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  1. Bethy, Stef,I hear you! I'm 24, from Ohio, and I've never been west of St. Louis. Maybe it's a midwestern thing? But also, the big deal is that I've NEVER FLOWN! I'm sure I'll love it, and I'm not gonna miss my GALS just because of that, but I'm game for meeting any of us Eastern/midwestern girls at a centrally-located airport and flying together maybe.... Or if y'all have a connecting flight or layover through either the CVG (Covington, Greater Cincinnati Airport), the Dayton OH airport, Columbus, OH airport, or the Louisville, KY airport, then I can meet you there. Anyway, just my thought....thank goodness there is a den mother! We love ya Dr. Em! (And Sporran! You don't have to be the grandmother! We young-uns can have two mommies!) Good idea girls! Jen
  2. OMG! I feel your pain ladies! A bunch of my single friends went clubbing last night, and aside from getting slightly molested by some of the rather eager men there, the worst part was that THEY didn't turn me on, but the idea that Gerry would show up and start dancing with me like the current man I was dancing with nearly made me fall to the floor (side note....yeah, my feet hurt anyway from those damn sexy heels I was wearing, and I might have had a drink or two...) but still, my knees almost gave out. Poor guy...little did he know I was replacing his bod with the Ger's....and then imagining his stubble..... :kisses: I need to stop right there...gettin a little hot and I'm only TYPING this time! But that song "I can be your hero baby" is the younger Iglesias...Enrique I think! And I do the same thing when I hear songs like that. Granted, I'm only 24, so it's a bit more usual for me to be a raging pot of hormones, but still...in general I can control myself..... Oh well. It's not like I don't LIKE IT! Just part of the GALS!
  3. The Ger:DAMN those GALS Tarts are HOT! GALS Tarts: Oh Gerry....honey....watch out for the.... *crash! splat!* :hit: GALS Tarts: Pole! *100 women rushing over at the speed of light* GALS Tarts: Can we help ya? Poor baby! Someone call 911! Someone take his temperature! Someone hold his head! Someone rip off his clothes, STAT!...we need to check for a pulse! The Ger: No, mah lovely GALS, I'm fieeene! Just help me up, weeel yew? GALS Tarts: We're just trying to be safe, Gerry.....*collective naughty giggle....then collective grabbing of clothes....RIP!* *100 simultaneous Gerrygasms....* :hump1: :boner:
  4. Ok.... probably a bit of a computer-idiot...but finally got it to work. That is SO heartbreaking. Makes you want to just cry your eyes out. So sad, then so happy, then so sad again. Gerry truly makes you believe it, even when you're watching through crappy resolution and a tiny screen and crappy sound to boot. Every time I think I have accepted the fact that he can get to my emotions like no other actor, I find myself surprised when he moves me AGAIN! Bravo Ger! But next time, no guns! Yikes! (and if ya need someone to talk to you THAT badly, there are a bunch of us GALS Tarts who would oblige!)
  5. OMG I can't see a damn thing! I keep just getting the friggin commercials. I am about to implode! Grrrr!
  6. Now THAT is the funniest thing ever. Not that I thought Scots were prudes...but Burns was just talkin' 'bout 9 inches.... Sigh....if I ever get to Scotland, they should warn the local men first! Muahahahaha! :eye: :good: :scotflag:
  7. Well....maybe not on the superficial level....there we're just the horny giggling sort... :lusty: But down deep, us GALS Tarts are very respectful. We respect each other all the time...as mentioned before, we never have "fights", and any small usual problems that we have result from us being so nice and accomodating to one another that we're tripping over ourselves. And I LOVE that. :good: And though we're usually expressing our Ger-love and dedication by offering to remove his clothing , we do respect the man. Admit it already. You know it!
