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  1. Thankyou Soooooo much Katie. I need all the help I can get. I'll work on the Southern accent thing. Maybe we'll get better tickets! Who am I kidding? I lived in Kentucky for 5 years and barely picked up a hint of an accent. Bethy, you KNOW you're on the other side of me. I can't make it through a Chipps show without 1. crying, which I have you there for, and 2. having your hand to grab onto when I get verclempt.
  2. You got it! If this works, I just "thumb nailed" Nathan!
  3. UPDATE 5-20-2008: SEE PAGE 6, POST #82 UPDATE 3-5-2008: SEE PAGE 4, POST #46 GALS, Dr. Em just called me and gave me my dream job. She asked if I'd like to organize a night at Chippendales for anyone who would like to go! It's so much more fun when we're all together. Since I was planning on going anyway, and as much as I'd love to see them again, Are you kidding me? Of COURSE I will! I'm putting this thread out there first to see who is interested. I think we'll do it Thursday night again, 10:30 show. We need at least 10 people to get group tickets. When I get a count of who would like to go, I'll set up a link to use paypal or you can send me a check. Anyway, I've never organized something like this before, and I don't want to let any of my GALS down. But hey... it's my Chippendales! I'm NOT missing them and I'd LOVE to have my GALS with me. So anyway, who's going??? Let me know! Hugs, Pam
  4. Hey Roomie, we are of the exact mind! That's when I'm arriving and leaving.And Amy, I'm always up for Chippies. If anyone wants to go again, I'm soooo there. Any chance I get to watch Nathan...
  5. I agree with Swannie. Welcome to GALS, Donna. Thanks for posting that interview Swan. I love the part where he likes the fact that so many of us have become friends because of him and his sites. I went to the first GALS convention not knowing WHAT to expect, but found it was such a spiritual uplifting experience, it was life changing. It's THE event of the year I most look forward to, and the friendships I've made are indescribably special to me. No matter how or why we each sought info on Gerry, we ended up finding each other, and that's the best gift of all. Now as for Gerry and his handlers, how do I get that job, and what part do I get to handle?
  6. I want to stay as long as possible. It's so hard to leave at the end of the weekend.
  7. Hi Sporran. YES!!! Yes I do! I've been watching Dr. Em's copy, and I think she'll want it back before too long.
  8. Thanks to Wrath of Gods, I have a whole new appreciation for what went on the make the movie. I think the entire cast and crew are proud and relieved to have survived the whole process. I'm proud that Gerry is such a consummate professional. I could see he was prepared for the physical-ness that was required. He knew how to "swing a sword." He and the other actors had to be ready to shoot when the weather finally allowed them to shoot... No way to do any re-shoots. Yes, I have a whole new appreciation now. I'm glad the documentary is doing so well. ~Pam
  9. Hi everyone. I had to stop by before I headed for bed. Just to wave. Just to give some hugs. I've said it before, but I don't know what I would do without the friendships I've made here. My GAL PALS are so special to me... I'm so lucky to have you all. Mel, that video was beautiful, Hon. Dee would have loved it. We need to send a copy of that to her family. This football princess is in heaven watching Monday night football tonight. I've got Alex Smith QB'ing for SF and Matt Leinard QB'ing for Arizona. Sorry... both specimens of beauty in tight pants, beautiful eyes peeking thru their helmets. I love this time of the year.
  10. I don't know. I'm a Goof-"foot"Ball I guess. I should come here more often.And thanks Sue. Love you too!
  11. Bethy, Damnit! Whaddaya mean IF??? You're going. Period. Final. No arguments. :boink:
  12. Oh you GALS are just too funny! Even I knew who Ron Jeremy was, and I'd seen pictures of him fully clothed. No, he isn't one to create fantasies... he's known for only one thing. One very very large thing actually. The man can't act, :push: and he's no Gerry... *ehem* Anyway, dancing away from this topic.... Anyway, I'm only a member of GALS. Being Dr. Em's best friend, I sort of got drug here, and I'm one of the few who doesn't belong to any other GB sites. But for some reason tonight I did a google search. Of course, Dot Net came up first, then USA, then GALS. I've always known how wonderful we are here, and how great looking and informative our site is, but I started wondering about some of the other sister sites. I have friends who belong to both sites. I know people from other sites. I decided to go visit. I went to USA first, then Dot Net. I still have to say, GALS, I have to give kudos to Stef, our web wonder woman, for keeping us looking sooooooo classy. Also for all the info and latest happenings on our main man. :goodjob2: A big thumbs up to our admins and mods, who keep us in line and are so friendly and supportive. Nothing against the other sites, but I didn't get the same feeling that we have here, and I had to hurry home. You are my home, my dear GALS. You are my adopted fanmily and I sure do love you all. *snif* :hug99: your favorite Football Princess, Pam
  13. I was thinking the same thing. So many people gets pets on a whim because they think they are soooo cute, but they don't realize how much work they are. When someone with such a busy schedule like Gerry's gets an animal, often times someone else gets the job of baby sitting the poor thing. Is Gerry taking care of his dog or is someone else?
