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  1. Hey girls, Just wanted to let everyone know that we might have a few more girls coming - I told the girls at the Indy POTO showing about B & G coming to Vegas and how it's a Con for ALL GB fans - definitely some takers!!! Jen
  2. Girlies - Ok, just a few questions - 1. I'm guessing we'll have some equipment to do accompaniment in Vegas? Should we have music on a CD or someone playing or what? 2. Will we be needing equipment to perform? I have a mic and a mixer, but no amps.... 3. Is there any way that we could get some category guidance? Since there's a judgement process involved, for singing, is there maybe one song that everyone should do to compare and then another that you'd perform? Thanks! Jen
  3. OMG! I'm just going to say that I just heard the B&G news, and I LOVE Sturla! Don't want to frighten him off by offering to have his babies (LOL!), but really, he's friggin full-on fabulously awesome. Yeah, that's valley-girl for "you rock!". He was great in Toronto when he came out, but seriously, I'm a fan now. Not that I'm joining a club, but I'll see whatever he makes!! What a man! Third only to our man G (and our other G-man, Gabe). WOOOOT! Jen :headspin:
  4. Hello girlies! Big Happy Birthday to Nathan, Swan! To the Aussie girls - I just read an article about the cyclone that hit downunder...I hope that it was nowhere near you ladies! I suck at geography, but it did say Queensland....much love to you! Susan - I friggin adore your amended sig! I have to get that pic of you, me, and Alex....I didn't see that one before...how cute!!!! Seems like our new server is fabulous! Woot! I got to talk with one of the girls that went to Vancouver today. She was telling me how gorgeous G was in person, and how he told them not to tell his Mum that he is smoking again, because she doesn't know yet....LOL! Too late now, G! Your pic is all over the place! But those pics are really to-die-for! Not that he usually isn't gorgeous, but the hair color really brings out his eyes...though I'm a fan of the stubble, I can't complain about the smooth-shaven look!!! Other news - the big POTO showing in Indianapolis is this weekend. I know not many of us GALS live around there, but I'll be there, so come on down (or up) if you're interested!!! :mopboyerik: :mopboyreddeath: Jen
  5. Ok... Just had to post that I had a severe Gerry-dork moment just now... Some sports-announcer dude on the TV said something about "Jamar Butler", who is apparently a basketball player... I came tearing in the room, looking at the TV going...did they just say something about Gerry????? Dang it...Jamar and Gerard are pretty friggin close....but I just got laughed at....too enthusiastic..... Slinks back into the corner.... And then they announced the top movies of the weekend....OMFG....Failure to Launch (Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew McConaghey) was first, then that movie with Tim Allen as a DOG was second....and they won't even bring B & G to the States....seriously, what does that say about us?!? WTF! Sure, we like big names and gorgeous men, but COME ON! I was actually at the last showing of B & G on Saturday in Toronto, and the three chics next to us left the theater....some people just aren't interested if there's not a celeb that they recognize, no matter how good the movie/actors are...grrrr! Had to vent...
  6. Snort!!! That is about the funniest thing I've ever heard.... Actually, I do think there's a fan that's a mish-mash type... Because I'm totally lustful, but also connected to his passion, but also interested in his career...whaddayagonna do? Anyway, I just got home from Toronto...a bunch of local girls decided to make the (grueling, 10+) hour drive up to Toronto to join about 20 other Tarts to see B & G on the opening weekend to support our man... It was FABULOUS! I hadn't seen the movie before, but seeing it three times in one day is really enough to get you a better picture - so....review of the day: Good movie. You definitely do have to have a sense of humor about the movie, because some parts are funny, some parts are downright corny. LOVED Gerry (obviously...and he was friggin magnificently HOT...many bulge shots....but I admit that after the first two showings, the last was mainly just me staring at the man....LOL!). But Stellan was fabulous as a drunken, defeated, tortured Danish King. Ingvar as Grendel was magnificent, despite the scary grunting and the troll-witch action (really, I wish I didn't have that mental picture...gaaa!). The other Geats (including Tony Curran, who was cute in that "awwww, I want to pet you on the head" sorta way) were funny. Overall some very good acting - there were certainly some parts that were