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  1. Steph, I've said it before and I'll say it again... YOU'RE THE WOMAN!!!! I friggin love the new Gerry emoticons. Now I can relive how his voice sounded when he said "Oh my God" and the rest.... Ok, so fly-by posting... Girls - Any of you that are interested in the Glasgow thing (for ALL fans, this time) should get over there and register. It's already sold out (I KNOW, it's insane, 300 tickets in two days:omg: ), but they're starting a waiting list. Don't be discouraged - I was on the waiting list last year and still got in, but it did take a few months of waiting. A LOT can change in a year. Soooo...get your name on the list if you haven't already. Love to all! Jen :whochnuzzle:
  2. Awwww! Dang it! Does that mean I can't start rumors that he's actually dating me? Or Cousin It from the Adams family? (He likes to alternate weekends...no comparisons between the two of us...) Poop.... :cry: Ok then. Nah...through my saracasm, I know what you're saying. We like privacy, he likes privacy. And we all deserve to get some. (.....privacy, I meant.....LMAO!) Respect is the name of the game. Gotcha! Jen
  3. Awww! She's GORGEOUS! Not like my friend's baby who looked like a grumpy old man when he was born. She's got the biggest curious eyes! Congrats babe! Jen
  4. Exactly what I was thinking. Who cast Gerry as a priest???? Makes me have thoughts that send me straight to hell in a handbasket..... Abso-friggin-lutely. I'm STOKED about this. Sure, it's not the usual. I think it's a bit Gerry-goes-cult-flick. I was thinking how great he'd be in a Western (despite the fact that I pretty much despise them), and how much I wanted to see a good-vs-evil flick again. It just sounds like it would be SOOOO much fun to film, and I think he could use a bit of destressing. I LOVED D2K, so it's right up my alley. I'll admit that it doesn't sound like a mainstream, fame-inducing sort of movie (but then again, Therese Raquin doesn't either, and I'm glad he's not going for the lame-o stuff just for the face-recognition aspect of it), but I love the idea. Personally I just can't stand the idea of him in a romantic comedy. Sure, we'd get some romance. But he's SOOO much better when he's showing his depth. Plus there's something insanely sexy about dark and dangerous... Just one question...where does a girl sign up to be the priestess in all this? Jen
  5. Yeah she was. I thought the room was going to explode...she definitely earned the prize! I decided that it was definitely an "only in Vegas" moment three times The first time is when I saw a couple goin' at it in the pool at the Sahara. Hello! You obviously have a room!!! The second was when we were in an elevator with a married couple. A person who will remain anonymous said "good luck", but I thought they needed a nice "Have fun!". LOL! The third was when Chris, Toni, Perrin, Jodi and I arrived at the Venetian just in time to see four drunkards get thrown off of the gondolas for being rowdy and disgusting. Hilarious! And then Chris telling the dude at Madame Toussaud's that she'd give him a buck to let us in after hours...priceless Chris! Not to mention the LOOOONG trek that Cat, Risa, and I shared (in heels, girls) walking the strip to find a monorail stop and shuttle to the Voodoo lounge involving me taking my shoes off halfway down the strip. And our discussions despite the bossy voice in the monorail! Cheers! Jen
  6. Hmmm... Is it bad that it's been less than a month and I'm ready for GALS Con 2007? Are we doing Vegas again? I was hoping for some L.A. action (haha...action...)....somewhere in CA. Somewhere that won't suck the water (Gerry Guice) out of the man... But I'm still so high after meeting my GALS it's not funny. I've been telling anyone that will listen how fabulous everyone is! 2007 here we come!!! Jen
  7. Sorry Swan, No taping, but I did get some pics of the performers if you look under the pic thread. Where's Jeremy when we need him? That would be some interesting footage.... Jen
