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  1. 14. I've got boobs the size of watermelons! So would you like to hear my other...ehemmm....qualifications, or am I hired? Ehhh...it was worth a shot! :mopboyjackie:
  2. CustomInk.com It costed about $200 to get six shirts. I can't wait until I get my pics developed from my house. I have the shirt to fit a big teddy bear too! Muahaha! Love it! HOOOOOOLY CR*P! $200 for 6 shirts???? Dang! I'll check out the link, though...thanks!
  3. I FOOKIN LOVE those shirts! The three of you are so cute together! Bethy - how'd you find the right color shirt???? And Michele - don't worry babe! You sounded fine! Don't stress, although we're very respectful, we're not especially over-sensitive!!! We're the lusty crazy ones, remember? LOL! Most serious issues here can be fixed by posting a hot Gerry pic...we'll all be too distracted to cause any squabbles! Like SO ~> You'll fit in just fine! Jen
  4. And the problem is......?????Aren't we all a bit that way here. Nope. Certainly NOT! Not me...nu-uh. No way. Sheesh! Um..... Yup...............I guess. You mean Gerry wouldn't think I were the hottest woman in the world if he met me? CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah, we know you're kidding...but you'd still like the pics, wouldn't you?!?!?!?!?! Huh? HUH? Not that I blame you.....I'm a wee bit addicted to new Gerry pics meself.... Case in point ~> Although I do have to say that I've never found a bag pic of Gerry, even when he's totally bored or being silly or just not looking....the world is not fair!!!! Why is it that he never has a bad one and I never have a good one? Gees....
  6. Sweet! I do have a tour on the 26th, but I'm free on the 20th and 25th!!!!! But it's in Merchant City, so it's not too out of the way...YAY! We can be reporters and get the info back her pronto! OMG you have NO idea. I'm so excited I can barely stand myself, which is why I try not to post about it. It gets disgusting when I get all high-pitched and squeaky-voiced about it! Ick! But there's so much to do all of a sudden....mostly prepare myself for the same weather we're getting here...30-40 degrees F and rainy all the time!!!!
  7. HOOOOOLY CRUD! I never even thought about seeing SYT while in Scotland. Sporran (and Simone - you're coming to the con too, right???? Can't remember if there's anyone else...).....do I smell a Glasgow side trip? I know they won't have the chair done by then, but we could pretend and pick one out and take a pic....is it in Glasgow? Now I've got to look it up! Jen
  8. Hey Dawn - I never got the full story on that? You met him at TIFF, right? What did they say? Gees! I mean, it's only natural to be envious of meeting the man, but I hate that other fans would be jerks about something as wonderful as one of their fellow "sister" Tarts getting to meet him or getting a call. How crazy is that? Sometimes I just don't understand the things that go on on "other" sites...drama! Bethy - G crying in your arms. I think I'd lose it mentally. That would be IT! So you want to do movies only or plays as well? I never really heard your acting background, and I'm totally interested! So many talented GALS here it's not funny! Acting/singing GALS just seem to pop out of the woodwork! I love that!
  9. Holy Moly! I like yours, especially if G's going to wear leather pants! Yowza! I could get some cool big earrings and wear crazy makeup and sing vocals! Yeah! Plus there's the whole deal about me being attracted to men that act and sing, (and are Scottish, and are Gerry...) Although I do want to do the acting thing. I'd do the love scene as long as it was tasteful (yeah, right, who am I kidding????). Only if they twisted my arm........or looked at me, or sneezed.....whatever. But mostly I'd love to just pal around backstage and make him giggle. And see one of those really emotional scenes that he does. I'd have to have some time to recover if they wanted me to play it straight, but I think if I had to be emotional too I'd just feed right off of his intensity and it wouldn't be any work at all! I just think it would be sweet to work with him and hang out as friends (not that I'd turn anything else down....hello....do I WANT my GALS pass to be revoked????)
  10. We love inapropriate! Thats why we are GALS! :mopboyjackie: Quite! If it's not totally inappropriate, we don't want any! And I heard the same rumors about Capri.....whaddaya gonna do?
