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  1. Hmmm...

    I gotta say, I'm not especially concerned. As I am a saracastic a**, it makes me want to break out my devil horn headband just for fun.....LOL!

    It reminds me of a shirt I saw the other day...it said: "333" and then under that "I'm only half evil". I almost fell down I was laughing so hard...

    Still, it's one of those days where you're looking out for the kooks....kidna like a full moon. I don't necessarily believe in that either, but sometimes I do think the crazies come out then just for shi*s and giggles....



    OMG! Chicago! Holy friggin moly!

    And G might (yeah, apparently it's a big old might, but what's new, right?) be stopping in somewhere? The man's a prince!

    But anyway, if I can manage Chi-town for the opening....hell, it's only about 5.5 hours from Cincy, and I know some of the Indy girls and other midwestern Tarts are champing at the bit to go.....maybe we could have a little impromptu Chicago GALS session....

    Now if only I can get it together and not miss any rehearsals...


  3. Do you need any "witnesses?" What about maids? What's your "color theme" - yellow towel?! Do you need me to "give you away?" Are you going to wear white?! Cake? Do we have a cake? CRIKEY - What will we do for a BACHELORETTE PARTY?! So much to do! So MUCH to do!!

    OMFG....BACHELORETTE in Vegas? Gees...could you imagine a better group to do a bachelorette with than the GALS? 'Cause boy, do we know how to do dirty parties!

    I'm IN!!!!!

    Oh HELL Yeah! The wedding party is wearing "daffodil terrycloth"....or was that "blue sheet"?

  4. Susan -

    Ya know, I'm not especially religious, but I've always believed that what goes around in the world comes around. Call it karma, call it following the Golden Rule, whatever. And I know that this will be ok - you 'fessed up when you realized you made the mistake, you took responsibility, and you were a professional about the situation. Your boss realizes, like we do, that this, while unfortunately not the norm today, is certainly to be respected and valued. :clap:

    Everyone makes mistakes. How we handle them is what makes us who we are. I can only believe that this will work itself out and blow over - have faith!

    We love you!


  5. Hmmmm..

    Well, due to some...interesting...technical difficulties....

    I may have to same-day this baby tomorrow if I can get the friggin recorder to work tonight. I got one copy, but when I played it back, it was all weird and distorted...damn cassette player....(ok, or that's how I really sound...whatever...) :mopboyerik:

    But hopefully I can whip out the goods tonight and get this show on the road. Woot!

    Jen :kisswink:

    Edit - hopefully it's there! Yay!

  6. WOW girls!

    Ok, here it goes..

    Hey G!!!!!!

    Well, ok, so I'm actually one of the nutballs that drove to Canada to see B&G. It was about 10.5 hours. But only 2 of it was alone. After meeting some of my friends in Indianapolis, we drove the 8-ish hours to Toronto together. We listened to POTO and Dear Frankie. We talked, about EVERYTHING. We giggled, and we probably frightened a gas station attendant, but we made it. There, we met about 30 other friends, most of whom I had already met in Scotland or in regional get-togethers. We proceeded to enjoy our hotel, our friends, and of course, the MOVIE! It was fabulous! And Sturla! What a peach! And then about six of us stayed up after watching it three times until all hours of the morning, laughing and chatting. It was spontaneous, insane, and yet, incredibly fun and satisfying.

    There are SO many reasons that we do this. We get to see the friends that have become so dear to us, though we live many miles apart. We get to be crazy and explore new cities (Toronto is friggin beautiful! If I didn't need a visa, I'd have moved there!!!). But yeah, big guy, some of it is for you! We want your movies to be a success. We love to just sit in a darkened theater and stare, and listen to the gorgeous Scottish accent. We kinda like chain mail, honestly.

