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  1. OK, Abrock, you are not the only one with this problem. I went out recently with a guy, who is the nicest, sweetest guy in the world. He impressed my parents, my office staff, and what do I do? I don't like him! I think it has to be the nice guy curse, because there was really no chemistry there at all. I kept thinking that this guy would be good for me, but I just wasn't feeling the love..... or whatever. Why do I always pick the wrong men? Susan made a comment about being friends first and then having a love develop.... so I won't completely write this one off. But I need a really nice guy to come sweep me off my feet! I need that electric kiss that I'm writing about in E & C. I'm not talking about having Mr Perfect in fantasy land. I suppose I just need the right guy, and either 1. I haven't met the right one yet (I keep telling that to Dr. Em ..... she just hasn't met the right one yet) or 2. it isn't the right time yet, and I need to concentrate on a friendship. Did I make any sense at all?
  2. Excellent way to put it, Susan. I bet they put that quote of yours in the magazine!
  3. I can see the David Duchovny thing, but John Travolta? You should post that picture and I'll have to check it out! And, I need to go over to Dr. Em's to have her teach me how to post pictures and other stuff. I'm just learning..... ::
  4. GALS, maybe I'm too obsessed, but I was browsing through the new hot pics just uploaded, and I'll be danged if Gerry doesn't look a lot like Brad Pitt lately? Or is it Brad looks like Gerry lately? Or is it just me? I keep having to do a double take once in a while, especially when I see Brad with the brown hair. Am I just losing my eyesight? Or does anyone else notice the resemblance as well?
  5. *yawning, stretching* Good morning all of my GALS! I R a tired GAL today, and I didn't stay up too late either. Ready to sleep in and have a few days vacation. Hello to Dr Em, Id Pick Erik, becozy, rushandgerryfan, and weezee. First, weezee hon, i'm so sorry you don't feel well. You sound like you have influenza (the official one) You got the body aches to go along with it? You probably should go to the doctor. It's probably more than just a cold and they can give you good drugs to help you. You should also mention that everyone needs to pull their weight around the house. She had a sick day the other day, and now its your turn. Some people have to be told to help.... they just don't see it and jump in. But once you tell them what you need done, they will do it. Just tell her that she is doing dinner and dishes tonight, and tending all the kids b/c you're sick. I bet she will come around. Maybe she is just one of those kind that need to be told. becozy sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear about the RA, SD and FBMyalgia! You have the whole gammut (is that a word??) of the chronic pain autoimmune conditions! All I can do is send you a hug, but sometimes even that much... knowing someone cares makes a lot of difference. Lots of my patients are sick. Tis the Season, I'm afraid. OK GALS, everybody wash their hands really often and don't rub your eyes or noses! I'm taking that alcohol hand rub stuff to thanksgiving... being around all those people. I don't wanna get sick! Once I get sick it is so hard to kick it. Anyway, have a good day ladies!
  6. Dawn, Hon I feel your pain. Nobody else gets it... I hate it when a storm blows it, because I can count on a headache! They think I'm making it up or something or that I've finally lost it. People who don't have migraines don't understand.And, I love the chicken soup thread idea. Hi everyone who was so sweet to notice I finally posted here! You GALS rock. It makes my days just a little more fun and easier to get through. IN ........ hate it when a storm blows IN! :doof:
  7. You are in the right place to recover from surgery, but you might pick up the other disorder that the rest of us have.... psychosis? Perviness? I didn't post very much at first either, but just read everything everyone else wrote. You'll come around, GAL! So what kind of surgery? (leave it to dr princess to stick her nose in other people's business!) :poke: And Dr Em, remember the talk we had about that kind of talk? "I love and approve of myself just the way that I am" ...... say that 300 times a day! The running mantra! If you GALS only knew how gorgeous our Dr was..... I have Doctor Envy!
  8. It sounds like a lot of us GALS have migraines! I am the Queen of Migraines (Dr Em can vouch for me on that) so I can sympathize with any of you who have them. And.... any of you who would like to talk about them.... we can feel each other's pain. All I can say is thank the good Lord for Advil, Diet Coke, and Imitrex.
