scantily dressed woman walks by. Next:"It's the exact same thing, isn't it?" Man to woman. Rayna
  13. Hi Rayna. TUT, Mike to Abby after he hangs up her phone on Colin. Next quote: "All men want that!" (man to woman) Lyn
  14. Hi Lyn. TUT, Larry to Georgia, after Abbey storms off after angrily venting about Mike. Next:"If he's interested, he'll call back in 30 seconds." Man to woman. Rayna
  15. Hi Rayna. TUT, Mike to Abby walking and talking about her hair. Next quote: "And I thought you were angry and bitter" (man to woman) Lyn
  16. Hi Lyn. TUT, Abbey to her cat, when she's watching Colin in his bathroom, when she's up the tree. Next:"Men like something to hang on to other than your a$$" Man to woman. Rayna
  17. Hi Rayna. TUT, Abby to the sponsors at the dinner. Next quote: "And he flosses" (woman to creature) Lyn
  18. Hi Lyn. This is TUT, Larry to Georgia and the crew, when they're waiting to go on the air. Next:"The best I've ever tasted!" Woman to small group of people. Rayna
  19. Hi Rayna. TUT, Mike on his original show talking to women about getting skinny. Next quote: "There's a bird in my dressing room" (man to others) Lyn
  20. Hi girls. This is TUT, the sales girl to Mike, about the bra he wants Abbey to buy. Next:"It's called a Stairmaster!" Man to unseen group of people. I'm around. Rayna
  21. Morning ladies. TUT, Mike to Colin and Abby at her hotel door. Next quote: "Actually, I'm wearing one now" (woman to man, another woman present) Be back later on. Lyn
  22. Morning, Girls. I turned it on, too.....rescheduled for Saturday. I remember the good old days of the space stuff and it took me back. I remember when they waited and waited for the weather to improve so they could take off. That was so exciting and a little boring, too before lift off. Gonna go to Meijer for a couple things. From TUT....Mike to Abby as they're leaving the restaurant after eating dinner with Corporate. Next: "Long day....big day. I was just leaving." (man to man and woman) Back later, Pat
  23. I know my DIL knows about this. She sent me a link. But I see it's been scrubbed due to weather. Rescheduled for Saturday. This is TUT, Abbey to Mike, when he falls for her fake flirt during their "lesson." Next:"Thanks for coming. To dinner. That sort of coming." Man to woman. Rayna edited for: bumped heads with Lyn as she shut down. I'm still here. edited again for: see you all tomorrorw.
  24. Hi Rayna. No, I'm watching it live . It's on Fox and discovery and will probably be on a few more. ! hour and 20 minutes to go. This is Elon Musk's spaceship. Coming out of the space center at Cape Canaveral. TUT, Jomah to Mike as he leaves the studio. Next quote: "Sucker!" (woman to man) I just finished making chocolate pudding in my microwave. Lyn Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening.
  25. Hope you get to see the rocket. Does the flight path pass over your area? It's so much fun to see a launch! This is TUT, Joy to Abbey, when she and Stuart find Abbey curled up in her closet, after Mike's first time on their show. Next:"Don't forget the pizza, King Kong." Boy to man, woman present. Rayna
  26. Hi Rayna. Came back to the computer to find out when the rocket takes off this afternoon. It says 4:33pm so I'll start watching it at 4pm just in case they move it up. TUT, Joy to Abby at the station, when Mike was talking really nice and then went back to talking ugly. Next quote: "Congratulations?" (woman to woman) Back later. Lyn
  27. Hi girls. I'm finally on here! I slept a little later than usual (which is pretty late by normal standards). Ed and I went to the market last night after dinner. We left after 9pm. We decided to go to a different market that's about a five minute or so drive on the freeway, cause we stopped there a week ago on our way home from getting take-out and wanted to check it out. It's a really nice, big market, bigger than our neighborhood Ralphs (which is Meijer or Kroger everywhere else, I think) and it was really pretty empty by then. Dropped off some milk for Ari and Laura, and we got home at 10:30. Then we wiped everything down. By the time we'd put everything away I think it was about 11 or so. Got to bed late. Getting used to sleeping late, when the cat lets us. Congrats on your weight loss, Pat! This is a tough time for everyone. I know you'll reach your goal. Ed's actually lost about 6 lbs. I lost about 4 in the beginning. That was great, but I've put one or two back on. I'm not following a special diet, but we're only really eating 2 meals a day, and eating dinner way earlier than we used to. Ed used to get home from work after 9 most evenings, so we'd eat dinner so late. Now we eat around 8, after our one-hour walk. Makes a difference. Lyn, you're so lucky to have Tracy there for you. This is TUT, Mike to Abbey, about the weather girl on the Canadian station. Next:"Aaand, he's back." Woman to woman. I'm around. Rayna
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