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  1. I know that's the only chink in the idea of a worldwide celebration for Gerry's 40th! Alas, if I had the opportunity I would hightail it to Glasgow as well. Thanks for reminding me,Susan- I had almost forgotten that the Glaswegians found my Lawn-Guy-Land accent charming.... I wish you a marvelous time in the 'olde country." Us New Yawkers will miss you. Donna
  2. Hi GALS... I hope this is okay to post...we are celebrating Gerry's 40th Birthday in our usual style in New York City and wanted to make sure to invite you... 5th Annual Birthday Bash (Gerry's 40th) in NYC~ We are very pleased to announce that the Bday Bash will be held on Sat. October 24th St. Andrews 140 West 46th Street (their new location) 4pm-7pm The party will include a complete buffet (Hors d'oeuvres, 3 main dishes) 1 hour open bar- (the next 2 hours will be a cash bar) $69.00 per person to be paid thru Paypal only.....email roro9093@aol.com "After Party" ~ ma
  3. Ladies~ As far as vegetarian goes- there will be salad (probably cesaer)and a pasta dish as well as bread and cheeses and dessert. In case Marg didn't mention it: it's an OPEN BAR- which includes all top shelf liquors, wine, beer and soda. Woo hoo! Yes, alas, Roger has left St Andrews but there are always lovely young bartenders there regardless!!! Looking forward to seeing you on 10/25 ~Donna/secondchancetart
  4. Hey Lisa~ That's the picture I took for Laurie. Just saying....... ~Donna
  5. Thank you Debrasue. It was a delight to see him so close again, those sparking blue eyes and gentle demeanor. We all tried to be ladies and just be able to say thank you in our own way... to someone who has given us such a source of joy. ~Donna
  6. After hemming and hawing all morning I finally decided I could go into the city after all to meet my Gerry girls in front of NBC studios after all. I got out of the cab at 4 (they had been waiting since about 7 am ) and they gave me a rock star greeting. People looked around expecting to see someone famous. I blushed, kisses and hugs all around. You have heard what happened with the standby tickets, etc. This is just my little happy happy joy joy minute (or 43 seconds): As it turned out, after lots of confusion - with the black limo pulling up and all hell breaking loose..
  7. WIN A DVD SIGNED BY GERARD BUTLER! Next week we are giving away "Beowulf & Grendel" DVD's signed by Gerry! Anyone who entered this week's contest is already in the pool for the DVDs. You must re-enter each week and answer the trivia question correctly for your chance to win. Join us as we celebrate the DVD release on Tuesday, September 26. Entrants must be legal residents of the United States. Donna - Sandie - Teresa www.kenesa.com/beowulf-grendel
  8. Big Congrats to you!!! Isn't he lovely??? enjoy the Prince :dance: Donna
  9. Yes, they got their first and fourth prizes mixed up...maybe its a typo- but it IS 20 signed dvds- Barbara at Union Station Media had never met Gerry and was being "its a job..." in other words: what's all the fuss about. Until she met him. And then her tune changed dramatically. :funnyabove: Ah Gerry, Gerry... to be that irresistable is such a cross to bear. By the way - dont forget to enter the www.kenesa.com/beowulf-grendel contest too. It's a piece of cake. Donna
  10. He was in LA when he gave the radio interview.. correct me if I am wrong. He was in Scotland first, on holiday and then hopped over to Iceland. I am sure he is on stealth mode now..lol He's such a tease! :inlove: Donna
  11. ...And you could hear the excitement in his voice at the prospect of introducing his baby to his family. Awww, if she was just a little older she would have been literally smothered with tlc by his "clan". They are such a loving and affectionate crew to begin with- can you just imagine them with this pup? Next time, Lolita. Meanwhile I scoped out Wire Images, Getty, etc and havent found any pictures of GB in Iceland. And superficial as I am at times, I'm dying to see what length his extraordinary hair is now. I always hear the Andie McDowall commercial in my head "do
  12. Yes, that's it, Lisa... The Iceland International Film Festival... got the info from Jon from B&G and Wrath of the Gods. Gerry loves that country... it was so nice of him to attend! :inlove: Donna
  13. Yes, you guessed it...Gerry was there for the "premiere" of Beowulf and Grendel and he attended the after party.(After all its just a short plane trip from Scotland). I sure hope some nice pictures were taken of the ever-gorgeous and ever-photogenic Mr.Butler! -Donna
  14. I think that there will be spoilers to follow: Okay, I have seen Shadow Company- twice already and no, most of these guys are not immoral bastards. The ones that Nick interviewed were articulate, intelligent businessmen with a strong set of what is right and what is wrong in their own hearts. Yes, they are doing it for the money, but if they do not agree with reasoning behind the contract (i.e. if they are to help with a coup in say, Sierra Leone... then they will turn the job down- great money or not). Some of these men are retired soldiers, from special ops or the navy seals- some are
