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  1. OMFB! My hand flew up to volunteer so fast that I almost knocked myself out. Three little Scottish Gerry babies...yes please. And the giggle, AND the F-bomb. It doesn't get better than that (well, ok, it does, but I'll save that for the gutter...) Jen
  2. I think that both this "note" section within the "wall of attendees" with their pics, real first names, screennames, and maybe where they're from is an amazing idea! Excellent. I know I didn't eat a single breakfast in Vegas, but planned lunches would have been nice. Maybe not so much on the days of the convention, but on the days before and afterward, it would have been a nice option to have at least a place to meet so that we could head out and have a meal together. Absolutely! Heck, we're so close to the grand canyon, some of the desert parks, and Hoover Dam that we could maybe have some outings as well. Kudos and many thanks to the mods and organizers. You girls are fabulous! Jen
  3. Happy Birthday from Vegas, Gutter HO! Hope you get a spanking!!! Love ya! Jen

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  5. Hey girl!

    Happy Birthday, young thing!

  6. Chris!!! Pervin and I are your roomies. Ya think we'll be missing the Chippies? Um...NO! And we won't let you wander off by yourself when there's hot man meat to be oggled!!!!!!!!!!! I think we'd get thrown out of GALS for letting a lusty friend miss the men....it's against the code, dontcha know! But yeah, like there won't be the sound of giggling and dirty jokes for all of us to follow to the show... I'm so excited girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jen
  7. Yeah. Seriously. I think the only way that could have been more embarrassing is if my dress fell off, I tripped, and maybe something large landed on my head. What can I say? I'm a master of group sympathy. Knock on wood!
  8. Mine is still good as of today! Delta 1086 Coach (U) Confirmed Cincinnati, OH (CVG) 10:45am 7 Jun 2007 Atlanta, GA (ATL) 12:15pm - Seat 23E Delta 1247 Coach (U) Confirmed Atlanta, GA (ATL) 2:35pm 7 Jun 2007 Las Vegas, NV (LAS) 3:50pm - Seat 31D Delta 7653* Coach (U) Confirmed Las Vegas, NV (LAS) 9:15am 11 Jun 2007 Los Angeles, CA (LAX) 10:20am - Seat 6A Delta 1680 Coach (U) Confirmed Los Angeles, CA (LAX) 11:35am 11 Jun 2007 Cincinnati, OH (CVG) 6:56pm - Seat 30F Maybe they just switched flights for you Pat! Darn airlines! Jen
  9. Sweet! Just printed mine out - it'll be on its merry way to the Furcedes tomorrow! Woot! Vegas is just over a week away!!!!!!!!!!!! Jen
  10. Anything for you, my dear! And anything to see the hot pics of Gerry blown up to obscene (and totally droolworthy) proportions!
  11. Kimber ~ Is your flight landing at 3:30 pm or 3:50 pm? Just want to make sure I have the right time. Hey sorry ! They changed my itenerary...so I had to go back and look. I am definitely landing at 3:50!! Kimber, I'm coming in at 3:50 on Delta flight 1247. Are you too? We need to look for each other. They are not letting me pick out my seat until check-in, you too? Pat I am! I am! (On 1247, that is!) So actually I'll see you girls in Atlanta for the flight? But I'm all about getting a ride to the hotel together if you two are up for it! Almost a weeeeeeeeek! Jen
  12. Hi girls - I just heard today about this! I wasn't signed up to go, but I just wanted to throw in my support here. Dayna and Susan - bless you!!! I know this certainly isn't the only thing you've done for Vegas, and it's not your only worry. With all you do for this site and your fellow GALS, you're amazing. I know that you've both been very frustrated lately (well, ok, usually - poor things!), and it's just embarassing to have to go to your friends and ask them to change their plans so last-minute. I guarantee you, the Venetian management will hear about it. You should never have been put in this position. I know how hard it is for a theater troupe to go about changing dates, but this is honestly rude, disrespectful, inconsiderate, but mostly it's just plain unprofessional. Should they have moved dates with a month or so notice, I think people would have been more understanding. But kudos for the meet 'n greet with the cast (always a favorite part of mine, whether I'm in the cast or not) and the seats. They owe you all at least that. ALW should hear what goes on with his show! Love to you an all my GALS that are inconvenienced! All of us that are in town Sunday night will have to do something fabulous together! Jen
  13. Dang - for the Vanilla Mod, that was WAY easier than I'd have expected. What's it gonna take to get the JOTS pics? LOL! I know Men's Health is really picky, but uh...who doesn't want to see those HUGE? Can't wait, girlies!