  8. What IS it about MOTN? I love PONR too, but MOTN is absolutely fabulous for a billion different reasons. Firstly, you can see Gerry himself coming through a bit more in that song. You can see his vulnerability, his yearning for love. You can see the Phantom's obsession, but at the same time absolute trust and abandon. It's like when you're in love, and you are at the scary part when you just realize it. When you are scared to let down all of your guards, but know that it has to be done. You can see a sensuality, a tenderness. His voice seems controlled, but the raw emotion that pours through him just sort of takes over and you find yourself watching and believing, feeling exactly what he is feeling. Part of the genius of the song is ALW's music composition, and the lyrics guy (I forget his name...gees!). It's like you just can't help but to take his advice and "abandon your defenses" and you let yourself be taken into the fantasy. It is intimate, yet exhilarating, freeing somehow. Even though you know the Phantom is playing on Christine's Daddy issues (if you haven't read Phantom in 15 minutes, you absolutely should!) and her naievete, he makes her feel loved, special, safe, desired. The song is basically a plea for his love to be returned. He's putting his whole soul out there in front of her because he knows no other way. SO much better than the games most people play. Innocent, yet provocative... Ok, so now I'm rambling....dang MOTN has me all worked up!:boner: Jen
  9. Hmm..... Although I would certainly line up for the snog booth, date auction, and T-shirt sales, I'm seriously doubting that we'd be able to get the serious amount of dough needed for Burns...... So, in the spirit of "taking one for the team".....and since we Tarts with GALS are a dedicated, hard-core bunch, I know we are..... Who's up for trying to seduce The Donald? Yeah, I mean, he's absolutely frightening, and the comb-over is enough to make my left eye twitch and my skin crawl, but really...where else are we gonna get the dough.... Either the Donald, or maybe Ross Perot....or maybe the whole Anna Nicole Smith thing would work....90 year old billionaire husband..... Ah well....any other ideas? Jen
  10. Alright, I'm just going to get it out of the way....I HEART you guys! :good: WAY too many fabulous thoughts to quote! I agree with Bethy...not leaving GB.net, I'm loyal, and I love both. No choosing necessary. But also agree with everyone who thinks that sometimes the controversy over there can be a bit much. :huh: Agree with Sarah...people are going to discuss his personal life. Period. It's just gonna happen. And it's natural. As long as we're not rude and we respect him (we're only doing this because we love ya Ger), then it's fine. And yes, we ARE a respectful bunch. We are a caring group and we're trying to look out for the well-being of all...our members, our sisters, our friends, our mods, our Gerry.... :gerik: Yeah, he's a grown man, but most of us are grown as well. From time to time, even we ADULTS need and want some other opinions on our lives. Advice can sometimes be a huge pain in our butts, but it's ours to take or leave in the end. So yeah Ger, we know you're sick of it, but smoking kills...and we'd rather have you around (and I'm taking a wild guess that your family, friends, and massive list of ladies to date would too)! Anyway, besides that, I'm so glad I'm here AND there. This group isn't something outside or something to be ashamed of. It's just that people find each other and appreciate each other. Like living on Earth AND living in the U.S....and yet somehow THAT seems to work out! But anyway, you all are geniuses! Woohoo! Jen
  11. Faking best Croc Hunter Aussie accent....Donning most unflattering cargo khakis EVER to be made and HUGE hiking boots....Slightly disheveling hair and adopting a half-crazed smile...."Crickey...E's a beaut! Glad we got 'im 'eld tight 'ere....they can be right nasty when they're cornered!" But that is a beautiful picture, and yes, it would kick butt on a T shirt....or possibly a thong.... Muhahaha! :bat2: :brows:
  12. Ok, well, I'm with you on the book thing. Just because someone has the misfortune to read something with a summary like that doesn't mean I have to....Did NOT sound like my normal read... Oh well. As for the wedgie, I'm gonna have to disagree. TOO CUTE! I mean, I know everybody gets them, but it's nice to see him getting some normal time. Just hanging out. (Although someone on gb.net was talking about how you'd react if Ger ever purposely pulled a dutch oven stunt :huh: ...I'm not THAT sick...THAT is NOT cute...I'd have to beat him up!) :box: Ok, well, off to bed for me! (And just as a sidenote...I just saw the emoticon with the peeing monkey...what the heck?!? Although the Spanish Inquisition one ROCKS!) Jen
