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  1. I just made a payment I will try to send more before "D" Day because and even though I don't come on here much this is where I made my friends
  2. How far away from the hotel is the airport? and which airport? McCarran? I'm going to pay for everything now while I'm able
  3. Joni!!!! We'll finally get to meet!!! Issy I know!!! I'm so excited!! I haven't been to a gathering since Colorado and CUT! if you want to count that
  4. I am a novice traveler on a budget so if anyone is interested in finding a room mate let me know. I will be creating a thread in a few days so we can all get organized! I have never been able to make it to a convention so this is an awesome substitute for now (I hope this is where you meant Holly, I'm a novice poster now too, it's been far too long)
  5. They pulled MGP from the theatre it was supposed to be released at here in Idaho!!!! I just checked the website to see showtimes (it was supposed to open Friday) and it has been removed from the website so I called and they said the distributor pulled it and they won't be getting it at all!!! This better mean they're going to send it to Fandango or something....even the dollar theatre later will work for me, I could afford to go see it more than once!
  6. Happy birthday hun xx

  7. I am so sorry to hear of your loss...I cannot imagine your sorrow. I will be praying for you to have the strength to get throught this darkest of times and know that we are all here for you whenever you may need us. Joni
  8. I got mine too I love the bookmark, I so needed that
  9. Architectual Digest and LAC poster (large)
  10. take me as I am because what you see is what you get!

  11. What a guy! I can't wait to see how much was raised this year!
  12. Not sure if I'm registered yet, but I want to be
  13. Every girl's fantasy.... That was awesome!!! Where's the line start? I'll buy your book!!!
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