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  1. Girls, I was up visiting some other Tarts in Indiana, and we came up with a fab idea for Burns fundraising.... Since Gerry probably won't sing again in a movie and we're desperate for more of his hot voice, we thought that he should do a CD. Just cover some other songs and do some Scottish folk and some that he just really likes. All the Tarts would pay for that! Come on girls...we need to start a campaign! Even if they only charged $15 per CD, there are over 8000 Tarts...soon to be 10,000! So if 8000 Tarts (not even counting any other customers here) bought a CD, that's $120,000. Sure, that doesn't include costs, but I'd pay more than $15 for a Gerry CD. Whaddaya think? Jen
  2. Girls! If you're reading this (~1:23am EST), Gerry's in an online press conference! Click the link ladies! http://www.rogerstelevision.com/option.asp...rid=9&tid=12816 Love ya, Jen
  3. Congratulations! GALS is a hard thing to describe to most people, let alone our Gerry. But your description was fabulous! Keep it up! Jen
  4. Explaining GALS.....damn near impossible, but here's my attempt! Gerry, Hi babe! Listen, the short of it is that GALS stands for "Gerry Addicted Lust Syndrome". I'm not going to beat around the bush (go ahead and giggle....I did...that's a terrible double entendre), I'm just going to give you the dope. Because you can handle it, because you'll get a laugh, you'll be a little embarrassed, but flattered. Hell, what man wouldn't be? And god bless you, you're all man, we know! But it's the long part is really what makes it worthwhile. GALS was started at gb.net, as you may or may not know. We love the place, we frequent it, we post there, we're full-throttle Tarts. But there are a few things that set us aside from your garden-variety Tart. First, we're extra horny. We can't help it. We'd ALL like to be doing what Christine is doing with you in this manipulation http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a310/sta...inemanip3jp.jpg And we'd like it a LOT. All of us. Repeatedly. We think you'll understand, because you tend that way yourself sometimes....don't deny it, we've got the evidence. For example, this look: http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a310/sta...n/dirtylook.jpg Secondly, not only do we know the above fact, but we LIKE it. We relish checking out hot pics of you. We do it whenever we get a chance. Really, can you blame us with pictures like this? http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a310/sta...anjen/kinks.jpg Thirdly, we're open, honest, and kind. We are a tight-knit group, and we've come to feel like the other women here are sisters. The amount of creativity, intelligence, acceptance, and generosity here are astounding. I'm not sure how, but occasionally our shared lust for you brings us understanding, deep thought, and sisterhood. Fourthly (mkay, I know I'm stretchin' it with fourthly, just go with it), we talk about things that gb.net can't or won't. Why? Well, mainly because we can. Because while we respect the boundaries of that site, we don't necessarily think that they're vital to our self-expression here. We remain incredibly respectful. We are incredibly impressed by you, your personality, your career, etc. We cannot say that enough. But we are also blessed with fabulous senses of humor, and we like to use them. Again, we know you'd approve.... http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a310/sta...05Cleveland.jpg (We like to have our cake and eat it too!) So basically, we're the lusty lunatic fringe. We are one helluva lot of fun. If you were to hang out with all the subsets of Tarts out there, we know that after all that, you'd remember your time with us as one of the most fun, yet crazy, experiences. So yeah, we're horndogs. Respectful horndogs. Fun, respectful, fabulous,intelligent....horndogs.....sound familiar? Wink wink...... And we're proud of it! That's our story and we're sticking to it! We LOVE ya! I borrowed this sign from one of my more talented sisters, but here's a big fat welcome sign: http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a310/sta...en/galssign.jpg You know you love us, you just can't help it you big puppy dog, you! Hopefully you can forgive us for being so naughty, but if not, we'll gladly take what's coming.... Jen Stagewomanjen
  5. Gooooooood evening GALS! Just got back from a Tart gathering outside of Chicago in NW Indiana! Very fun! Crazy pictures from Black Opera Mask Tart (Kissed by the Butler at gb.net) and got to see Sporran's tits being signed in her album.... I just get back, and I got to check on Ethan and Charlotte, and there are 80 bazillion more posts! Hot hot HOT! And new emoticons! I have been missin' OUT girls! Sporran...just found out that I'm on the Burns day tour with you....so I'll meet you in Scotland! Woot! There is a rumor that the G man will be in the UK when we are because he's doing the Marlowe movie.....OMG I won't be able to stand it if it's true... :gerik: Anybody know when The Game Of Their Lives comes out on DVD? I'm DYING HERE! And B & G not premiering until 2006....gees!