weird, if not funny when they weren't necessarily supposed to be. And Sarah Polley - I'm not even going to go into that. Not really a divergence from the usual mediocrity of Gerry's female costars. I know they had her not fake an accent on purpose, but it just wasn't right IMO. So, for a Gerry movie, it was very good. The scenery, cinematography, and music were good. Iceland was beautiful in a stark, brual sort of way, and I think it helped tremendously, because it seemed to make the cast react to it, at least. Plus - after the second showing, Sturla showed up to greet us! He was funny, charming, absolutely accomodating (he stayed for awhile, signed 8 million things, talked to us, thanked us for coming, etc. etc. etc.). Really, he was so incredibly sweet!!!! Anyway, I'll post the pics that I've got in a day or two! I didn't get any with Sturla, but I know that the other girls will be posting them on gb.net, so I'm sure we'll be able to see them. Besides Sturla, I also got to meet our lovely Chantelle Joy (yep, one of the regular GALS on the gb casts). She was lovely, and she was heavily promoting the gb cast to all of the Tarts. Just a cheery girl, who looked very cute in her red jacket, black skirt, and press hat! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend... I am off and I must get some serious sleep to recover..... Oh, what we do for the love of Gerry................................. :inlove: Jen
  7. Here it is!!!! "The most extraordinary, most exciting, and most popular show in Broadway history is coming to The Venetian – and you’re invited. Tickets for The Phantom of the Opera – Andrew Lloyd’s Webber’s astounding musical are going on sale March 7, 2006 and will be going fast. This remarkable new production of the Great White Way’s most successful musical ever will thrill even the biggest Phantom fans with a new $40 million state-of-the-art theatre, new effects, and awe-inspiring new surprises. Be there when the Phantom makes his first Las Vegas appearance by calling 866-641-7469 or 702-414-7469, and mention CODE PS-VEN. The Music of the Night is calling you." Website: http://www.venetian.com/phantom/index.cfm And I fibbed....BlackOperaMask and I are going on Sunday, June 11th, if anyone else is interested in going at the same time.... So, the tickets are from around $80-over 100, just so you know. What a fabulous time we're going to have!!!!!! :mopboyerik: :mopboyreddeath: Jen
  8. Girls!!! Ok, one of my Tart/GALS girls here has come up with a link that says that they're opening June 4th. Apparently tickets go on sale soon and are expected to go quickly. They're not cheap, but it's POTO.... As soon as I can get my grubbly little hands on the info, I'll pass it along. Two of us are already thinking about going on Thursday night before the Con.... Okey dokey...I'll get back to you! jen
  9. Hey ladies! I was getting curious about Vegas, and I wanted to see what was around Vegas to do, if there were day trips or organized tours, and what attractions and other stuff was around.... I just happened to be checking my hotmail today (yeah, right...I'm email addicted...I have a problem! LOL!)...but I found this link to everything Vegas: http://travel.msn.com/Guides/tier1/18152.a...=DESC&rrsb=DATE It's got tour stuff, side trip stuff, restaurants, attractions, EVERYTHING! I love it! Just thought that some of you might appreciate the info as much as I did. I almost started squealing when I found it. This is going to be SO much fun! Woot! Jen
  10. Beans - Hey girl! I knew you'd need more time to get out there and act and promote yourself and all since you were going back to acting. Some things in life just need all of your attention if you're going to make your dreams come true, and we can't begrudge you your passion. We know that you'll still be around and that Jeff needs some time too! Break a leg, girl! I appreciate all the time you have put in being a mod here, and don't worry, we'll always love you! Just go reach for the stars, ok? We know it's been a tough decision for you, but as long as you're following your heart (as mushy as this sounds) we're proud. Go get 'em! Everybody else - have a lovely hump day! Big cyber hugs from me! Jen
  11. Glad to be able to help! Keep the GALS love coming! :inlove: I don't even want to remember what it was like before Gerry and my GALS...I have come to love and value you all so much! Gerry dreams to all! Love, Jen
  12. OOOHHHHHH! Josh Groban...I LOVE him! Went to see him in concert last year...he's such a cutie (but that whole little boy type cuteness, not Gerry cuteness....heck, he's my age and I still couldn't date him because he looks like a 15 year old....I guess it's a good thing he's got all those model-dates to console him.....)
