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  1. Ohhhh...new soundtrack to add to the collection. Love it.
  2. There sure is! You can join us for the Saturday gala (but there's not much "Gerry" at the gala). Friday is when we cut loose with the Gerry ogling and it's more casual than the gala. We put on our big gal panties and play grownup on Saturday. Oh, ogling. Can't miss the ogling. :bouncydrool:src="http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/bouncydrool.gif"> Let's see..*does math in head, always dangerous* 4.5 hour flight, minus 3 hours time difference, plus the gods only know how long layover in Atlanta or Denver - unless I take the 6:10am flight, which is nonsto
  3. A gutter phrase if there ever was one... LOL! Especially if we add a "naughty" to it. As in "fabulous naughty bits of goodness..." ROFLMAO...yes! I love it. New gig starts next week, gotta clear getting Friday off. Is there a 1 nighter option??
  4. And are there any AMC theatres within a 50 mile radius of me? No. I call shenanigans!!!
  5. Hellooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!
  6. Gods help me....I'm going back to school to finish my undergrad. I found out I've been readmitted to WVU's online program. I start back in the summer. I must be a masochist. Or a sadist. I forget which is which.
  7. You should have some jewelry soon. My supplies *finally* got here, so I can get crackin' on some stuff. Question, though: should I make a few "manly' items as well? Just wanna keeps the PALS and SOs happy Amy
  8. Thanks for posting this...I had a major DVR fail last night!
  9. It's 59 outside at the moment...once again, I have missed winter. Send me some snow please! LOL For anyone wondering why I'm forever wanting snow, I grew up here in NC. We don't get snow. We get flakes and ice. The last time I saw a white Christmas was 1989 and even then it wasn't even a foot. Of course, if we got real snow, the entire state would shut down! Can't decide if I'm gonna watch the Oscars or have a marathon movie night. I scored a copy of 300 and Beowulf and Grendel on DVD at the used book mecca. Tried to find Rocknrolla, but sales dude 1) hadn't heard of it and 2) wasn't sure
  10. Nevermind. Stewie was being cranky and wanted a reboot. All is well. Movie chat!
  11. Umm...did Photobucket take a nose dive? Anyone else having issues getting in? Amy
  12. Oh gods, I haven't been to Disney in waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long, like 27 years too long. I keep wanting to take my son, but he informed me he's not interested, he'd rather go with me the next time I go to Vegas! I'm gonna have to find kid friendly stuff for him to do. LOL In other news, I have a job!!!! Okay, it's only a contract gig, and it pays yotz, but it's a job with a neighboring county. Government gigs are good, so I'm told. I start 3/11. I'm trying to take it in stride and let the powers that be guide my life instead of me trying to swim upstream in a frozen river. Loves to the GALS
  13. Oh. My. Glob. Excuse me whilst I go bouncy squee. ^_^
  14. Isn't there some provision that says you only have to serve every so often, or is that a local thing? As my son says, grrrnoying!
  15. I wholeheartedly agree about the trailers, but I try to keep in mind that you never know what goes on in the rest of the flick. Saying of which, I took the Meester to see "Escape from Planet Earth", and guess what was waiting to greet us as we entered the looby? Geez, you'd think I'd be able to take a better shot than that. LOL Oh, and in other news, it was 70 yesterday. It's snowing right now. I think mother nature's confused. Amy
  16. LMAO...I was just gonna ask! And we call the CHOCOLATE ones "Idris" as a nod of affection towards Idris Elba (aka Mr. Mumbles from Rocknrolla.) I LIKES THE IDRIS COOKIES!! So what you're sayin' is that I need to get my butt to Vegas to sample these fabulous bits of goodness???
  17. Oh geez...I know what I need to be doing this weekend, provided Fire Mountain gets my stuff get here before then. o_O Amy
  18. Was it? I didn't notice. I'll have to watch it again when I can listen without Final Fantasy 13-2 being played. I know the video looks a lot better. Some of the CGI from the original promo has definitely been cleaned up, and the new video looks polished. Amy
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