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  1. I really enjoyed 300. It was visually beautiful. Gerry was HOT! Oh my gosh. I had been waiting for this movie. It was the first Gerry movie I have seen in the theater. I saw 300 on opening night. Lots of teenage boys were there. My husband liked 300 too. I thought 300 was a cross between: Lord of the rings, Gladiator, and Matrix. I can't wait to see 300 again. Keep bringing on the movies Gerry, your awesome! I am a fan for life. Mary
  2. Dear Gerrry, Happy Birthday! I think you are great. I love watching your movies. Have a wonderful 37th. Hey I'm 36. Sincerely, TallMary
  3. I watched Beowulf & Grendel over the wekend. It was nice to see Gerard in something new. I liked the movie, but it was slow. It wasn't like Atila. I wouldn't watch it over and over again, but I need to watch it again. I want to see everything that Gerry is in. He is my pretend boyfriend.
  4. (I never allow myself to believe that the rose at the end meant that Erik never got over Christine, that thought would be too painful) I don't think the Phantom ever got over Christine. Erik loved her so much that he even killed for her, because people got in his way. I think Christine always cared and remembered the Phantom. It was such a deep passionate love and attraction. I would have chosen the Phantom. I connect with him so much more than Raoul, who had everything his whole life. The Phantom and Christine could have lived a good life together. So I don't think the Phantom ever got over
  5. I did mean Gerry's character Sam and Sarah looked good together. Sam and his wife were very cute together also. I don't believe in infedelity. I just liked the way Sam and Sarah were together I think the fun had fallen out of his marriage, and he cared about Sarah and wanted her to be happy, and his own happiness before Sarah died. Does that make sense. Mary
  6. I was very excited to get my copy of OMK. I thought it was a good movie. It did skip around, and leave things out. Gerry was just gorgeous. I just love him. His picture is hanging up over my bedroom desk. My husband doesn't appreciate this , but he looks a lot like Gerry. I think the opera scene was hard to understand, probably was an affair. I liked the actress that played Sarah. I thought Sam and Sarah looked good together. I don't like it when tall men go with short women. Gerry is a very good actor, and only gets better. I can't wait to see Beowulf, and the Game of Their Lives. That's a
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