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  1. He went to a Calvin Klein function last night called First Party on the High Line. There are pics up at GettyImages.
  2. If someone is waiting at home she is spending a lot of time alone. He's out and about all the time without her.
  3. If Gerry's name had not been linkd to NC and I saw those pics, I would not have immedialtely thought it was Gerry with Naomi Campbell. There is no telling when those pics were taken but if they went to all the trouble to exit a van at different times why would he hug her in public? A couple of posters on another board said they thought it was the Brazilian jounalist when they first saw the pics. Someone else said it was Josie Darby. A woman he's been linked with for years. It looks like it could just be a fan encounter.
  4. Not one of the TV tab shows mentioned the alleged romance. I guess Gerry isn't as famous as we think or maybe NC is linked to so many men that no one cares. Around Oscar time it was said she was hot and heavy with Terence Howard which turned out to be false. I'm with Xan this upsets me greatly. I think she is an insult to women. I would prefer him to be with just about any other woman on earth.
  5. 300 brought in $7,617,203 on Monday. That's a good Monday.
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