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  1. Ok, well, Carimia, you totally called me on that one. Yeah, his outfits have nothing to do with the fact that I am a total Gerry-horndog :eye: . Oh well. C'est la vie, right? And sorry, but I DO kinda like that shirt on him. And WHO is that chic? Dang! I didn't think it would happen but it DID. Gerry is hugging a non-Tart that is kinda NORMAL looking. Usually they're unrealistically hot....oh, what an incredible tease! :wub: Yeah, I know who to book to jump out of Bethy's next birthday cake! :ponder:
  2. Oh HELL Yes!But also, he makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. Like I have no brain in my head....I just got my copy of DF last night, and I KNEW that it was in the box on the doorstep...and I started the nervous giggle. What the hell? Plus he gives me hope for the other men out there...and he makes me feel like I know more about the type of man I want.....Hello! HIM! Gees! :wub:
  3. Awww Bethy...Just one question...if you ever GOT "THE" bracelet...what would you do with it? If it were me? Well...I'd request the use of a different...shall we say....article....worn a bit lower....also from those other pics a fair bit larger..... SCHWING!
  4. Shoot Bethy... I was thinkin' something similar. I mean, in my opinion, that suit is HORRIBLE. He looks SO much better in jeans, a t and a leather jacket. But come on now....would ANY of us turn that man away, albeit even WITH the horrendous fashion faux pas? I think NOT! Although I absolutely do not authorize the use of cargo pants and a suit jacket, and that shirt with the flower (and ALL the buttons closed...sheesh...what's he DOING to us?!?), I can truthfully say that were he to show up in my general vicinity sporting ANY of these looks, I would not hesitate to molest him. Yep, he'd have to beat me off with a stick. :fry: A large one. And maybe some pepper spray and a huge body guard :hit: . But knowing Gerry, he wouldn't fight it, and probably, he'd LIKE it. Dirty naughty man. Oh how we love him! :wub: :gg1:
  5. *breaking own quoting rule*Oh My Fooking Butler! :hithead: Please God, let me get into that mans pants - just once! Just once....just once! Oh hell...who am I kidding? Although I'd live with once if I HAD to, we all know that NONE of us would be satisfied with once after THAT sort of experience. Especially when you take into consideration the pics in this post........ :wub: :gg1: :kinks: Oh Ger...... You know you want it! (Oh wait....or is that just me? Or does it even matter? Cause I want it enough for the both of us! Muhahahaha!) I LOVE these pics. But I think it's just habit....I love that one of him in the wicker chair. As soon as I saw it I KNEW it would be on this board. And it is a mystery to me how Emily Mortimer kept her hands off Gerry in DF....how hot is a guy who loves kids AND is smoking hot? Gaaaaaa..... :fry: Jen
  6. Damn!SOMEONE must have had a MUCH better pic of that than I could find...someone who spent more time looking that I did.....(cough-um....can I get that pic?-cough) Dimples? I think that's gonna require some close...um....inspection.....just to verify....for scientific purposes...of course....
  7. Hoooo! Well, I think for those of us with GALS (oh yeah, that's ALL of us here), we have to categorize... Favorite character that I'd like to date: Marek (cause he's hot and romantic and heroic) Favorite character that I'd like to boink: Toss up between every other role Gerry has played, and Marek of course, but Erik and Attila are high on the list (cause they're ALL Gerry!) Favorite character that should ABSOLUTELY shave his scary 'stache: Archie Brown Favorite character that created an instant Gerrygasm: Terry Sheridan (kissing scene...hello!) Favorite character that was simultaneously frightening AND hot: Phantom :tasty: Favorite character with pointy teeth: Dracula :vamp1: Favorite leather-clad slow-kissing mad-pouty-face-making good-guy under tough-guy exterior: the Stranger Etc etc etc. You know the drill!
  8. Katelyn D~ man I LOVE your sig! Not that it's got Gerry...I mean, yeah, that's a damn shame...but it's friggin hilarious! I loved LOTR anyway, even if our man WASN'T in it. And about the Gerryisms.... I am sorry Semmsb....I just can't stop laughing after the post about "moobies" and "mancakes". I almost fell off of my chair. Moobies. Damn. You guys slay me. I'll try to watch your vid, because I'm sure I missed some. Jen
  9. Hey Sporran.... I've just got one question.... Did he giggle when he signed them? I keep thinking that he would get that mischevious smile and giggle. But he'd still sign them! :blink: Ah well..... still thinkin about a name...not real sure, but I think I could be the antithesis of Abrock and go with a Kinks name....either that or maybe Gerry's GALS Pal..... Semmsb....dirty perv GAL....my GOD we're like twins from different mothers!
  10. Oh HELL yes!Amen to that front-of-pants comment Bethy! And Semmsb...honestly, I AM impressed with your prehensile butt-cheeks if you can grab his hand. You ARE the woman! "We're not worthy!" I'd just have to grab his and guide it down to a cheek....take a firm hold, dearie....Mama's not playin around anymore! SCHWING! :gg1:
  11. Damn new underoos...bunchin up in ma...."Tonya! Did these things come in the MAIL?" Giggles to self....while smiling and shaking head "NAUGHTY, naughty, sexy little GALS Tarts! Ah well, at least they're not thongs!" Getting a little weak just thinking about the alternative..... :gg1:
  12. OMG girls! The 4th of July has a special place in my heart. From the time I was about two, my family has been getting together with a group of families, generally about 5 or 6 families, so ~30 people. It started because all of our Dads went to high school together, but now all of their kids are old enough, and some of them are married and have kids of their own. (We kiddies...even though we're now adults, like to call ourselves the 2nd generation...a la Star Trek...). So we call ourselves "the 4th of July" group, or the "LaSalle gang" (they went to Catholic High school called "LaSalle"). So basically it's chaos , but we see each other every year and still love each other even though we're states away most of the year. Weddings are our usual hang-outs, but I always LOVE this time. Even though the older ones are married and having kids we are still crazy! It's lovely! So I'll be out for a few days, getting Gerry and GALS starved , but it'll be worth it! :wink: Later ladies! Jen
  13. Yeah.... It's a damn shame that "GRABIT" only refers to buttons... cough... But anyway, here are some links to my favorite button pics... http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a310/sta...en/hotgerry.jpg http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a310/sta...anjen/smile.bmp http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a310/sta...jen/smiling.jpg Hope that tides you lusty GALS over! Jen
  14. Probably POTO...because it was just really powerful and moving and it'll always be special to me. But DF, D2K, and Timeline are my other favs. And the rest...well....sorry to have to say it, but sometimes there are a couple that I can just barely watch except for the fact that our Ger is in them! Do tell how ya got One More Kiss Bethy! Only in America can we get everything else BUT Gerry's movies!
  15. So here it is! I know y'all (* for anyone who didn't know....Cincinnati is WAY too close to Kentucky...that y'all slips in there from time to time) have been wondering what that crazy Tart could possibly look like... So this is my new headshot for theater....(basically the best I'm gonna look anytime soon...) And yeah, it's all stretched...but I am SO lazy about that stuff, so we're all just gonna have to deal... If I didn't post that pic right....... Oh well! Here's the URL just in case....(like I said...LAZY!) http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a310/sta...derJennifer.jpg
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