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  1. Wow, how ironic! LOL!! I stumbled across this site the other day! Great Gals think alike! LOL!
  2. Wow, it's never easy when there is so much conflict between two people, but Congratulations to you!! Here's to a wonderful future for you and your boys..xo
  3. Me too! Very curious about the old wives tale...Please tell! P.S~ As much as Gerry loves women, it's no secret he's a magnet for all of us too...We simply adore him
  4. Hi Beachie! I sent you a PM, but it keeps coming up as "nothing sent" so I have no idea if you got it or not..LOL!

  5. LOL!!! It's happened to us all! *HUGS*
  6. I also loved this movie, so much . ..I haven't seen TUT yet, and surprisingly, my whole family (me being the only female) are all anxiously waiting for Gamer
  7. Beachie, I want to send you a PM...clean out your inbox..LOL!


  8. http://www.globaltv.com/entertainment/vide...Qa_0ExlFvp_p7p8 Does this help?
  9. I just survived cancer, but not Breast Cancer...
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