    But like Abrock above, there was a turning point for me wrapped up in your Phantom performance. I had been out of college for two years, working in a field that I had studied, and just doing what it was that I thought people did in life. But there was something missing for me. And though I was slowly coming to see what it was, your voice, your passion, your talent and presence in POTO made me see it for what it was - me not making the most of the life and opportunities given me. Sure, it's been a journey. There are certainly friends and family members that doubt my sanity (not that they didn't before, but now it has a name...). But it was time for me to take an active role and seize the chances to make myself happy and make my improbable dreams come true. Whether I make it or not, your example of acting, singing, and the way to behave as a celebrity is my hope in the future. Something about you and this circle of loving fans (I'm a Tart too!) made me see that I do have potential as an actress as long as I embrace my dreams. The friends that I've found here aren't women that I'd have met elsewhere, and I treasure their support, humor, creativity, and intelligence. They are women of great heart and spirit. And they choose to gather together here because you, too, are a reflection of that heart, spirit, humor, creativity, intelligence, and support. And honestly, I'd drive one helluva lot farther than Canada to support all of that, especially a man containing all that and more, who is modest and genuine despite it all. The way you embrace your devoted fans and take the time says it all. Your attitude is part of what shapes the atmosphere of love here, and has given us the media to meet one another and spread the goodness. Sort of "Pay It Forward", minus Kevin Spacey.....LOL!

    If you're willing to take the time, to send us auction items, drinks, YOUR FAMILY, then sir, why should you ever doubt that we'd be ready and willing to try and support you in the same way? It's a circle, I think. You inspire and encourage us, and we can only hope to do the same for you.

    Thanks for all you do, all you are, flaws and all! :funnyface: :inlove: :kisswink:


  7. Hello girlies!

    Ok - first of all, you all are BRAVE! I'm absolutely going to chicken out...but I'll come and support and hold hands or hair or whatever!!!

    Secondly...Susan...why don't you try to do a design incorporating the sisterhood knot and the thistle? You could have an artist work on it for you in advance...but the upper arms of the knot could easily be the thistle leaves, and the flower could be in the center...

    But I do love the Celtic stuff and the thistle. I was considering getting one awhile back, and if I ever did it'd be something Celtic, something Scottish, and something theater all tied in together. Can't really figure out how that would work, and I certainly don't have the guts to do it now, since I don't even have one yet, but still...

    Cool beans!


  8. OMG!

    Y'all are friggin' amazing!!!!

    Swan - as usual, your writing has quite swept me off of my feet. You have a way with words, woman! As one of the women that isn't the "usual" GAL or Tart (or whatever) represented in your story, as the young and unmarried, I STILL found myself nodding my head in agreement. Transitions indeed. And Gerry as a catalyst - if he's a chemical, methinks he's the latest wonder drug!

    But anyway, thank you for this. Thanks for letting the man know why is it that we step outside of our normal boundaries to meet each other and to support him. There are some things in life that are important enough to us to dismiss being thought of as slightly nuts, and to the end of supporting you wonderful women (and men - HI guys!) and Gerry, I'm proud.

    But seriously, you have to start writing stuff that doesn't make me cry. Gees. I'm not the weepy sort, but this is ridiculous.


  9. Ummm.......HELL NO!

    Ok, there are very few things that I wouldn't do to be in a movie with Gerry. And I mean VERY few. But doing a nude scene is not in the works.

    Seriously, I do act. I have never been even semi-nude, but I'd think (really, really hard) about going topless. I have worn a modest bathing suit on stage, but there's NO friggin' way I'd do a nude scene. I have thought about it, and many well-known actresses have no-nudity clauses in their contracts, and I'd be one of them. My Grandma will NOT see all the goods, unless there's some sort of emergency that involves me choosing between her and Richard Simmons, sorry! :bootyshake:

    But really, if there weren't living witnesses, I'd swear I was born with clothes on....

    Now, as to any private nudity that G might like to engage in, I'm sure we could work out a suitable agreement without our respective managers..........take that as an invitation, sir! :stranger:


  10. Anyway, I guess the biggest news is his relationship with Sharon Stone. I always thought she could probably just eat a guy alive (play on words) and he just may be the guy that can hold his own with her (again, not a play on words). ::D: Gotta be careful how you say things around here! ::D:

    No WAY!!! He's dating Sharon Stone? I don't have much of an opinion on her, but yeah, that's not a couple that I'd have predicted. Good on them.