  14. OMG!! I can't believe what kindred souls we all are. I was thinking all the same things as I was reading this thread, then someone would come on next and say them. Are we all connected and alike or WHAT? What would I do without all my GALS? It's no wonder I feel so dang good when I'm around you all.
  15. I don't think I could pull of Marilyn, but who is the other blonde with the really big boobs? Jane Mansfield? I could maybe pull off being her.Am I thinking of the right person? Someone help me out here.
  16. Oh my goodness! I think the first time I met Dee was with Swan and Libby that first night. I'll never forget hugging her that night, and several times during the weekend. I adored getting a chance to meet this dear sweet lady in person. I feel badly for her family, but I guess we all take comfort that she is at peace and won't have to suffer anymore. We'll sure miss her. Pass the word on to her family that we here at GALS sure did love her. Pam
  17. You do us proud Susan! Wish I could be there with you.And Pilar, your siggie is hawt.
  18. I was drug here kicking and screaming! But when Dr. Em is your best friend, you sort of don't have a choice when it comes to these things. You know how she is! Anyway, Gerry is such a chameleon. You know how different he looks and acts in different roles. I'd seen Drac 2000, and although I HATE vampires (sorry Cat) I left thinking that Drac was sure a hottie. Then came Timeline, and the only person I recognized in the movie was Paul Walker (before THAT whole insanity began), but I left thinking that Andre Marek guy was sure a hottie. Then came Phantom and Dr. Em about the same time in my life, and I was finally able to put it all together and I started learning who this Gerard Butler guy was. Then before you know it, my best friend had started a website for an actor! An ACTOR, for crying out loud! Didn't psychos and stalkers do things like that? Wasn't that only for people who had no lives and were so obsessed with someone they needed that outlet? My best friend Dr. Em didn't seem like a psycho, and she certainly wasn't a stalker, and she may have been appreciative of Gerry, but she sure wasn't obsessed. She was a normal, busy, albeit crazy, single mother of 4. She kept talking about all the wonderful people she was meeting, so before you know it, she'd signed me up for this. I lurked around for 3 months before I was brave enough to post anything, but when I finally did, I was embraced by some of the most wonderful women I'd ever had the chance to meet. I have had some special challenges in my life, as we all do. God knows what's the hardest for us, and He certainly was giving me just about all I could bear. I was in a black sad place, and you could feel it around me. There was no light in this soul. I'd made it through school, which was something so difficult to do alone, but when I finally came home, I came home to find out that my sweetheart of 12 years was dating a girl who was in highschool, all behind my back. Then my parents left to serve a mission in Finland, leaving me to care for their finances and their home, all trying to run a new business alone. I remember the day my parents drove down the driveway. I turned around and looked at their house, and the huge yard, and the orchard, and just bawled! I walked in the house and got on the computer, and there were messages for me from my GALS. I mean, there were SO MANY many messages of hope and support from my GALS, it blew me away that people I'd never met before actually cared more about me than my own so-called friends. Then came Christmas, and I was overwhelmed with Christmas cards for the first time in my life... from GALS. You all were serious about including me and loving me. I was shocked. I was touched. Then came the first Vegas convention, and I knew I was going to be going but I wasn't sure what to expect. But what the heck...First, I love Vegas, so if anything I was going to go just to lay by the pool. If things got boring I could entertain myself. HAH!!! Second, Dayna needed my help, so I felt I should go. I'd met Sporran, so at least I'd know 2 people. What I experienced at that convention is nothing short of a spiritual experience for me. Meeting all of you, feeling the love, the acceptance, the craziness made me feel beautiful again. There was a spark that came back into my life. Around all of you, I felt absolutely beautiful. I felt radiant. I felt loved and accepted. I felt like Pam again. I came home so empowered, on a spiritual high. People would ask me "How was Vegas?" and would be shocked to hear me reply with a tear in my eye, that it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I've found kindred souls here at GALS. I was instantly at ease around you all, almost like I had all these sisters who just "got me." So at the 2nd convention, I was determined to help others feel the same way I'd felt last year. Plus, I needed the spiritual lift myself that week brings. I reconnected with Fergie, and she'd had an empowering experience and made huge changes in her life because of GALS. This year we met Amy (redroseblackribbon), and we tried to explain what had happened