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  1. Absolutely. We'll still support you, G. Don't get us wrong, we love that you take the time. That's a major part of what brought most of us into your fan club(s). But everyone has limits, and we know that. We're adults. So dude, if you've reached yours, we won't respect or support you any less. The last thing we want to do is become a source of stress and annoyance instead of support, creativity, and friendship (to each other). That's not what we're here for. We love it when you come out blazing personality, wildness, and humor. We love your passion. But I know I personally wouldn't like a taste of your temper and would be absolutely mortified to know that I had ever done anything to incite it. We know that there's always that one or two in a group that go too far. Fan or not, we don't support that behavior, and neither do the admins of our sites. Thank you, and though I wasn't there, I apologize for whatever may have happened to distract from the good times. Keep kicking arse! We'll be here! Jen
  2. Amen GAL! Now, I wasn't there. I was in Vegas when Gerry came, and I know how I acted and how many others acted. I do think it was rather obvious that G wasn't having a lovely time. I don't know what caused that, I'm guessing it had something to do with missing his friends' get-together. But even if 99 of us are respectful, appropriate, and lovely, there's always that one. It's unfortunate that the rest of us get lumped in as obsessed fans, but it's a fact of life in a fan club. I think Gerry can see through this, but if I were him, it would make me think twice. The only thing we can do it conduct ourselves well and set good examples - if other fans see us acting well and take that as a hint, then our jobs are done. And if we happen to know someone that is acting badly, well, handle that as you will, as long as you handle it with respect. We're all adults. I have to say honestly that if I were in a crowd like that, I'd be drawn away. If Gerry is in a good mood and clearly enjoying things as much as we all are, then I'm all about the party. But if someone is clearly being put-upon, I wouldn't feel comfortable and would probably find myself moving away. Who wants to be the source of bad feelings where your friends and Gerry are involved? I'd rather not meet him in person than meet him once he's been thoroughly pissed off. Because while I do think he is mostly a patient, loving soul, everyone has their limits. And I'd rather not test them and see what happens when you've crossed the line with him. Conflict and confrontation are not my friends. Jen
  3. One of my friends sent an email that had the subject: "Pics found at GALS". When I opened it, I stared and then started laughing. My only thought, "God I love Gerry". Thank goodness he's the sort of guy that would be at a party blowing up a plastic sex doll. How hilarious is that???? Not posing, not groping a pierced plastic booby, just trying to blow it up. Not that he wouldn't do those first two (thank goodness he would), but it just cracked me up. Naughty man. I agree Schpot - if he were his own fan, he'd be a gutter GAL. The only way that I know you didn't send that to Gerry is because I know that you'd have included more interesting goodies, and in his present physical shape, he might have been modeling those too. (Oh - the pics!!!!!!!!!) That pic might have to be in my next GALS sig.... Jen
  4. Erm, yeah. I think y'all heard way more than enough last year. That was my snafu, darn it! And April is soon... Are there going to be categories for the singers? Or a theme? Yo....love to all my GALS! Jen
  5. Hmmm. I guess this is something that I've given a bit of thought to recently. Not just being an asset or liability professsionally - because I believe we're both in that arena. A large (and intense) fanbase is a huge asset when companies want to get the word out. I think WB is the first company to truly recognize exactly how potent we could be and that's why we've (fansites in general, not just GALS) been getting such quantities of primo info from them. However, I don't like the thought that we as fans could be used. (I don't think we are now, per se, but we are vulnerable in the future without caution). As a liability - well, some overzealous sorts of fans can certainly put a kink in things... As for G's personal life....again, I think we're both. I think G is pleased with the support that fans provide. I think he's tickled pink sometimes and amazed at the things we do. So happy Gerry professionally = happier Gerry personally. Men need support (ok, everyone does, but men somehow seem to need it more). I also think G gets more than a little