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  1. Oh goodness....high praise indeed. Sorry Sean (Connery), but my heart has been captured by another Scotsman!
  2. We would all love to see the ad air here in the states because we love Gerry; however, most Americans see sports figures as manly men, not actors. I think the popularity of McDreamy gave Patrick Dempsey a bit of a leg up for his Avon print ads, but the rest are of Derek Jeter and some other athlete (I can't remember who). Many of the comments about this ad haven't been so positive about Gerry being Mr. L'Oreal, and this is one reason. Society has been conditioned that only if a man plays sports is he masculine or macho or whatever. I certainly don't agree, but that seems to be the consensus out there. So while WE love it and it makes us, as Gerry fans, want these products, we're not their target audience, and I think that's why L'Oreal USA decided to not air it here. JMHO. Lisa I know not everyone loves that man like we do... and that they're entitled to their opinions but... not-so-positive comments? ... about our G-man? ... Time to write a letter to L'Oreal USA to (nicely) let them know that whomever they had researching the demigraphics for this ad didn't know their from a hole in the ground... IMHO of course. ... Paula
  3. thinks a visit to Jacksonville Beach, FL would be good for Gerry's soul.!

  4. Sooo glad he gets the opportunity to take time off. Take care of yourself mio caro Gerry.... you're verra precious tae us!
  5. It's time for confessions... I've watched this video a hundred times and my 84 year old Mom has watched it almost as much. Stunned, we can only say .... there IS a God! Is it me, or did anyone else when Gerry - wearing a white top - looked at the girl through the glass, slightly tilted his head while slowly turning towards the camera, as that devastating, hypnotic "almost-smile" hit you right between the eyes and you must ... focus ... on ... luscious ... kissble ... lickable ... uh... ... ... Sweet Gerry, ... thank you for my early birthday present! As Gerry-fans, we are many ...and we are a voice to be reckoned with. Our GALS New Year's Resolution should be to convince L'oreal to bring this ad to US television. (Geez, I'd buy the damn product...and I'm not a guy! This is a dollars-&-cents business. If they're smart, they wouldn't pass up an opportunity to increase their revenue. Just a thought.... Paula ...
  6. Darlene, sorry....somehow my reply was your reply.(??) and I can't figure out how. I wanted to tell you that your siggy (Gerry, the black horse, the narrative)... it all blew me away! ( Frannie)!
  7. Asleep In A Tartan Plaid She dreams...... And the night wept with wonder. Two souls become one under A black velvet sky. She sighs...... And dreams of moors, heather-grown. Had she but known Of pipes calling her home To a green-eyed Scotsman, Her Scotland She Cries...... Find me!
  8. Dearest Gerry: She is my blood - our Scotland. When next you're home and grounded by her age-old lochs and mountains and timeless castles, by her people long-ago gone.....listen. Listen for the whisper of the pipes playing with the wind and caressing your soul. Stand quietly in her heather and let her scented tide wash over you...heal you..love you. It is I.
  9. All, Sorry I didn't post this sooner My son-in-law manages hotels along the southeast coast for the Shaner Group (i.e. Marriott Courtyard, etc. I asked if they had any places in NYC for a lot less than $250 per night. Unfortunately no hotels in the city The closest is in Paramus(NJ). Maybe not that far away for some of you(?)...but much too far away for me down here in FL Hope this helps. ......Paula
  10. Och, I don't want to forget anything..... Susan - (1) I'm so bummed about your job. Same thing happened to me 16 years ago so I said f* it and retired. Best thing I ever did! (But they shot themselves in the foot, screwed up state & federal environmental enforcement, called me back as a consultant,and paid me my original environmental engineer salary)! So Don't worry, I'm sure something good is waiting for your around the next corner. (2)Florida???? If you're anywhere near Jacksonville and I didn't know it... Joanna - Geez, this man is beyond pair-fection. Your siggy....its, uh, gosh it's hot in here...better go sit down before I...(too late) Mousie - hi, just want to say my 14 year old black & white kitty's name is Mouse, but I've called him Mousie or Baby Mousie for so long that his whiskers stick straight out and he gets all mushy! ....Paula
  11. .......and why doesn't the U.S. show as many Gerry movies as the U.K.?
  12. Is it just me....or is anyone else starving for some news or pix of our Gerry?
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