to us, and that she'd leave the convention feeling beautiful. I remember her hanging her head and saying, "No, not me." But I knew what would happen,... and it was even more wonderful to see the magic happen for someone else than it was for myself. I remember the tears running down her face the last day, and the tears flowed for me too because I'd seen it happen. I looked around that Saturday night seeing all those people on the dance floor, being SO proud of my best friend and this Phenomenon she created, seeing the lives that had been changed and touched. Seeing Swannie, Abrock, Fergie, Bethy, Stef, Atilla Girl, Stagewoman, Jenn, Sporran, DiscoveringMe, Katie, Holly, Nathan and Di, Annette, Jenni, ..... I got tears in my eyes, and was caught up in emotion as I looked over the crowd out on the dance floor, looking at the number of lives that had literally been changed for the better because of this craziness we call GALS. I've still not met Lish in person yet, but she's as close to me as a sister. I think of all the things that had come to my dear Friend Dayna, all because of GALS. I can't wait for next year, to see how many other lives we can help make so much better. I feel it's my responsibility to pass it on. A feeling this special should be shared. I am so proud to be associated with you. God and the Universe work through other people. Angels are brought into our lives for a purpose. I'm surrounded by Angels. Love You All, Pam
  19. Way to go Nathan. I checked out your blog. I'm intrigued about this new thing about to be launched. Care to give us a hint?? Have fun with Naois, and I hope she does move up there. I know 2 people who will be soooo much happier. Tell your mum hi from her doctor! Pam
  20. We Gerry fans have up and done it again. You know who bought all those CD's, to be sure. *wink* I didn't care for Beowulf and Grendel, HOWEVER, after watching Wrath of Gods, I have such a respect for what they were actually able to accomplish filming that movie. I had no idea all that happened, and it's amazing they were able to make a movie at all. I enjoyed that documentary immensely, and it made me look at B & G in a whole different light. Jon, I'm glad you sold out of the movie. Pam
  21. Is Gerry distancing himself? I HOPE NOT!!!! Then of course, Gerry has some of the most loyal fans of any actor. I don't know of another website *coughgalscough* for an actor that ranks up there like the ones Gerry has. It's my personal belief that part of the success of 300 was from the droves of females who went to see that movie, and mostly for one reason. Gerard Butler. I don't think the producers expected the support Gerry gets from his fans. I can completely understand things in life changing... heck, it's happened to me. At times when I'm stressed or busy I tend to pull away from my friends, both online and in person and I tend to hide out. I really hope it's just circumstance of an extremely busy schedule that pulls him away. It's wonderful to have new fans, and it really doesn't matter when you first discovered Gerry. But I am a believer in recognizing and including the people who have helped you get where you are, and have been there from the start. I have faith.
  22. Aw, Mel. I'm so dang proud of you. From one person who has spend 12 years of her life in college, and 4 of them were like being in hell, I can honestly say how proud of you that you have stuck with it, and hung in there. You didn't quit when things got hard, and through all the ups and downs and challenges you've had in your life, you still stuck with it. Congrats, my wonderful dear friend! Pam
  23. Way to go GALS! You ladies make me proud. Hugs to all of you who got to go. Pam
  24. Paige, if by some strange reason you don't get to have an IV to be put to sleep, it won't really be that bad. You can use the nitrous oxide and have them turn it up! You'll be completely numb, you shouldn't feel a thing, AND you won't get sick to your stomach from the IV, which is a common side effect. You might hear some awful noises, feel some pressure, but there won't be any pain. And you'll be aware enough that you can tell them if it's hurting or not so they can give you more local anesthesia. Nitrous oxide only works as long as you are breathing it, and is wonderful at helping you relax. You know who you are, where you are, but the worry about the procedure... you sort of just don't care. Personally, I LOVE any chance I get to have nitrous. Some people don't like it, but most do. It will help a lot. I just thought of something too... if your insurance won't cover the IV sedation, the oral surgeon can always give you oral sedation, which is a Valium type drug. The best one is Versed... and it is a drug that causes amnesia of the procedure. They often give it to people in their IV's, but it can also be given orally. That in conjunction with nitrous... you won't remember a dang thing!!! Either way, you'll be in good hands. And I'll be there in spirit holding your hand. Talk to Abrock... she recently had to have some oral surgery done, and I was with her, online of course, before and after.
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