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  1. Yup. The movie has our pre-six pack Gerry in leopard undies! (Should be fun!)
  2. Oh, yeah! I'd have loved it if there had been a part for Gerry in any of the POTC movies!
  3. Wow, I find this rumor VERY hard to believe, as Jay Leno is so popular and his ratings are so high. You know when something is making money, they are reluctant to change. Besides, even though I love Conan, I know MANY people who aren't thrilled he'll be taking over for Jay when Jay retires, so that's another factor to think about. :: So here's to seeing you, Sporran, at the next Leno that Gerry is on! :dance:
  4. Sporran, I'm so glad to hear that you and your hubby are safely home. Tracey
  5. Again, not to be mean, but before and when Gerry becomes more well known, if this sort of thing truly bothers him, it's not hard to avoid in LA. IMHO, if it really bothered him being filmed, he wouldn't have gone back to this club, where he knows pap viders hang out b/c he was filmed the last time he went there. Yes, he did seemed annoyed, but he seemed more annoyed like, "why do they bother? what's the point? do they have to get in the way of me and my car?" rather than "these people are intruding on my life and my privacy." I think the lesson learned here is, jsut don't go anywhere on the Sunset Strip or in Beverly Hills, and he'll pretty much be unmolested. :: Besides, the best clubs aren't int he hoighty-toighty areas anyways!
  6. It doesn't make it any better, but I don't think he's being "hunted down" yet. I think so far, he just happens to show up where pap photogs and videographers are hanging out, hoping to catch some stars. Honestly, after the last video taken of him at the same place, I didn't expect him to show up there again. He must really like that club. BTW, I've heard that's Ariel Vromen with him. If that's who that is, DAMN, he's hot too! They sure area lethal combination.
  7. I hope this is the right place to post this. Is it just me, or does he look annoyed being filmed for a second time picking up his car? For those with better sound on their computers, I could swear he make a comment about what could the possibly need so much footage of him for? Am I hearing right? If that's what he was saying, he's got a good point. I can't understand WHY I'm interested in these videos either, but I am. (*hangs head in shame*) http://lulop.com/post.php/6480
  8. Oh, cool! I can't wait for your review.
  9. Hey, Sporran! I don't mean to be a pain in the arse, but isn't there supposed to be a stunt coordinator on every set who makes sure the actors are safe and who can over-rule the director if a stunt is not safe? And/or to make sure if an actor does a stunt, that all safety precaustions have been taken? Or do those rules not apply when fliming is being done in Canada? I suspect the rules are the same all over, and I wonder what went wrong here. Poor Gerry. He was very game to do it when he felt uneasy about it, but sadly, he was right. P.S. I don't blame you guys for having a brain freeze about what happened! I certainly would. It'll all come back in time, bit by bit.
  10. DAMN! I wish I'd had the money to go to the Con. I'm such a costume fan & love seeing costumes from movies. I loved seeing the few bits of the POTO costumes that were shown here in LA at the FICD museum, and was amazed at the detail and workmanship on them (not all movie costumes are that way.) Me bummed. I hope they *do* get a permanent display at the Venetian, so I can see them, as I'm planning to go see POTO there some time in the coming year, as I've never seen it live on stage before. (Yeah, I know. I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't!)
  11. OMFG!!! Okay GALS, my computer at home is dead, so this is the first I've heard! Da Man came? CONGRATS to you all! Woot! You lucky GALS!!!! :inlove:
  12. I was thinking this same thing myself, but didn't voice it. I don't know what the man has going in his personal life and it's not my business, but I do hope that he's at least more than content with things. I think he puts on a very good front, but he has some "issues" that need tending to.Huh. Interesting to hear a different perspective from you guys, as I thought he looked pretty darn relaxed and layed back in the pap pics. Not in the video, mind you, but he DID have a camera all but up his nostrils!
  13. Honestly, no offense to Gerry, but they probably take pics of him on a slow day b/c they know he has a very loyal (but compared to other stars) small fan base. Which is lucky for him, if you ask me!!! If he does indeed treasure his privacy, I hope he never does become a really HUGE star, who can't leave their home without the paps trailing after them. I think he's in a good career spot right now. He's getting better parts, but can still wander around the public pretty much unmolested.
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