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  2. Hi Rayna. Its 97 with a heat index at 111. Tracy just left to head to Sam's club to pick up supplies and head home. Safe trip home. This is Dracula and Lucy to Mary in her upstairs hallway. Next quote: "She wanted you dead, you know" (man to woman) I'm going to shut down now. Noone is here. Talk tomorrow. Lyn
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  4. Hi girls. We're packing up. So this is brief. Hope you're having a good day. How's the heat index? This is D2000, Drac Baby to Mary, on the roof. Next:"You had him every night in your dreams, and you never even shared!" Woman to woman. See you all later. Rayna
  5. Morning ladies. Went to bed late so I slept in this morning. Rayna, i'm so glad you got everything signed. I know you would have been very disappointed if you didn't. Have a good day and we'll talk to you tomorrow on the site as you'll be busy all day and evening. Pat, do Les and Bill have electric back on? Have fun at the movie. This is Dracula on the roof in front of the cross. Next quote: "Let me show you what I can show no other" (man to woman) OK, back later. Tracy is coming for the day. Lyn
  6. Morning, Girls. Eating my breakfast and then gonna wash my hair. Didn't want to do it last night. Meeting Les later and we're going to see The Lion King. From Dracula....Solena to the guys before they break into the vault. Next: "Now, I make it in mine!" (man to object) Later, Pat
  7. Hi girls. Fabulous day! He signed my poster and a special item: the box for the VHS version of Return of the Jedi. Ed got Irv Kershner to sign the VHS box for Empire Strikes Back several years ago. Shane has it in a special box frame, and took a chance giving me the box for ROTJ. So, that's really special! When I get home I'll take a photo of my poster and send it to you so you can see it! Finally! Take it easy with all those thunderstorms, Pat. And be careful with the hot weather, Lyn. Caireen, hope you're having a nice weekend. This is D2000, Lucy to Drac Baby, when she tells him Mary's not home. Next:"You don't build this much security without a gold mine to hide." Woman to small group. See you all tomorrow. I'll be checking out of here probably around 11 or so. But then I'll be back at the Con till maybe 3pm Rayna
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  9. Hi Pat. I know you will enjoy it. You've watched it over and over. This is Dracula and Nightshade to Simon before Simon shoots him with a silver bullet. Next quote: "No luck... yet" (woman to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  10. Hey, Lyn. Rayna, glad you're having a good time. Caireen....take everyone's advice and go and have a good time swimming. Lyn...just stay in till it cools down. We just had a little storm but it was over before it began!!! It's getting dark again. I want to go in and take my bath and wash my hair. Les and I are going to see The Lion King tomorrow morning. They're without power but they have a generator and a cool familyroom and bedroom downstairs in their tri-level. I've invited them to come here but they said they're doing fine. From Dracula.......Dracula to Mary on the rooftop. Next: "I said I was sorry!" (man to man) Gonna go take my bath and wash my hair....so, I'm gonna close down. Pat
  11. Hi ladies. Caireen, I agree with Rayna, there are items you can use. Rayna, sound like you are enjoying yourself. Hope you get the poster signed. This is Dracula to Mary on the roof. Next quote: "Wake up. its only a dream" (woman to self) Back later. Lyn
  12. Hi guys. Haven't left the room yet. We got up late, and Ed went to the gym while I got dressed. He just got back so I have time to check stuff online. Caireen, there are feminine products out there so that we can swim during out time of the month. I'm surprised you don't use them. Makes life so much simpler! Sounds like a wonderful day yesterday, Pat! You always seem to have such a nice time with your family on the weekends! You have nice places to go to. In LA, we don't really have that, not too much. I'm always so busy on Saturdays. Sundays we take it easy. Lyn, take it easy in this heat. We had a nice dinner with most of the family yesterday. We were just getting back to our room, after being at a late day panel, hosted by a friend, when we ran into out nephew heading out to meet everyone for dinner. So, suddenly we had a place to go. Great Mexican food! But this IS San Diego! This is D2000, Simon to Marcus, when they're fighting in the make-shift morgue, and Marcus tells Simon he's an atheist. Next:"It was my last sunset on this earth that made me who I am." Man to woman. I'll be gone soon. I'll be on later tonight, after our big Entertainment Earth dinner. Rayna
  13. D2000, Dracula to himself while watching the music video. God loves you anyway! (man to man) No swimming for the next few days - just when it's really warm and sunny, so actually ideal weather for swimming. But that's usually the case whenever the monthly visitor arrives. It's only 10 minutes walk to the outdoor swimming pool I'm frequenting.
  14. HI Pat. Donald had called and needless to say, I'm not allowed out the door. I'll have to wait another 2 weeks. It now feels like 96 and the humidity is 70! This is Lucy to Mary in her hallway talking about Dracula. Next quote: "Brilliant!" (man speaking) Back later on. Lyn I'm watching an OUTLANDER marathon.
