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  1. ...Gotta have one too...best time I've had in a long time...you guys really know how to party...
  2. Jamie

    Vegas Thank Yous

    Holly and Songbird were actually the ones that insisted my raffle tickets just have 3:00am on them...Holly said.."you're a legend"...lol...I told her that is was definitely a good day.... and you can count on my bringing you a Kleenex Box babe...but you will have to share...and then you can take it home...lol...and thanks again for all your hard work...
  3. Jamie

    Vegas Thank Yous

    I wanted to thank all the mods, you are incredible and the love you have for each other is a treasure...thank you to Dr. Em, it was such a pleasure meeting you....and I am very impressed with you and this group of people you have cultivated, Barb and Nadine...LOVE YA...to all the AZ GALS-it was great to party in Vegas with ya...Abrock and KittyPro, it was so great to meet you both-I throw roses at your feet you talented wenches you...Holly, well-YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK DUDE!!!, Songbird...you are just lovely and talented, Sporran...next year I promise to bring a Kleenex box..., thank you for all the work you do, Dr. Em...please give your brother a great big hug from me for the beautiful Breast Cancer video...he did a wonderful job...and a special, heart-felt, BIG HUG AND KISS THANK YOU TO Bethy...what you did for me was extremely generous and I have already promised to "PAY IT FORWARD"... To all those I met and hugged...thank you for making this such a special and fun experience....I will be back next year...to spend another weekend with this incredible group of people... Jamie
  4. Just sent you a picture of my mom...my hero...and best friend...I took it today..Mother's Day...I hope she's with me for many more... Jamie
  5. Oh my stars and garters Swan...the first thing I thought of when I heard Gerry say "Gerry Juice" was someone is going to put that with the 3:00am thing..AND IT WAS YOU...you saucy wee wench...and congrats on the AWARD...bet ya wish you could have taken it home and put it up on the mantel... ::
  6. Hey guys...I just met Diana a few weeks ago, in fact a bunch of us AZ TARTS went to Flagstaff, Az for a Highland Festival and Diana was there to sign books and read excerpts from the new novel...I took my autographed pic of Gerry and showed it to her...told her that a bunch of us had met him at Leno...she smiled real big and giggled at the picture and I said..just look at those GREEN EYES...she said...yeah...he's at the top of my list...and I don't really think she was necessarily refering to the Jamie list...just like THE list...of the all time sexiest guys she knows kinda thing...she talked to us about the whole movie thing...said that she has had several offers but has not been presented the right DEAL..she said that if "they" wanted to do just Outlander she would consider it but she would have to sign over ALL of the novels..and then have no control over anything if they made a really bad first movie...she said these books are her babies and she is not going to just hand them over and let "them" do what they will...she was very gracious and we will be meeting her again in September at a book signing in Scottsdale, Az for the new book...
  8. "Fans pulling their hair"... NOT ONCE DID I PULL MY HAIR...but I wanted to grab hold of his.. yank that head back and feast on that double chin...YUM...
  9. Abrock.... AWESOME WORKS...IT WAS...HE IS.... There were lots of moments like that...I hope you guys don't mind me sharing them with you...I really don't want to come off as I was there and you weren't, I just want share the things that I witnessed...I think it gives you an idea of the REAL GERRY...his one and only reason for being there was to say hello, no press, no cameras, no one to impress...just him being him...I had no idea that by the end of the day...I would adore him more than at the start of the day...
  11. uh...exactly how many kisses is that... Gerry in the same time zone...YIPPPEEEE
  12. I'd just like to add this thought...when Gerry was nearly at the end of the line of people waiting to see him after Leno...and Alan was doing his 5-4-3-2-1-NEXT thing...one of my fellow AZ tarts was next and when she got to Gerry, Gerry said to Alan..."Alan..I can not NOT talk to them..give her a chance"...this is after nearly two hours of STANDING and hugging and kissing and being sweet and generous to every single person in line...Gerry took it upon himself to tell Alan to cool it...he did his best to take care of us...ALL of us..right down to the last person in line...I wasn't in Italy, I don't know what took place...but the Gerry I witnessed..adores the fact that we adore him..he is humbled by it and overwhelmed a bit too I think...I saw no ego...just a gracious, loving man who wanted to be there...FOR US...
  13. Abrock, I HEAR you, sister! It drives me nuts when Tarts are rude to each other! And it's even worse when a non-Tart makes fun. That gets me so angry! Grrrrrr! I mean, sure, make fun of me, but don't judge ALL Tarts just because they happen to be in a fan group and you don't understand that. As for Tart-on-Tart violence...stop the madness people! I was peeved when Dr. Em got yelled at the other day for posting about the GALS site....I didn't read the post (if anybody knows where it is let me know), but thanks to some of the rest of you GALS she wasn't too badly word-lashed. What is the DEAL with some people? Gees. It's like they hadn't viewed any Gerry vids in two years and they were cranky or something..... I mentioned Gals on the AZ thread today...will I get yelled at...I'm so scared now...someone hold me... Uh...I support GB.net...but I love this place as well...and the one thing I know I won't find here are statements like...and this was over the TONGUE picture...Gerry really shouldn't pose for pictures like that...where are his morals...statements like that make me FOOKIN' NUTS...I posted on the TONGUE thread that this was a place to ADMIRE him, not judge him... BTW Abrock..I nominated all three of your Appreciation vids...I just love those...glad to see you're at home here as well..
  14. Now I know what to ask for on my birthday..I've been looking locally and this is a good price...
  15. When we were waiting to go in the studio for Leno, one of my fellow AZ tarts was feeling a little nervous, her stomach was all flutterie so I coined the phrase...Gerry gives us BUTLERFLIES... Bouncing Gerry..refers to what is going on underneath the yellow towel Butlerastic..instead of FANTASTIC Gerriatrics...for the over 55 crowd I've got more I just have to check my old AZ threads...I'll get back to ya...
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