  8. Um, Toni, I love you! I guess as a single girl I've seen this part of a relationship and just never had the words to describe it, but that's hilarious. It'd be even more hysterical if it wasn't so friggin true.... Sarah - listen, babe. I know that Mums and serious significant others have to put up with a LOT more crud than us unattached ladies, mainly because they've got so much more to risk. But there is no way in hell that I'd stand for this where I am now. You just said that it wasn't much of an issue before Alex, although it was still an issue to you. But here's the thing - although they seem to be few and far between, there are men out there that are really wonderful men AND wonderful spouses and daddies. There's a guy that I work with that is the most dedicated, amazing father and husband to his wife and three kids. Sure, I'll try not to mention it too much so that he gets a big head about it, but he's really just fabulous, and one helluva guy, despite his minor flaws. So Simon needs to come to realize, one way or another, that you're amazing for him. And if he doesn't see it, refuses to grow up and be the man and father that you and Alex need him to be, then he doesn't deserve the both of you. Love you! Jen
  9. Hello girls! I was just wondering :hmm2:if we had any idea how much $$ we raised for the charities of the GB Vegas Con... It was for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation and the St. Jude's Children's Ranch, if I'm not mistaken... Just wondering! I'm so excited to have done good work while having such an amazing time with all of my GALS and other GB fans! Truely a vacation that I'll never forget! :inlove: Jen Stagewomanjen Also, who was responsible for these FABULOUS emoticons??? BRILLIANT! ~> :beard2: :cleavage2
  10. Jeremy said he's 6'4" (and that Gerry is shorter than he is, G's only like 6'2"). Any you DID NOT just say that...I nearly passed out. The guy was a cutie and he was rubbing my arm...HELLO!!!! What happens in Vegas....(I wish it were juicy enough to have to stay there, but alas...) And shout out to Susan (metrospace)...THANKS SO MUCH!!! We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and just standing next to that broad-chested red death and the one in the foyer when we came in was fabulous. I can just imagine that stuff being basically painted on..... Is it hot in here??? Jen
  11. Sporran! You are a GODDESS! You got the snippets that I missed. The lovely ones where he's saying he loved all the sites and how we are friends and how we're amazing. And the one I really wanted, the last one. Just at the end. Where he points at me and thanks me for the blown kiss. I just needed proof that my mind didn't make that one up.....after G showed up, I wouldn't have put it past my poor, obliterated brain to have projected my Gerry love and manifested it. But NO! It's real! Man, as soon as I can burn my files to DVDs (they're FRIGGIN HUGE, I'm talking 3 files, two of which are 2 Gigs each. Cripes....why the heck are they so big? Oh...here's me learning the joys of owning a camcorder and using it....). But it'll be worth it, because I got some of Tonya's answers and I wrote out a transcript (I know, poor me having to listen to it over and over...but dang...Gerry and Tonya talk FAST and with accents!). Hopefully I can burn them tomorrow night or Friday and get them to Stef ASAP! Love to all the GALS! Jen
  12. Hello all! Finally got my pics uploaded to photobucket! It was REAAAAALLLY stinking dark in the room, so I had to edit most of them and the ones on the strip at night as well. But I did managed to get some decent ones of Vegas. Again, like Susan, I was videotaping Gerry, so unfortunately no stills of him. But since the other GALS have gotten plenty of them, I don't feel so bad. More on the vid later when I can manage to actually burn it to a CD or DVD. Turns out the files are HUGE!!!! Who knew??? Here you go! To all of you who were there, I love you more than words can express! I had the time of my life with you all! And though I didn't get to touch Gerry, he touched me through touching my sisters. (Yeah, I know that sounds icky, but you get the point!) Shout outs to the mods, G-man, Tonya, Jeremy, and all of my GALS as well as those of the other fansites that came out in unified support of our man. Stef will probably be adding them to the gallery as well, but for now... :worship: Much love! Jen http://s14.photobucket.com/albums/a310/sta...s%20Con%202006/
  13. No kidding! Is that not the cutest thing you've ever heard? I'm absolutely a dog girl myself, although I've never been a fan of the small breeds. I need a dog big enough to pull me around on a leash and comes at least up to near the knees. My baby, Sam, was put down due to stomach cancer two to three years ago and I still miss her. She was such a darling mutt - but it's amazing how much love and affection a pet can give you. Lolita's already got Gerry wrapped around her little paws, so hopefully he'll get all the puppy-love he needs, and you know she'll be spoiled rotten. Especially with non-dog experienced people handling her....work it, baby! The pics are hilarious y'all. A new emoticon!!! So fast!!!
