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  1. ^ Yeah that! Ditto *SIGH*. I still have trouble understanding his accent though. It took me a second time through to hear "adult" and "bright". Barb, , you are soooo on top of this stuff! Thank you.
  2. That is so cool! I also like spending time on ancestry.com. I've traced my dad's family back to my 3rd great grandfather who was born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1800. I'm looking forward to using the international version of ancestry.com at my local Historical Society when I get the time to get there. I have his parents names from an article I found online so hopefully I will have some luck finding something. I'd love to get back to the 1400's like Starbossa! I may need to call on some of you Scottish folks to explain Scottish terms to me! I know I'm researching 200 years before Gerry or I were born but it's still fun knowing my 'roots' are in the neighboring county (parish?) to Paisley! (His family was probably Irish then but hey, it's still fun!) Sharon
  3. Sorry that I've been AWOL lately ladies. Just struggling through some issues in real life for the last week or two. I haven't really had much to say to anybody lately. I'm not really my chipper self right now but it will get better. It always does. With that said, I want to let you know that I had a really nice time in NYC. I enjoyed meeting everyone. Thanks to Barbara and Barb for taking and posting the picture of all of us. I can use that to continue to learn the names and faces of those I met as I learn more about them on here. The movie was cute. And of course Gerry was hot! I've told some people about it and they sound like they might want to see it. I know a friend or two will go with me! (and of course some GALS! Can we do a Philly, NYC or NJ get together to see it and OHF? Meet me in the meet up thread next month!) I caught up on some more Gerry movies during my quiet time. Andre Marek and Attila-
  4. I stopped by for a few minutes too...but gotta run...I have a client in 15 minutes...gotta fund my Gerry habit! Like BlueJean...I'm wishing you all a good day! See ya later...Sharon
  5. Maybe that's why they made him unrecognizable!
  6. ^YEAH THAT! I don't get all the fixation on the 300 thing. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the 300 body, but Clyde up there (and Mike Chadway) actually make me drool more than Leo. BTW Delene, thanks for all the pictures!
  7. So I didn't miss something then? They never actually tell the viewer if he did it or not.
  8. I just watched "The Jury". This was really good! Gerry was awesome in it too. I was interested in the story and all the characters. However, I thought they'd tell us at the end if he did it or not. I had to get on this site right away to check the movie discussion to see if I missed something. It looks like no one knows. Aargh! Judging from the foreman's reaction in the water and his face and demeanor at the end, I assume he found the uniform and it had blood on it. I just thought they would show us what he found. Your thoughts Gals?
  9. Thanks everybody for telling of your introductions to Gerry. I know you may have told it before but hey, it's fun to relive it, huh! I'm not qualified yet to join in the Survivor Game. (I get way off topic anyway!) But I'll enjoy watching you all do battle for your favorite man! I'm going to have to rent Timeline. It's on all the time but always on Showtime that we don't get. Atilla, the Jury and a few others are available at one of our libraries. I'll try to catch up quickly so I am better informed of the characters. I just met Creedy. Cute! Funny, loves children, brave...sigh. Not my kind of movie so I had to endure the rest once he was gone. Anybody know why my avatar doesn't show up in my posts? I need to work on a 2nd one and a siggie and trading card. Ah...so many choices. I'm gonna need some screen caps and get busy! Well, again, nice to meet you all. I look forward to getting to know you in your "real lives" and in our fun fantasy world!
  10. It's cool to see his excitement about this. It sounds very good. And wow, in 3D? I only hope they will only elude to the gruesome parts and not show everything. I have to look away during some of Gerry's movies. Does anyone know when this is slated to film and come out?
