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  1. Well, beyond the scary eyebrows, (and that wasn't his doing), baby looks like he's having fun. I'm a little concerned about possible head-shaving (do they WANT to incur the wrath of 10,000???), but I'd put down $$ that says the blond Priest hair is going to be a wig. G knows from experience that blond isn't a good look for him. Plus he won't have hair that long by winter.... Anyway, that pic of Biana in jeans above is hot. She's smokin! Very exotic. Neither of those are Bianca, but there were pics that came out not long ago of them on the street together, I think. Either way, go for it G! Jen
  2. Fiona - Woman, no one will disagree with your decision. I'm sorry to hear about your layoff, and we wish you luck in your upcoming interviews. It's absolutely responsible and sensible of you to do necessities before luxuries. Hopefully you'll get an amazing job and can join us. But we understand. Family is the most important thing and is obviously your priority - good for you! Good luck! Jen
  3. Indeed GALS! If we can get attendees from Switzerland, Ireland, and Australia to come out to Vegas, we can all get there! I know I hadn't traveled without my family until my first Convention in Scotland. Hell, I had never even flown before. But as you saw after Vegas 2006, there was NO negative feedback. I can't think of any attendee that didn't say she'd had the time of her life with everyone there, dancing and laughing the days away :funnyabove: . If you've never been to a Con before, it's an experience you'll never forget. The bonding was amazing. It was unreal how attached you felt, how included and loved everyone made you feel, though you hadn't physically "met" the girls before. Even Jereme, Gerry's camera guy, got in on the....uh...."action". I'm sure it was hard for him (giggle ) to be the only man among 200 women, but he said we were amazing and he had fun. So don't miss out on this - it's something you won't be able to truly explain or put into words, but something that is felt by everyone there. Love, connectedness, silliness....but mostly, FUN!!!! And I don't know about you, but that's one of those things I just can't get enough of.....hmm....a lot like Gerry..... :inlove: So welcome to all of you - the old standby friends that we've come to love and depend on, and the new ones thet are waiting to shine and make our circle richer! Everyone is invited and encouraged to come! Jen Stagewomanjen
  4. Di - You've got so much base material to work with. You've got a nice, clear voice. As a singer, I'm telling you, with no delay - FIND yourself a voice teacher. (Try local Universities' vocal departments or Creative Arts Schools). Believe me, if you can make the time and have the $$ (and they don't have to be extremely expensive to be good), you won't believe how far you can progress. I've been with one (and now a new one) for about a year and a half. I sang in Vegas. I was certainly not the best there, the others were very talented. But I do listen to a lot of singers (mostly musical theater), and I know you've got a shot. But you need to refine your voice, your support, and as Swan said, your breath control. Also the shape and depth of your vowel pronounciation (just so they're uniform). With having no formal training, you're very, very good. Please keep trying, and break a leg in the Angels contest! Jen Stagewomanjen
  5. STEF!!!! Ok, first of all, congrats again! You two will be wonderful together. You should bring Willy to Vegas so we can all meet and greet! But anyway (as he shudders at the idea), those two dresses that you've picked above are friggin GORGEOUS! Actually, I liked the second without the straps, though it would be a simple thing to add them, maybe the elegant straps like the ones on Celine's choices (little at the dress, wide at the shoulder). But seriously, you'd look beautiful in both of them as-is. Honestly girl, you've got the most wonderful natural glow about you. Maybe it's half personality, but you do. And I've always loved the informal small wedding. Sure, I love fancy stuff, because I've got a diva side. But weddings should be personal and meaningful IMO. You'd be ravashing in those dresses with a white lily in your hair and a tiny bit of the old-style white netting (so as not to overpower your dress and to go with your cute shorter hair), see #564-18 (bottom, just the netting one, except shorter, maybe just to your eyes?) on the link below - http://www.mikawed.com/hats.html Or a pin or comb like these from David's Bridal (they've even got wraps!!!!) http://www.davidsbridal.com/accessory_retu...pieces_pins.jsp Anyway, keep us updated! Jen
  6. Wow! I must say, we were so thrilled to be able to contribute to SYT in the first place. I was one of the lucky GALS that got to go and get the tour and meet the amazing kids there, and as a theater buff/actress myself, it was really a treat. It's a gorgeous, useful facility for the kids. It's huge, and it's so multi-function that they'll be able to teach, learn, and have a ton of fun while doing so! The kids were so full of energy, heart, and that unusual mix of personality that theater-people have. It's so fabulous that Gerry took an interest and helped another kid (like himself) on their way to following their heart. And if there's anyone who's heard the whole "get a real job/career" speech, it's me. So through his generosity, I hope she gets a real start on her dreams. It says a lot that she took the time to send an email, and it looks like she realizes how much our support can do (like draw attention to worthy causes?!?). If she works hard and keeps going, she'll have the support she needs! Way to go, and break a leg! Thanks for the update! Jen Stagewomanjen (the one in the black jacket and skirt)