  15. Morning, Lyn. It's 76.....going up to 88 today. High humidity though. Just go out to get a haircut and come back. We had a really nice day yesterday. We went over to Pentwater on Lake Michigan. It was only 80 degrees and low humidity. We sat there in the sun for 3 hours or so. Got a little sunburned but was wonderful! It's usually somewhat cooler there on the shore. After, we went to this little store. Les wanted a couple items and I got some Sea Salt Carmel Mocha coffee to bring home. Just made it....it's delicious. Anyway, after that we drove up to Pentwater and had dinner at this brewery/restaurant. Had a couple pieces of fish and a salad.....so good. Then we came home. I didn't get home until 8:30p. What a fabulous day! We had bad winds and rain last night around 2:30a. I hadn't been able to get to sleep. It knocked off a big limb on the tree behind me. I didn't get to sleep until after 3a. Of course, Gary called me at 6:45! lol I talked with him and went back to sleep until 8:30a From Dracula.....Dracula to Mary in the cemetery. Next: "He's better than chocolate." (woman to woman) Back later, Pat
  16. Morning ladies. Its already 82 and feels like 88. Going up to 95 with a heat index of 105. I have to go out as I need my haircut and she is in today. I'm trying to decide if I will do it! This is Dracula to the doctor holding Solina in a cell. Next quote: "....and all that you are is mine" (man to woman) Be back later on. Lyn
  17. D2000, Mary to Simon in the car or the church. Dignity, doctor. (man to man)
  18. Hi guys. Had a so-so day. Missed meeting Lin-Manuel at our booth. Instead of showing up at 1ish, he got there before 11am! I wasn't there till a little after. He gave no warning, just pretty much a quick phone call and showed up. I really wanted to meet him. Oh well. Maybe next year. Ed got here, and we all had dinner, pretty much. Nice Mexican food. Tomorrow, more of the same, except Billy Dee Williams comes to sign at 3. I'm hoping he visits the upstairs area, where family and employees can meet him quickly. He needs to sign my poster. Then it's complete! This is Attila, Attila to Honoria, at the Roman orgy, when he's wearing a toga. Next:"Do you believe in destiny?" Woman to man. Shutting down. See you all in the morning. Rayna
  19. Last week
  20. Hi Rayna. Sorry I didn't come back. I was on the phone first with Comcast and then Benita. This is Attila to Aetius when asked to go to Rome. Next quote: "I wear it for tonight only" (man to woman) Have fun, kiddo. Lyn Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening, ladies.
  21. Hi Lyn. Doing my hair and makeup. Want to leave the room soon. This is Attila, Attila to Honoria, in the Hot Bath. Next:"If we don't kill each other first." Man to man. I'll check back in a few minutes. Rayna edited for: See you all later.
  22. Hi Rayna. This is NI and Edmands mother talking to him about him roaming around the island. Next quote: "Its hot!" (man to woman) Lyn
  23. Morning girls. About to take my shower. Not rushing there today. Tomorrow is a different story. Lyn, you got Pat's quote wrong. Her quote is POTO, Mme Giry to Raoul, as they're running down the back area of the Opera House, after the fire started. You thought it was the taxi driver in NI. Yours is NI, Alexandra to herself, after she gets a voice mail from her manager to finish her book. Next:"This is not a place for games!" Woman to boy, man present. I'll stop back before I leave the room. Rayna
  24. Hi Pat. Have fun. This is NI and the taxi driver to Alexandra on the island. Next quote: "No pressure, no pressure" (woman to self) Back later. Lyn
  25. Hey, Lyn. Bill just called and wants me to go over to the lake with them. Looks like rain though. Personally, I don't care if I get soaked!! lol From POTO....the Phantom to Christine when he appears to her in the mirror in her dressing room. Next: "Come with me....I will take you!" (woman to man) Back later. Everyone have a good day. Pat
  26. Morning ladies. Rayna, don't know what room Tom Cruise was in with his new trailer. It was a article I saw in the news. This is POTO and Madame Giry to Christine after her performance. Next quote: "Take a look in the mirror, I am there inside" (man to woman) Back later on. Lyn
  27. Morning, Girls. Rayna....have a good time today. Caireen, I forget, where do you go swimming? Lyn....stay in today. It's supposed to be hot again. Gary said it's supposed to cool off late tomorrow. I certainly hope so. This is miserable! From POTO....Carlotta and Piangi to Firmin and Andre after Christine surfaces after the Lair incident. Next: "You did very well, my dear. He is pleased with you." (woman to young woman) Gotta get ready for the manager to inspect my apartment. Pat
  28. Hi caireen. I'm glad you're enjoying your time swimming. It's really such good exercise! This is POTO, the Phantom, getting ready to enter as Don Juan, just before his opera begins. Next:"Will she sing? Will she sing?" Man and woman to two men, other people present. Shutting down. See you all in the morning, before I leave the hotel. Rayna
  29. POTO, Christine to the Phantom with Raoul tied up nearby in the lair. I hate to have to cut the fun short but the joke's wearing thin... (man to himself) Not too sore despite swimming three out of four days. I'm actually enjoying it.
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