amusement and ego boost from the legions of dedicated females. Plus he's said time and again that our creativity and intelligence are things that he values. But girlfriend-wise, it'd be a bit intimidating. Were I in her (nameless her to avoid speculation) place, I think I'd be ok with it. I'd love that people loved him and his work. And I do agree that any public figure's skin is thicker than we think it is. Hell, I don't even care what everyone thinks of me. Honestly, though. People judge people. That's life. People judge all of us - by looks, by posts, by everything we do. In truth I don't think that's all bad - that's how we make friends too. I am ok with being judged on how I look and the things that I say and do. Because if people aren't smart enough to look past their first impressions when they get more information about me, then I probably don't need to be around them anyway. So I don't think it'd be a genuinely human experience if we didn't look at Gerry's consorts (male, female, whatever) and Gerry himself without a bit of impression - good or bad. That said, we do need to temper our reactions. It's a public board. Think the situation over, then post. Thou shalt not post in anger. Jen
  6. Listen ladies, If Gerry rubbed my lamp the right way, he wouldn't get his wishes for about three days. Then, bedraggled and sexually exhausted, he'd have to whisper his wishes....(and to be truthful, I'd give him three, and then make about a thousand more come true...after his recovery, of course!) Anywho - 1. Sucessfully quit smoking. And never be temped again. 2. Work really hard for the best, most satisfying roles that he's always wanted, minus the fame crapola and papparazzi. 3. Realize and appreciate all the good he's done, the good he will do, and the good he has. (Basically find balance). He's got a lot of love, but if he is happy with himself, the love (or loves) of his life will come. (Giggling at the pun). ***And if he were my genie and I rubbed his lamp the right way, there'd be no wishes necessary! Jen
  7. Sounds fabulous Susan! I'm sending mine right now! Does this mean there'll be another SYT outing in Glasgow in July/August? Jen
  8. Hey all! Long time no-post in the support center, but I saw today that we are OVER 3000 members and I just had to post! Woooofrigginhoooooo!!!! We kick arse! Yay for the GALS goodness spreading through the world! I've been all around - got a new part as a Nun in The Sound of Music. It's my first paid gig in theater (been paid for a commercial or two), so I'm thrilled. I'm officially a paid actress. And I've been squeezing in classes and such (had one last week with a woman who's taught some big actors), along with the day job and helping with small news at .net and everything else... The snow and ice are insane here, but I do miss my GALS and I can't stinking wait for Vegas! Good luck, good vibes, and many hugs to all of my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there, I love ya! Jen
  9. Spot, babe, I don't think it's just BM that's making you feel that way. Liturally I am a bit horrified for him. I knew he had some problems, but I just wanted to cry a bit. The big lug just seems like he's running around with his head cut off - stress from every side. Sounds like he's looking for a solution, but really what he's lacking is being "centered". I hope a good dose of down time and support from his friends and family can help him find a better way, because the way he talks it's taking its toll. I've seen it happen that genius and passion like his burns itself out...maybe the man needs some meditation and yoga classes. I'm not usually the mothering type, but it tears me apart. Be gentle with yourself, G! The support is here, your family loves you, so take your own advice and take some time to recover!!! Namaste! Jen
  10. My GOD that woman is beautiful! To say nothing of the man next to her. But still, uh, who screwed up? Is the guy not supposed to match his tie to her dress? Gees Ger...where's the fashion sense, man? Where??? Not that the blue isn't lovely. Not that I'd pass up a date because you didn't have a peach/tangerine tie to match, but still. Next GALS gift - color-coordinating ties!!!! LOL. (Kudos to Bianca - have a good enough time for all of us, mmmkay?) Jen
  11. Hello girls! Happy New Year... Risa - Hope you had fun anyway. If he doesn't think it'll work, he's not worth it. He'd be crazy not to be with you - you're full of spunk, spirit, one of the kindest hearts I know, and to top it off you're amazingly cute!!!! Anyway, saw some pics and couldn't resist... Hey guys....does my breath stink? Damn onions! Is he serious? Don't make a face, don't make a face... Em, maybe just a little. Oh my GOD! That just singed my nosehair. Are my eyebrows still on? Don't breathe, DON'T BREATHE!!!! Oh yeah man. Oh yeah. BIG time. That fookin smells. Shite. That's not right. REALLY? (Sniffle) Mmmmmhmmmm. Yep. Sorry. Go get some bloody mints, man. My eyes are watering. Allright. Thanks you guys. Poor guy... Didn't anybody tell him his fly was down?!?!?! Giggle....NOPE! Love you all! Jen
