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  1. Dear gods! I'm so sorry to hear all this. Will definitely keep a candle lit for you. Enjoy the Con, deary...everything else will sort itself out. HUGS!
  2. Oh gods, how I wish I could be there. But, I promised a certain Meester the next trip to Vegas would include him, and I can't afford to go twice (unless I hit the Powerball!LOL). So, I'll be there in spirit in June and in person at Halloween for Criss Angel's anniversary show. And it's not technically cheating on Gerry since I found Criss first....LMAO
  3. Well, I've been known to call him other, more...interesting...things. I just can't bring myself to call him the Meester's father, because he's just not doing anything to fill that role. Hells, Gerry could prolly do more for my kid in one day than Capt. Dumbass (my go to for the ex) has done in 10 years. Anyway....LOL
  4. hehehehe...I love Top Gear, it's so much fun to watch, and to see Gerry being such a "guy," it's priceless. I can just imagine the look on his face when he's talking about the cars, all giddy and stuff. LOL
  5. So what is she hinting here? I'll get naked if the price is right? Is this a come on or a desire to change professions? Mentioning you are willing to get nude with a man from the get go of an interview, even if for the sake of the role, is a bit obvious! I'll get naked if you give me a part in one of your films! Sure, she's joking and behind every joke, there is always some element of truth. />/>/> She didn't just not like it, it was the worst film she'd ever seen. Let's not forget the mention of an outrageous payday amount which was then used conveniently to expres
  6. This is a fabulous article! And he totally needs to buy his mom a place in Tuscany. I'll even be the chef LOL
  7. Kathy - LOL. No no....he has to spend his spring breaks with his "father." I use the term very, VERY loosely. But thank you! ^_^
  8. Hello my darlings! Spring is definitely in the air...as is the pollen, and my allergies! Oy vey! LOL I registered for classes today, both summer and fall sessions. 7 classes between 5/20 and the beginning of December. *chants* I can finish. I can finish. The Meester survived his week with the genetic material donor and is snuggly entrenched back at my side. The poor kid's exhausted, and I'm really hoping that he'll be able to have his vacays to himself instead of having to go hang out with...ahem...daddy. Finally, I'm gonna go through withdrawal when this promo tour is over. Sooooooooooo m
  9. Oh gods...as much as I love Gerry, I only get up at 4am for sick children and flights to Vegas.
  10. I'll have a Meester free week next week...lots of creating gonna be goin' on here!
  11. *bouncysquee* Okay, so I'm a geek. Really, really love to see how all that works.
  12. Posted my review on Rotten Tomatoes. Loved loved loved it. My heart was still pounding 10 minutes later. Good on ya, Gerry. This one's definitely a keeper!
  13. These are too damned funny! Gerry's got such a great sense of humor...I'd love to see him in a straight comedy. Maybe put him in the new Pirates of the Caribbean flick. That way he can be a smartass AND a pirate ^_^
  14. My gods, the man is too beautiful for words! Now I have some inspiration for new siggies!
  15. Oh gods...the look on his face! "I'm never doing Today again!" And Al wandering off...holy crap, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!!
  16. Should've known it was an NC station! LOL
  17. Best shot of the bunch: Angela and Gerry laughing hysterically!
  18. Hello m'dearies...I gotta brag on the Meester again. This came home in his Monday folder: The child never ceases to amaze me.
  19. He looks soooooooooo much more relaxed than he has of late. Yay! LOL
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