  14. Tonya - Hello woman! You're amazing! (As if you didn't know we thought that already....) Though we all didn't get a chance to have a meet-and-greet with you (and that would have been CRAZY, we know...way too many people to meet one at a time, especially since you're not used to being the center of attention), I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate your time and effort in coming out to see us more than we can express. It's not often that we get insight into our man G as a man instead of Gerry, the actor. But when the opportunities arise, they're precious to us. Sure, his personality is usually unsquelchable and it manages to sneak out, but this visit was really very open and personable. We got to see the loveliness that he sees in you and why he's so fond of you, not only as an assistant but as a friend. As a confidant. As a personal shopper and partner in dog-rearing. (P.S....if you need the advice, most of us have had dogs!!!) THANK YOU just really doesn't cover it. It's even greater to know that you came out despite your initial shyness and were comfortable enough with us to do your thing and let us get to know a little about you as well. You are incredibly sweet, and thank goodness, organized. And compassionate. Not to mention beautiful and funny. Everything that G needs and could ask for in a friend and a personal assistant. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts not only for helping him, but for being there for him. He needs you, you know. And we're sure he appreciates you more than we could ever know. Thank you ever so much! You were brilliant! Jen Stagewomanjen
  15. Oh Gerry... It's still pretty unreal to me that you showed up. I was having the MOST AMAZING time meeting the girls that I have been privaleged to chat with for about a year. Sharing stories, sharing our lives, sharing jokes, sharing our appreciation of you. I'll be honest - I absolutely did not expect you to turn up. Sure, we all were hoping in the backs of our minds, but we don't want to put pressure on you, on any of your associates (massive shout-out to Tonya and Jeremy....you guys ROCK!), and most of all, we know it's just not possible most of the time for you to come and see us at gatherings. And we absolutely understand that. But you knocked my socks off. You know, we all have those "what would you do if you actually saw Gerry in person" questions. Turns out, I was totally calm. I was smiling like a cracked-out fiend, and shaking my head just a little, my mind boggling at the fact that you cared enough to take the time and come out. I just covered my mouth a little, and thought, "Oh Gerry. You're a doll." (Which didn't exactly correlate with my previous thought of me launching myself over people to give you a flying-tackle hug...c'est la vie, right?) Anyway, I wasn't starstruck. I wasn't nervous. Your jokes, your disarming smile, your presence, put me at ease. It was so incredible that you could give some of your time to meet, speak to, and hug those of us that won awards and those admins and mods that busted their butts to make our time wonderful. I had the time of my life in Vegas because of my GALS. I'll always carry them with me, only now I've got faces to go with the names and stories. But you, my dear, sweet man, you take my breath away. Your sweetness to our Bethy, Abrock, Mousie, Bonnie Anne (Swansong), and Dr Em and the rest of the Mods is priceless. You have no idea what your kindness means to us. I only hope that we can give you back some of the kindness, respect, love, admiration, and inspiration that you give to us. I hope you left the Con feeling pumped and touched. I hope you were speechless because of our love for you and for one another. Always know that your time, your thoughts, your understanding and empathy is vastly appreciated. We understand totally that there are many things in your life, stress, career, personal life, etc. that don't allow you to be everywhere. We want you to be happy. We'd do almost anything to help you achieve happiness. And we can't quite express exactly how much it meant to us not only that you showed up despite your busy schedule, but that you also brought Tonya and Jeremy. That you are moved enough by us to send them, people you know and care about, to see us, tells us that in some ways you care deeply about us too, though you can't know most of us. Sorry that a blown kiss couldn't express everything I was feeling. But I thought it was the best way to try. Whenever I go to a big audition, (and it's totally stupid, and I feel like a goober admitting it) I always ask you for luck. Whether you hear me or not, I know deep down that you'd wish it for me. Because I know that your heart is so easily sympathetic, so freely moved, that you wish as much for us as we do for you. Ok....now that I've managed to write a post approximately the size of War and Peace, I'll stop. You're a darling and we love you. Sorry to use the word darling...I sound about 80 years old despite the fact that I was probably the youngest fan in Vegas (Abrock....you may be my only rival chica...we'll have to play a winner-takes-all game of thumb-war to figure that one out....)... Anyway, love you Gerry. THANK YOU. Whenever you're feeling low, or frustrated, or upset, know that we wish you goodness. And we're beaming you love, because you've shown so much love to us and ours, especially the ones that need it most. Oh yeah, and give Lolita a big old scratch behind the ears for me! God bless you and yours. Jen Stagewomanjen