  13. Yeah, but he'd probably be WAY less chaffed (oh the horror! Poor Billy!) if he kept to the suits....
  14. Hmmmmm....Yeah, assuming that everything worked out (how could Gerry NOT like me? LOL!), I have to disagree. Although friendship was my first thought, I think I'd actually go for the short romance. Because: 1. Ya never know what "short" really means (puns intended ) 2. As Gerry has said, his past girlfriends are usually his friends after the initial pissed-off breakup period :angry: 3. As much as I'd LOVE to be his friend, I would never be able to control myself. I'd always want more, and I've ruined one too many friendships that way to just think that I could hold it back. :hissy: But as for the pics...did we remove them? I can't see them.... But I don't believe he'd date anything quite so young. Although I was also having trouble believing that he was dating the woman who he was just in pics with (with the long curly hair), so who knows.
  15. And she must love the Tarts....And she must be strong enough not only to surrender herself to him, but to let him surrender HIMSELF too. And I hope she's young enough to have kids, cause we know he'd love them, and they'd be so stinkin' CUTE! And she's got to have a killer sense of humor and be down-to-earth and smart. [color=gray]*******But ENOUGH about me already! (Muhahahaha!)*******[/COLOR]
  16. Yeah, but we love ya anyways!(Probably because you beat us to the punch!) It is heartwarming to see Ger with a more normal-looking lady (the one with the big curly hair). The other one...welll........ :whatever: No comment. And yes, Semmsb...I was thinkin' the same thing about the sunscreen. Poor baby is getting burnt! And if that blonde lady doesn't want to help him out, then I'm standing first in line to assist him with the sunscreen rub-down.... (After that I'll probably need a hose-down....) :gg1:
  17. Oh the shame! Oh the horror..... :handsface: Hate to admit it but I was totally grooving to that....that's what happens when your formative years are during the 80s and early 90s. Well, that, and you can sing both "Ice Ice Baby" and the "Fresh Prince of Bel Aire" from memory....d'oh! :eye: But it's good to know that THIS is the lady they were talking about. I was reading the hubbub about the Italian stuff, and someone refered to an adult film star...and I was like...where? When? Would I recognize them? (Not that I'm a fan of the porn y'all....just that you never know....and darn it, I'm too damn curious for my own good). And then, (since I'm a GALS Tart and it's my duty) my thoughts went directly to....was Gerry in a movie with her? Being a good Tart dictates that I research, ya know :gg1: ....plus I wouldn't want to miss Billy's big debut....
  18. I guess the only thing that I'd add is sillyness/goofiness. I think that 's essential! Plus, it's so damn endearing! But maybe that falls under humor?
  19. Alright... Dang it, I sometimes hate that I'm really soft and gooey in the middle, but I AM. So despite my usual lusty and saracastic posting here, I'm gonna get this over with. My passion is theater, and singing. I was in every play and musical in high school. I got a scholarship in technical theater when I went to college. But due to creative differences with an insane Director of Theater and Fine Arts, I was momentarily stunted in my love. So I quit and changed my major (previously psychology) to Biology. I wanted something concrete and interesting. And I needed the extra time to study. So I graduated with that and got a job in a research lab. I had been working in the lab for about a year and a half when I saw POTO. I guess I really knew all along that I wanted to go back to theater, because every time I saw a good play or musical I would get really depressed. I was just squelching it because I thought that I was being silly. I thought that my dream was stupid and impossible, and everyone told me that I would be smart to stay with something stable that made good money. Well, after POTO, I couldn't get the movie or Gerry out of my head. His voice and his passionate performance just did something to me. I bought the soundtrack. I bought the movie. I looked him up on gb.net. But more than just his other movies, I found the personal stories. I found out that he was generous, kind, friggin hilarious, down to earth, a little wild. Had he just been hot, the obsession would have faded and died. But now I love the real man even more than all of his characters. But he also had another career. He wasn't classically trained as an actor or singer. His zest for life and passion were the impetus for me to seize my own. Because I was just kinda floating along. Doing my job. No hobbies. And then BAM! I started to realize that I would regret not following my heart. I came to the conclusion that improbable does NOT equal impossible. And honestly, I'm used to improbable odds. LOTS of things are improbable. So at 24 years old, I started ballet lessons. I went back to singing lessons. I got a head shot and put together a resume and started auditioning for community theater. AND I LOVE IT. The man moves me. Not only in this, but in my understanding of men. Not that I have never dated or had a boyfriend. But I realized what was missing. PASSION. I have always been picky, but Gerry gives me hope that there are other fabulous men out there like himself. Again, improbable...not impossible! So though he doesn't know me and might not ever meet me, I feel that I owe him thanks. And his incredible gift for acting never ceases to amaze me. If I can muster a tenth of his presence and emotional truth, I'll be one hell of an actress. And if I can live my life fully and be passionate about that, I'll have one hell of a good life. Thanks Ger! And thanks to my GALS Tarts too who keep me here and make me smile...or fan myself...depending!
