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  1. Yeah....so I'm registered, and as of a few days ago, the hotel already has my reservation! I can't wait to meet all of you. It's so weird to think that I'll be meeting you for the first time even though you're already friends..... I know it's been said before, and it'll be said again, but I have to do it!!! This is going to KICK A**!
  2. SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION!!!! I just took at look at the new pics.... I think the poor guy had to have more than his chest waxed...at the very least the tops of his legs too.....you know where I'm going..... Gaaaaa! Talk about suffering for your art! I just hope the studio was kept nice and toasty warm for all of those hotties in leather underoos and red capes!
  3. Um.... Any dude who looks that spectacular while wearing leather underpants has got to be the winner.... Now if only they were BOTH sporting leather underoos....
  4. Ummmmm.... GALS, I think I lost consciousness for a minute when I saw that picture! I had email from all of the local Tarts and then one from a friend five hours away...all of them going....GO to gb.net RIGHT NOW and look at the update!!! And a Gerry Merry Christmas to ME!!!!!! And yeah...the fullness of a certain pair of leather underwear did NOT pass me unacknowledged! Long live King LEO!
  5. It should say something about BILLY!!!!! Holy shite we have an emoticon already! Dang it, I friggin LOVE you GALS!
  6. Hey Susan... Just found the clip of your Gerry-signing adventure...love how he kept purring "Sporrrrran" as in Sarah's post over and OVER again! That and I got to see the pics that Jodi (Black Opera Mask) had....lovely! Hope everyone is done with their holiday shopping...I was out tonight and the old ladies were out for blood! Malls are a MESS! You might need pepper spray for your own personal shopping safety!
  7. Dr. Em. - Hello woman! I know what you mean! Every day I'm amazed at not only what we can do (so much talent), but what we find ourselves volunteering to do, what we rise to the occasion to do, what we do for each other with no personal return. Not only the charity, but all of the girls here (including the wonderful admins!) give freely of their time and their minds and personalities on a daily basis. We support each other, and we're glad to be able to have the chance to do so! I love ya! We're pulling for you with family problems, and we're probably all going to be a little less present during the holidays, so don't feel bad. Just have good days with the family when you can. You have made each and every one of us feel welcome, important, and included. I can't thank you enough, and I love talking with you! Thank YOU!!!! Jen
  8. He DOES look so happy and "normal guy" in those pics.. SIGH! But I'm with Sarah....the first thing I thought when I heard Capri is, "Oh, that's nice. He should get some vaca after working so hard in cold Montreal...." (Yeah, and then space aliens abducted me...) Nope...real thought, "well crap, maybe we'll get some nice NEW PICTURES!" I am SUCH a Gerry pic nerd!!!! Hoping against hope (ok, ok, so it's only 50 degrees Ger, whatever....your GALS NEED some skin pics in a BAD way, man! You once said something about "givin' it".....it's the middle of winter and we're dyin! Gees!) for some juicy new snaps (er...buttons....zippers....photos...whateva!)
  9. I dunno.... Not that I don't like Marek (A LOT), but I think Erik, Creedy, Terry, Drac, Beowulf, Attila, Jacko and Jackie Jr. (both of the last for sheer psychoticness....) could ALL take Marek. I'd lay even odds on Marek vs. The Stranger, because after all, the Stranger was a sailor, after all...they're scrappy, ya know....salty old sea dogs and all... Although Marek could easily take Sam, John Dunne, Archie, Peter (Please and LWL), Marty, Gus (good riddance), Yasha, and I dunno about Frank Borghi..... Next up (because I just finished Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo....go see it, it's nasty but hilarious!)... Who's more of a pimp....Drac or the upcoming Burns??? I'm going with Burns....sure, Drac's got the unearthly demonic "bad boy" appeal...but it takes a smooth operator to woo a bunch of women with poetry!!!
