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  1. I can't go. I've got a convention I've gotta be at the same weekend....
  2. Once upon a time....

  3. Sent some over the weekend. Sorry I've been MIA...life's been crazy. Much love to all the GALS! Amy
  4. Sheeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. For a minute LOL

  5. J 1. Song.... Jump, Jive, n' Wail 2. Famous person.... James Earl Jones 3. Household item.... junk drawer 4. City.... Jamestown, VA 5. Movie.... Jumpin' Jack Flash 6. Plant or flower....Juniper 7. Food item....Jerky 8. Mood....Jammin' 9. Something sweet....jam 10. Something you would like..... justice K 1. Song.... 2. Famous person.... 3. Household item.... 4. City.... 5. Movie.... 6. Plant or flower.... 7. Food item.... 8. Mood.... 9. Something sweet.... 10. Something you would like.....
  6. Road (There's a street in town called Tower Rd. First thing that came to mind! LOL)
  7. ABC's of Playing for Keeps A) adorable B) beaches
  8. From the way local news reported it, the film won't happen. Kinda tweaks me, not only because it's one more film Gerry's not gonna be in/involved with, but because the economy around here needed the boost and I've got friends who are now suddenly out of a gig. It's hard enough films to shoot here because we're a non-union state, then someone goes and pulls a stunt like this. As my son says...Grrrnoying!
  9. Okay, so I've chewed on it, and here's what I wanted to pose as possibilities: Take the venue off the Strip, at least for now. There are several gorgeous facilities off strip (Silverton is one of them) that I'm willing to bet aren't nearly as pricey as anything on Strip. I know Silverton isn't that far, maybe 10 minutes, from the Strip so that anyone who wants to play tourist can. Even if the facility costs aren't that much different, room nights will be cheaper, and that could help ease both the cost of going and the cost of hosting (more booked nights in the room block = better facility rat
  10. Sometimes faith is all you have...

  11. le gasp! Oh yes, do share when the bidding starts!
  12. Donations in the mail! Like last week sometime...don't mind me!
  13. A) Acne B) Backache C) Credit Cards Maxed Out D) Dirt E) Evil people F) Frustrations G) Greed H) Heartache
  14. Hi ladies! Sorry I've been MIA...life decided to suck for a bit. I lost an old friend a couple weeks ago, and I've more or less been in hermit mode since. He was 44, way too young to be gone. I also got drafter to run registration for a new scifi convention that launches next year, I'm now helping run the tech side of church worship on Sundays, summer session starts soon, blah blah blah... Weather over the last couple days has been glorious...except now there's a thunderstorm raging! LOL Oh well...I probably shouldn't complain. All this rain now means we're not gonna get squat over the summer
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