  20. Well, to tell the truth I've always loved the UK. I have always had a thing for all things Celtic. Celtic mythology, Celtic jewelry (big rennaissance fair girl), Celtic music...and also Celtic MEN! I have always had a thing for Scottish men. The Irish and English and then the Aussies are right behind, but the Scots are the trump card. I don't know what it is. Partly the accent, partly the attitude I guess. Takes a pair of steel to wear a skirt (always wondered if woolen kilts itch terribly...but I'm allergic, so for me that's a BIG yes). Plus I LOVE Mike Meyer's Scottish skits (see I Think I Married An Axe Murderer, some of the pre-Austin Powers stuff, and Robin Williams Scottish/Golf skit....a bit of foul language in that last one...). But I LOVE that. Just makes Scotland better to know that Gerry (and Ewan too) hail from the country. Hopefully I'll get to sing some Celtic stuff in the near future....can't wait!
  21. Bethy, I know you feel this way about Gerry. I do too. But I just wanted to let you know that YOUR passion also inspires mine! :good: Gerry has been a catalyst for you (and me, and MANY others), and that is beautiful. When I saw him in Phantom, I knew that even though I ditched the theater to go into my steady (Biology) career, I had to get back to being true to myself. To really owning and living my life. No, Gerry didn't do the work for me. I DID. But his intensity, his passion, his talent...moved me. The knowledge that there was someone out there like him who had this gift but didn't go to acting school helped me to have faith in myself. It helped me to seize the opportunities that have been here all along but that I just hadn't seen. Basically if you don't believe in your dreams, then they'll never come true. They take TONS of work, but the hardest part is taking the leap that defies sanity and embraces the craziness. I found this quote today in my horoscope (and generally that's total :bs: ) "If anyone knows that dreams can come true, it's your realistic sign (Capricorn). And being realistic doesn't mean you don't dream -- only that when you do, you only invest your emotions into the most worthwhile dreams." So here's to you, Bethy , and here's to Gerry :gerik: , and here's to my other GALS Tarts :meeting: . Last weekend I was in my first movie. It was only a 7 minute film, and I was only in about 2 minutes of that with about three lines. But I was refered to as "talent". And I got to see for a few hours what Gerry probably does most of the time while he's shooting. And although there are probably only a few hundred people (they showed it on the big screen at a movie theater....WOOOT!) that will EVER see it, it gave me hope. And now I'm considering a talent agency and doing as much community theater as possible to get more experience. I too know what "not having the look" is like. But now I'm trying to lose weight and to maximize my talent so that although the rejection is still high, it won't be unbearable. So while I work at my day job and dream of doing something else, I'm just reminded that you're doing the same thing, and THAT INSPIRES ME! Jen
  22. Mkay.... So here's my deal with this whole thing.... Because all of us, and the Ger, and every other person we know IS actually human, we DO owe each other something. Nope, not an autograph or a snog or faithful daily worship (although that might be nice for a week or two)....we all owe each other just a few things. Basic decency. Meaning we should all put ourselves in each other's shoes to TRY and understand once in awhile. We owe each other love, kindness, and the occasional benefit of the doubt. Mainly, I think we owe each other forgiveness sometimes. As for that girl that posted about dating Gerry.....really, WTF? Come on now honey. I know I wouldn't appreciate it if MY exboyfriends decided to post about me! I have NO idea what was going through her head. If I ever dated His Gerryness (from Wayne's world...."Cha, and monkeys might fly out of my butt!"), I'd probably still be a Tart and read the posts, but I would NEVER post about anything that personal. The moment Gerry wanted to date means that he was willing to let himself be vulnerable with me, be a regular person. And to destroy that trust would break my heart, not to mention his. HOW would you live with that? Some people! Gees!