  10. Exactly. I've settled for too many lukewarm relationships or whatnot in the past, and I just can't stand it anymore. I want the full-bodied gusto (sounds like a beer commercial -- LOL). BTW, I also feel that I lack the ability to respond genuinely to a man who honestly thinks I'm beautiful; usually, I'm just not as "into" him as he is to me. Gah. At least we have each other and everyone else here at GALS to discuss these topics! hugs, Christine I hear ya! See, we're too smart to settle for the lukewarm because we know there are men out there that are passionate and intelligent, kind, and hot enough to rev us up all the way (there is living proof that they exist....even if we haven't actually met him....LOL!) We can't settle for less than we deserve (and the guys shouldn't either...). It's ok Abrock....there are lots of great men out there that we're just not meant to be with! Not that they're less than we deserve, they're fabulous...just that they're not the right ones. While I do oscillate between being glad to be single and really tired of it, I'm glad that there are girls out there that know what I'm talking about!!!! And men out there (like the husbands of some of our fellow GALS and many other men out there) that are glowing examples of masculinity.....that's enough to reinspire me for the time being.... Just makes me think that it'll be one helluva girls night out in Vegas..... God save the men if we all get confident and organized and put it out there!!!! Yeehaw! Jen
  11. Aww babe! Stupid stinkin' college!!!! I know it doesn't help you now, but at least it's over for awhile, you get a bit of a break! You can come back and tackle these, (we all know you've got it in you!!!!), and when you do, the grades get better. Besides, believe me, NObody looks at your college GPA as long as you don't major in underwater basket weaving..... Keep the faith girl! All the GALS are pulling for you! Jen
  12. Yeah...course they didn't mention it! Oh well! But I'm still so awed by the current total! It would ROCK to be able to get a seat in G's name. How cool would that be if he knew? Glowing with pride in the GALS over here....
  13. Susan.... My first O chem exam was a 16 (out of 100)....gotta love THAT! I hear you! Always nice when the class average on an exam is a 45%..... Ya know, there are some times when I miss being in school.....(and then I wake up!!!!)
  14. OMG! Good for you babe! I am all sorts of impressed that the two of you talked about it and came to a decision to see where it goes. So often normal adults just don't act like they're adults, much less human! Good luck! If nothing else, the guy is at least mature enough, interested, and sensitive! Kudos to you!
  15. I have not found my destiny or the man I am meant to be with.. but just because you don't see something..doesn't mean it's not there.. somwhere Bethy Gosh dang it, Bethy! I LOVE you! (TNLW, of course!) That is the greatest sentiment ever! I hear you girls! I've dated, (not extensively, but still dated), and I always seem to attract men that I'm not attracted to! Whether they're 14 or 45, or they're the biggest nerds you've ever seen that are incapable of normal social interaction, I attract them. I've been told that I just don't recognize when a normal guy is attracted, but that's besides the point. They look, but they never come up and talk! So in general, I've gotten used to being the assertive one (doesn't that suck!?). But Abrock, I think it's one of those universal laws of nature...you're trying to sashay by Mr. Hottie, and his goofy friend is the one that notices. Why why WHY? That, and the friendship thing. I have unfortuntely ruined enough friendships that I've come to the conclusion that dating friends doesn't work. There have been at least three guys that were friends in high school that now happen by 6 years later and ask me out. Gaaaaa! It just gets frustrating waiting for the right man to appear! When you're so used to Mr. Wrong, you wonder if you'll recognize Mr. Right...... Ya know? Love ya's... Oh, and sometimes laughing while you kiss is enjoyable if you're both laughing! And "cute" isn't a death sentence, but unfortunately it's a far cry from "beautiful" and "sexy"! Men! Jen
  16. Hey girl! Ok, time to spill. Listen, I graduated college with a hard-earned 3.25 CGPA. But I DID fail a class. And I got plenty of Cs (I think a D too, but I can't remember). I started out as a psychology major, but in the first semester of my sophomore year, I decided to go with Biology. I liked it, but it was friggin' hard! So I took physics. I took calculus. I took chemistry, A & P, and all the other crap science classes. But my undoing was Organic Chemistry. It ate a hole in my life. Not to mention the lab part of it, that took hours in class and hours out of class to get ready. Plus I was taking a regular load of science classes and labs at the same time. So it came down to a decision - fail O chem and take it again, or fail everything. So I got past Vertebrate Physiology with a C and physics with a B, but I failed the chemistry. It sucked. A LOT! I started college as an honors student, I was in the top ten percent in high school. I knew that I was in class among some of the smartest students in the University, but this class (with a crappy teacher), was just too much. So I took my lumps, and I went back and took it again, followed by another hellish semester of Organic to graduate. I managed a B and a C the second time around, and I've never worked so hard. I heard all of the advice that you did...including "get a tutor" from my parents...and "just concentrate". It still sucks, and most people don't know what it's like to consider yourself smart and yet be failing a class. So don't doubt yourself, don't doubt your intellect. Sometimes it's a teacher or extenuating circumstances, or just that you're overloaded. Just hang in there girl! You can do it! I just had to decide that there were a lot of things in life that were tough, but that THIS thing, (damn organic chemistry!!!!!) was NOT going to beat me. Good luck! Jen
  17. Are you serious? What a major turd. I mean, yeah, they probably should have known, but still, that deserves a beat-down from the GALS!!!! Some people... Oh well....all I've really got to say is "karma"......believe me, it'll come back to bite him! Thanks for posting this Swan!
