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  1. Hello laldies. Haven't been on Gals for a while so I don't know who to send this to. Just wanted to let you know that Gerry was at the UFC Championship last night in Philly and was interviewed and they played a trailer of Gamer during the break. It was a nice surprise. The fight was on pay per view or Cox on demand or something so I didn't get to tape it. Maybe someone can get a hold of the video. Thanks, Nessie
  2. nessie

    TIFF 2008

    GJewel and Interior Designer, I'm coming all the way from Phoenix and I can't leave sooner than Sept. 5. I'm hoping that Gerry will be attending and RNR will not be shown at the start of TIFF on Sept. 4. I have family in Toronto to visit so it will be like hitting two birds with one stone. I was there in 2005 for Beowulf and saw Gerry up close but didn't get to go to the after party. I will be going to the TIFF showings with my sister but would love to hang out and star-watch with any of you along Yorkville during the day. There are also some Canadians on .Net who are planning a lunch get-together on the 6th. You guys game? Carol/Nessie
  3. nessie

    TIFF 2008

    Hello ladies. I have not posted on Gals for a long time. Tried to navigate the site looking for a TIFF get together thread but couldn't find any. I'm planning to go and would love to hook up with those of you who are going. If there is an exisiting thread, would appreciate directing me there. Thanks a bunch! Carol
  4. nessie

    Pointless Gossip

    Here's the goss in GB.net about Eva Mendes: Eva's snog with Scots star Gerry GORGEOUS Eva Mendes was stunned when Phantom Of The Opera star Gerard Butler planted a smacker on her LIPS the first time they met. Eva, 30, now counts the Scots actor - tipped as the next James Bond - as one of her best friends. She said: 'I'm a friendly girl but Gerry took me by surprise. The first time we met, he was straight in there kissing me hello - smack on the mouth. I was going, 'Hey, nice to meet you too but usually the first time I meet someone they kiss me on the cheek'.' Told that Scots can be quite shy when it comes to women, Eva laughed and said: 'Not the one I know. 'Gerry is such a flirt. He's really great and a fabulous friend. And of course he's very good-looking. But he cannot keep those lips under control.' The actress is used to making an impression on men. Will Smith confessed to wife Jada that he fancied Eva after working with her on their latest film, Hitch. He even tried to snog the Hollywood beauty while promoting the movie in Rio, Brazil. But it seems Eva prefers her men a little rougher round the edges than the super smooth star. She used to have a thing for Oasis star Liam Gallagher. You wouldn't hear me complaining if Gerry swooped in for a snog the first time we met. In fact, THAT's how I would want it to happen. :kisses:
  5. nessie


    Just saw a posting from Tamara at GB.net that Gerry was planning on attending only the Wednesday world premiere of Beowulf and Grendel and will have to leave Toronto before the Friday screening. Gotta get a glimpse of that boy (at least) by hook or by crook!
  6. Bethy, thank you so much for my wonderful trading card! :You_Rock: I love it, love it, love it!!!
  7. THAT'S how I would like to bump into him! He just sizzles in that picture.
  8. Geez, Atticus, it's 9:00 A.M. --- not 3:00 A.M. --- did you wake up in the gutter this morning like the rest of us? Tell you the truth the green and purple were a bit much for a visual. Especially if you're talking about kilts with nothing underneath like how a real Scotsman would wear it. :eye:
  9. :vamp1: Yes, Bite me, Gerry!!!!!! (Admit it, we all love the "bad boy" inside that puppy dog.)Yo, Atticus, where've you been? Missed you on the boards.
  10. nessie

    Movie Role Rumors.

    Hubba, hubba. King Leonidas is built like a rock. If that's how King Leonidas dressed (or undressed ), then can we count on Billy in a cameo role?
  11. Mish, for me ONE would be all that it takes and I'm a goner. :*: But the G-man is addicting and he has a way that would leave us wanting for more . . . and more . . .and more. :drool3: (Phantomslover created my siggy. Thanks Tiff!!!) Zany, that's a keeper! You definitely live up to your name. That arrow message on his shirt should be written in indelible but invisible ink that only GALS can see with their x-ray (and perv) eyes!!! :brows:
  12. This man is just drop-dead gorgeous! He is shmokin' HOT. Loved these pictures because this is the "everyday Gerry" not the "actor Gerry." Gives me hope that I could still bump into him somewhere somehow some day (in the near future). This is how I would want to meet him. :droolicious: :yum:
  13. I think what some fans forget (sometimes) is that Gerry is human, like many of you have already said. He could have good days. He could have bad days like the rest of us. Timing is everything. :conf:
  14. She definitely knows how to strut her stuff. Wonder what kind of modeling she does? Hmmmmm?????
  15. Hey fellow AZ tart...and official Camel Lady :camel: .should have known you were well aquainted with this place...I think we are going to like it here verra, verra much... :gerik: Jamie & Nade, a Vegas trip is in order for the AZ Tarts! Count me in. Southwest fares right now start at $39 each way. Cha-Ching!!!
  16. Good luck, Nurse St. Giles! I really enjoyed reading "Mistress." It was sheer "ambrosia!" :brows: It's definitely a winner!
  17. nessie


    I bought a Gerry pillowcase for my daughter from Ebay. It says, "Same dream, different day." I have to wrestle with her to wash it. :fry:
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