  16. Bethy - Oh girl. Oh girl. You've got me all emotional again. You are beautiful. Believe me. I was taping. I saw his look change. I saw him going towards a stillness, sharing you grief. I think that everyone in the room saw the two of you sharing that moment and nodding, hoping that he could console you a bit and that in a way, you could assure him the same - that there was true emotion and belief in one another. A true concern between people that otherwise would have never met. And it was magical. It was meant to be that you both had this moment. A quiet, touching, alone-in-a-full-room-bursting-with-love sorta moment. My camera didn't pick up a sound, but within a moment, even the atmosphere in the room changed - maybe one of the most charged silences I've ever witnessed. We love you, and we love him for showing you love. For showing us all love in those moments. And we hope desperately that he understands and feels the same. You'll be allright - we DO love you. And you're a strong woman. You've got the inspiration you need, girl. If it weren't enough evidence already, you've managed to move the man. And goodness knows he wishes you happiness as we all do. Break a leg, woman! Jen
  17. Ahhhhh! I'm finally home. Got in just before 11pm. Ladies - I cannot, I repeat, CANNOT adequately express how fabulous all of you are. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to meet all of you. To be known by all of you gorgeous, crazy, talented, beautiful, FUN, witty, humorous, slightly perverted, women, who ALL have the biggest hearts I've ever known. To be one of you is truly a blessing to me. I have never been so proud to be a GAL, and that had nothing to do with G showing up. Also a big shout-out to our sister sites and their equally talented members!!!! Thanks for showing the love, girls! Dayna - honeybunches, thanks to you, every GAL there had the time of her life. Stop worrying. Hopefully you'll be way less stressed now that all the planning is over for this year. I heard from Annette and Jenni that you all are already tossing around ideas for a bigger and better next year (although you'll certainly be hard-pressed to top this!!!). Sorry to have missed you last night and this morning. I love you, and I loved to be able to spend some extremely sleep-deprived quality time chatting. You're an angel. Jenni and Annette, and ALL the mods - girls, I know you busted your respective ARSES for this. I can't tell you how stinking wonderful it was for me. Just meeting you alone was enough. I appreciate your daily hard work, and I was delighted to find that each and every one of you was just as lovely, personable, crazy, yet talented and devoted as the last. Rock ON!!! MY GALS - ladies...seriously, what can I say? You made my weekend. You made my month. You make my daily life a little easier to take. You make me remember my dreams. You inspire me, you make me laugh so hard I sometimes expel liquid from my nose, you remind me of the important things in life - fun, friendship, loyalty, inner beauty (and outer...y'all are FOXES!!!), and not taking yourselves too seriously. Laughing with each other. Dancing. Being total and complete idiots while still being respectful. I love ya!!! Jeremy - You're the man. We love ya. Try not to make us look fat, mmmkay? Two words - digital editing. Sure, we're fools for Gerry. But we loved having you, even if you were working at the time. Bet you didn't think you'd pick up a hundred secret admirers in Vegas, did you???? Guess again, pal. And yeah, we want a copy. Hope I don't look like a tooooool. Sorry to have missed you after G's appearance. Good luck with your future filming career. But now that you've been spoiled by Gerry's fans (about 75% GALS), you're spoiled - don't go expecting gorgeous, talented, brainy, slightly perverted, fun, crazy, dancing women everywhere you go. Not that they won't follow you around....you're a cutie! Tonya - first of all, girl, you're a babe. Damn. If I weren't so glad to see you back taking care of our G-man, I'd try not to stand too close because you're too gorgeous to be compared to. Secondly, you were lovely. I know you were nervous, you said you weren't