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  1. I heard about this, and what was funny was that Gerry popped off his reply without missing a beat. I just hope Gerry doesn't think that all his fans are like this.
  2. Susan, I LOVE your new siggie! Just had to tell yiou...
  3. Hah! Like Gerry "just" won over the hearts of women since 300. I can't believe he's flown under the radar for so long. I mean, WE ALL KNEW. He'd won us over years ago, right GALS?
  4. Dang! Ger and Hugh in the same movie? Ohhhhh my my, be still my heart. The only thing that could have beaten that combo was to have Gerry do another movie with Paul Walker aka the Tool. *thud*
  5. Back in the day I was as big of an Arnold fan as anyone. However, I don't remember Arnold ever doing sensitive chick flick stuff like PS I love you. The author of this article was just thinking about 300 and continuing in the action star genre. Shall we forgive em? I vote yes, as they did call our Ger White Hot!
  6. Every year I look forward to this issue, hoping Gerry even made the list. Last year he made the list, but was way down there. This year he's up toward the top... the world is discovering what we already know.
  7. I agree Holly. There are certain things you do and don't do in front of kids, and I think swearing is one of them. My own nieces and nephews will tell me when they think I've said something bad, and usually, I'm watching myself around them, too. I can hear their little voices... "Aunt Pam, that isn't a very nice word." Anyway, I wish there were more kids like Abigail in Hollywood.
  8. Cool! Vegas golf! That's almost as good as the Chippendales in my book. I will be at the Phantom showing but that's tempting to duck out and play a few holes. I'll think about how much energy I'm going to have or not have and get back to you before you make reservations. I'm not a great golfer, but I sure do enjoy it. I echo Holly's quote... thanks for handling this. Any other Golfing GALS?
  9. It seems to me that we see less and less "variety" in the Entertainment magazines. I have a notion that most actors and celebreties have decided they have had enough of the paparazzi and are finding ways to avoid being spotted. Now about the only people you see in those magazines are the same ones, over and over again. Brittany, Nicole RItchey, Paris, Jennifer Lopez, etc. Does anyone agree with me?Absolutely! You hit the nail on the head.
  10. That's interesting; I thought Kevin McKidd (of Rome fame) did some incredible accents. He's a Scot with a thick brogue, but played a classic British accent in Rome, and in his new tv show, Journeyman, he does a flawless American accent. Who says the man can't do any other accents???
  11. I have to add my 2 cents here. I read the entire thread, and I don't think anyone stepped over the line of being indecent toward Gerry. I feel like you do, Swannie, I'm curious about Gerry's personal life as much as the next GAL. Well, there are a few who want to know sooooo much that it does become intrusive and destructive. I actually don't give a rat's backside who Gerry decides to go out with, but simply THAT he's going out with someone. When you make this decision to become an actor, you're now a celebrity, some of that private-ness about your life doesn't exist any longer. It becomes a free-for-all for the papparozzi. Unfortunately, that's what you trade for the celebrity. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Gerry can't be a huge celebrity and not have intrusions in his personal life anymore, no matter how upset it makes him. The bigger he gets, the worse it will be. Tom Hanks, Will Smith, John Travolta are definite A-list actors, but they are happily married. Our Gerry (as any GAL knows) is a downright hawt, single, male sex Gift From God who hasn't been "discovered" by everyone in Hollywood yet. It will happen, and when it does, be ready for all kinds of intrusions into Gerry's personal life, and not just by his fans anymore. I just don't think we can "ban" all talk about Gerry's personal life. The man is a public figure. I do agree with what Swannie said about it causing contention and disrespect of Gerry and each other. I just suppose there needs to be a line drawn somewhere, but where?? Makes me glad I'm not a mod!
  12. Someone correct me here... I don't have the time to go look it up on imdb. I think Sean Connery came first in the James Bond, but was he really playing a Scot, or was he playing British? Then came the original Highlander movie with Christopher Lambert, but again we see Sean Connery? Then Mel Gibson's Braveheart? Then Diana Gabaldon? Then Adrian Paul's TV and movie versions of Highlander? Then Gerry appeared on the scene in Drac 2000?? Someone correct me here.
