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  1. Anyone has a copy of this interview still and can you make it available? Thanks!
  2. Awesome interview. Here is a video of it. You can now actually see Gerry demonstrating that bit (where he says 'you can't really see this on radio') where he talks about how pronounced his six pack was in 300.
  3. Gerry is looking absolutely phenomenal these days. I think it is the healthiest we have seen him in years. He looks relaxed and rested and is looking extremely handsome these days. The bulging muscles are certainly complementing his look well!
  4. Gerry shows off his sculpted arms in more pics Source: https://twitter.com/nickolegarlitos/status/480474188700844032/photo/1 Source: https://twitter.com/gaelenbyrnes/status/480475430168719361/photo/1
  5. Oh 300 for sure. Gerry made one of the biggest breakthroughs in Hollywood in recent years with that role. It was a good role on paper that Gerry elevated to a once in a lifetime role. He received instant worldwide noteriety with his jaw-dropping performance and physique. Even just the trailers a year before the release made people stand up and take notice and ask "wow who is this guy". And when the film hit theaters the rest was history. Even today articles mention him as the "300" actor. I think King Leonidas might remain his greatest achievement till the end of his career.
  6. Interesting! If you have the link to that please pass it on.
  7. I am curious to know, in all these interviews has Butler ever spoken about 300: Rise Of An Empire? Apparently he went to see it opening weekend in Australia when it opened. What does he think about it?
  8. Another premiere pic In God sized biceps size here -> http://media.zenfs.com/en_us/News/ap_webfeeds/e151d95f68b58716560f6a706700154d.jpg
  9. Super HQ picture with the producer Bonnie Arnold. Link to image is here
  10. The movie as far as we know is completely green screen. So no location shoot, the entire movie will likely be shot in a green room. So no set pictures at all. The first look will likely come much later because the release date is almost 2 years ago.
  11. Another shirtless photo. Gerry looks even better in this pic. Biceps and pecs look sculpted. The belly looks super flat! http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/01/gerard-butler-beach-photo/ TMZ praise Gerard's body but the comments are awful. They are getting all snarky that his body doesn't look like the one in 300. They need to realize this is almost 10 years later and his physique is still looking pretty amazing.
  12. Gerry's looking in good shape - there is also the barest hint of his infamous six pack here. I think this physique is for "Gods Of Egypt". I was thinking (or rather hoping ) that he might again go shirtless for the entire movie like he did in 300. But that doesn't seem to be the case here. Still there should definitely be some shirtless scenes and I think if given the proper time to cut his fat, we might see his Greek God abdominals on the silver screen again. These images show great potential - here's hoping for the best!
  13. Looking good Gerry! Do you think he will show his infamous six pack again in Gods of Egypt? 300 sequel was not the same without Gerry and his abs.
  14. His SIX PACK in 300 was undoubtedly one of things most responsible for making him an international star. But he kind of put it away after 300. Reviews say that he is bringing it out again for OHF and shows it in the first 5 minutes. Anyone who has seen the movie, is he at his 300 level or does he have a normal buff body?
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