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  1. Is this saying that Gerry will be there? I would love to go do this and then go to some of the LA press appearances! Excuse me while I search the internet for some inexpensive, safe package deals to LA....! I can be impulsive sometimes...real life might catch up with me soon.... Or I might find an awesome deal
  2. Hi Anna, Welcome back! I'm new here (just joined in July) so I had to find my way around too! Your kids are cute! Your pride and joy I see! Nice to 'meet' you! :wave:src="http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/wave.gif"> Sharon
  3. I want a cardboard cut out of this pic at the convention so we can all have our picture taken with it! (Ok, make it a plastic cut out as the lick marks can be wiped off.) Sorry I got carried away Stuart! Thanks for the picture(s)!
  4. Taps fingers nervously waiting for details... Hurry up Film District...what time and where? Doesn't anybody work on Thanksgiving out there in CA?... Umm...sorry, my bad, Happy Thanksgiving to you all at Film District too! Patience, patience Sharon. BTW, IF I come up the day before, would anyone like to go see Phantom with me on Tuesday?
  5. Wondering dates and location have been decided for Las Vegas Convention for 2013? I just became a fan this year and would like to attend. :pointy:src="http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/pointy.gif"> I just need to plan ahead!
  6. Ha Ha! I thought he was saying "Let get these white girls!" Thought it was a put down like, "You throw like a girl." Lord that accent! Gerry, I'm going to need some private lessons on learning your accent. Just call me. Hee hee!
  7. Holy crap, this tweeting stuff is awesome! That's Gerry from today! I have enjoyed seeing all these types of pictures for the last few months, but I feel like a bit of a stalker! Louisiana restaurants and shops, NYC lunches, bike rides, Canada, South Carolina sporting goods store, South of France with his lady, airports, Dubai and now I get to follow his day through Scotland. That would creep me out! But lawd ain't he pretty! Anyway, one more quick gander at these photos then onto real life (with no cameras peering at me, thank god!) Enjoy your trip Gerry! And your birthday with your family I assume! (Hopefully your mum won't make you scrub the floor. At least on Tuesday!)
  8. Like Kathleen, I've never been to a premiere before so I don't know how it works either. Kathleen, I look forward to meeting you, other Gerry fans and the ladies I met a few months ago in NYC! Who is our fearless leader and what's next? Any other Philly area fans going?
  9. That better be a hospital bracelet...otherwise I'd make him carry his own luggage! He is so freakin' hot! Dahyum!
  10. Hi Lyn,

    Wondering if you are in Dover right outside of York? I'm in Lancaster. Maybe we can get together to see PFK next month!

    I love Phantom of the Opera. I saw it (and Gerry) for the first time this summer. Do you know of any other Gerry or POTO fans in our area?

    Millersville University had a screening of Love Never Dies last night and I went. I...

  11. How ironic. I am just finishing a screenplay about a Scottish football team that goes to the PA Dutch Country to play against an Amish team. I'm hoping to witness Harrison Ford as the coach of the Amish team. (Get it?) This, of course, must be filmed on location. You listening Gerry? Ha ha. I shouldn't joke. If Gerry loves this movie Dynamo, then it must have it's merits. It's not something that would normally interest me but I'm a romcom kinda gal. He managed to do a soccer er, football film as a romcom, PFK and I intend to enjoy! Sooo...back to the subject at hand. I'll be interested in seeing him in Dynamo too.
  12. Marg, I hope you are doing ok from the storm. I'm a little west of Philly and we came through it ok.

    I have a question about your siggy. Where did you find the pic of Gerry resting on his arm in the bed? I have the other one but I'd like that one as well.

    Talk to you when you can. Take care!