  11. But that's okay, because I loved Gerry's performance! :dance3: The rest of the movie was pretty drrrrry...I had a hard time with it. *zzzzzzzzzzzzz* No kidding! I agree...other than Gerry's irresistable cad character in Yasha, it's a total snoozefest. I liturally found myself thinking..."how long IS this movie? When will it be over? Do I have to wait another thirty minutes for a glimpse of Gerry, or a giggle, or a sexy jerk-ish innuendo???" Sorta like Fast Food and Shooters...yikes. Although I dig the part when they're talking about Princess Diana in FF, and the yellow towel and red coat are worth it in Shooters...but still! Oh yeah...and in An Unsuitable Job...he's a doctor (thud :tasty: ), and hot of course, but only in it for maybe 10 minutes.... But I watched them all for the love of G, and I'd do it again...just not when I'm already tired, LOL! Bethy~take good care of Momma! It's great that you get to spend some more time with her! To our Aussies - sorry 'bout the heat! Just know that most of us are freezing our butts off here! :snowman: Any of the girls in chat last night - I had a ball, you were a blast to hang with!!!! :inlove: Jen
  12. I am SO stinking proud of us!!!! Thanks to all of you generous, big-hearted GALS out there that make me feel so welcome, so proud to be one of you! I am STOKED that we could make this charity thing happen. How cool is it that we can come together for the lust and love of Gerry and have truly wonderful things come of it???? :inlove:
  13. I agree. I guess I was a bit hasty...didn't mean that he never dated intelligent women, or that smart women can't be beautiful (hello....my GALS are proof of that!) He'd definitely be a challenge. Moody, intense guys usually are (although in my experience they're usually worth it once you know them well). He clearly does need alone time, and he's the first to admit it, along with acknowledging his dark side. I agree again, it would take a very strong woman. And you're right about his feelings toward the fake crowd. But I think he has to be ready first, then the right woman will be more likely to come around and stick around, and he'll be more receptive to her. Plus I think it'll take a lot of strength on his part as well, but we know he's capable of that! I just hope he finds some happiness along the journey.
  14. Sigh... walking in the mountains...can't you just see him in the Scottish highlands, all green, wandering in the hills??? Dang! I'm with you Beanie, I'd like to know what really makes his mind tick. He went to law school with top grades...the guy has to value a nice intellectual workout, and (I hate to generalize, but...) it doesn't look like the dude dates the brainiacs....know what I mean? He sure seems to know how to have fun with the boys and hang out with guys that make him feel comfortable (Tony Curran and a few of the other Beowulf guys that he mentioned, not to speak of all the other pics of him out with the boys! So cute!). I don't doubt that his Mom has influence, but I seriously doubt that he'd be the sort to defer to Mom about whom he dates. Just doesn't seem like that sort of guy to me. Plus, she doesn't seem like the overbearing Mom (not that we know a whole lot about her), but she probably leaves him well enough alone and just wants him to be happy. The guy is confident...but somehow I bet when he really is ready to settle down he'll take her to meet the family first. Good luck to that girl! May she be good to our Gerry!