    Dang though, she does scare me a little...she could totally kick my a**.....a la Basic Instinct. Freaky! Still though, gotta admit she's darn hot for her age, she looks 30.

    Speaking of darn hot, besides Craig being an absolute sweetheart and funny, talented, (and really, REAAAAALLLY cheeky....GOD I love the Scots...especially the Glaswegians....dirty, fabulous men!) I think he's just a hottie. My sisters and I try to stay up to watch him talk about being cheeky ponies and oiling yourself with cooking oil. I'm sure one of these days he's actually going to get a picture like that....and he'll like it....

    Oh well! Long live Craig, his fabulous accent, and his crazy Scottish humor!

  11. Since we're talking "a fairly safe chance", and I thought that this was an acceptable way/situation to meet him...

    I guess the basic answer is that as long as there's no actual murdering, maiming, or serious moral-dilemma-inducing stuff going on, I'd do about anything. So I wouldn't hurt a friend or family member, I wouldn't put myself in huge debt.

    But you're pretty much guaranteed to meet some new Tarts and/or GALS, so that's always a bonus. That, and I'm addicted to having spontaneous adventures....woot!!!!

    I'm afraid of heights, but I'd brave those for G.

    I'm not hugely fond of clowns, but again, I'd do it.

    I HATE spiders and insects, but, depending on the circumstances, I might be able to deal with even THAT.

    Who knows....


  12. Ok, so this thread caught my eye because I actually had this daydream while driving a few days ago...

    Now, presuming this was the longest possible flight....wouldn't mind flying to Australia (hell, I'd fly to Antarctica if that's where he was headed), just for the sheer # of hours.

    Taking into consideration that I don't sleep well on planes and I'd look like hell....AND that me being in first class would be nothing short of a miracle...

    But anyway, down to the daydream. At the time, I was eating animal crackers. As such, I pulled out a handful and was industriously shoveling them into my mouth, (after examining them, of course, it's a crime to eat an animal cracker without checking to see what you're chewing on!), I found it incredibly funny that I had.......A CAMEL! :cunning:

    So if I were eating on a plane (I don't travel without food, that's just how I roll!), and I happened to pull out a camel, I'd just giggle slightly, turn to him, and say, "I'm sorry, but I think this one actually is more suited to you"....and put it in his palm. After his initial shock, I'd have to introduce myself and get him talking about, well, anything. Just love to hear him talk. Plus I'd offer to share my snacks and offer comments on the flight and tell jokes, just to hear him giggle. Maybe I'd tell him how fabulous his family was in Glasgow, which would of course lead to interesting family stories. Then I'd talk about how much I enjoyed Scotland, which he would comment on.

    Then onto movies. Maybe me asking his opinion on a saucy article in the latest Cosmo....plus some obligatory small talk - details about me, of course, and how I came to be a Tart and a GAL :inlove: . And then, of course, (because I'm a big one for not missing a golden opportunity), I'd slip him my number. Because our conversation would be scintillating and witty (and not at all me just staring at him with my jaw wide open :tasty: .....no.......certainly not!).

    So that's it!


  13. Hello all!

    Sunday night....dang it I hate Mondays....ick. Start of the work week my butt...

    So anyway, Kimbo - I'm not especially a European expert, but Shepherd's pie is indeed ground meat (usually beef or lamb), with peas and carrots and some spices covered with mashed potatoes and baked. Verra good! I had bridies too, but they're meat in a flaky dough.

    Speaking of which, I attended a local celebration of Tartan Day yesterday night. One of my best girlfriends from high school has a little brother that plays in Cincinnati's Caledonian Pipe and Drum band. They're pretty well known, and they've got about 30 pipers and another 10 drummers. It was a night of Scottish food, whiskey, dancing, stories, and music. The announcer picked me out right away as "watching all the men in kilts....("Do ye have no shame, wuuuman???") and kept kidding around with us. Best of all, since I went in a short little tartan skirt and my friend and I were the cute young things there, the older (VERY flirty) Scottish announcer (from Glasgow...SO adorable...if he weren't 60 and married I'd have taken him home...) chose us to be the judges of the "Bonniest Knees" contest... :cunning:

    Though unfortunately my friend thought this was the "boniest" knees, it involved the drum major throwing his plaid (not his kilt, ladies...) over our heads and us having to feel six kilted men's knees and deciding which were the best. Truly, it was fabulous. So basically, I won a guiness and conversation with the cutie that we happened to pick as the best set of be-kilted knees. Had to start at the socks so that I didn't grab anything unfortunate...but the announcer had to feel my knees a few times first. Such a cheeky old guy! But after the night was over and we were cleaning up he truly told my friend and I some scathing and blush-inducing stories of his time in Scotland...apparently he was a bass guitar player in a band and he was as charming as an older Gerry, so he was, as usual, right to the pervy point. :kisswink:

    My goodness, it was an amazing night. Not only were half of the men there in kilts (yay!), but I love the bagpipes and I got some new Celtic jewelry (minor obsession), and then was told dirty stories about how he'll remember me from an adorable Scot. Sigh!!!!! Pics to come if they ever post them online....

    Hope everyone's weekend was as good as my own! :yippee:


  14. I've wondered if there might have been some teasing too, and have also wondered what Pierce, who really is the much more well known star on this film, has thought of all of Gerry's fan attention. I hope there isn't any jealousy as that could result in an uncomfortable working environment.

    Well, I'm sure Mr. Brosnan has gotten his fill of fan attention throughout the years...Remmington Steel...James Bond....and all that...Mrs. Doubtfire! ::D: Sorry, not sure what's come over me...

    May Pierce was thinking, "For once, they're not after ME!!" :lol:

    Okay, I'm just kidding everyone, not putting words in anybody's mouth (but it's sure fun to pretend, eh? oh, that's what the photo caption forum is for...)

    Forgive me, two nights of insomnia leaves this Vanilla GAL with a verrra strange sense of humor.

    I think you're probably right, Abrock.

    I'm sure Pierce has had his fair share of fans......(not that they're by any means as fabulous or as numerous as we are....cough cough). I doubt there would be much jealousy. But if I were Maria Bello, I might be going, "Hey, where are mine????" with a pouty face. But then again, she gets to work with the both of them, so I think it's a fair trade, right ladies?

    I think that things have calmed down too....there is always going to be a little bit of unpleasantness involved with these things, I think, on both Gerry's and our sides, but the important part is that the majority of the interactions that we have leave all parties happy (I was going to use "satisfied", but I think that's in another forum.....LOL!). I think that it's actually quite a statement that we're actually worrying about the small stuff that we think could hurt Gerry. That alone should be a testament to how nice most of us really are!

    Jen :kisswink:

  15. Allright -

    Any of you girls that have been to Vegas before or live in the general area, can you answer a question for me?

    I was checking weather.com today, and the averages for Vegas in June get up to 99°F and down into the mid 70s at night. I am told this is "dry heat", but living in Cincinnati, I don't have any grasp of the concept....

    Is it seriously that hot there? Am I going to need constant ice-packing? I just tried on my first pair of shorts for the season (shudder), and decided that going with skirts and capris is a better option....but if I'm going to fry like a 'smore, then I might need them, AND a bathing suit (double shudder)... :takeitoff::heat:

    Any advice out there????

    Thanks all!


  16. hi all-

    i usually don't post on these kinda of subjects but i wanted to put my two cents in. On the other site our group of GMCLs had one of our own meet GB in Vancouver. She is a really great gal and so sweet. SHe told us that as long as the fans let Gerry be in control of the encounter and he got to say when things ended he was cool with everything. I think that is comforting. I am worried like the rest of you about the "pushy" fans who may spoil it for the rest of us but that is really nothing we have control over. So the reminders are good, the posts are good and other than that the rest is up to Gerry.