  11. Hi. My name is Sharon and I have GALS. I agree it's futile to fight it. It's time to embrace it and recruit others. (I'm doing my best!) I have not explored the full width and breath of this syndrome as I have many G movies left to see. My journey into the depth of GALS was recent and sudden. Sit down, I had never heard of Gerard Butler before June of this year. I know I was sheltered. I was consumed by my running and struggling with my business for years. I had very little time for movies or anything else with one exception. I did find myself with an addiction to Clay Aiken even though I didn't watch American Idol. That man's voice is phenomenal and he's funny as hell. A humanitarian too. (My addiction subject must include talent, humor and good works. Sound familiar GALS?) That addiction was fast and furious as well. Discovered Clay in May of 2003 by accident. I walked into a family member's apartment and heard this awesome rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water being sung. Thud. By mid-July I was throwing Depends on the stage at him (my 40 yr old version of the underwear others were throwing.) In October, he told Jay Leno he had gotten a pair of Depends thrown at him. He unleashed this beautiful smile and told Jay of my note that read... "We Love you too!...your Older Fans." I went to see him a few years ago in Spamalot at the Shubert Theatre on Broadway. Hoped to take in a performance of Phantom of the Opera (next door) that day but when I went by it was 'dark'. Fast forward to present... After letting my business ruin my 50th birthday...I decided to make a change. I actually have time now to enjoy the entertainment world and my life in general! (BTW, I did a birthday 're-do' last month and had a wonderful "50th" on my 51st birthday.) So with my new found freedom, one day in June while flipping channels, I stumbed across a masked Phantom luring a beautiful young woman into/behind a mirror. I was delighted to realize there was a movie made with this beautiful music that I had heard parts of over the years. But I knew very little of the story itself. As I watched this Phantom leading this woman, I heard him open his mouth to sing and was a bit surprised actually. I was expecting a rich, full, fill-the-house opera voice as I've heard people talk about. This was edgier, not as "perfect" as I assumed it would be, yet I liked it. (REALLY liked it.) He made me feel his sense of power yet vunerability. His "sweet intoxication" if you will. By the end of the movie, I'm sobbing. Days later, I recorded it and watched from the beginning. I became Mesmerized by 'this Man, this Thing'... this actor. I began getting to know him and the cast through you tube. I was shocked to find out that he has been acting in big stuff for years. (I never heard of him. I had heard of "Bram? Stoker's Dracula but not 300. I knew the names of Hillary Swank and Kathyn Heigl in passing but couldn't tell you anything about them or their career. And Gerard Bulter...huh?) So I rented 4 of his movies. Two months, 9 movies, 48 "save picture as" clicks and 72 'gerrygasms' later, I find myself here at GALS confessing my addiction. But I know I'm among like-minded sufferers here. You, of all people, understand how this addiction feels so good - er - I mean - hurts so bad - this is supposed to be suffering, right? Ok, I'm going to take a stand and say it...Even though I've come to a support group...I am not suffering at all. I'm actually enjoying every freakin' minute of it! (Actually, the suffering part is knowing I'm single, unattached and my 'just once' idea doesn't even stand a snowball's chance in hell. ) Real life is good but a few parts of it suck! Passing the microphone...next?....
  12. Not sure where to put this post as it's about the yellow towel. (I got the Survivor game thread way off track the other day...my bad! Anyway, it's just a cute story, I think. I think it belongs in Gerry's Addicted Lust Syndrome thread but it says "You can not start a new topic." So I have to do it as a 'reply' even though I'm not replying to the previous posts. So just move this if needed, thanks. The other day when we got seriously off track in the Survivor thread, the comments were hilarious! So later, I'm relating some of this stuff to my mom and she's laughing. I assumed she was understanding what I was talking about because of the way she was laughing. So then I showed her some of the yellow towel scene and we're still laughing. Then... she quietly, kind of sheepishly, informs me that "You know...you can see his p___ under that towel." I just looked at her and giggled saying "Duh!...That's what we've been posting about all afternoon!" I think I'm beginning to shock her a bit 'cause I've never really talked as graphically with her. I think she thought I was enjoying his chest as with some of the other pics I showed her. (Was his chest in the yellow towel pic? hee hee) Guess I better wait to show her "Archie"!
  13. I will have to see both the 25th Anniversary and LND to join in your discussion. (I gather they are both available on DVD.) I saw the You Tube video with Sara Brightman and the 5 Phantoms. That was cool. I assume that was from just after the play itself? (I was most impressed with JOJ's voice.) I only know the 2004 POTO movie and saw the broadway show last month. Hugh Panaro was not there that day. I have not read the book or seen any of the other movies. I didn't even know they existed. I gather there are many interpretations of Erik's character. Gerry's apparently is the most personal and moving. But others say Erik was a world traveler, had the voice of an angel and other differences. So each interpretation adds or takes away from what Gaston LeRoux actually wrote. I will need to choose a lair name. Let me think on it.... Sharon
  14. Hmmm...Atlanta? I'm in PA but want to visit Turner Field (Braves baseball park) at some point. (Have 25 parks under my belt so far.) Maybe a combined trip? If I could see my Mets at the Braves and see Gerard Butler at the same time that would be awesome! (Mets are there Sept 28-30th) I've never tried to meet a movie actor before. So how does one do that? (respectfully of course) I've met singers and ball players but don't know how movie making works. Anyone in the Atlanta area, or going there, that offer suggestions? Singers and ballplayers usually sign autographs near their buses. (Or if you are lucky enough to get a backstage pass.) Does Gerard have a routine for this type of thing? Don't want to invade his privacy but would love to get a picture with him and see that smile in person! (Wouldn't we all! And some of you have I see!) Can fans watch the filming?
  15. I would love to see Chasing Mavericks with other Gerry fans when it comes out. Anything being organized in the Philly or Baltimore or South Central PA area? Also, I'm seeing topics of NYC for his birthday each year? I would love another trip to NYC. What is this all about?
  16. Great job with this new member info! I'll have to take time later to read it all more closely. In perusing, I now know what mop boys are. I was wondering about that was as I saw these avatars before I joined! Right now, Erik is my mop boy but I'm having fun getting to know the others! I would like to slap "Mike", that raunchy boy but yet he is still quite attractive! Decisions, descisions.
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