  15. Yes...and Humbug! Come on G...give your GALS a cheap thrill....no clothes!!!!
  16. NO KIDDING! I hope Gerry gets the news, because the poor guy seemed really demoralized when the critics flattened him. And his voice is so fabulous and rich, mellow, and sexy. I have listened to many men singing the Phantom's part, and he's still my favorite, despite the training that the others have over him. I hope that's a smack in the face for all of the hoity-toity jerkwads out there who said negative things! Hit 'em right in the pocketbook! BOOYA! I agree...the namechange, now the hot siggie...AND the naked Gerry reference in the avatar....what are you doing to us girl? :mopboyjackie:
  17. That's why I love that pic too! There are a few where he just looks tired, or bored, or slightly amused, or right out laughing his guts out that are really the real, raw, unmasked emotions, and I love getting to see them. I do think that you girls are right, he's both. But although I do see the "life of the party" thing, his bad-boy, adventurous, spontaneous, gregarious, charming streak, I guess I see a bit of this as being "put on". Not all of it, just a little bit, where he's sugar-coating and being the good actor and schmoozer that he is. I guess I just see the angst more. I had a really close male friend in high school that was very moody. He had a dark, slightly reclusive, hurt, sad, brooding side that I see a lot of in Gerry. My friend was fabulous, and we got along even on an unconscious level, but I wont' lie - at times he was hard to handle. I think that there are things about himself that even he may not be proud of or know how to handle. We know he's got a bit of an addictive personality, and it wouldn't surprise me to see him wallow a bit in his other "melancholy baby" side. I really think that most actors, most people that show the amount and intensity of emotion and passion that he displays tend to have a visible dark side. It's almost like their passion feeds from this. Although I doubt there are things that are really all that bad about Gerry, I just tend to see the lonliness that sometimes radiates through the thousand-watt smile. Not that he's all sad. The boy knows how to have a good time and enjoy himself, and I'm really glad for that. Its just that sometimes it takes a person who instinctively knows sadness to really know joy, right? But I do love the dichotomy! The complex, human, raw emotional side is what really draws me. Its as if he just holds nothing back and gives all of himself when the polished actor gets a bit tired. His complexity is just marvelous! Obviously, it keeps us coming back....
  18. I know how demoralizing that can be! I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the grades you wanted, girl! Were they classes that you were really into or just required core stuff??? (Don't know why that's important, but it always seemed to be to me...although the class that I failed was really the class that taught me the most...not only about myself, but also academically. There are some things from O chem that I'll never forget!) In any event, you know that there are many people that believe in you, including all of us! My Uncle used to say to us that he believed in us so much that he'd always bet on us....whenever we got really depressed or down, he'd just come over and say, "My nickel's down", and you felt a little better, knowing that no matter what happened, it didn't change the fact that we were loved and someone knew we could do anything. In the immortal words of Rob Schneider, "You can DO IT!" Hang in there and keep chugging!
  19. Dang! I hate it when people are religiously intolerant! I was raised Catholic, and you're trained to be a bit exclusive, I think that's a big part of what caused me to be anti-organized religion. I'm NOT against people who are religious, and have beliefs and faith. Actually I love and admire that, and I feel that faith is a real gift. I just find that I personally don't have much faith in public shows of it. I've got faith in LOTS of things, the basic goodness of people, the truth that can be found in the roots and practices of ALL religions...it's just hard for people to understand each other, I guess. But personally, I LOVE talking to others about their beliefs. I went to Catholic college, but instead of taking my usual theology, I took courses that were about religious besides the one I was raised with. I took Eastern Orthodoxy, Eastern Meditation, and Judaism, and I've always loved talking about Wicca. Nature religions, those with a lot of balance, and ancient faiths have always been interesting to me. But I find that I come to most beliefs through talking with people that don't believe as I do. How can you truly know your faith unless you really talk about it and think about it? Why must people be so oppressive? Just seems to me that faith is not only fiercely personal (good description!!!), but most faith (even in community-based, organized religion) changes a bit from person to person even with established dogma. I do find Catholic ritual to be a bit soothing, but when you're raised in a faith, I think it's natural to go back to the basics of what you were taught. I know that all religions have the possibility to empower its followers to do good for others and live good lives - and that's what matters to me! Can't we all just get along?