  15. Suzanne: This contest is being sponsered by Union Station Media (the US distributor) which is why it's only open to the US Don't see why the UK cant pester their distribution company to do the same.... they have the chutzpah, I have confidence in their abilities. But thanks for putting it up for me!!! Donna :inlove:
  16. We're pleased to announce that starting on Monday, August 21, 2006, we will be doing a weekly drawing for Beowulf & Grendel posters! It's a multiple choice trivia contest and we will choose one winner each week from the correct entries. The trivia will be taken from the movie itself, from Jon's Wrath of Gods clips, and from Sturla's in-person Question & Answer sessions. Please visit www.kenesa.com/beowulf-grendel to enter & win! Unfortunately, due to contest limitations, we are only able to offer the contest to legal residents of the USA. Donna & Teresa & Sandie
  17. He wouldnt be co-star if he didn't get a bunch of screen time and it will probaby be witty and bittersweet. I trust Gerry's decisions and I think that this sandwiched between 300 and Priest is a wise move. Instead of "How do I love u let me count the ways..."for Gerry it should be "How do I die this time...let me count the ways." He does have more live than a cat and he does do it differently each time!!!! We should just go out and grab the book this way will know what to expect. Gerry playing Gerry- love it! Donna
  18. I know there are going to be a bunch of girls from GBnet going as well- some are probably members here too. You should check out their northeastern gatherings thread under B&G in Boston. I know quite a few of my buddies are going as well. Have a blast!! :wub: :dance: Donna
  19. I am thinking franchise... and a very smart move on Gerry's part. He is one bright cookie- not to mention he cannot possibly die in this film since he is already dead. One less thing for us to flinch about when we see it. I have seen all the photoshop morphs people have been doing- and once again- Gerry has the perfect look for Isaac. He is going to be superb in this- he does soulful angst and deep emotions so well. Donna :wub:
  20. Thanks Barb I listen to both their albums constantly I love their sound- very different- Scottish and young but not too young for me to enjoy. They are a bunch of lads- but I get a kick out of them. Donna :dance:
  21. You guys that know me, know that my middle name is nuts...I realize that there is a huge bizarro element at the CC but I was hoping that Zack Snyder and Frank Miller would see Gerry's fans as the intelligent, well-read, savvy, attractive, and classy. Because we are!!! I hope everyone has a terrific time, but I do hope that the 300 boys come away knowing that Gerry's fans are going to be a great asset to this movie. Donna
  22. You girls know me. And I am not a critical type of lady, but after researching Frank Miller, all the 300 threads, And Zack Snyder....I don't think it would be in Gerry's best interests to carry signs like the one above to the convention. I'm sorry Susan, but I am just coming off the NYC opening for Beowulf where a reporter printed an article accusing us of being "horny" for Gerry.(we may be but we kept it to ourselves that evening.) We were well-behaved and totally respectful but they grabbed onto that lead-in and although some of the other things in the paper were nic
  23. I wanted to add something to this post but I got terribly distracted by the adjectives you were throwing around. At Tartan Week in NYC- even tho it was April, it was nasty and chilly and rainy- hey...just like Scotland, Anyway, the only men wearing undies were Americans, all the UKers went commando and after a few Tennents...they wanted to prove it to us. What a chore!!! Donna :inlove:
  24. :dance: :inlove: :dance: :dance: I have a date with half a dozen kilts this weekend and I will be very ladylike in the midst of all the MacDreamies. whoa as Keanu would say... so many tartans so little time. Jamie me lad, why do ye have to be fictional? Actually, they are paifect gentlemen- more's the pity but the flirting alone is fuel for my fantasies... Donna :wub:
  25. Things have been pretty quiet on the B&G front but these are new: #9 on Indie Movies the Seattle run of B&G has been extended till June 29th the next opening will be June 30th in San Francisco the 7:30 showing of Beowulf at the Quad in NYC has sold out the other showings will follow for the opening weekend. The pre-party will be held at trendy Stout on 33rd st -this is where the after party for the Tartan Day Parade was held and can accomodate our hoardes (LOL). How many GALS are coming to NYC? I know Barb is... who else? I'll be at the front door. Can we convince
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