    Terra (first of all, HI!!! Meeting you in Indy was SO cool!), and secondly, I think you and Susan put your thoughts on this really well. I hear Alice too, I know that I don't begrudge anyone their chance to meet Gerry. I know that there are several ladies who I personally like that met him (one or many times), and I know that they were sweet and respectful. I have NO problem with people that go to the set and watch. Heck, its a public set. They know that they're going to get people coming to watch. They're shooting in the middle of a city street for goodness sake. If I were up there, would I go to the set? Sure. I'd sit and watch quietly, just in awe, and if, by some stroke of luck, the clouds parted and the angels sang and Gerry strutted over for some quality time, would I take it? Heck yeah! But it does seem from some of the encounters that there were a few lines crossed.

    I read most of the fan encounters, and I cherish them. I've never met the man myself, so each encounter is just a little more about the man to me. And most of them are lovely. There are, however, a few that just make me nervous. I wouldn't discourage anyone from posting their story, we've each got different comfort levels about sharing. Plus there are A LOT of us - even if your story is nothing but the epitome of sweetness, 99% of the responses will be positive, but there's always that one. Being part of such a big community is something that we have to keep in mind.

    But if I were with a group of people that were pushy and seemed to be taking advantage, I'd be ashamed, and I certainly wouldn't post. Most of us have the common sense to avoid those situations where we feel Gerry isn't being given the respect that's due him as a human being, and I just hope we can keep it that way. He does after all deserve from us what we deserve from him - respect. And if we can let him decide when, where, and for how long he gives his time, just like we get to decide everyday, then I think the best benefits will come to Gerry and us as fans.


  17. Double yay! on the "no video needed" for singing...

    Now to pick a song.....

    I must say, it would be WAY less pressure and more inclusive to just have a show and then pick winners...

    Not that I mind competition....but it might deter some fans who otherwise would participate if they're shy or easily intimidated... :confused:

    Maybe there's a way to incorporate both a show AND a competition????

    Three cheers to whomever is organizing this, you're a brave soul and I can't thank you enough for your work!!!!! :clap:


  18. Gerry has always been lovely and very accommodating with his fans, but I fear should fans continue to try to meet him while on the set, his goodwill may very well halt out of simple necessity or sheer frustration.

    Thanks Em!

    While we are generally women of much common sense and consideration for others, there are times when we lose our head over Gerry! I have been checking the videos and pics too, and I can't help but feel sorry for our man!

    Respect is the name of the game, and since I don't see Gerry disturbing my work (not that I wouldn't stop everything, LOL!), I know that we need to realize that he's just that when he's on set - at work. I can't imagine how he's keeping his mind on the task at hand....but he's amazing, and we all hope that he can see through any frustration and just chalk it up as supporting him too much...and not create any additional stress for him ourselves. It's true he loves his fans - lets keep it that way! :inlove: :kisswink:

  19. Girlies -

    Ok, just a few questions -

    1. I'm guessing we'll have some equipment to do accompaniment in Vegas? Should we have music on a CD or someone playing or what?

    2. Will we be needing equipment to perform? I have a mic and a mixer, but no amps....

    3. Is there any way that we could get some category guidance? Since there's a judgement process involved, for singing, is there maybe one song that everyone should do to compare and then another that you'd perform?



  20. OMG!

    I'm just going to say that I just heard the B&G news, and I LOVE Sturla! Don't want to frighten him off by offering to have his babies (LOL!), but really, he's friggin full-on fabulously awesome. Yeah, that's valley-girl for "you rock!".

    He was great in Toronto when he came out, but seriously, I'm a fan now. Not that I'm joining a club, but I'll see whatever he makes!! What a man! Third only to our man G (and our other G-man, Gabe). WOOOOT!

    Jen :headspin:

  21. Hello girlies!

    Big Happy Birthday to Nathan, Swan!

    To the Aussie girls - I just read an article about the cyclone that hit downunder...I hope that it was nowhere near you ladies! I suck at geography, but it did say Queensland....much love to you!

    Susan - I friggin adore your amended sig! I have to get that pic of you, me, and Alex....I didn't see that one before...how cute!!!!

