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  1. Wow, how ironic! LOL!! I stumbled across this site the other day! Great Gals think alike! LOL!
  2. Wow, it's never easy when there is so much conflict between two people, but Congratulations to you!! Here's to a wonderful future for you and your boys..xo
  3. Me too! Very curious about the old wives tale...Please tell! P.S~ As much as Gerry loves women, it's no secret he's a magnet for all of us too...We simply adore him
  4. Hi Beachie! I sent you a PM, but it keeps coming up as "nothing sent" so I have no idea if you got it or not..LOL!

  5. LOL!!! It's happened to us all! *HUGS*
  6. I also loved this movie, so much . ..I haven't seen TUT yet, and surprisingly, my whole family (me being the only female) are all anxiously waiting for Gamer
  7. Beachie, I want to send you a PM...clean out your inbox..LOL!


  8. http://www.globaltv.com/entertainment/vide...Qa_0ExlFvp_p7p8 Does this help?
  9. I just survived cancer, but not Breast Cancer...
  10. Thanks... Unfortunately, my face was "reconfigured" years ago in accidents. People from years past often do not recognize me. Was actually a reason my vain (shallow) ex-wife gave for her infidelities. Oh well... Since we're talking scars...I'll share mine with you ....and I would love to see your mag pics... Janie's Scar ..and don't think I don't have issues with this...
  11. hm....kinda...alot actually, but, I don't think it's him...
  12. Can someone please help me.... Does anyone recongnize this guy? If you don't, it's fine...but if someone does, can they let me know PLEASE.... I will tell you why a bit later....
  13. Hi! I just saw that you were from PEI...and wanted to drop in to say "Howdy Neighbor"

  14. And if you need a place...Pilar has enough room for you!!! LOL!! Just kidding... no I'm not. Yes I am!! no I'm not. LOLOLOL!!
  15. Dear Gerry... Well, another year passed already...and what a wonderful, full, year it has been for you! Congratulation's on all of your success! Only now are people beginning to realize what we have seen all along.....you. Wonderful you! Happy Birthday! Get lots of snogs!
  16. I thought the pics were fantastic! I thought he looked great, well rested, and in control.... I read the comments on other sights too,.....and just felt sick.... I thought he looked fantastic...
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