  14. Hi all! I'm getting in on Thursday at 3:50pm (Delta). Can't FRIGGIN wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jen
  15. OMG...Susan not noticing Billy. What HAS the world come to!!! Dang, girls. This pic had me frozen and staring. Holy Smoked Sausage, Batman! Now I know why he likes to go to Starbucks and order a Venti so much... Was it only me that blushed and had a hard time looking at his face in this pic after seeing the rest? I'm not sure why I'd be embarrassed to look into his picture eyes after where I'd been staring, but still. And yeah, there are lots of us that are .net-ers as well. They do have about three fabulously funny threads all due to this pic...how could you not?!? Can somebody please make sure this pic ends up on the big projector screen during the pic slideshow in Vegas? What I wouldn't give to hear the whole-fan-crowd reaction to this pic all at once, LOL! (Like last year when everyone was watching and sighing. It was crazy to look back at the girls - their smiles or looks of lust coincided totally with what G pic was showing - hilarious!) Jen
  16. Not even touching that. No. Nope. Just can't. It's too easy... But I second the Western thing. That's why I was so bummed when Priest wasn't going to happen...
  17. Yikes! Ouch! I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love Superman, but even if Gerry wanted to play it, I would say no-not that I have anything to do with what Gerry wants to do. It doesn't matter to me that Gerry can play anything. Tights, glasses, cape, flying, which are hot and likeable, doesn't mean that Gerry would be the best pick. I still wouldn't want Gerry to play my beloved hero. Let someone else start their career on a cartoon hero. I'm laughing at all this, believe me....LOL! And I'm sure that we are going to hear more things out there. Just like Bond. I'm beginning to feel a bit of typecasting though. "We need a muscular guy who can yell," says the production company. "Gerard Butler! He's done it before and successfully." ~alice Ok - point granted. HeMan doesn't exactly show depth or range (Bond). Though I'd say it's more body casting than type casting, especially when he's committed to Burns (I'm still crossing my fingers for Therese Raquin - yelling, but plenty of lusty insanity too...). It does seem like there are a lot of cartoon and iconic badasses coming though. In that you may be correct. While Brad Pitt is certainly pretty, and honestly I think he's a decent actor (and probably fun to hang with), I just don't see him as the commanding and regal Master of the Universe, ya know? But G's got that I-can-yell-and-be-buff-but-still-be-Shakespearean-and-believable thing rocking... Heck, I'd have loved Priest. But that's how I roll. After PSILY (which isn't my sort of movie in general), I'm sure we'll see!
  18. You are the same age as my youngest sister, fancy that. She had some of the dolls too. Well, obviously I don't remember She-ra being related to He-man, as I was in High School at the time. But I'm sure I'm not the only adult who thought that they weren't family, not knowing the whole background. Anywhoo, I don't think Gerry should do it, but it's nice to know that Hollywood is thinking about him...and right under Brad Pitt. I can't see him going for another strenuous workout again. He mentioned he wants to do comedy and dark stuff, so that's what I want to see him do. Add some love scenes and baby, I'm there! ~alice At last! Someone that's actually watched it! ME TOO! I was born in '81 and was raised on He-Man and She-Ra. I had the dolls, I loved holding my fake sword above my head with both hands and yelling, "By the power of Grayskull, I am......(either He-Man or She-Ra)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" WoooT! Come on girls - does NO ONE remember how hot he was in leather panties? HeMan was just as buff (with a scary pageboy blonde haircut, ok ok...) but he wore itty bitty man panties too! And HeMan was just the powerful do-good-ing alter ego of Adam. In real tight stretchy pants and a chest-bearing vest. And he fought an evil dude named Skeletor and rode a green tiger. And had a little wizardy sidekick named Orcho. How can you go wrong there? LOL. Go for it, Gerry baby. I'm sure you'll be great, and you'll get to play my child hood hero and first crush! Yay for the rumor...oh the siggies I can sport now...the mind boggles!!!!!!!! Jen
  19. Oooh sweet! I'm in for another Vegas fundraiser and sending Gerry his much-deserved props! Woot! Jen
  20. My thoughts???? Well, in lieu of consulting my magib 8 ball, I'm going with the gut here. I think a big old no. Sorry, but that's my feeling. My advice - go to meet your GALS. I was there last year, and I can tell you with no hesitation and no embellishment - even before Gerry showed up (and I didn't think he would last year either - just goes to prove how much I know!) it was a blast meeting my GALS and other GB fans. I've been to the UK and CO .net Cons too (I'm a loyal Tart and GAL), and anytime that you get to see your girls is worth the trip! So go for your GALS and to have fun - you won't be disappointed, I promise! Jen
