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  2. The ABCs of Dear Frankie A) Abusive father B) Beach C) Catriona D)
  3. ABCs of Things We COULD Live Without A) Aches and pains B) Bossy people C) Cold sores D) Divas E) Electrical repairs F) Fried liver and onions G) Gastric problems H) Hemorrhoids I) Itchy rashes J) Jawbreakers K) Knots in shoe laces L) Liverwurst M) Marshmallows N) Nougat candies O) Off-key singing P) Poison Ivy Q) Quarrels R) Roaches S) Silverfish T) TAXES! U) Unpaid bills V) Vicious dogs W) Water faucets that leak X)
  4. Action/Adventure Mystery/Suspense movies vs Drama
  5. It's A Living A) Attila's Wine Taster B Beowulf's Belt Arranger C) Clyde's Parts for Bomb Making Supplier D) Dracula's Dental Hygienist E) Erik's mask fitter F) Fortune-teller for Leonidas G) Gorgo's hairdresser H) Holster-polisher for Mike Banning I) Ildico's poison supplier J)Johnnie Donne's lawyer K) King Leonidas' codpiece fitter L) Leonidas's sword polisher M) Marek's arrow sharpener N) N'kara's dress designer O) One-Two's personal trainer P) President Archer's Limo Driver Q) Quirky bartender at Sam's restaurant R) Raoul's Barber S) Sandal-maker for Leonidas T) Tattoo artist for "Big Nick" U) Undercover spy in court house for Clyde Shelton V) Velvet Dressing Gown tailor for The Phantom W) Wine-taster for Attila X)
  6. I did on Saturday! TGBM can't wait to see Angel Has Fallen.
  7. ABCs of Things We COULD NOT Live Without A) Airplanes B) Bee Gees Music C) Clean sheets D) Diana Gabaldon books E) Elegant glassware F) Favorite jeans G) Gerry's gals H) Hanging out with friends I) Iced tea J) Jeans that fit! K) Kindness L) Lemons and Limes M) Marshmallows (PEEPS ROCK!) N) Nice neighbors O) Olives, both green and black P) Pimento cheese sandwiches Q) Queen music! R) Rolling Stones music S) Sweet Iced Tea! T) Truvia sweetener U)
  8. 12 Colors of Timeline PRETEND THESE COLORS ARE IN A CRAYOLA BOX Remember the DESCRIPTOR GOES FIRST, COLOR GOES LAST IE: SKY BLUE, GRAPE PURPLE, APPLE RED 1) Marek's Tunic Blue 2) Medallion Gold 3) Lady Claire's tunic Olive Green 4) Thatched Roof Tan 5) Corucle liner Black 6) Trebuchet Brown 7) Greek Fire Red 8) Armor Silver 9) Marek's Leggins Black 10) Marek's Boots Brown 11)
  9. ABCs of Books You've Read or Would Like to Read - Please include author A) Airport (Arthur Hailey) B) Blackwood Farm (Anne Rice) C) Coma (Robin Cook) D) Dream Warrior (Sherrilyn Kenyon) E) Exodus (Leon Uris) F) Fiery Cross (The) (Diana Gabaldon) G) Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn) H) Help (The) Kathryn Stockett I) Intensity (Sherrilyn Kenyon) J) Jaws (Peter Benchley) K) King (The) (J. R. Ward) L) Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (The) (C S Lewis) M) Mary, Queen of Scots (Antonia Fraser) N) Needful Things (Stephen King) O) On The Beach (Nevil Shute) P) Pillars of the Earth (The) (Ken Follett) Q)
  10. Lady Elissa

    Yes and No

    I don't mind it as long as I have on comfortable shoes! Do you like to play cards?
  11. Oh yes, I see by my phone you're getting storms till 7pm. We're supposed to have rain tomorrow. I hope so. That would be fine with me. This is POTO, Mme Giry to Raoul, after the Phantom has disappeared with Christine. Next:"You will curse the day you did not do........" Man to unseen people. I'll still be here if you stay on. Have a good night, caireen. Rayna edited for: shutting down. See you all tomorrow.
  12. Hi, Caireen. Have a nice night's sleep. Rayna....so glad your Mom is getting all those nice things. Tell her Happy Birthday for me. Have a nice dinner. From POTO....the Phantom to Christine after she de-masked him. Next: "Come with me...I will take you....." (woman to man) We're supposed to get some storms. I can hear the thunder now. Pat
  13. POTO, Christine to the Phantom in the lair in the final scene with Raoul nearby. You little prying Pandora! (man to woman) I'm off to bed, see you in the morning.
  14. Hi. Just got back with them. Took longer than we planned. I was sent to the wrong place when I called the AAA yesterday. But we're all finished now. This is POTO, Bouquet to the dancing girls, in their living quarters. Next:"Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known?" Woman to man, another man present. Gonna be on here for a while. Rayna
  15. POTO, Phantom to Charlotta during Il Muto You must be always on your guard... (man to group of young women)
  16. Hi Pat. Had a sort of busy morning. Had to go pick up the little birthday cake I ordered for mom, and when I was driving up to the house, there was a delivery man with dinner for them. This was sent by our wonderful friend who lives in Florida. She was my sister's best friend, and she never forgets my parents at their birthdays or their anniversary. She considers them her second set of parents! We love her! So, I got busy all of a sudden. Flowers were just delivered! This is POTO, Christine, singing about the Phantom, to Raoul, on the roof. Next:"Perhaps it is you who are the toad." Man speaking to woman, who is far away. Back later. Rayna
  17. Morning, Girls. Just about to start cleaning my apartment. I work the rest of the week...so, I have to today. From POTO....the former owner of the Opera House to Firmin and Andre in the beginning of the movie. Next: "But his voice filled my spirit with a strange, sweet sound...." (woman to man) Back later. Pat
  18. POTO, Raoul to Christine during Masquerade. If you need me, I shall be in Australia. (man to two men, others present)
  19. Lady Elissa

    Movies ABC

    ABCs of Comedy/Romance Films A) Analyze This B) Blazing Saddles C) Cheaper by the Dozen D) Death at a Funeral E) Ever After F)Father Goose G) Galaxy Quest H) Haunted Honeymoon I) It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World J) Jumanji K) Kate and Leopold L) LadyHawk M) Moonstruck N) Nights in Rodanthe O) Out-of-Towners (The) P) Princess Bride (The) Q) Quiet Man (The) R) Runaway Bride S) Sleepless in Seattle T) Timeline U) Ugly Truth (The) V) Valentine's Day W) What About Bob? X)
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