  7. Yeah...since Outlander is already taken... Or hell, man, you could SING! You, a few Scottish/Irish folk songs and a few rock songs....us......a LOAD of $$ for charity.... Just think of all the good we could help you do while listening!!! Jen
  8. Umm.... Oh HELL yes! yes, yes, yeeessss! Count me in, ladies! I wouldn't miss some strippin' manflesh with me GALS!!! :licky: And though I'm technically not a gutter gal, I like to assume I'm dirty enough....you know, minded. Right. Honorary???? Wouldn't miss it! Jen
  9. Now THAT sounds like a contest! Three-legged yellow towel race, anyone? (Of course, we're going to have to opt for the two-woman version, unlike Jackie Jr.....LOL!)
  10. Chris! We've missed you and Toni SOOO much! And we love you....you'd better be there in '07! BTW - Toga ball sounds fabulous!!! :funnyabove: Purrlease like your so innocent!! Well Ice of course?? What else? It's what ya do with the ice that makes the fun! Right Bethy?? So how many Gals are in the room now? Is there any room for the mop-boys? OMFG - all I know is that if we have another "flat Gerry", Bethy might need to be sleeping in the tub - filled with ice! And yes - to the newbies - I'd go ahead and consider the chances of the G-man showing up again to be about 1 in 100. It was thrilling, but I say this honestly, (whether or not this is believable) Gerry showing up was just the icing on the already delicious cake. Meeting the GALS/fans was one of the best times of my life. I doubt he'll show up again, but I'll be very ok with it. Heck, Bethy might need to share the ice tube if we're going to reminisce about the Gerry visit though!!!LOL! Jen
  11. Um, FUN! I'd say this project would be a bit expensive, but it would rock. Actually, more than a personal bio, it would be cool if we could write notes about each other. If everyone had one of those signable picture matting boards with a pic and we could all sign it with little rememberances or compliments or comments, that would rock! Because then you could go and see 1.who WAS that GAL/fan that I was just talking to? 2.what does she do? 3. leave a friendly comment for her. How cool would it be to take your thing home, replace your pic with a group pic, and keep the signed frames/boards? Now THAT's a keepsake! Jen
  12. I wholeheartedly agree with, well, just about all ideas above. 1. More GAL bonding time 2. More organized sight-seeing/GAL bonding tours where we can sign up and know who's going 3. Us on the same wing/floor (gees...can we just get a big ole gym with beds and bathrooms? 4. Karaoke! Yeah baby! New suggestions - nametags where your first name and log-on are HUGE!!! Maybe an ice-breaker where everybody stands in a circle and does the (very) lame "Hi, my name is....I like Gerry, ice-skating, and long walks on the beach..." LOVED the fancy ball AND the costume night. We need to see (do..hahaha!) the Chippendales this time, just to get a balanced opinion of Vegas. Wouldn't want to be one-sided about my male strip-show comparisons...purely research, I assure you. And yes, Spot's right. Get us some dancing and some music and some drinks and we'll be good (well, ok, not really, but we'll be fine). Also a good dose of female energy and some Gerry pics to check out and we're good to go! I also think that there should be a room #/phone #/name at check-in so we can contact each other more easily. Last but not least - less stress on the admins and mods. Let us help out! We don't want you all to kill yourselves and not be able to relax and enjoy the good times. Plus, we can start thinking of fund-raising earlier! Love you all - CAN'T WAIT until Vegas 07! Jen
  13. I love Gerry... ALL NIGHT LONG! Whoops..... Running sprint from the OS! But really, yeah, it's pretty unconditional. I even love him in that horrible orange catastrophe of an outfit from Japan. And whether he cusses, gets around, smokes, whatever. Bring it baby, I'm ready! I do really think we love him inside and out - and for himself. And in this world, that's a rare thing! jen
  14. Allright, I've said it before and I'll say it again. The same people that say you have an "addiction" to Gerry, (which I believe it is) have addictions too. They just don't call them that. Hello! Sports fans. Tupperware Ladies. Mary Kay girls. Everybody's addicted to something. And they have to go to boring parties and buy crap. We get to go hang out with perverted, yet smart, entertaining, soulful, intelligent, hilarious women, watch Gerry movies, lust over him, ponder his deeper intellectual side, and just be ourselves. Clearly we got the good end of the bargain. And yeah, honestly, if we're going to hell for lusting over Gerry, then Satan should watch himself. Nobody organizes a party like we do, and everybody will be begging to get in. Plus.....and just ponder this one ladies.....Gerry's no angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Well, he is, but he's a naughty one!) HELL yes! Just so long as I'm in the room with the GALS, I can deal with the heat baby! Bring it Gerry! :worship: :whip: :wub:
  15. Nope. Cause God knows the man's already um, front heavy. Feet have to even it out! LOL. Holy cripes what that man can say and get away with. And how much we like it when he does. Thank goodness Gerry ignores the mental filter from time to time!