  13. Saw Chasing Mavericks twice on Friday. I liked it very much and would like to see it again. The only thing I was disappointed in was Frosty's relationship with his own kids. His wife was a saint. I would not have been so easy going about the whole thing. But the movie was about Jay, and of course his relationship with Frosty, so maybe that's why his kids weren't featured more. I was glad they had the scene with the father in law, as he was saying what I was feeling. (Feeling that simultaneously with thinking Gerry looked so hot even in that somber scene.) (Trying not to spoil the scene if someone here hasn't seen it yet...Yeah right, like that's the case!) But yes, other than that, I really liked the photography, the story, 'his royal hotness', the emotion, the acting, 'his royal hotness', the message and my first time seeing 'his royal hotness' on a BIG SCREEN...Lordy! Did I mention 'his royal hotness'!
  14. Was in Walmart yesterday...I had to stare at this guy several times in the store to be sure he wasn't Gerry. He wasn't, but man I wasn't sure for a few minutes. (After all, Gerry probably left NYC ! ... although he probably went west.) When he first approached my aisle I was like OMG...he had a ball cap on, the beard, the eyes...as he approached I noticed he had the nose...pointed a little bit over his mustache and a little flat at the bottom...as he passed me, I thought he wasn't quite tall enough. Maybe 5' 11 or 6' but not 6'2. (When he passed by, I also did not feel any morning sickness as I would have if it were Gerry, as his passing me would have impregnated me. ) Saw him later in the store, still felt he wasn't tall enough to be Gerry but man, that face. Then I saw him at the checkout. Noticed he pulled diapers out of his cart. Crap...saw a local guy that looks just like Gerry and he's not available either!
  15. I love his faces in this one. I wonder if he asked Johnny questions too? That will be funny too, I'm sure! Gerry made up all kinds of questions when he interviewed Zack Snyder but told Johnny that he's not allowed to make up questions. Double standard there Mr. Butler?
  16. Thank you for this video. I didn't get to see it live. Look forward to all the pics to follow! Wow, it was interesting seeing that wave hit Gerry. I was wondering if that was on film. Then his dialogue in the clip described exactly that same experience. I can't wait 'til Friday! This is my first experience with a Gerry movie coming out and a press junket to go along with it. (And we get to do it all again in about 6 weeks for PFK!)
  17. Ha! I started to reply with a question about couch jumping, assuming it was something with his playboy history. (I'm a new fan so I didn't see him go through that.) I got the whole reply written and then it hit me...duh! So yes, I wholeheartedly agree...No couch jumping! I saw pictures of them in Shreveport probably within a month of when I joined. Apparently, he's been with her ever since I've known him. It's still a weird feeling when that 'one in a million' shot you had is no more. Single Gerry is like buying a powerball ticket, you know you're not going to win but you fantasize about it, you can taste it. You know that if all the stars lined up correctly, you have an extremely minute chance. Gerry in a relationship however, is like you didn't even buy the ticket. I wish them the best. If it works out, great, if not, I hope it's because they just aren't right for each other, and not because she's using his celebrity. Just a little protective here! But he's a big boy and has learned to access stuff like that for himself. He doesn't need a total stranger, like me, to do it! I guess that's good since I'm quite busy trying to figure out my own life! Night all!
  18. So lucky...look how he enjoys being with her. Yes, she is beautiful. (Hadn't thought of Sofia Loren but yes, that is a good observation!) Of course I want him to be happy but I'm also a tad envious. Sigh.
  19. I would love to meet up with Marg and some of the others of my new Gerry friends but I don't know if I can arrange it. I'm going to try. I assume Gerry stops to greet his fans when entering? How do you get tickets to these shows?
  20. Looks like the cat doesn't want to be with him! Or maybe she's slyly looking disinterested as she fondles his man cleavage! Either way, yes, purrrr..... I guess these pics must have been taken in the spring before filming OHF?
  21. Don't think I could say it any better than these ladies already have! Dayum is right! Lordy! I don't usually have this magazine in my salon but hmmm...yeah like I'm gonna be able to do a decent haircut anymore with that staring up at me. (Excuse me while I go get some bandaids and some malpractice insurance.)
  22. I see 3 men standing around looking at the puppies...awww. We've got 2 huskies in this household. Off topic but I'm not seeing a cigarette in Gerry's hand in any of the recent sighting pics. That would be awesome if he has been able to quit. Now, if he could coach me to quit chocolate...We could call each other everyday to check in on each other...Is it a deal Gerry?!
  23. Donna Jean, So that's where my 10 lbs went! I got plenty more for you! No, but seriously, Good Luck to you as you begin Chemo again. Glad you are feeling better from your recent hospitalization. You will enjoy Playing for Keeps. Thank goodness DVDs come out sooner than they used to! I got to see it at an advanced screening and it was fun. I see you enjoy The Ugly Truth too! It's one of my favorites! I'll be anxious to have Playing for Keeps in DVD too and see which one gets put in the DVD player more as I enjoyed them both. Hugs, Sharon
  24. What steps do I take to get a pass? I might be able to go to the Cherry Hill, NJ screening. can't go anyway
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