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  1. Nice sig! Gotta love James McAvoy. Second sexiest Scot around...

  2. Hey girl - thanks for the comment. Not too much shaking with me just now, with all the Christmas rush. Things are...well, they're things. But I'm still good and chugging along. Hope everything is great with you too! Hugs!


  3. Hey P - Happy Birthday doll! We'll have to sing for you like we sang for Martin last night...minus the tongue action! Hugs!


  4. Happy Birthday, you dirty GAL! Can't wait to see you and C in Vegas!!!!!


  5. Happy birthday dear! Miss you!!!


  6. Hey Toni, woman! Happy Birthday, babe!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Binks!

    Looking forward to partying again in Vegas with you. Hope you get spoiled rotten.

  8. Happy Birthday from Vegas, Gutter HO! Hope you get a spanking!!! Love ya! Jen

  9. Hey girl!

    Happy Birthday, young thing!

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