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  1. I'm gonna be in melbourne this weekend, for the convention! WOOT!
  2. Romance, definitely. Though I think they screw with my mind.
  3. Yeah, cos that was an easy decision /SARCASM
  4. It's in the fourth book at the world cup, when the kids were getting water. Two guys are talking about it, can't remember who!
  5. I haven't been watching as much as I used to. This seaon has certainly been interesting what with 2 housemates being kicked out!
  6. Like someone said in Harry Potter, perhaps they like a healthy breeze around their privates?
  7. I am really hoping to get there for this one...you all should be afraid, very afraid.
  8. I chose Harry Potter of course! Though I also like the Anne series.
  9. Mel, as one of my bestest buddies, I am so glad you got to meet Gerry. Luv you lotss ::
  10. Had the best night with the SAucy tarts tonight!! Details and pics will follow...
  11. 55! You girls are doing very well! I just thought I would pop in and say hello. I wish I could keep up with ya'll, but its rather impossible. Seems we are all counting down till June! You lovely ones that are going will be counting down till Vegas...and I am counting down to my 18th birthday! It is in 25 days. Well, I hope you are all enjoying life and all its many wonders and pleasures. I will try pop in a little more if I can.
  12. Poor Sarah, I hate vomiting. Glad you are feeling better!
  13. *sigh* I wish I could hang with you girls.
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