  20. Ok, I went ahead and bit the bullet and sent a bit more towards our lovely SYT charity! My GALS and Gerry make me want to be a better woman, and it's time to put the moolah and actions where my mouth is! Love ya! Jen
  21. Hello all! How fabulous! Sporran, just let me know if we're close to the goal, I'll be checking...I can donate a bit more instead of one of the Glasgow souvenirs.... Jen
  22. Girls, I feel you! There are so many things that I'm so excited about for 2006. And I am so incredibly thankful for you all, and for finding myself and you fabulous, strong, talented, incredibly compassionate women through Gerry-love. My POTO anniversary is actually the day after my birthday (my sisters took me as a birthday present), so I saw it on January 17th. Since then, so much in my life has changed, both through my own work, through fate and circumstance, and through your hands (in a manner of speaking....typing counts!!!). So besides the Gerry-reasons to be pumped, I just can't believe that I came to know you all. I know that most people never get the chance to find friendships like the ones I've found here, or they don't regard them as real just because we can't get-together over coffee. I know now that so many incredible things are possible that I never dreamed of. My heart is so full because of all that has happened and all that will come to fruition in the next year. Thanks Gerry, but most of all, Thanks to my girls here! I love you! Now I'll stop being sappy and you can return to your normal programming! :inlove: Jen And hey...Bethy...don't worry if some nutjobs don't believe your Gerry-call. He does, you do, and all of us know it to be fact. I don't want to have to track someone down and beat them senseless with Gerry paraphanalia, but I'd do it for you, ya know! Love! :bottom: :chairhit:
  23. Bethy, I can't even begin to express the happiness that I have for you, your Mother, and your family. As Dr. Em said, two miracles in one day! Usually I try to hide a bit of my Gerry-obsession from my family, but after I read your post last night, I had to tell them about THE CALL. I was so moved that he'd call you on Christmas to wish you and your family well, and to help do what he could to ease your pain. Compassion doesn't begin to cover it. I thought I was in awe before....I am still a little shaky and teary when I think about it. Somehow, his call to you became the best Christmas present that we could get. I am so glad that you got to talk to him. When I meet Gerry, I'll thank him first for his call to you, for his good wishes, for his empathy. What a man! You deserve it, girl! If anyone could make you sure of yourself, if anyone could convince you that there are tons of possibilities in the world, I knew it was Gerry. Thank goodness for him and his effort on your part! Love ya, Merry Christmas, My prayers are with you! (And the funny thing is, since I'm not much of a praying person, I managed to pray for you and your family and a few other friends at mass on Friday and Saturday - here's hoping the big guy heard it!) BTW - what time did G call? I certainly hope that he was with his family!!!! Jen
  24. Hello GALS! Merry Christmas to all! I just can't even explain how much I love all of you! It's so strange to be a part of a group that's never met, but that's as tight-knit and fun and incredible as all of you! Although we've only had a separate site for awhile (and most of us are still gb.net-ers too), I just am blown away by the fact that we're all so close emotionally, while we're in some cases worlds away physically. I had to tell my family last night about Gerry's call to Bethy. I was shaking I was so excited, so moved. Honestly, I think that his generosity of spirit and time to help out our girl Bethy and her family was my favorite present. If (when...hopefully), I meet the man, I'm thanking him for this first! My family, who suffer my addiction with a grudging love, was even moved. I think they were sort of shocked to respect and thank a man that they don't know, but the odd thing was that they all seemed to be moved by the situation and my response to it. I hope he didn't think we'd get any LESS attached, because his compassion and love to a fan, one of ours, a friend who's going through an incredibly rough time, has earned him a place in our hearts that we never knew possible. And we thought we loved him already..... Happy Holidays to all! Good shopping, merry cleaning up, Happy New Year! Gerry love to all! Jen :inlove:
  25. OMFG Bethy! I was going to say that I can't friggin believe it, but the totally wonderful thing is that I CAN!!!! I am so glad that your Mom is with your family for Christmas. I am sitting here in shock that G called. Firstly, that he found out. Secondly, that he was moved enough to call you and your family. I am so proud of you that you were calm and talked to him. And you made a pact to work together! I am out of my mind here! I know he appreciated it, and I know all of us are touched that he called you. He took time from his Christmas and helped out. What an absolutely fabulous man! I was going to post about my wonderful family. Sure, they joked about my slight Gerry obsession this Christmas, but one of them even faked a present to me from G...it was Scottish shortbread and a pair of plaid string undies from Victoria's Secret...I friggin love how they accept me (even though it's tongue-in-cheek) when they already know I'm crazy. So again Bethy, hang in there! We love you! Happy Holidays to all the GALS and to Gerry, you wonderful, loving, generous fabulous man, you!!!!! We'll always love you for loving Bethy and her Mom, even though you hadn't met them!! You only prove to us again and again that we're right to think you're a beautiful soul! Jen
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