  12. Blowin' in the door... HUGS, love, and much happiness to all my girls. It's officially been an eternity since I posted in the support center, so I thought I'd better get my sorry buns over here and post. Mainly because I was reminded over Christmas just how blessed I've been to have all of you. Those of you that know me know I'm not generally the mushy type, but honestly, I've gotta say it! Many of my friends and relatives don't know how much this group, this fandom, has given me. They see it as a slightly odd habit and hobby. But a special few see the connections I've made. Dear friends that I wouldn't have met any other way. And to know that you all are supporting each other through good times (Suz...spill with the gift already doll!), (Susan...way to be brave and meet your mom!), and all the rest of us, and the bad (prayers for you Debbie and Alyx and everyone that needs some!). Way to go Nathan (don't worry Swan, he's your boy and he'll be fine with the grace you raised him with!)! Sorry for not being here as much lately, but don't forget that I love you and I'll see you in Vegas! Happy New Year and Hogmanay to all of you! And to all of you that have sent (or will send...I love you Bethy!) cards, I loved them all, and each of them brightened my smile! Jen Stagewomanjen
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  14. Aww! Really Spot? I don't love that Gerry's playing a total freak. But Jacko, Jackie Jr., Terry Sheridan (he did hit AJ) and Yasha weren't nice guys either. I'll see it because, though it may be disturbing, (I did read the book, and it is certainly that), I think he'll be brilliant in the role. I think it gives him a long leash to get into the gritty parts that he'd be amazing at. Much like Priest - he's a hero, but he's not a good guy. Very Byronic-hero, anti-hero sorta guy. Challenging acting to say the least. Jen
  15. Oh girlies!!! No matter what happens around here, I always know that the right GALS will step up, represent us, moderate us, administrate (to??) us, and BE us! Big old huge boob-squishing hugs to THANK IMMENSELY our new admins Barb and Susan and of course the same to our new lovely, wild, but fabulous new members of the "Mod Squad" - Holly, Jill and Katie. I know most of you from Vegas, other get-togethers, and just being fabulous, caring, great examples for all of us both online and in life. I can't thank you and our incumbent Mods and Admins for all of your hard work. But mostly, I want to thank you for your heart. You all are the reason I stay here. Even when I've got no time, one of the reasons I love the GALS are because they're truly governed from within. It seems like the best and the brightest of us are selected for their grit, heart, spirit, passion, time, and their willingness to spread the love (and the gentle correcting of the OS when needed). I love you girls, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I already know you will do wonderful jobs and I can't wait to give you big hugs in Vegas! Jen
  16. Ok, I thought originally there was another actress to play Therese. I thought it was Ludvine something or other. But now the girl that's listed is the newest Bond girl. (Casino Royale and the new Bond are pretty good, BTW). Hmmmm... And how does a girl sign up for auditions? Because Laurent had a voluptuous brunette mistress...I'm just saying...if I were to be type-cast... Jen
  17. Hmmm... And yet somehow it doesn't mention anything about kissing it, or um, doing anything even remotely requiring a stepstool and a firm grasp of the tail... Ewwww. Dang JOTS for putting those thoughts in my head, LOL! Jen ::