used to public speaking. But the fact that you came out and shared your self, your time, and your experiences with us was priceless. We'll never forget that you took the time and came out despite your hesitations (dang...100 women that I don't know...grrrrreat....brilliant....). You gave us some real scoop, and not only about Lolita. We couldn't wish for G to have friends better than you. G - ok, the phrase that just kept repeating itself in my mind after you left was "holy shite". THANK YOU for coming out. THANK YOU for giving our winners and our ever-deserving mods and admins the hugs and attention that you could. Thank you for recognizing your fans (regardless of site affiliation), and THANK YOU for being hilarious while doing it. It didn't hurt that you looked "maaaaavelous" either. You took the time with us and showed us that to at least some degree, our admiration, attention, affection, and our inspiration is somewhat reciprocated. We can't love you more for it. Good luck in all you do. We wish you the most complete and overwhelming happiness. And we wish a pink leather collar for Lolita. And for the love of God, man, try not to mention "Gerry juice" again without a defibrilator near at hand. And hey, babe...thanks for catching my kiss!!!! Sum up.....I LOVE YOU GUYS! ALL OF YOU!!!! YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!! Word to ya Motha!!! Jen
  18. Helloooooooo GALS! Phew! Home from Vegas at last! ALREADY missing my GALS!!!!! It was so incredible to have met, chatted, made stupid jokes, took about one billion monorail trips, discussed any and all alternate meanings to "Gerry juice", and poking fun at the multitude of camel pics in the Sahara with all of you. You can't even imagine how thrilled I was by coming WAY before the G man showed up. I just will never forget this trip. And I didn't even so much as lay a finger on G. (I did blow a kiss that was apparently caught...lol!) But anyway, more details to come. Pics will be downloaded as soon as I get some sleep and get home from work tomorrow. And transcripts from the vid will be done ASAP as well. As for the vid itself, I'm working on getting that out of my new camcorder and seeing if more permission is needed. Love you all! And missed those of you that couldn't be there! You were with us in spirit...G sent his love out to all of his fans!
  19. Oooohhhhh! I was wondering when I'd squeeze in pool time (with an emphasis on the squeeze...dang bathing suits!)... Cool! Sounds like fun! I can't friggin WAIT!!!!!! How many hours? Better yet...how many hours of work..... Jen
  20. Mkay...due to my being a sponge for totally useless knowledge, I have read most of the Gerry interviews that are available. Here's what I found - Like Bethy said earlier - fav movie was apparently Krull. Also likes the Pink Panther, Monty Python, and Lord of the Rings. Apparently does not like Harry Potter. (Sidenote - Dang Gerry - why you gotta be hating the movie that keeps most of the middle aged British actors in work???) Yep, he's aware. He said so in his Glasgow message, something about "how you've all grown together" and "I'm glad to have given you some things to get on with as well" with the inspiration stuff. Personally I think that's one of his favorite parts of having a rampant fan base.... As for actors, he's said that he admired Gary Oldman. He's got a bunch of neices that he loves - I want to say 4 or 5 of them. We heard from a family memeber that he bought them all matching sweaters (and one for himself) for Christmas last year, which didn't go over well with all of the girls. Poor things are too young to appreciate clothes yet. But at least he tried...it's awfully cute! No musical instrument that is known of. Singing, if that counts... Um...what the HECK is Krump? No knowledge of dance training either. The man has 87000 leather jackets and has admitted to being a shopper.... He's said that he's a dog man. In Glasgow, he also said (in kidding), that his brother used to sit on his head on the couch and try to suffocate him... He's said that he does think it would have been romantic to settle down with a local girl and have a family. (Whereas most people think the life he leads now is romantic....) And he has said many times that he misses Scotland. He both loves and hates traveling so much - dislikes living out of a suitcase, but likes to see new places. His Mom said that he sleeps a lot when he comes home, and likes to sit out on their balcony and look at the Scottish hills while listening to Scottish music. He's said that he loves the stones. He's been spotted at U2 and Ricky Martin concerts. From that, I'd guess rock. Although he also said he likes jazz. Probably sort of ecclectic. Don't know about the castle, but has said that he loves Glencoe. Yeah, he's said many times that we're "crazy", but it's generally "crazy and amazing" or "crazy, and incredible". Beamers and Audis. They're sexy. Regular coke. Coke is a fixture in pictures...along with a ciggy, Red Bull, water, and Starbucks. Hope that was informative....there are about a billion articles over on the "other" site if you're ever curious!!!! My questions - (for Tonya) 1. What is G like when he loses his temper? 2. What is his most endearing quality? 3. What trait or habit does he have that we'd never believe? 4. Are there any simple pleasures that he just adores? 5. What pet peeves does he have? 6. How crazy is your friendship? Is he a wild man? What is the craziest thing that you've ever done together? 7. How do you cheer him up when he's down? Jen
