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  1. For all the gossip queens out there who love Perez, I just spotted this.

    Perez is throwing a party at Blush at the Wynn on Friday, June 13th. Not that I can go, because I'll be with my GALS at the Hilton. But still....COOOL!

    (And disregard that Kevin Federline is having a party at Prive...).


  2. Eh.

    I have to say I agree with Luv. I think there are a significant number of fans that romanticize Gerry.

    Don't get me wrong. Obviously I'm a fan. But it's been a wake up call that I appreciate him more for his work, his passion, and my IDEA of him than I probably do for the man himself.

    In all truth, I often wonder how many of us would be friends of his if we really knew him as a person. Certainly he's got a sensitive side, a generous, loving side, and a penchant for introspection. But I think he actually acts out because he's unsure of himself sometimes, despite him seeming to be very confident.

    I don't personally know him, but I think there's a side to him that I would find exasperating. The temper alone would probably get me. But at the very least, I've got to respect him. And I find that smokin' hot men who are very fun-loving and charming do get away with murder, but people seem to mind less...it's not fair, but it's true.

    'Course, I can say this because it's absolutely true that if he met me, he'd probably like some bits of my personality, respect me, and maybe he'd find me frustrating. Goodness only knows, but it's his right.


  3. Kick-arse!!!! :woo::yahoo:

    That rules. Getting to meet Jon G (the director of WOG) in April in D.C. was amazing, and I'm sure meeting Martin in June will be fabulous.

    From what I've heard (and physically seen) they're both quite the charmers. 'Course, I'm beginning to think that any man with the courage to join a GB fan event and actually enjoy himself and take the time to chat us up is going to be quite the stud.

    Ya think Martin's ready for all the love in a room of GALS?!?!? And telling Gerry stories on top of it.

    Thanks Dayna, you manager extraordinaire! :bow: You're spoiling us! Plus now I get to meet other (way more famous and professional) actors through GALS. Sweet! This is going to be a can't-miss event!

    Can't wait to see everyone!!! :kisswink:


  4. I'm there, ladies!

    Ready and rip-roarin' to go to "GALS Do Vegas" numero trois!!! :pointy:


    Spot and BIG MIKE will be in Vegas, baby!!

    Knight Phantom and Sally








    scottish spazz





    Texas gramma



    Lady Elissa

    Good Sport

    redroseblackribbon & Donny






    Bermos and Carol




  5. It looks like an old Scottish Castle.

    My thoughts EXACTLY!

    But I agree with Zany - too dark! I like that it's masculine. And roomy is NOT the word for it...it's HUGE (as if that hasn't been said in reference to something of his before...wink wink!) A place like this in Manhattan? He must have blown some serious 300 cash on this place. I don't even want to imagine the rent.

    I do hope he gets some time to relax there. And yeah, I can totally see the place, my clothes strewn everywhere, Lolita prancing about, and G with a bowl of frosted flakes and a red bull.

    Ragged sigh.

  6. Cool!

    Ok, there are a bunch of tour companies that offer these. Have a look at this site.

    There are bus tours (cheapest - generally under $100), helicopter and airplane tours (expensive $200-300). There are some that include SUVs, ATVs, or poontoon/rafting boats as well.

    Personally I think I'd steer away from the airplanes, but I could be ok with helicopters, boats, or SUV/ATVs.

    Unfortunately most of these places list "narrator guides" - I'm not sure if that means we just get a driver or what. But let me know what sort of tour you'd be most interested in, and how long you'd like to be out and about. The longer ones are up to 15 hours, but there are some that just do sunset or maybe 8 hour tours.

    I think my favorite just now is the West Rim/Helicopter/Boat ($273). But I could easily do a bus tour (South or West Rims) or the River Float Trips, which are alot less expensive. Plus not everyone is into heights and helicopters...

