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  1. There may be good news in my future (please gods please gods please gods!) I had a second interview today for a gig that could prove to be interesting. Totally out of the blue and quite unexpected since my first interview was: 1)the shortest I've ever had; 2) the least I've ever spoken in an interview; and 3) conducted whilst having the stomach ick! Today's interview proved to be much more in depth and I feel MUCH better about it. Dude said he called me back because I sent a follow up thank you email. Never underestimate the power of a little common courtesy! I should hear in a day or two.
  2. LMAO! This is classic! The last paycheck I got from Time Warner was also for $0, but was also generated for zero hours worked, zero taxes deducted, AND they direct deposited zero dollars, then mailed me the stub TWO MONTHS after I left the company! Corporate stupidity at its finest, I'd say. Bill's right, at least it's $20 in the pension! Amy
  3. I can't say much, I suppose. I collect drums...and nesting dolls...and Star Wars art...and...nevermind! At least it's not the trucker hat. That one absolutely kills me! Amy
  4. Two things: one, I seriously want this boy's frequent flyer miles! LMAO Two: Just how many hats does he own? Is this a fetish for him or what? Not that I'm complaining, but o_O
  5. I know, right? That's a weekend in , INCLUDING airfare!
  6. M'dearies, I gotta vent for a sec. Elton John is gonna play the LJVM in April...it's about half an hour from here. I like his music, my mom loves it, so I checked into ticket prices. Holy crap on a mother frakkin' cracker! The nosebleed seats were $90. Wanna sit on the floor? Try $700. You read that right. $700. Per. Ticket. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't pay $700 to see him. I wouldn't pay $90 to see Robin Williams (though I was close...his tix were $70, but the seats were way better.) I mean seriously...$700 per seat on the floor. That's a month's rent, for frak's sake! I can't think of any show
  7. Oh my glob...how many frequent flyer miles does this man get in a year? LOL Amy
  8. Even if I was crazy enough to want the gig - and this coming from someone crazy enough to want a ride on the space shuttle - the eyes have it. My vision bites! LOL Amy
  9. Oy! What I wouldn't give to be in Miami right now. Warm sun, gorgeous water, and the "scenery" is DIVINE! :pantingheart:src="http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/pantingheart.gif">
  10. Hrm...can't help on the language front. Love it, though. Think it's my fav so far.
  11. Speaking as someone who has 3 tats (and looking at a 4th), I have them placed in locations that won't droop, sag, or otherwise move. Well...one might, and that's the one I didn't completely think through when I got it done. LMAO The others I've been known to take YEARS to ponder, plan, and place before I go in for the inking. And I think I'm stopping at 4. The older I get, the worse they hurt. Amy
  12. GAH! I hate it when that happens. I like the "It's a Small World" level of hell. I know a few peeps I could send there myself LOL What is going on with this weather? We had ice Monday, mid-70s yesterday, and now they're calling tornado watches/warnings in the area. And, like in your neck of the woods, the temps are supposed to drop 30-40 degrees in the next 12 hours. Holy guacamole! No wonder no one here can stay healthy. Loves to m'dearies! Amy
  13. Morning, m'dearies! Gotta brag on my Meester: He made A/B Honor Roll last quarter! Not bad for a kidlet who moved mid term. I told him that the goal for 3rd quarter was A Honor Roll. He looked at me as is to say, geez, Mommy, really???? LOL
  14. I love getting carded now...except it doesn't happen very often! Guess I look older than I am. Is that a bad thing? LOL Amy
  15. Oh gods! I grew up a mile from the end of one of the runways at Seymour Johnson AFB. KC-10s and F-15s took off literally every nine and a half minutes during the day, more often the fighters than the tankers. We'd always know when the tankers were flying over because the windows in the house would shake. I'd wave at the 10s' pilots all the time, sometimes they'd wave back. LOL I've gotten so used to the sound of planes, I don't hear them anymore. I live in the flight path of the airport here and I don't even notice. It kills me to hear some of the locals whine about airplane noise after spendi
  16. Ya know, the article makes an excellent point. The "men" in Hollywood are lost. I'm beginning to think Hollywood is lost. All you see lately are romcoms and flicks in the vein of "Jackass." Don't get me wrong, I love seeing a good romcom, and I adore Gerry's smile, but I do wanna see stuff blowing up now and then. I wanna see a GOOD action film that's got as much story as explosions. I grew up with those kinds of films, Die Hard and Terminator and scale models of ships and buildings being blown into millions of pieces. I'm a geek...I miss seeing those movies. Maybe it's just me.
  17. HOLY *BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* Explosions and fire fire hehe hehe Ahem. Sorry. My inner Beavis escaped there for a sec. This one I gotta see!
  18. Suzie...no worries! It's mostly melted off. I think the high today was mid 50s. Now for the fun part...all that water's gonna refreeze on the roads. Oy! Distant hugs for you and the fams....no flu here! LOL Amy
  19. Lemme amend the above: It's snowing. We're expecting 4+ inches. We've also seen lightning and heard thunder several times. Thundersnow. I like it!
  20. Seems I spoke too soon....it's now 39 and has been pouring rain for 2 days. Oh well, I asked for winter, right? Maybe I should've specified snow!
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