  9. The reason is explained in the stages of grieving. I had a wise person tell me about it when I split from my hubby, and it was such a help for me. It helped me understand what stage I was in. It always starts out with shock, denial, anger, sadness, longing, confusion,..... It ends up with acceptance, resolution, and reorganization I'm mucking this up... you should read about the stages of grieving... and it applies to a death or a divorce. Some feelings are fleeting and only last moments. Other feelings linger for days and you can't move on. Something will happen and throw you completely back to the start too. That's the frustrating thing. You hang in there, Hon. You never know if the decision is right until after it is done. Even then, you tend to question if you have done the right thing or not. A lot of times it is months or years down the line that you can look back and tell yourself that you have made the right decision. I wish there was a crystal ball that would tell the right thing to do, but dang it. We all have to muddle thru the mire and the muck. I don't know if you are a religious person or not, but speak your concerns to Him. You may get a feeling one way or the other which way you should go. See, your GALS are concerned about you. Me too... and you don't even know me! Dr. Princess
  10. You know I'm all over that Susan! I'm sure FP will agree. What a party we'll have...again! :Yippie: Dr. Em I was hoping you were both going to say that! This is gonna be GREAT! :dance:
  11. I agree with you Beans. The people here at this site are incredible! And I'm in trouble. If that man gets any better looking.... well, *thunk* I agree with you Beans. The people here at this site are incredible! And I'm in trouble. If that man gets any better looking.... well, *thunk*
  12. OMG OMG I just had an epiphany! Mel the Stripper oops I mean ex should be Victoria Beckham!! You know, Posh Spice?
  13. oh yeah, Hugh Jackman. He can be Ethan's boss. Like the Hugh better than Denton (don't know if that came out right) Hugh Jackman looks a little older, and better suited to the part. Good Call, there Gerryrox! Oh, who can play Mel the Stipper? I mean the ex-girlfriend?
  14. Happy Birthday Gerry! I hope you get some time to have a little fun and enjoy your day today. I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you thank you. You have affected so many people's lives and you have no idea. As I have been getting to know the girls on this site, the consensus is that one or another of your roles have touched a part of their souls, and in a small way made them feel happy and alive again. You may not think that what you do is very important, but the way you have been able to touch so many people... that is very powerful and important indeed. It is a pleasure to get to see you perform on screen. :hugsandsnogs: Football Princess (aka Pam)
  15. Heck GALS, if we are going to use Sean Connery in this story, let's have him be Angus! Sean is too good for Ethan's dad.
  16. *sticks lower lip out and pouts a little* I wanna have a crush on a young hottie too! I'm gonna have to find that movie Sporran Dear! Does she get the young hottie??? You GALS are awesome! Marvelous! Incredible! (no, that wasn't Tom Cruise talking LOL) :: You are so talented to get all these pics together, and I LOVE IT!!! :hugsandsnogs: Dr Princess
  17. Swannie, The GALS are here for you. You are not alone sweetie, and more people love you than you could ever know about. I bet many other GALS who have never even talked to you yet feel the same way. Good luck on your appointment Friday.
  18. I know a lot of GALS love the longer hair, but the short haired Gerry is doing something to my insides. I'm sitting here at work and it is so hard to have a and keep it quiet! OK, is it a bad thing to get so totally turned on by Hair?????
  19. Can I put in a request? I would LOVE a screensaver with the G man with short shaved hair. Beachie had some way cute ones. I dunno... I just have a thing for men with short hair lately, and Ger does it soooo well. I hope I'm not the only GAL that likes this short haired look of his.
  20. :laugh4: The boy is just too cute for his own good. I'l bet he just rolled out of bed looking like that. I haven't seen the man look anything but hot. Thanks for the daily fix.
  21. Old at 53????? Nah, you won't feel out of place at all. If you are fun, you fill fit right in with all the rest of us GALS! Promise.Come find me! Football Princess (Pam) :: Yeah, I think I'll be up to another all nighter by then as well. But next time, we take a taxi, OK? I don't care how much it costs! Oh the memories! Love you two, Pam
  22. Dr. Em, I was planning on rooming with you, if that is OK??? I think I need a trip like stagewomanjen described. HUMMMMM....... getting rummy in Vegas at 3am? I wanna do it again! Football Princess :mopboystranger: yum... short hair! And Sporran, you are invited too! I wanna do it again! Let Dr. Em or myself know and it will be another weekend of rummy totally sober women in our GALS PJ's running all over the halls of the Sahara. I'm going.
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