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  1. Tine

    Gerry's Birthday

    G E R R Y ...you deserve the birthday ever!!! Have a great one and the best of everything for the coming year Tine
  2. I only have to see show because of Gerry and i`m ashamed of that... -surface and stupid questions (presenter Markus Lanz was prepared badly) -translation for him in english and back in german for the audience was disastrous -the ice-cube-affair absolutely embarrassing (like the rest of the whole show) -a great pity that Gerry had his first appearance in German TV just in this show And Gerry was absolutely great and a really nice guest...he has class, what Robert and Carmen Geiss missing. I hope -and guess- he see that all with a big dose of humor... and should do the same...but still nice that i had this hour with him saturday night... he was so sweet Tine
  3. I`m soooo excited...i can`t still believe that he is my guest in my living room. Saturday night in the couch with Gerry... WHOOPEE Tine
  4. Germany is allways late Saturday (June, 8.) he will be in the great german evening-show "Wetten, dass...summer-special from Mallorca. Three hours "Gerry-hardcore" on german TV this smile i have the whole week. tina Well, better late than never, right? Do they have to "dub" in German, Tine? I often wondered if that's maybe why it's delayed a bit in some countries. Delene The downside of dubbing Gerry's movies is that the audience never hear Gerry's beautiful voice and the voice acting is not Gerry. It really hurts the movie to take the actor out of the movie and all you get is the visual. Gerry's voice and acting is so much a part of the movie. But I know it is necessary. ~HUGS~ Kathy Yes Delene, films get dubbed in German...and me personally i see his films most of the time in the english version`cause one of those (many, many) things i love on Gerry is his voice and i think there is no proper German voice for him...and Kathy you are right, Gerry`s voice is inextricably linked with his acting and with his character and charisma. Tine
  5. Germany is allways late Saturday (June, 8.) he will be in the great german evening-show "Wetten, dass...summer-special from Mallorca. Three hours "Gerry-hardcore" on german TV this smile i have the whole week. tina
  6. "...i got as many women pregnant as possible ... God, grow up ..." love this boy ... hope he don`t grow up in a hurry Tine
  7. Mr. Pinky ... thanks Barb ... a really funny and verrrrryyyy charming interview with our "...naturally beautiful man..." Tine
  8. Hi Stuart, i just listen to the "Gerry-birthday-bash" what a nice idea to send Gerry all our birthday-wishes - great job - MANY MANY THANKS Tine
  9. Gerry, from Germany i wish you an outstanding birthday with mum, the family and friends ... and some cupcakes ... hope you get all the presents you wanted because you give me a present every day with your work, your special sense of humor, your smile, your passion, the excitement for everything you do in your life. For the coming year i wish you health, love, success, enough time to enjoy your life ... and stay the way you are have a great day!!! Big kiss and Tine
  10. Jerry Penacoli seems to be a graet interviewer-he did a very nice interview with our G`man last year in Toronto... Gerry looks happy...and god he is so handsome and sexy... hope CM will be a great success... Thanks becocy for all your work , so many cute pics... Tine
  11. I'm with you all ladies ... these photos - especially the "tree-photo" - ... wow ... i need a doctor so sexy - Gerry pure !!! Sam Jones and Gerry - a phenomenal duo Tine
  12. "Gerard Butler makes the ladies swoon..." - very reasonable !!! I would forget my good education if i ever had the chance to meet him Great pics - he looks gorgeous Tine
  13. Thanks Barb - Great interview - love it when Gerry talks so much how he find the right words for his feelings, emotions ... yes he is really passionate ... and this horrible accident ... and what he learns about that (near-death)-experience ... i`m so glad that he`s doing well again ... and you are right jewels - i also never met a person like him ... that`s our G`man ... love him Tine
  14. I also totally agree with you - I don`t know what they have done to our beautiful man!!! His charisma, charme and sexiness shines through on every simply pic from fans or paps, especially of course on photos done on the red carpets - but this ... Tine
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