  18. Hey babe! Ok, so after you've finished reading all eight billion, eight hundred thousand (and one) birthday wishes, here's mine - May you have an amazing day today!!! Here's wishing you a fabulous birthday, when everyone you love and care about celebrates you and your part in their lives. Found a poem online that says it all more eloquently than I could - Birthdays are the tolling of A bell that marks the coming of A time of festive joy and love, A time to treasure life and love. So come and celebrate with me The circumstance that makes me, me: The moment when I came to be, And what I now have come to be. (Anonymous) You've worked hard this year, and we can't wait to celebrate all the incredible work and inspiration and successes that you're bound to have in the next. Here's hoping you'll be surrounded by those that you love, those that intrigue you, and those that challenge you to do more and be better. May you find a little more peace, a little more down-time for relaxation, get to travel to new and exciting places, get insanely cool acting gigs, and always find more inspiration (and maybe even a few more leather jackets and ripped jeans...). Live your life and love it (and we'll be there to cheer you on)! OH YES - and may you giggle yourself silly thinking of ALL THE FANS who celebrated by participating in the 2ND ANNUAL "COMMANDO FOR G-DAY" this year! Love and luck! Jen Stagewomanjen
  19. Seriously... Where is OSHA on this? And does a girl get worker's comp????? But I must agree - that's the way to go. I'd have just staunched the bloodflow with a sheet and asked him to keep going...hell, I've still got one good eye!!! Yeah, I'm sure he'll get teased, and I'm sure he was embarassed, but gees...you're allowed to tease a person. Heck, it'd make a great ice breaker. "Sorry to feel your chest, G, but I was just assuring my own safety...no suspenders today, I see...." :inlove:
  20. Are you kidding? I almost laughed myself into an asthma attack when I first read this. All I could think about was his high-pitched panic voice going "Oh my God, Oh my God, I'm sooo sorry!" over and over. Poor thing. But just in case, I'm telling my agent to write into my contract that in case I work with Gerry, I get to raid his trailer and confiscate any and all dangerous-looking clothing accoutrements - i.e. suspenders, belts, cuff links, zippers, (we'll leave the buttons...me likey the half-buttoned look!). Not that I wouldn't take a suspender to the face to work with the Ger-Bear, but the way I see it, less clothes-fastening devices can only work in my favor to see him partially nude :barebum: :smileydavid: . Sound reasoning, I think... Jen :crack1:
  21. Celine! OMFG, I almost peed my pants when I read you got to be in P.S., I Love You with the G-man. I'm so happy for you, girl! WAY to friggin GO! Yay for the extras!!! I'd tell you my eyes were green with envy, but I'm going to pretend they were green because y'all shot in Ireland.... Anyway, you're my new hero! :worship: Thanks for the details, you know we live for them!!! Now when I see the movie I can stand up, point at the screen and yell, "Look! There's my friend CELINE!" (after I shake myself out of the Gerry-singing-induced-coma, that is...... :tasty: ) Love ya bunches! Break a leg and congrats, movie star! Jen Stagewomanjen
  22. Schpot, you kill me. Yeah we will. I'm sure the Clic rep could look the other way so as not to be directly involved with any necessary nad-crushing ....and if someone got video, you could always threated Mike when he was naughty....(sure, they're nice in chat, but watch THIS!!!! LOL.) And KB, those are fabulous shoes!!!!!! Who cares if they're comfy, you'll have them off dancing barefoot with the rest of us soon enough in Vegas. Because that's how the GALS roll. After all, we're bringing sexy back. And also, we're not internet predators....and how do I know that? 'Cause the man showed up and told us it was a privaledge and a gift.... Can't be dangerous to the willing, I say... Yo baby! Jen
  23. Okay I have to ask. WHY? Where did you hear that Gerry remark? Gerry mentions that in "The Wrath of Gods" video under "It's A Wrap" section when he's undressing in his trailer.By the way...did Abrock ever get that black box removed? Really? How the HELL did I miss THAT????? My answer: Underwear. Period. Jen
  24. No kidding! You thought YOU melted our hearts??? (well, ok, you do...) But try holding a puppy or a baby....I know it's cliche, but there's a reason that cliches are so overused....wanna give 10,000+ women a cheap thrill without removing clothing? Believe me, just try it.... Jen
  25. I love the questions above!!! Although I'd probably ask the last one, or a variant. The ticklish one I'd be gunning to find out for myself.... Perrin, dang it! I thought we agreed I was the biological surrogate for Gerry's kids..... Anyway, I guess mine would be: 1. Do we as fans ever hurt you? What can we do not to? Is there anything we've done that has absolutely thrilled you? (Because I just have to know, even though it would suck...) 2. What roles have you been dying to play? What parts did you not get that really disappointed you? 3. What was your family, childhood like? What are some of your happiest memories? (And if you'd like to start one....I'm uh.....volunteering? <~ Ok, not so much that, but I would ask him out...) Jen
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