    Seems like our new server is fabulous! Woot! I got to talk with one of the girls that went to Vancouver today. She was telling me how gorgeous G was in person, and how he told them not to tell his Mum that he is smoking again, because she doesn't know yet....LOL! Too late now, G! Your pic is all over the place! But those pics are really to-die-for! Not that he usually isn't gorgeous, but the hair color really brings out his eyes...though I'm a fan of the stubble, I can't complain about the smooth-shaven look!!!

    Other news - the big POTO showing in Indianapolis is this weekend. I know not many of us GALS live around there, but I'll be there, so come on down (or up) if you're interested!!! :mopboyerik: :mopboyreddeath:


  22. Ok...

    Just had to post that I had a severe Gerry-dork moment just now...

    Some sports-announcer dude on the TV said something about "Jamar Butler", who is apparently a basketball player...

    I came tearing in the room, looking at the TV going...did they just say something about Gerry????? Dang it...Jamar and Gerard are pretty friggin close....but I just got laughed at....too enthusiastic.....

    Slinks back into the corner....

    And then they announced the top movies of the weekend....OMFG....Failure to Launch (Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew McConaghey) was first, then that movie with Tim Allen as a DOG was second....and they won't even bring B & G to the States....seriously, what does that say about us?!? WTF! Sure, we like big names and gorgeous men, but COME ON! I was actually at the last showing of B & G on Saturday in Toronto, and the three chics next to us left the theater....some people just aren't interested if there's not a celeb that they recognize, no matter how good the movie/actors are...grrrr!

    Had to vent...

  23. . I do think that we are a respectful bunch, as respectful as you can ask for with out going over to the dark side and becoming some sort of chanting cult " Oh great and wise Gerry, hear our plea, please don't fall in live with anyone but me...Ommm shakallaka Ommmmm Shakallaka"


    That is about the funniest thing I've ever heard....

    Actually, I do think there's a fan that's a mish-mash type...

    Because I'm totally lustful, but also connected to his passion, but also interested in his career...whaddayagonna do?

    Anyway, I just got home from Toronto...a bunch of local girls decided to make the (grueling, 10+) hour drive up to Toronto to join about 20 other Tarts to see B & G on the opening weekend to support our man...

    It was FABULOUS! I hadn't seen the movie before, but seeing it three times in one day is really enough to get you a better picture - so....review of the day: Good movie. You definitely do have to have a sense of humor about the movie, because some parts are funny, some parts are downright corny. LOVED Gerry (obviously...and he was friggin magnificently HOT...many bulge shots....but I admit that after the first two showings, the last was mainly just me staring at the man....LOL!). But Stellan was fabulous as a drunken, defeated, tortured Danish King. Ingvar as Grendel was magnificent, despite the scary grunting and the troll-witch action (really, I wish I didn't have that mental picture...gaaa!). The other Geats (including Tony Curran, who was cute in that "awwww, I want to pet you on the head" sorta way) were funny. Overall some very good acting - there were certainly some parts that were weird, if not funny when they weren't necessarily supposed to be. And Sarah Polley - I'm not even going to go into that. Not really a divergence from the usual mediocrity of Gerry's female costars. I know they had her not fake an accent on purpose, but it just wasn't right IMO. So, for a Gerry movie, it was very good. The scenery, cinematography, and music were good. Iceland was beautiful in a stark, brual sort of way, and I think it helped tremendously, because it seemed to make the cast react to it, at least.

    Plus - after the second showing, Sturla showed up to greet us! He was funny, charming, absolutely accomodating (he stayed for awhile, signed 8 million things, talked to us, thanked us for coming, etc. etc. etc.). Really, he was so incredibly sweet!!!!

    Anyway, I'll post the pics that I've got in a day or two! I didn't get any with Sturla, but I know that the other girls will be posting them on gb.net, so I'm sure we'll be able to see them. Besides Sturla, I also got to meet our lovely Chantelle Joy (yep, one of the regular GALS on the gb casts). She was lovely, and she was heavily promoting the gb cast to all of the Tarts. Just a cheery girl, who looked very cute in her red jacket, black skirt, and press hat!

    Hope everyone had a lovely weekend...

    I am off and I must get some serious sleep to recover.....

    Oh, what we do for the love of Gerry................................. :inlove:


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