  21. Cheerio darlings! Um....probably everyone who sent in an entry (and some of those who didn't) are wondering.... So I'm just going to go ahead and ask... Since it's so close to Vegas (yeah baby...got my fake tan today especially for it!), are the top 10 going to be announced before we get there? Or are they just going to be really surprised when they call our names AT the con???? Impromptu performing....oh....auditions...the horror! Just wondering... Jen
  22. OMG! OMFG! OMFB! Holy shite! I am so FRIGGIN excited! You have NO idea! I am squealing and prancing around the office!!! And everyone's giving me stupid looks!!! But I don't care!! Thanks for the eloquent explanation of my feelings, Spot. I had to borrow it because I couldn't have said it better. Holy SHITE!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Um, Dayna, I love you. If you didn't already have kids (and it were physically possible), I'd offer to have one.... :worship: . I hope your convo w/Tonya kicked arse! I want to hear all about it in VEGAS!!! Jen
  23. Helloooooo! Barb, did you get mine yet? I sent it two-day on Thursday, so I thought it'd be there by now... I'll check and see if I can track the little bugger... Jen
  24. Lisa - (and all the rest of you lovely people) I actually have been called a stalker. Personally, my activities (and your description of yours) as well as the activities of most of the GALS and Tarts that I know don't qualify as such. I think people have a very broad idea of what stalking actually is. We don't follow G around. We don't pester him on a daily basis. But everyone has a different idea of what the line is, and how you cross into "stalkerdom". My sisters (20 and 23) usually refer to me as a stalker. I have been told that they were worried about me. But after awhile, they came to see what it meant to me. Those members of my family that weren't so judgemental found that I started traveling and finding new friends. They saw that it inspired me. So my sisters still call me a stalker, but now they're teasing. I think it was harsh of your friends to do that to you, especially after knowing you for so long. My friends weren't especially thrilled when I told them, but they love me. And so they came to accept that I was still a good person, still their friend, even though I had "weird" interests. I don't expect them to understand. But I do expect them to be understanding. You might have to avoid the topic with them for awhile in order for them to get used to the idea. But people that love you for who you are (and not who they think you should be) will come to accept this as a part of your life. Yeah, it still sounds a little weird to even me, saying that my fandom is a part of my life. But for better or worse, it has been. And I'm not ready to give it up. So take me or leave me, I'm a Gerry Butler fan!!! That's why we're here, ya know. That's a big part of why we initially feel such a big bond. Because you don't have to tame down or stifle your Gerry admiration. You don't have to pretend when you're here. I imagine it's a lot like AA or any other support group. Hugs to you! Jen
  25. Hello girlies! Ok, so when I went up to Toronto a few months ago to see B&G there, one of the girls that I went with had a smashing idea... To get people's phone #'s together that were going on the trip. Now, I realize it's not the best idea to post your cell number on the board. But I was just wondering if you girls wanted to do something like that so that you could call people to let them know you're in Vegas and what room you're staying in and such if you're getting in before the meet-n-greet sessions or the check-ins. If you like the idea, I could just get PMs and throw together an info sheet with names, log-in names, #'s, and any other pertinent info (maybe where we're from). :: Obviously if you'd rather not be a part of this, no hard feelings. What say you, ladies??? Jen Terrific idea, Jen! Gals, please post 'em in the Address (protected forum...please pm a Mod for the password) :: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/ind...t=0#entry813122
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