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  2. Hi ladies. Just got back home. Went to bank, CVS, laundry,got all my fluids in the car topped off, Denny's for lunch, Panaera for 2 salads to go. I'm pooped! This is 300 and Leonidas to Stelios before they die. Next quote: "My ancestors build this wall" (man to man) Lyn
  3. Morning, girls. Hope you're both having a good day. This is 300, Leo looking out at the Persian navy, being slammed by a hurricane. (I used this one last week, I'm sure.) Next:"It's an honor to have lived by yours." Man to man. Class this morning, then pretty much nothing this afternoon. Rayna
  4. Morning ladies. You were right, Pat. Its 300 and the Ephor to Leonidas when he comes to get permission to attack the Persians. Next quote: "It does look like rain" (man to self) Go t running to do today along with laundry. Weather will be in the mid 60s when I leave. Have a good day, ladies. Lyn
  5. Morning, Girls. Getting ready to go into the office to enter yesterdays tests. We moved to a new office and this will be the first time I've been there. This used to be my Internist's office. Can't remember this quote....it seems like it was 300 with the Ephors but don't know. I'll let Lyn get it. Everyone have a good day. Pat
  6. Hi. Ran a bunch of errands. Got back about 15 minutes ago. This is B&G, Hrothgar to Wulfy and the Geats, when they meet him in front of the Mead Hall. Next:"Don't compound them!" Man to man, other men present. I'll be back. Rayna edited for: shutting down. See you all in the morning.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hi Rayna. This is B&G and Beowulf to the fisherman on the beach. Next quote: "Want a beer?" (man to man) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening, ladies. Lyn
  9. Hi, girls. Don't apologize for taking a nap, Pat! We all need to do that once in a while. My quote was when Simon holds up the bible, in the library. This is D2000, Mary to herself, when she sees Drac Baby coming out of her closet. I'm guessing caireen is asleep now. It's 11pm for her. Maybe she'll come back on later this evening. Next:"I don't get all that mad." Man to man. Rayna Car dealer called. Couldn't find a problem with my "check engine" light, but I decided to go ahead and take care of something I've been putting off. That costs, but I'd rather have that taken care of before it fails. I should get the car back later this afternoon.
  10. Hi ladies. This is Dracula to Simon who is holding up either the cross or the bible. Not sure which. Next quote: "Wake up, its only a dream, wake up" (woman to self) Lyn
  11. Hey, Rayna. Got home from work and did some paperwork and a couple bills. Called in a couple scripts and the doctor's office for one that had no refills, made lunch and took a nap....I was so sleepy. Sorry I'm so late getting on here. I know the quote is from Dracula but can't remember the scene. Crazy....I know. Hopefully, Lyn can get it. I can hear it but can't place the scene. Gonna start dinner. Back later, Pat
  12. Hi girls. I've been home since about 30 minutes ago. Car's at the shop. They haven't called with any word about the problem. They got me an Uber ride back to my market, I shopped, and walked home (about 2 blocks). Did the dishes. Here I am. Yeah, caireen. Did your headache go away? Are you feeling better? I don't think my parent's area has a problem with tornadoes. Maybe once a long time ago. I'm not worried about them, except for the heavy rain. This is D2000, Lucy to Drac Baby, in Mary's house, when she tells him she's not home. Next:"Propaganda." Man to man. Gonna clean the bathrooms in a little bit. I'm here checking my FB page. Rayna
  13. Hi Caireen. Is the headache all gone? Did thew massage help? This is Lucy to Dracula on the stairs at Mary's house. Next quote: "No luck yet" (woman to man) Lyn
  14. D2000, Dracula to Mary in her room. So, you haven't told me your name. (woman to man)
  15. Hi. Not sure. They kept showing a written line of all the places, I was only interested in me a, my familys home and near your parents. This is Dracuyla to the cop and dr who have SDolina in custody. Next quote: "You are real" (man to woman) Lyn