  18. Yeah... know what? the WORST part of this is that some of the young-gerry pics remind me of my first "real" boyfriend.... KICKING SELF repeatedly........
  19. Ladies, Just wanted to drop you a note.... Whoever (and it was probably a collaboration, as usual you brilliant mods) thought of this, you are fabulous!!!!!! As a theater person myself, I'm always up for supporting the arts, especially local, small-time theater, as they usually need the money the most and their budgets are insanely small with HUGE operating expenses. You never realize how much money it takes to do a show until you know a producer or director (or are one, bless their souls). But you've outdone yourselves! Not only is it theater, but it's Scottish too, AND it's kids, AND, to top it off, it was one of Gerry's early theater influences that lead us to our appreciation. Does it get any better? I'm donating today! Thanks so much! Hopefully we can make some kids very happy and inspire them for life, I know it really touched my life and the lives of so many others! I've been proud to be a GALS girl before, but with this and the site improvements and the latest POTO site, really, I could not be more impressed! Love you all, Jen
  20. Hey ladies... There are a ton of Scottish websites, but here are some of my favorites... albanach.org (and the Scottish Tartans Museum of NC link is on there too!) Actually the guy with the long blond hair in the kilt is a friend of my familys'.... and the best scottish site EVER....http://scotwebstore.com/index.html I LOVE this site! You can buy tartan, find family tartan, find jewelry, period dress, accessories, gifts...EVERYTHING! Gotta love that! Jen
  21. Sonofa.... No FRIGGIN' WAY! Man, I have said it before and I'll say it again....if I have to, I'll organize funding for this baby! G, you just say the word man. I have suggested G singing some songs on a CD for charity, but maybe he could doit for Burns. Or we Tarts could have massive, worldwide bakesales. Or, as previously suggested, one of us could take one for the team and seduce either Donald Trump, Bill Gates, or Ted Turner. And also, if we're acting in Burns for free, can I get to be one of Burn's (G's) other women? We all know he was a bit of a nympho, and I'm totally willing....no stunt double necessary!
  22. Um... Ok, I heart this idea!:inlove: It's lovely! Never realized I was such a lazy biatch, but it's kinda like when you get a bar with one of those beepy-thingies on your keys that unlocks your doors...you realize that you can never again live without it!!!! And then you shake your head because you have become the ultimate slacker....but you like it! Thanks! Jen
  23. 1. OMFB! Ok, first of all, should I have known we were sending a calendar to Gerry.....either I would have submitted a different pic (one that I didn't spend seventeen hours editing because I am a photo MORON), or I would have had MUCH more cleavage....and I'm the only friggin January! Gosh dang! 2. Holy crap.....still processing the thought...yeah, he'll think we're nuts, but he'll do that little high-pitched giggle that I think is so fabulous, and maybe shake his head and laugh. Awww..... 3. Dr. Em, I FRIGGIN LOVE your siggie. Oh G....wish you were in my stocking....
  24. Fabulous idea Susan! Market that puppy! And GALS everywhere get a free bottle, RIGHT?????? And an invite to Gerry's first Burberry Scot promo live.... But also, I kinda like... "3 A.M." Or possibly "Wool Tartan" or "Kilt - Regimental", or "Male Glory" or just "Gerry Himself" I could go for those.....(although at this point I think it's more CK...."Obsession" - the night one, of course!)
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