  13. Hey GALS! Happy happy HAPPY birthday to you, Sporran, my Scotland-buddy!!!! I just wanted to let you know that your account of your dream the other night touched me. I'm not usually this sappy, but I'm hormonal.... Anyway, I caught myself smiling so much my cheeks hurt and I thought about it all day. The way you described it, though, it was like it was so real and you were actually there. It just sounds so much like Gerry, and how he'd be all humble about thanking us, and just normal (dish-washing, LOL!) at the same time. I don't usually put much stock in dreams, but every once in awhile, there's one so real that you just know it meant something....and I think that your dream was one of those. Thanks so much for sharing it! Off to post on the birthday thread...maybe Gabe knows a recipe for birthday cake????? Love to all! :inlove: Jen
  14. Yeah, honestly, I'm watching the Oscars either way. Really, it doesn't matter all that much whose sources are whose or whose are right....hell, we're all desperate enough to watch most movies that he's in for about five seconds, so it's not like we we're changing our plans.... Hell, I guiltily admit to watching Leno because one of his friggin CO-HOSTS on one of the other shows was on....how pathetic is that? It's all good with me, as long as G's doing more movies....we're bound to get more pics sometime! Until then I'll just have to use my (dirty) imagination............. David Hasselhoff????? Yikes......so, I guess they've having an autobiography that will sell approximately two copies....Knight Rider...that brings back early childhood memories for me......strange......
  15. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I just checked in with the "other" site.... Apparently Gerry's management just said that he's leaving for Vancouver before the Oscars and WON'T BE ATTENDING! NOOOOOOOO!!!! And we were all so excited. Major buzz kill......................... :angry:
  16. Yes...don't wear the towel...... Just drop it...... We like you au natural.... :inlove: :tasty:
  17. I LOOOOOOVE the Wicked soundtrack! I love "Defying Gravity" too. (Sidenote:OMG...a man that likes musicals AND can cook...I'm in LOVE!!!!) Anyway... I'd love anything from the RENT soundtrack too (La Vie Boheme is always cool, or Seasons of Love). Also you have to do Greased Lightnin' when it's a big group of girls... Also: (ok, anyone that knows who did these songs, feel free to add that, because I'm a song idiot) "Fat Bottomed Girls" - Queen (also Bohemian Rhapsody) "Funky Cold Medina" - I think that's Tone Loc... "Baby Got Back" - Sir Mixalot "Bust a Move song" - Young MC "The Right Kind of Wrong" - LeeAnn Rimes "Hot Stuff" - is that Donna Summer??? "I Want you to want me" - Letters to Cleo or Cheap Trick "Love Shack" - B52s anything Maroon 5 and Vertical Horizon that "I Believe in a thing called Love" by the Darkness Black Eyed Peas "My Hump" anything Will Smith, possibly even the Fresh Prince song....LOVE that! the "Another Night Another Dream" song - La Bouche "What a man" - En Vogue "Waterfalls" - TLC "1,2 Step" - Ciara "Total Eclipse of the heart" - the Eurhythmics some ACDC - possibly "Big Balls" or "You Shook me" some Ace of Base some Beastie Boys, maybe "Fight for your right to paaaarty!" Avril and Alanis are always good the Blu Cantrell song ALL coldplay some Counting Crows - "Mr. Jones" ALL Dido Desire - "Love will save the day" the "What's goin on?" song by 4 Non-blondes I love Green Day - maybe "King for a Day" or "Nice Guys Finish Last" or "Good Riddance" any Norah Jones, Joss Stone any Offspring - "Pretty Fly" , "Keep 'em separated", "I want you bad", "Original Prankster", "My friend's got a girlfriend" maybe Eminem's "Slim Shady" or "the Moment" early No Doubt, or Immaculate Collection Madonna Marvin Gaye's "sexual healing" "heya" outkast Paula Abdul early Janet Jackson (or possibly...shudder...Michael...hey..."Billie Jean" is a goodie!) love the Red Hot Chili Peppers and REM Right Said Fred - "I'm Too Sexy" Violent Femmes "Blister in the Sun" U2 and Wheezer possibly Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" or MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" Also, without fail - "It's Raining Men" - the Weather girls I know that's a LOT, but whatever is played, we're gonna have a blast!!! Thanks to Mo from gbusa for volunteering! Woot! Jen