  21. Hey Bethy and Stef - Could you post the code with the Vegas link (and how to insert that in a sig) so that we can insert it in our own if we choose? I want Vegas in my sig, but I want other stuff in it too!!! And now that I have the right programs, I'm a bit addicted to messing around and making sigs (whenever I can get the free time)! Later ladies! Jen
  22. Heya Jen! I missed your post before now. I think we must have been posting at the same time that day and I left before I saw yours! Please don't tell me that you're thinking about NOT participating this year!! We NEED you and your talent! No themes or categories for the singers for right now. Did you have something in mind? Well, there are several themes that would work, but basically I was just looking for something that would narrow my choices. Broadway, love songs, art songs, pop (though I suck at it)...so many choices, so little time. Actually I was thinking about sitting this one out. There are so many new talents out there and I've already been heard. Plus I'm in a show that goes until mid-April and we're practicing every night, which doesn't leave much time for choosing and recording a song. But I might be able to pull something out of my butt...such is a performer's life, right? LOL. Are you singing something Song? And Swan? If all of us '06-ers are going.... Jen
  23. I do think the visuals had a LOT to do with the success. And I think the market analyst gurus at WB are amazing. The myspace thing, then the early TV trailers, and finally (though this article doesn't mention it, of course), I think that WB is one of the first to effectively pimp the ready-made fanbases. And while I do think that the GB fans were a large and strategic part (dude, 10,000 enthused women make for a helluva lot of word-of-mouth), I think they also played to the Frank Miller and Zach Snyder fans. (And maybe the other actors', who knows...). I don't know if this is going to be a trend that is repeated, but I think by welcoming, and wisely using, the fans by distributing info and pics and trailers was a wise, wise move. If more companies realize the goldmine that this sort of marketing is, then other movies with the gorgeous cinematography and acting talent that 300 had can make more at the box office. Jen
  24. Hiya, Jen! Just wondering...have ya ever gotten into a knock-down, drag-out fight with a "big golden drag queen?" Let me tell you from personal experience...it's about as scary a situation as you would EVER want to be in! (Don't ask me how I know. Suffice it to say there's not much I haven't done or seen in my 63 years!) I agree with you that's just what Xerxes looked like...and that's just why I found him profoundly evil and frightening. (NOT that I'm afraid of your average drag queen or at ALL homophobic. Just that when you see anyone that extreme, you know you need to tread softly and be vewy, vewy afraid!) I shivered every time Xerxes spoke. It definitely worked for me. Hugs, Marcia LOL. Ya know, I can't say that I have gotten into a fist fight with a drag queen. I guess if he were seven foot tall, I would be a bit scared. Hint for the drag queen: If you're gonna fight me, remove your facial piercings first, mkay? I'm not a physical fighter, but I'm going to forcibly remove your cheek rings if I have to!!!!!!!! I didn't shiver when he spoke. I guess it just didn't work for me. And his lips grossed me out when he was trembling. In real life, Rodrigo Santoro is cute (and I say cute because to me he's the pretty sort of hot instead of the highly masculine sort of hot like the G-man), but in the movie when he got hit by Leonidas' spear, it looked to me like he was going to squeeze out a tear or two, throw down his golden chain-ery in a hissy fit, wrinkle up his nose and squeal, "oh my god, you guys, he just totally messed up my lip ring! ugh!" and start a slap-fight. Still, though. I get your point. The lowering of his voice probably did a lot to help that. I guess I just saw him as trembling on the verge of impotence instead of on the verge of a maniacal killing spree. I just needed more manliness to offset the spartans, I suppose. I did love the scene when the Captain lost it over his son. Very nice. And I think the most touching scene, for me (as opposed to the scene with the most touching...LOL!) was the end where Leonidas was wounded, on the verge of tears, and dying, looking up at the sun through the rocks, and thinking of his Queen. AMAZING, Gerry. His slack face and the look in his eyes, his whole body language, was brain melting. Jen