    Alice - that's a great point about Father's Day (I'm green with envy that your parents are coming so you don't have to hurry back!). I do actually have to be back for Father's Day, and with the time difference, I'm going to have to leave at 10pm during the ball on Saturday (bummer) to get home in time to do my usual thing and cook breakfast for Dad and the family. So I'll miss a few hours of partying, but family is important, and I wouldn't miss my Dad's day.


  7. Hi girls! :wave:

    While trying (unsuccessfully, I'm afraid) to book my flight out to Vegas, I saw that there were some cool Grand Canyon tours. I've never been, and I thought it might be worth heading out a day earlier to see the beauty of nature before the glitz of the lights of Vegas.

    Is anyone else planning on coming in maybe on Tuesday or could take a half-day tour on Wednesday afternoon/night?

    (Or are there other plans for Wednesday night already?)

    Jen :kiss:

  8. I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gotta love the GALS ritual of seeing dancin' man meat! :pant:


    1. Football Princess (Pam)

    2. redroseblackribbon (Amy)

    3. lugerry (Barbara)

    4. Poppy (Linda)

    5. Deetz (Donna)

    6. Cleobethra (Bethy)

    7. Framolamdu(Moira)

    8. Susan~Sporran

    9. Lish (Lish)

    10. Stagewomanjen (Jen)

  9. Hey Swannie -

    Ok, it's been a bit since I actually took my five years of French, so I cheated and used the following website (it's amazing, bookmark it if you want to translate again).

    I checked through the translation, as sometimes engines like this tend to be more literal than figurative in their checking. Anywho, looks close to me (some words don't mean exactly the same, but it'll do). In order to sing some of the longer phrases you (or I or Sorsha) may have to rephrase to use fewer words...I know you've sung in French before, so pronunciation is no problem. I must say, I DO love to sing in French. And Italian and Latin. It's just so much easier than German....

    Quand je ferme mes yeux, votre visage est tout que je vois.

    Votre voix et esprit, me hantant jamais.

    Par les brumes du temps, et dans la lueur du miroir,

    vous êtes tous amour de I.... que vous êtes tous je sais

    Chantez-moi encore la chanson de l'ange.

    Pliez-moi dans les ailes du votre embrassent.

    Tenez-moi étroitement jusqu'à ce que tienne le premier rôle soient allés,

    puis je voie... votre beau visage

    Quand je soulève mes yeux, votre forme apparaît soudainement.

    Votre contact sur ma peau, s'attarde toujours au cours des années.

    Les douleurs roulent parti comme l'océan du rivage.

    Mon coeur s'est enlaceré avec le vôtre, notre forevermore d'amour

    Chantez-moi encore la chanson de l'ange.

    Pliez-moi dans les ailes du votre embrassent.

    Tenez-moi étroitement jusqu'à ce que tienne le premier rôle soient allés,

    puis je voie... votre beau visage

    Quand je me mets à genoux pour prier, c'est votre âme que j'implore.

    Les roses rouges fleurissent, dans l'ombre de votre tombe.

    Par les portes brillantes, du ciel vous approchez.

    Je vous entends appeler mon nom, la chanson de votre ange que j'entends

    Venez avec moi mon amour nous a laissés voler loin.

    Venez, les jours d'hiver se développent longtemps....

    Venez à moi et chantez la chanson de votre ange.

    Hope that helps!


  10. Hello all!

    I was just jonesing for Vegas today and knew I had to come on and post. It'll be my third Vegas get-together in June.

    I just heard a week ago that my job is still funded past June, which means I'm there!

    Shout out to Moira - I got to meet Framolamdu and Celine (Snap) in Glasgow last August. The three of us stayed up drinking and talking Gerry in the bar at the Marriott. And then had lunch and outings around town during the weekend.

    I can't wait to see you again.

    I guess the best part for me, the part I'm most looking foward to, is being with friends. Not only the greeting hugs, the in-depth conversations about subjects that most of humanity can't relate to, the bonding between "sisters". The times at the pool last year, the time in Margueritaville harassing the waiters, all the craziness that comes with Vegas stuffed in with the joy of being around the kindred spirits who bring out the fun, carefree spirit in me.