  16. Wow! That's some weather! A friend of mine lives in Lebanon. Was that threatened last night too? Scary. This is D2000, Drab Baby on the roof, watching the video of our society. Next:"You haven't been feeding her." Man to man, another man present. Rayna
  17. Hi Rayna. Last evening Donald's washer died just before the final spin. So he packed up the wet laundry and came over to use one of my washers to get the clothes wrung out. While he put it through a washing cycle, we were under a tonado watch. It was spotted in York county and moving toward Lancaster. It poured with lightning and thunder till 8pm. Donald stayed with me until it was over. This is Dracula to Mary on the roof. Next quote: "Brilliant!" (man to self) Lyn
  18. Morning, girls. Gotta take my car in to the Toyota dealer. Engine light came on. Oy! $$$$$$ This is D2000, Drac Baby to Lucy, talking about Mary's house. I just used this quote yesterday afternoon, when I started using D2000! Next:"I have borne the very wrath of God." Man to woman. Gotta start getting ready to leave. Back in a bit. Rayna
  19. Morning ladies. This is Mary to Dracular when she wraps the wire rope around his neck. Next quote: "Catholic" (man to woman) Have a good day, ladies. Lyn Hey Rayna. Its sunny and 80 here and sunny and 86 at your moms house!
  20. D2000, Mary to Simon about Dracula speaking Aramaeic. This is how you die! (woman to man) I dropped in before leaving this morning.
  21. Morning, Girls. Getting ready to go to Amway to do hearing tests. We never did get storms....at least I never hear them. From Dracula.....Dracula to Mary on the rooftop in New Orleans. Next: "No....but he can!" (woman to man) Everyone have a good morning. Pat
  22. Hi caireen! We got home about 10, and watched the final (sob) Game of Thrones, which was nearly 90 minutes. Sorry I wasn't on sooner. I suspect you're at school now. Your quote is D2000, Val to her camera man, at the plane crash site. Next:"Let me show you what I have shown no other." Man to woman. Shutting down. See you all in the morning. Rayna
  23. D2000, Dracula to Lucy in the downstairs hallway of the girl's house. Now we've lost the sun, haven't we? (woman to man)
  24. Hi girls. Hope your weather isn't too terrible. We had rain this morning, but then it got sunny and warm. Actually a lovely day! We were in Pasadena at the Huntington Library Museum for a lecture. Then we strolled around the gardens. Very nice. Gonna to go Ari's soon. He needs us to give Laura a hand cause he's out tonight playing hockey. This is DF, the Stranger to Lizzie, about the letters she sends to Frankie. Next:"Catholic." Man to woman. So, we're about to leave. I'll be back late. Maybe caireen will be on then. I'm in my normal time zone. Rayna
  25. Last week
  26. Hi Pat. You are not alone. Thunderstorms here at 6pm and all through the night. Went over there and no one was home. That will teach me to call ahead. They went to the movies. I went to OG and had some lunch instead and then hit the Dollar store. This is Tr2 and Lara to Terry when she handcuffed him to the bed. Next quote: "Thats a Scottish postmark" (man to woman) Shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Have a nice evening. Lyn
  27. Hey, Girls, Rayna....took the Spinner head off and put it in my kitchen sink with bleach and soap. Did the trick! It didn't cleaned under the rim very good though. Gonna have to go to Meijer, etc and see if there's anything that will clean it. Have a nice time at Donald's....Lyn? Gonna go take my bath and wash my hair. Gary said we're supposed to get storms later this afternoon or evening. Always afraid the power will go off!!!! From TR2....Lara to Chen Lo after she stabs him in the leg. Next: "I'm leaving you because I could!" (woman to man) We probably used this recently but I'm not checking....gotta beat the storm. It's getting dark out. I'm shutting down. Have a nice afternoon, girls. Pat
  28. Hi ladies. This is TR2 and Terry to Lara after they are in the cave, Next quote: "Now we are even" (woman to man) Lyn
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