  25. Oh My GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I saw it at the midnight showing last night. First of all, I have yet another thing to thank Zach Snyder for - a 95% male audience between the ages of 18-23. THANK YOU for the pre- and post-show amusements. Oh, and them being EXTREMELY vocal in the movie. I had to squelch myself because I went with my sisters (who already deem me in need of mental help, but they liked it anyway...). Anywho, good points: Gerry. Gerry. GERRY! Full back-all nudity in the moonlight! Mind-blowing, synapse-frying visual effects. The cinematography was truly a work of art. And not in a few shots, in every FRIGGIN shot. It was A-friggin-mazing! The music only served to help the cinematography, and together along with the emotional build-up of the actors, I fully believe that this was like a huge male orgasm. (Well, ok, for me too, figuratively). But it was just total sensory overload. Truthfully, I could have even seen a little more blood. (SOOOO much better than Sin City, which was gory, had a convoluted plot, and was just disturbing with no real cause...) Gerry was brilliant. Ordinarily I'm not a huge fan of "angry Gerry". But the man was complex, human, and freakin viscious as Leonidas. He WAS a lion. A lion that I'd like to know much, much more intimately. But I digress. His emotion without words (as usual) was fabulous. Honestly I wonder where he drew his anger from. But the man WAS the role. He gave his everything to it, and it was everything it should have been and more. I would have followed him. He has truly matured into an incredible artist with the presence of a King, and even injects a little humor. Lena was very, very good. When she gave that b*stard what he deserved I actually cheered. She is such a beauty, but she gives elegance, intelligence, and a regal quality to Gorgo that was very much needed. Had they hired some beautiful-but-brainless actress with no presence, it would have been laughable. The rest of the Spartans were great, especially the Captain and Stelios. The love scene - the way they used the punctuation by Gorgo's breaths was amazing. SO effective. And the moonlight plus the graphic nature and the moonlight were good. Ordinarily I'd have thought it was a little much, but if they hadn't shown so much (and again, thank you for G's gasp-worthy butt pose!), I think it would have been weak in comparison to the rest of the flick. Bad parts: The writing. Ok, I know it's a comic book and the writing is cheesy. I do. And I fully respect that lesser actors wouldn't have been able to pull ANY of the lines off at all without being cheesy. But still... The thrown-in weird-a** appeals to guys. Seriously, did we need the guy with sword-arms? Must the Immortals be creatures instead of men? Xerxes. I can't help it. He looks like a big golden drag queen. Santoro's acting was good. I felt it. But still, I almost laughed. How are you intimidated by someone with a feminine swagger and golden panties? I half expected him to flip a wrist and prance down his golden stairs. I know that's horribly, horribly stereotypical of me, and I've got gay friends that don't ever do that stuff, but gees. I also know that's what he looked like in the comic. But I think they over did it. The middle of the movie - got a little slow I know, I know, that's virtually impossible with the imagery. But in comparison with the beginning and end, it was a little long. And don't kick me out of fandom for this, but in the middle, it was almost a little too much of the Gerry Butler show. I liked Leonidas. Trust me, I like looking at Gerry for hours. But I could have done with a little more character development. Also, I think G's accent was still a little less-stifled than I thought it would be. And if I have to see one more Oracle nipple, I'll go into nipular overload and start seizing. Not that I can't deal with them, I can. Hell, I've got two. But I'm over it. And the Ephors were certainly quite effective as the nastiest, grossest old leprous dudes out there. Ick with a capital ICK! All together - FABULOUS. I'd see it again and again. Really, it took me awhile to compose my thoughts because I was so blown away. It was stunning in all senses. Not that I don't think it doesn't have weaknesses, but these are paltry and small in the final product. It is a work of art and I think it will endure. It's the sort that affects you deeply - the testosterone was palpable, and honestly I think I had a surge too, because when I left, I wanted to kick some arse or get laid (or both, as long as neither was gentle and cuddly). And when you get such strong feelings from a movie, well, that's the paragon of the art form. Nine and a half stars out of ten. Which I guess rounds up to ten. Jen
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