  18. Yeah! Friggin WOOOOOT! Finally some new (if still small) Gerry news! Something to watch and drool. If some camera dude doesn't get him on the screen, there'll be hell to pay! I wanna see Gerry all dressed up! Man, does he clean up well. Awww...it's so pathetic that I'm all turned on and riled up over Gerry attending an awards show and MAYBE getting two seconds of camera-time....but I don't care, I'm excited! Sarah - hey babe, did you ever get the email I sent you about the St. Patty's Day siggie? I can't remember if I sent it right or what, but you're probably doing 17 million of them currently anyway. Sorry that I missed the ASSchat last night, but I was at my first acting lesson. My teacher is such a fabulous director and actor! Plus he's down-to-earth and hilarious. Gave me some Shakespeare monologues....yikes. Now I just have to work them up. He picked Lady MacBeth, Desdemona, and some Phebe from As You Like It. So basically, I'm a manipulating psychopath, a whiny wimpy woman, and a shepherdess.....hmmmmm....type casting??????? Chris - SO cool that you're coming to Vegas girl! Jen
  19. *points fingers and laughs* Wimps! Bwuahahahaha! I'm a cold weather GAL. I love Spring and the cool rain. I hate intense heat. I do love warm summer nights, though.... I agree! Cold weather all the way! It got down to 4°F the other night here...I don't know how I'm going to cope in Vegas in June...shorts and bathing suits are the devil! Stef, I LOVE you for posting that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big kiss, TNLW! You're right Chris! That's how it was in Glasgow! At first it was slow, we were all going, "ok, so who are you? I'm Jen, well, ok, my username is "xxxxxxx", what's yours?" But then we all got over the goofiness and were partying down! It was really amazing to be able to go up and talk to everyone and have a conversation because we all knew that we had common ground already. It was a little weird at first, but we all had heard of one another so much and we were all in the new phase, so it just made us that much more accepting. It makes you close to experience something like that together. It was SO hard to leave...not only Scotland (and the hunky men), but each other! I LOVED the "Legalize Streaking" button!!!! Cool new GALS nickname Suz! I still can't think of one myself....I'm sure it'll come to me.... Sarah - Thanks for the info on the Aussie chic. We had no idea....but then again, I don't think that G minds a bit of controversy...(can't blame him, she was cute, even if her Dad was a jerkwad.....) Man, I have to get to Australia someday....I just can't imagine how friggin cool it would be! Another world all together, except with the English-speaking (always a plus)... Later my GALS! Jen
  20. I absolutely agree! I'm all about low-maintenance. I'm low maintenance, and my man should be a bit lower maintenance than I am. I want to feel like the girl, dammit! I do insist on regular showering, brushing of teeth, and deodorant (as well as the usual minimal standards of good hygeine). I appreciate the occasional cologne and a man that can dress to kill now and then. I don't expect him to roll out of bed looking hot (Gerry does, of course), and he can expect that I won't either....but when I want to look good, I can certainly come close to knock-out. It's just a confidence booster when you look hot sometimes... But natural Gerry is definitely my favorite. I prefer him a bit chunky with or without the gray hair. With the chest and facial hair, puh-lease! But then again, I prefer those few moments in interviews and pictures when you get a glimpse of his real personality too. When he's being a big goober or flashing one of those 1000 watt smiles that tells you he's really amused and can't help but laugh. Like the high-pitched giggle, the heavy nose-breathing, and talking out of the side of his mouth....naturally he's just so damned cute. Darn those hot dimples and twinkling eyes of his... :Draculababy: But the less-buff Gerry does make me feel all warm and cuddly (or is that just warm????)... :tasty: I hear you Toni! I'm 5'8" and I've never been a small woman. Now, I'm not huge, but still, I like my man to be physically bigger than me. I have dated men that were about my height and weight, and that's fine, but I prefer for him to be bigger. It's just too easy for me to feel like "the man" in the relationship anyway....ick! Yeah, I bet Gerry will lose some of the bulk. It's just not that practical to be maintaining that (killer, gorgeous, yet) huge muscle mass and to act in a ton of other roles, but he'll probably keep some of it. It probably depends on how attached he's gotten to his work-outs, as he's said he has an addictive personality... Who knows! I just know I'll take whatever comes! Woot! Jen
  21. Dreaming about me, are you Swan???? Gees.....I wish..... Talking about streaking only reminds me more of Vegas.....muhahahaha.....oh....wait...bail money fund....