  23. Thank GOD SOMEBODY's being honest.I thought I was going to have to suck it up and be all "wow, what a lovely story. that is SO nice for you." that stuff makes me want to blow chunks.:cry: :ferret: (Oh, and also...how the HELL did we get one of these flashy dealies that says Ferret's ANUS? I friggin LOVE IT!) Yeah, I am glad for you. Really, I am. But I am also jealous. Full-on, spontaneous-human-combustion jealous. :*: Lucky Italian Tarts. They are ALREADY lucky...they live in Italy. Plus they get to eat pizza all the time. If I ate pizza all the time, I would not be skinny and hot and exotic, I would be a pasty American MOBY FRIGGIN DICK. :hissy: Anyway, I don't begrudge their meeting Gerry. I'd do the same thing. But I am a wee bit jealous. And Sporran, don't regret it, I'd absolutely let him sign my tits. Come on now. If they're not good for anything else, they're at least good for getting a laugh (and if I'm lucky hopefully a little squeeze) from Gerry. Ah well. If I ever meet him I'm gonna be just as envied. :tongue: Whachagonnado? And if I ever got more than a squeeze, I wouldn't post it, but I'd grin to myself thinking...hahaha...Gerry touched MY GOODS! Or possibly...I touched HIS GOODS.....ah...the possibilities!
  24. Absolutely!The man IS vulnerable. I think there is still a bit of the abandoned boy in him, but he has an incredible gift for letting his emotions flow through himself and touching us. You are LIVING the emotion with him. And although he sometimes seems a bit overconfident, there's something uncertain there too. I can't really describe it either. Not adequately at least. And he DOES give me faith in men. I have had enough male friends to know that there ARE good men out there. Probably it's just that I'm not especially good at keeping them, or attracting them, or whatever. Despite the fact that there are a plethora (dang....I'm feeling literary today...plethora...that's right...I'm just like Gerry...he's got a HUGE....vocabulary!) of jerkwads out there, Gerry and a few others are a credit to their sex. They show us what a wonderful thing a wonderful man can be. I also feel that the man is sort of seeking to be known through his acting. He puts so much of himself in parts and takes pieces of the parts to himself. It is amazing to watch. He just relates so well. Maybe that's because he's sometimes the "loner" type. I dunno. Since I only know him through his acting, his interviews, and his Tarts, I can only speculate. But I do think that we can know him because he puts himself out there. It sometimes does scare me that he affects me so deeply. I can never really put my finger EXACTLY on why I'm so taken with him (cough-he'sHOT-cough), but he is the whole package (hahaha...package!). Maybe it's the fact that I just can't get the man out of my head....but either way, I'm loving my GALS! And lovin' you GALS! :good:
  25. OMFG Bethy!I swear, every time I try to write a reply, I gather my thoughts, type it out, and then it sounds like a big giant raspberry. And then I come back and read your post and think...."crapola! THAT's what I meant to say....". I don't know how you do it, but it's TRUE! Kinda true with Sarah too, but hers usually has more to do with the clothes-ripping-off stuff....not that any of the rest of us are slouches in THAT department.... :gg2:
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