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  1. Okay...that guy was creepy! In one way, I'm glad Gerry decided to play along, on the other... that was kinda creepy too. (Brought back uncomfortable memories of being around it with friends in other fandoms. Music and sports.) BUT... you have to love... "I don't usually go for women with boobs as big as yours." Ha! What a freakin' player! I'm glad I came into his fandom when he apparently has begun a new chapter in his life (although he delivered those 'lines' pretty well!). Either way, I'm a fan of his and I have to take the good, bad and the ugly. I'd just rather focus on the good. Taking it in that vein...he was hilarious in this clip! (Oh yeah, handsome and sexy too...as always!)
  2. Hmmm....never thought of that as a Christmas movie. But since it's not on TV Gerry... just come over...I'll put it on the big screen TV, we can snuggle and eat cupcakes, then go work off the calories. (A long romantic walk, I mean. ) See how excited he is about it! Ha! Back to real life now...bye Gals!
  3. Thank you Scotsmanstuart! You always come through for us! Very nice interview. Interesting and funny as usual! BTW, Who's "honey"? ("Happy Birthday Honey")
  4. I saw tons of cameras and a guy videoing at the stage door that morning. I'm looking for a clearer picture of myself with Gerry. I have some videos of his interaction with fans but don't know who they are. I'm sure they would like to see them! Congrats Marg on making it into In Touch Magazine! I have video of some your encounter from the back. There were 2 girls from Germany there and I think I have them on video interacting with His Royal Hotness.
  5. I don't understand Scottish football but I love hearing/watching him talk about it! Isn't his excitement infectious? And he's so darn sexy just talking about his team! (I can only relate to his excitement by remembering the feeling of being at Shea Stadium during the playoffs once and another time seeing my friend pitch a game at Shea for a Dream Week reunion. I get it Gerry, but not even to your degree!)
  6. I love those kinds of interviews. Long and unrushed and laid back. All kinds of funny stuff in there!
  7. He seems to like that sweater that the reporter gave him in Norway! (I saw Jennifer Hudson had one too.) And the interview...hilarious! He's sooo much fun!
  8. It was nice to just see him sauntering along and relaxing. No rush, rush that you see so often in an airport. His face was so funny as he was processing that the woman was with the press. She got a short interview but it's kinda sad that they videotaped he and the entourage all the way to the car. If all that footage is what was actually broadcast on their news then they need more excitement in Norway! I too hope they get some peace and quiet to sight see. I'm not a fan, or a hater, of his girlfriend and won't discuss any of that here. I just want Gerry happy and at peace. It's for him to decide the road to that end. I still can't believe he finally met ME on Wednesday and didn't dump her though! He could have a 51 year old, chunky woman with life experience instead! Men. Humph. Anyway, have fun in Norway Gerry. I'm looking forward to seeing you host this concert!
  9. Back home now. Trying to get this video and pictures off my phone. As soon as I can do it, will one of you screen cap wizards make a 'still' of me and Gerry? I'll send you all the raw video and you will have quite a few nice pics of him to share!
  10. Let,s go LadyElissa! You,re next! We,re on a mission! :-) Let,s go LadyElissa! You,re next! We,re on a mission! :-)
  11. Thanks for the welcome abrock! Drum roll please........I met Gerry this morning at GMA!!!!!!!!! :-) Gorgeous, friendly, funny! Got a pic with him! Will post when I figure out my cell phone. Waiting now at the red carpet. I think his bodyguard said he'll be over to the fans. Two people here never had their pics with him. One never met him. So let' keep our fingers crossed for them!
  12. What time did Gerry arrive at Good Morning America for Chasing Mavericks?
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