  6. Girls! I just caught up with the last floor, and OMG! I cannot even deal! :Drool13: The kinky pics and suggestions of what to do to our Ger from the neck up made me want to combust and settle into a tiny pile of lusty ashes in my chair. Honestly, sometimes I think that there is something wrong with me because just looking at totally innocent (ok, well, it's Gerry, so they're not TOTALLY innocent...) pics of him can send me over the....uh....edge, so to speak..... And most normal guys have to try really hard. Why IS it that even the parts of usual guys that aren't hot (lil extra fat, the belly, the moobies, chnuzzle) are so FRIGGIN smokin' on Gerry? :Devious: Also, just side notes, Sarah, I friggin LOVE that purple dino spanking avatar of yours. It's just so YOU! Bethy, my prayers are with you and your Mom. I usually don't pray myself, but there are some times when I make a special effort, and tonight I will for you. If you need to talk about it, we're all here for you. Lastly, why do all of these Black Jack pictures make me want Gerry's next role to be playing a pirate? Grrrrrr! Aye, Matey!
  7. Sporran... I was checking on the "personal stories" thing...you've got video of you and the Ger? Where did ya post it, woman? I've just GOT to see him squeezing your girls! Hahahaha!
  8. OMG! Honestly Sarah, it might be nice to give the man some warning...."Ger, go right ahead and touch them, but I swear, if you graze a nipple, I will NOT be responsible for what I do to you after that....." I certainly know what I'd do....I'd just offer to make him less embarrassed...we could trade...he can grab a tit if I can cup Billy...... :angel1:
  9. Bethy! BIG hugs to you for the beautiful card that you made and all the work that you're doing for us! You are one lovely GAL! :You_Rock: :yippee: :sunny: :Pretty: :lips: Sporran...I'm SO excited to know that you'll be in Glasgow too. Yup, we're gonna freeze our proverbial nuts off, but I'm not too worried, it's gonna be WORTH it! And LOVELY T shirt ideas! I SO want a "GALS night out" one! My heart goes out to anybody getting hit by Katrina...be safe everyone! And for whoever added this sign, I am SO not worthy! You are the woman! I love it ~> :blinkiewhore:
  10. Sporran! Thanks SO much! I LOVE ya for the suggestions! :high5: Woohoo! Now we brunettes will have some options for Bethy! Are any of you GALS going to Glasgow? I couldn't get into the convention, but hopefully I'm calling tomorrow to book the hotel. Hopefully some more of the tours will open up, but I'm excited anyway! :Waving4: :Devious:
  11. Mkay, Ideas for the men's T-shirts: 1. "Can't help loving that GAL of mine" 2. "Official GALS Pal" 3. "My wife is a GALS Tart"....followed by either "Thanks a LOT Gerry!" or "You say that like it's a BAD thing!" 4. "I AM the Phantom of the Opera!" :gerik: 5. "I wish my name was Gerry....." 6. "Wanna look under MY kilt?" or "I carry a big sword" :Moon: 7. "Who the HELL is Billy?" :SHOCKED: Personally I'm partial to #2 and #6-7 There ya go girls! :above: Enjoy! Jen
  12. *****Sarah makes a break for the door with a four-foot Gerry pic..... Cripes girl! If we have to bail you out of Japanese prison....we're gonna have to sell ALOT of the cafepress stuff! :Waving4: Anyway....Bethy.....how would a girl get to SLEEP lookin' at that all night? And not that our poor Ger doensn't look dead sexy, (duh), but the man looks a tad sleepy in that second pic. Like he needs some quality snuggle time with me! Oh wait....maybe after..... :Devious: :Pervert:
  13. Hello girlies! Hope that the group of you had a kick-a*s time in Vegas! Can't wait until the whole group of us descend on the town and rock it! Sarah....noticed a few days ago and wanted to say that your new siggie is beautiful. As for the trading cards...having the worst time deciding. I was thinking Angelina Jolie, but as she's taken, I need some suggestions for a sexy, sassy, brunette celeb. Maybe Sandra Bullock? She's a little cute though....need someone with a bit of attitude! LOVE the new smilies! I mean, I can't help but love the old stand-by ones, like so , but still, the new ones are faboo! :albert: :SmileNose: :drunk:
  14. Holy moly! I almost fell OVER when I realized that nobody has posted for two days. What the heck is up? I mean, sure, the buttons are in German (makes me want to go into a rousing version of "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt...."). Anyway, Stef, I was just watching the new avatar in your siggy, and you can actually SEE Ger singing "fire, oh, come on baby, light my fire, oh, try to set the night on, FIIIII-RRREEEE!" How friggin COOL! Hope all you girls are well and being naughty! Trading cards....what next? Just put in my cafepress order...can't WAIT to get my stuff! GALS gals and more GALS for me! Woohoo! :good: Jen
  15. Yeah...I gotta disagree.....Erik would punjab-lasso Marek's a*s..... :gerik: And Attila would definitely beat Marek! Drac wins too! Hello...big pointy teeth! And superhuman strength! And Beowulf...he fought a huge monster! Yup! Now, on to the real matter at hand: the guy from Please or the guy from JOTS? The Please guy was mentally unstable enough to carry around a loaded gun....but JOTS dude did hump a camel....... :gg1: I dunno..... Or Lady Claire vs. Mary from D2K.....I'm thinking Lady Claire...because she's more tomboy and Mary might resort to slap-fighting and hair pulling....