    Close second is gussying up for the Hollywood gala. I'm wearing a dress I already have, but I've ordered some brand-spanking-new killer accessories.

    Hugs to all! :wave: Can't wait for June! :pointy:


  11. Me too on the slacking.

    I'll get on it ASAP!!!!

    By the way - just a thought...if it gets down to the last minute, it might be a fab idea to print out some generic Ger pics and grab some markers and blank pages. I know not all of us are on the ball at any given moment, and surely there will be some girls in Vegas who haven't checked the threads. They might need a last-minute substitute....



  12. Good Lord, what HASN'T happened since I threw my lot in with the crazy fray of fandom?!?!?!


    Let's start, shall we?

    Since I'm an atypical fan in most ways (besides the fact that I'm female, LOL!), I still find it fabulous that my "journey" (?? that's such a sappy word...) is much like most others'.

    I was in my first real post-college job. Doing exactly what I had studied for. And I found myself lacking. I found my life lacking. I was depressed, though I didn't know it at the time. What I was was unmotivated and without dreams. Support (from my fabulous and loving family) I have never lacked, but as a fairly goal-oriented, dreamy, artistic person, I was feeling stifled.

    So when I started lurking (at .net), I found a community of well-organized, giving, passionate people. And since passion in others is what drew me to Gerry first, passion in his fans lead me to overcome the misgivings that I had about joining. Though I occasionally re-evaluated, I have never really regretted it. And with the dawn of GALS (and my continued involvement with .net, I'm a GAL AND a Tart, and proud of it!), I found myself with yet another special group of friends.

    I've met liturally HUNDREDS of wonderful women. I've traveled to four foreign countries, many states, had amazing experiences that I might have never embraced, enjoyed, and LIVED were it not for my "weird obsession". My family, though they don't always "get" it, has learned to come to terms with it, and me.

    Other than that, I've gotten the self-confidence to handle bigger problems in life. I've gotten a larger perspective, a world view, and I think I've come to accept that changes in life can be for the better if they're embraced.

    I've been in three musicals, production-stage-managed another, taken acting lessons, ballet lessons, and had two (nearly three starting in fall) voice teachers. I've lost weight. I've been in two independent films, one of which will hopefully do festivals this fall and winter. I've gone to over 100 auditions (pretty much got that down...hopefully...LOL!). I've performed twice at GALS functions and loved it. I've seen other talented GALS take steps to better themselves, to embrace their lives, and been fortunate enough to see the rest of the girls cheer them on, hold them up, console them, and celebrate their victories.

    So if the outside world thinks I'm obsessed, so be it. If they think I need to get a life, well, honestly, I'd ask THEM to get a life. Really? Who takes the time out of their own ever so important schedule to criticise others without really looking? It's been an eye-opener to me to start embracing the so-called "strange" or "weird" habits of others with open arms instead of shunning them or thinking badly of them the way I might have in the past. Admittedly, I am not the world's most open-minded person. But the change in attitudes when I merely ask, "well, is that convention/activity fun? does it bring you friends?" and hear, "yes" and then, (gasp!), smile and encourage them instead of making fun? It lights up faces. Acceptance is golden. We've all got something slightly off beat about us, and honestly, it's passion for those things that makes us unique and beautiful.

    So that as well as a new value for myself and new life experiences, well, I guess you could say that fandom has opened my eyes and given me those gifts.

    No small treasures.


  13. I think this has been coming for some time now...

    Yes, I do believe he's distancing himself. I think the clarifying question is would this distancing be 1. by choice (intentional) or 2. incidental (just happening by circumstance of being insanely busy).

    I'm not sure why, but I do think it's happening. And yes, I am a bit disappointed. Not disappointed in him, not less of a fan, but disappointed in the situation and the complexities that make this a reality. I do think he's the sort that will always do what he can, because he's made it known that he's genuinely appreciative of his fans. I just think these little tapes or phone conversations or appearances or whatever will become fewer and farther between - so each time more precious to us.