  16. Tonya - see below! Spot - I love you. And I love when your incredibly sane, absolutely beautiful, thoughtful, genuine, loving side shows through. Now stop, because you're gonna make me cry! Hahahaha Suz! Amen to that! ********************* Tonya - First of all, you have no idea how tickled we were that you showed up. I feel that it's not pride to say that we do an amazing job of supporting each other, and we're proud to have supported you in any way. Heck, it's our unsaid pleasure to support your boss G through thick and thin (what sort of lame fans would we be if we didn't?), but we really do hope that you felt as "at home" as possible among us and felt the love that we were sending to you. We know that this is your job, not your hobby, and so you don't have to go the extra mile. But we're thrilled, awed, inspired, and incredibly grateful that you do. And coming out to speak with us was something that we'll never forget. We could tell that you were nervous, and who wouldn't be? But you were generous, smart, and incredibly sweet, not to mention absolutely beautiful. We love that G has someone that is so fabulous to take care of him and balance him, as we're sure you, as a close friend, do. Each of us are so different, yet incredibly the same. Like Spot said above, in her beautiful, funny way, is true. We all came back with a little something extra. A little enhanced. A little more full of love and awe. Love for you, love for the man G, love for Jereme, but most of all, love, respect, and real care for one another. I can't explain how beautiful and amazing it is to have friends around the world. I can't imagine how Gerry feels to have promoted, embraced, and inspired it. But nevertheless, it is amazing. And it's something that really can't be properly understood unless you're a part of it. Fanhood is mostly bashed and misunderstood and made fun of, but I can really say that it's brought a lot of love and beauty to my life. It's brought so many new friends, a new openness with myself, and the chance for me to embrace my dreams. I just hope that you and Gerry and Jereme and anybody else that has a part in this wonderful thing can be just as inspired as we are. We can't thank you enough. And when you take the time to come and post your thanks, we are touched yet again - because we know that you and Gerry, in your hearts, embrace us. That you don't think we're as mad as the reporters. That you know how much this means to us and how pure this can be at its best. It's certainly not ALL of our lives, but it adds something amazing. I think maybe it's more of a story of how people can affect others when they genuinely care, despite them having no real idea of how or why it came to happen. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! From me and my sisters and brothers here and from other fansites (I'm a Tart too, gotta love the FANmily!). Though it might not have meant much to you, it speaks volumes to us. Please consider yourself at home with us! We'll do anything we can to support you! Jen Stagewomanjen
  17. Wow girls! First of all....dang it, Swannie, how do I keep missing Nathan? And Anna - good to see that you're up and posting again, girl! Gabriel - Hello dear! Long time no chat/post/etc. I haven't been around much lately due to a bunch of busy stuff in my life, but I must say, I missed my GALS and your witty, teasing, but poignant posts. I had always loved to read the "cooking" threads, but most of all, when I got to Vegas, I got to hear about how many of the girls here that you have helped. There are so many that you've managed to touch and comfort (and well, just plain thrill and brighten their day with a bit of your charm). I just didn't realize until Vegas how much of an impact each of us can have on the others. How much of a true FANmily this has become, and what it has become to me. GALS (and my fandom in general, you might have known that I was a Tart as well as I'd seen you on the other site too) is just such an amazing thing because of the people involved. True, we're fans. We're drawn by the same actor with the same passion and heart, and we've found through that that we've got so much in common. That we too have the heart and love and passion and that we care for one another. You just can't imagine what you've done for many, many of the girls here. You make us laugh, you make us cry, we read your sweet poetry, and see that behind your excellent flirting and charm, your heart is so big and it reaches out to us. I hope you know that we'd do anything for you, you just have to let us in. And knowing that you've done so much for so many of my sisters here makes me so proud and so lucky to have you. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that no matter who you are, where you're from, how far from home, and what's going on in your life, it's that friends, like those of us here, can heal your heart. We're praying for you and we love you, hon! Jen Stagewomanjen