  16. It's either Gerry or Jesus.... Maybe you should put that pic on ebay?
  17. Yo girlies! I'm BAAAACK! Ok, so I had to go to a wedding in Gatlinburg (I was singing in it), and I've been away for 5 days. SEVERE email and Gerry and GALS withdrawal........... But I have at least partially caught up! You ladies have been BUSY! Congrats on the newest award! Abrock, that was one of the most righteous rants I have read in a LONG time! I hear you girl! I absolutely agree. Gerry isn't the sort that would compromise on his performance just to sell tickets, and that's one of the things I love the most. He just gives it his absolute ALL and you can't ask for more. It was moving, even if it wasn't musically perfect. My voice teacher commented on that the other day. She said he was a wonderful actor, and he has a beautiful tenor, but that she hated how they let him growl and distort his voice. I had to disagree, of course.... :hissy: But anyway, lovin' the new floor! Nade, LOVE your new avatar and siggy! Oh camel, camel, camel...... :hump1: :beatnik:
  18. Well, listen ladies, I'm not here to ruffle feathers, but Gerry is actually coming to Pig's Knuckle, Ohio.......for ME! And how do I know this? FATE! In the POTO companion book, there's a tiny pic with his head (Phantom style) in the cemetary, and the clapboard to the left of him has my birthday on it! IT'S a SIGN! I swear! Woohoo! Does that make me an honorary soulmate?
  19. OMG! Crucified upside-down? Now THAT sucks. :angry: I HATE it when Gerry dies in the movies! But if the previous talk about hot, sweaty, scantily clad (or buff in the buff....LOL Sarah! Spontaneous human combusion will be my fate if he's nekkid!) Gerry are correct, then I'll just have to drool thourgh the movie and cry at the end, kinda like POTO and DF. And Dracula....and Attila.... Wait.....is there a trend here? :huh:
  20. stagewomanjen


    Oh NO not the moobies and tummy. I love the moobies and the tummy. :cry: :cry: :cry: But hurray for the muscles and the 'King' outfit :gg2: Indeed....I too shall miss the moobies especially. And if the chnuzzle ever goes, it will be a crime against humanity. But I think you're right Sporran....chnuzzle never quite goes away until you're about two pounds...and I need to see Gerry with some meat (OMG....Gerry....meat......naughty giggle. Meat...hahahahaha!)But I guess if he HAS to loose the extra poundage, if he's doing it for the right reasons (allowing us to see all of his gloriousness in a toga or otherwise scantily clad), then I guess I'll allow it! I love how he's never WAY skinny like some of the other stars. I hate it when a man is gangly! He needs some mass! (Oh, how I'd like to touch THAT mass!) And yeah, there are a TON of us who'd like to get with him! :hump1: But honestly, he probably doesn't mind, because if he had the chance (and the necessary stamina), he probably wouldn't mind gettin' with US if ya know what I mean..... :stripping:
  21. I saw that story yesterday too! I almost fell out of my chair. But apparently they either haven't decided on a new Bond or they haven't signed him, because otherwise they'd have already broadcast that. Maybe in talks still? But it makes you think that they're pretty sure that they can get someone good, because I doubt they'd have let Pierce go. He's hot, but I'm ready for new Bond goodness. Oh Gerry....I know the role's not especially emotional or challenging, but you'd look SO hot in a suit going "Shaken, not stirred". But I'm a little glad that isn't really excited to do it. I guess it's kinda two-dimensional for Gerry. I'd MUCH rather see him doing quality stuff like DF and POTO and B&G and the new Burns and 300 than Bond. But alas....a girl can dream.
  22. I second THAT!Why does that pic always make me want to chew on his ear? Anybody else get the urge to do that? (Ok, ok, so ya get the urge to do more than that too....I know what y'all were thinking! I love my GALS ladies...you do my naughty dirty little heart proud!)
  23. I think we single GALS have got one of two choices:1. Marry flat Gerry en-masse.....(unfortunately while I know he's beautiful, I hear he doesn't put out.....dang those nasty cardboard cuts!) 2. Go to see the male strippers in Vegas...I hear the Thunder Down Under is a good show..... :good: :sexy: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!
  24. Woah! Where do YOU work?Nah...in all seriousness, my latest job is nice because I do get at least SOME respect from my boss, although I have tons of horror stories about the craziness at my first job...no respect, no pay.....gotta love it! Gerry with helium voice? Hilarious! What I'd give to pump him full of He and hear him sing "Light my fire" THEN!
  25. Well, ok...do you want what I'd ACTUALLY say, or what I'd THINK about saying? Actual: Hi babe....you're fabulous. I came here to ask you out....you free tonight? Along with wink and naughty girl look.... Fantasy: Either...."So listen, I've always wondered...who was better? Angelina or the camel?" or maybe "So I'm a scientist, and I've got to test a theory...the GALS Tarts think that you're rather well-endowed....care to experiment?"
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