    Sorry to be a downer, but you asked a serious question.


  14. I have attended Women's Retreats in the past and they always had something cleaver set up with everyone's name in attendance on a wall, in a corner of the reception room with somekind of individual envelope for people to tuck in a note to that person(s).

    I think that both this "note" section within the "wall of attendees" with their pics, real first names, screennames, and maybe where they're from is an amazing idea!

    One way that more members could get involved and help would be to volunteer to spearhead some of the non-convention activities that others would like to see. For instance if someone else decides to organize getting show tickets for pre-or-post convention evenings, or even just organizing breakfast or lunch or pre/post con dinner get-togethers for the weekend. I was so exhausted that I slept in every morning as late as I could but if I HAD been awake I would have liked to know where and when to meet up with others for breakfast or lunch.

    Excellent. I know I didn't eat a single breakfast in Vegas, but planned lunches would have been nice. Maybe not so much on the days of the convention, but on the days before and afterward, it would have been a nice option to have at least a place to meet so that we could head out and have a meal together. Absolutely! Heck, we're so close to the grand canyon, some of the desert parks, and Hoover Dam that we could maybe have some outings as well.

    Kudos and many thanks to the mods and organizers. You girls are fabulous!


  15. Ok Jenn, Holly, Katie, Perrin and whoever else, I am going solo this year so I am gonna be your shadow, so Can I follow ya on the shuttle to Chippies

    Chris :confused:


    Pervin and I are your roomies. Ya think we'll be missing the Chippies? Um...NO! And we won't let you wander off by yourself when there's hot man meat to be oggled!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think we'd get thrown out of GALS for letting a lusty friend miss the men....it's against the code, dontcha know!

    But yeah, like there won't be the sound of giggling and dirty jokes for all of us to follow to the show...

    I'm so excited girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. I checked my itenerary on delta.com this morning and there are no changes that I can see!!! This is what it has as of this morning...


    Flight # Cabin &

    Class Flight


    Status Departs Arrives

    From Time/Date To Time/Date

    Delta 500 Coach (T) Confirmed Pensacola, FL (PNS) 11:50am

    7 Jun 2007 Atlanta, GA (ATL) 1:54pm

    7 Jun 2007

    Delta 1247 Coach (T) Confirmed Atlanta, GA (ATL) 2:35pm

    7 Jun 2007 Las Vegas, NV (LAS) 3:50pm

    7 Jun 2007

    Delta 1789 Coach (T) Confirmed Las Vegas, NV (LAS) 10:50am

    10 Jun 2007 Atlanta, GA (ATL) 5:52pm

    10 Jun 2007

    Delta 914 Coach (T) Confirmed Atlanta, GA (ATL) 8:15pm

    10 Jun 2007 Pensacola, FL (PNS) 8:28pm

    10 Jun 2007

    Pat, did you get an email that said yours changed? Did they give you a different flight number??

    Mine is still good as of today!

    Delta 1086 Coach (U) Confirmed Cincinnati, OH (CVG) 10:45am

    7 Jun 2007 Atlanta, GA (ATL) 12:15pm - Seat 23E

    Delta 1247 Coach (U) Confirmed Atlanta, GA (ATL) 2:35pm

    7 Jun 2007 Las Vegas, NV (LAS) 3:50pm - Seat 31D

    Delta 7653* Coach (U) Confirmed Las Vegas, NV (LAS) 9:15am

    11 Jun 2007 Los Angeles, CA (LAX) 10:20am - Seat 6A

    Delta 1680 Coach (U) Confirmed Los Angeles, CA (LAX) 11:35am

    11 Jun 2007 Cincinnati, OH (CVG) 6:56pm - Seat 30F

    Maybe they just switched flights for you Pat!

    Darn airlines!


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