  13. You know, with Gerry being a former lawyer and all, I'm amazed by his nervousness speaking in public. Actually, I can't speak in public very adeptly, and it causes me to smile when I see Gerry humming and hawwing all over an interview. He gets nervous, really nervous I think, and starts talking before he really thinks about what he's saying. An all-too-human fault, actually. Many of us have that. It's another one of the things I adore about the man. The whole trick is to not take so literally everything he says, because I have a gander that half the time he's joking around. That being said, I for one am glad he made the 3am remark, AND I am here to witness that the whole Gerry Juice was started by the G man himself. Swannie is absolutely correct. Go ahead Gerry. Fumble away! Your fans love each and every thing you say, each joke, each tender story; We just want more! Right GALS???
  14. In a way, I wish we'd get pics of Gerry like other A-listers get in People Mag, OK, US Weekley, or whatever other one. I for one would love to see more Gerry, working out on Malibu Beach, no shirt. :tasty: I've had enough of seeing Matthew McConaughey.
  15. CAT'S COMING TO VEGAS!!!!!!! Cat, I've got your gift that *ehem* never made it in the mail last year. I'll be able to give it to you in person!!!!!!! CAT'S COMING TO VEGAS!!!! YAY!!!!
  16. You know what? I'm still in shock after seeing that.
  17. Good evening GALS. Guess what I did yesterday??? I got my Halloween costume, and this year I decided to go all out. I decided to go with the Harry Potter theme, so I'm going to be Madame Hooch, one of the Hogwarts teachers! I thought it was fitting... short spikey blonde hair, high heels, loves her Quidditch players... yep, it's me! I got her robe, her hat, and of course, a wand. (didn't think I could afford the broom too...) I'll have to post the picture. Finally, I'm working on Halloween and we get to dress up and give out candy. Yes, this dentist is going to give out candy! Anyone else dressing up this year? Anyone else still trying to recover from seeing the dang PS I love you poster??
  18. Holy Crap! How sexy can one man get? Good grief, all he's doing is laying there. Just laying there, and I'm having delusions of grandeur!
  19. I've seen the show enough to know that they don't change it on a whim. However, a yellow towel would be a tad easier than a kilt for someone to pull off. Well, not literally pull off, but you know what I mean. I will do my best to request a yellow towel, and since I usually have one with me......
  20. I'm so glad I don't have to go alone! Here's one for YOU Cassie!
  21. Hi Sammy's Mom! I'm Pam, and Dr. Em sort of put me in charge of organizing an unofficial get together for any of us who want to see Chipps. If you'll reply to me in the Chippendales convention thread, I'm making an informal count, then when it gets closer I'll get you a pay pal link or you can send me a check. Oh yeah, in Vegas, it's a non-tipping show. All you have to do is sit back and totally enjoy!You're not the only one who loves to see the Chipps. I'm always up for seeing my Nathan! I'm beginning to wonder if I'm a Chippendales Junkie??? The show never gets old. And Susan, I did get your message about Nathan's tatoo. I didn't see the episode, but I heard all about it. Thanks for passing the info along to me.
  22. Did you hear that? My Cat is coming to the convention! OMG, I'm so excited right now, I've got tears in my eyes. Cat, I can't wait to give you a huge hug. Can't wait to see you.She's coming! She's coming! *jumping up and down*
  23. Thank you for sharing that with us, Libby. I'm glad Dee's family got to hear that we loved her too, and I hope that gave them some comfort. Pam
  24. Wow, Gerry USA is well-traveled! It looks like you all had a great time. I wish I coulda been there too. Darn work...
  25. It's weird, we don't go nuts per se, but I have yet to make it through Bryan singing "I will be your hero," seeing Nathan in uniform, elegant, classy, and touching. It makes me cry every time I see it. Sort of like hearing the music in Phantom. I hear touching music and I cry. My mom said I did it as a tiny baby, and she and her sisters would get a kick out of putting sad music on, watching me cry, then they'd take it off and I'd stop. Then they'd put it back on again and sure enough, I'd start crying again. They told me recently they felt bad about torturing a poor little baby like that, but it was so funny, they couldn't help it. Anyway, Chippendales are elegant, classy, tasteful, and erotically beautiful. No full monte's here, and no tipping allowed. This is me and my sweetie, Nathan Minor last year.
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