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  1. You can win a private screening of Gamer for you and 200 of your closest friends along with a poster signed by the cast for you by either testing GAMER to 99777 or following the lnk www.sweepstakes.sprint.com/gamer. If you don't win the big prize you can win one of three prize packs that include a poster signed by the cast, a Gamer T-shirt and a DVD action pack. This contest is only open to current Sprint customers as of July 31, 2009 and it closes at 12:00am ET on September 30, 2009. Sorry, can't get the link to be clicky today
  2. I love the boxing game! I played it for about 2 hours by myself at my sister's and could hardly move my arms for a few days afterward.....it was sooo worth it though! Someday I will be able to buy one
  3. WOW!! I live in Phoenix too!!! too bad I never could figure out how to program my digital converter box and can't get any channels
  4. I am going to try my hardest to make it next year.....in a couple weeks I am acquiring temporary custody of my neice and nephew for an undetermined length of time due to some domestic issues with their parents so I will REALLY be pinching the pennies, but with a lot of planning I'm going to do my best to make sure it can be done. I also like Swannies idea for next year and I would like to say thanks for all the hard work and effort that was not only put into the convention but the virtual one as well! As a virtual participant it was great to feel like we were a part of the weekend as well!
  5. Yes Ma'am! How do you think this very site got its start?
  6. when it says pinned it just means that the thread has either been moved or merged or both I think. When a thread is closed it will say closed in the top right corner I think.
  7. I personally think it would cheapen the whole idea if they split it up into different locations, but as mentioned before people could host their own little shin digs at the same time The live video was a new idea this year so they were working out the kinks and figuring out what would work or not....I'm sure things will be better next year. I'm just happy we got as much as we did because it was AWESOME!!!!! Joni
  8. Thanks everyone this was fun!
  9. I was just at the site and they are playing Gerry clips and chatting waiting for the live feeds again here's the link I saved to my favorites http://www.justin.tv/gerardbutler code 8772 there's also this link where GALS are chatting http://www.justin.tv/scotsmanstuart
  10. Good Luck to the winner! The last prize I won got lost in the mail it was Rock N Rolla glasses with the main characters faces on them...woulda been awesome! Damned postal service! Why didn't they lose a bill or something?
  11. Joni

    Traveling Companion

    WOW! I moved from Boise to Arizona in November or I would be willing to travel with you! I am unsure as of yet if I will be able to go at all (gotta get a job and the search is not going too well) I have been trying to find another Gerry fan in Boise for years! Just my luck when I leave one appears!
  12. Maybe he's just nervous.......God knows I would be!
  13. It's playing here in Boise the man at the theater said the first show was at noon, but it's not official until Thursday.
  14. I just spent the last 2 hours reading this thread with increased worry and respect thinking about what you may have to face over there and the stress of missing your girls and how well you are handling it. I am so relieved you are able to now go home to your family rather than be shipped off. Joni edited to fix typos
  15. I will be adding to my list as soon as I'm finished here! May I recommend you "advertising" on MySpace also? A fellow CUT! attendee (guest), Jamed Gunn has been using MySpacers to get the word out on some of his projects and it seems to be working for him by writing blogs and in the daily status area. I am one of your MySpace friends and I will spread the word for ya there too if you don't mind! Joni
  16. Well, since you bumped it I'll reply Your stories make me cry every time I read them!!!
  17. I am so glad you got your moment.....now I must go wipe away the tears
  18. Zachary (Zack) Matthew (13) - I just liked these names, he was actually supposed to be Tyler Dwayne (Dwayne was my dad's middle name) up until two weeks before he was born but I decided I didn't like it anymore. He has a paternal cousin named Matthew. Caleb Wayne (12) - Once I heard the name Caleb I knew that was it, Wayne is his dad's middle name. I called him Blub when he was little (that's where I got my screen name from). Cameron Wade (5) - Caleb chose his first name, I chose his middle name...it was the only one that started with a W that sounded good. He has a maternal cousin with the
  19. Thank you! I'm still kind of technologically challenged in those areas
  20. Okay now, this may be a retarded question, but I am truly clueless! How do you get just one frame of an animated sig? I didn't make it so all I have is the finished product. I was thinking of using it as the background on the 250 word make-an-arse-of-myself note if I can come up with that much money between now and closing time.
  21. Joni

    How tall are we?

    I'm 5' 3¾" every little bit counts!
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