  18. Yes Stef, she was there when we were at SYT in January. She was so energetic and cute! Of course, all of the kids were. But she was really passionate and had some spunk and humor. I'm so glad that Gerry took the time to see them and give back. What a legacy! Now he's helping others do what he struggled to do! And we, GALS, maybe helped to draw his attention??? Either way, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man!:worship: Jen
  19. Lovely, Lovely, LOVELY post! I had been thinking a LOT about this lately. It was a huge part of me becoming a registered fan that I knew that Gerry was a good man. AND that he took his time with his fans to show his appreciation. I think that really sets him apart (along with many of his other amazing qualities). Gerry - we have times when we doubt our sanity because of this fandom (ok, ok, it's not the only reason, but it's one). We don't waiver in our support and appreciation and admiration of you, but there are days when we get bad feedback from the outside world. When you say lovely things about us, when you come out to see us or take your time at events to aknowledge us, we are refreshed. We get a shot in the arm. There is no doubt why we take our time, money, creativity, humor, and friendship to support you and our fellow fans. I think you "get" us just as much as we "get" you. And it's heartening to know that you love us in the collective sense as much as we love you. Thank you for respecting us and not (at least out loud) thinking that we're nuts or otherwise strange. It means so much to us that you reciprocate, in whatever ways you can. Thank you. It means more than you know. Jen
  20. OMG! Gerry's silk pants....... Trying not to hyperventilate.....fanning face..... Passing the hell out... Vaguely considering the chance of being able to squeeze my huge old butt into Gerry's pants....OMG, did I just say me and Gerry's pants in the same sentence? Yes Bethy. And God help us all if they have any sort of drinking vessel....cough cough. Eh-hem. GNA. That's all I'm saying. GNA....
  21. Ummmm....ME! ME! MEEEEEE! I wanna join! Hell, who'd pass up the chance to be "gutterfabulous" (LOL Celine!) in Vegas 2007! Sweet about the Aladin. That's center-strip, baby! And um, HELL YES to the Chippindales next year. After the reviews I heard from Dr. Batista, Dayna, and the lot of you lucky ladies, I have to see them! And um, yeah....semi-annual Con. Doesn't have to be fancy. Just GAL-rific (and a bit dirty...mkay? ). Woot! Jen
  22. DANG it! She's what made my luggage overweight!!!! Sheesh... Oh, and also, I heard Jeremy wasn't running especially fast....almost like he wanted to be caught....hmmm.... :whip:
  23. Dang it, Song, I love you! And Val too! Continue the story!!! I can't wait!!! And I'm sorry, but did you just refer to yourself as "yang"???? Hahahaha. Yang. Ooooohhh...I love it when I get a good "yes, I've got the maturity of a five year old" laugh...yang. Anyway, continue on Katie! Jen
  24. OMG Spot. I almost snorted coke out of my nostrils reading that. That HURTS, man! People here already think I'm crazy...laughing at a computer screen does nothing to disprove their theory, ok? Still got a weird mental pic of you "demonstrating" how to use the oxygen masks post-um....ride?!? Finally, and airline that is interested in my complete satisfaction. Buh-bye. Buh-bye. Buh-bye!
  25. Ah well, Vegas it is then. Now just the problem of how to arrange to get the vacation time for the GALS Con AND Glasgow since they're going to be reaaaaaaly close together now... Gees... (I know, I know, complaining about vacations...shoot me....) Also, can I use any more elipses in one post....????.....
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