  22. Thanks Susan. I always catch onto things late, with my email back-up. That's how I missed the article. That was very touching. True his fans are wild, but it is so much more than just lusting. I'm glad that can be expressed. Yeah - Susan is awesome for telling Martyn about your call. I know she and I both mentioned it to Gerry's Mum and I told Gerry's step-dad (and probably his Brother-in-Law, because he was standing really close). But we just couldn't keep our mouths shut about it. It was such a moving story and such a Gerry-ish thing that I had to tell a few other Tarts as well. Believe me, all were extremely moved that Gerry would take the time and effort on Christmas. I just saw your post on the other site! NO! That would make me half his age. EWWWWWWWWWWWW! Barely legal. Then I couldn't do the things I really wanted on my fantasy date.Mind you - if I could go back to the size I was then! Yippie! :yippee: Sarah - ummm...if you were 20 years younger wouldn't you be a LOT younger than legal??? Like, not yet 10 years old. Or is the age of "legal" a LOT younger Down Under than it is here ??? DOH! Yes! There's that maths agian!!!2 + 2 = 5, right?? Yoiks! 20 years younger....right...that would make me 5......NOT old enough for what I had in mind..... And GALS, I am with Susan. Martyn the news guy that wrote the article was a big joker (and a bit of a flirt, as most Scottish men are). I think he was a little scared by all of us and our "fanomenon"(...I love that Sporran!), but really, I think he was in awe that Gerry is so cool to us and that we are so supportive. I'm sure he didn't mean it to offend us, but I do know that among his main audience, the local readers, the whole fan-club thing is not well understood or appreciated. Everyone that we met seemed to tell us that the fan-club and even more, a motivated, organized, charity-donating fan-club, was a very American thing. It's not usual in Europe. So they didn't quite understand why all of us were parading around in Glasgow, but nonetheless, it was a good time. Susan - I'm with you. I still miss Scotland. "Sweet melancholy" is a lovely term to describe it!!! Ok girls - I'm so pumped about Vegas I can barely think (now if only we can get our Scottish PAL to come out....hmmmmm...). Off to listen to the latest podcast!!!! Later babes, Jen
  23. I was wondering about that movie - Heath is very cute (a little small and a little young, but otherwise lovely), but is it just terribly chic-flick-ish? Is there real plot or is it all love-story. Not that I wouldn't see it then, just that I know I have to take my girlfriends or sisters and not a mixed crowd. The guys hate that....stupid men! Anyway, have a lovely day you GALS! Sorry to have missed chat the other night!!! But I did finally watch Red Eye, the movie that G saw in the premiere in Japan...funny how little things like that remind you of Gerry, but they do, nevertheless. Brings a little smile to your face even when nobody else knows about it. Ok, and someone stole my date with Gerry! I wanted to do the Scotland thing and go visit Glencoe and see the hills and meet the family and sit on the terrace! Dang it! But that's ok, since I think that's a second-date sort of thing, I guess my first date would be more like this: Me looking REALLY hot, obviously...heels, a bit of cleavage, subtly curled long brown locks, and a cute little dress or skirt/shirt combo. Honestly, I couldn't care less how he comes dressed, he's always gorgeous. But I just want a walking and talking date. In a city. Glasgow would be great, but I'd settle for any city. NY or LA or somewhere that he knows a bit of the layout to show me around would be ideal. But we'd meet just before dusk and go walking through the city, talking and laughing and window-shopping. Then when it was incredibly late and we'd lost track of time, we'd stumble into some greasy, small, late-night diner and have dinner, talking with each other and giggling the whole time. We'd finish up and walk back, me taking my heels off by now because my poor feet would be SO sore...we'd hold hands and I'd do my "Singing in the rain" impression with the nearest lamppost. Then we'd find our way back to his neighborhood, pick up a movie (probably Python or Pink Panther since those are his favorites and I was practically raised with them), and some horrible late night snacks and head up to his place and not really watch the movie....I'll leave the rest to your imagination...and mine....and his... Jen
  24. Dang! Aussie Con! I hope you girls take pictures, because after meeting some of the Aussies in Glasgow, I am so jealous that you all get to hang out in October. Unfortunately, a plane ticket to Australia is not in the budget right now....pout! They were wild and crazy. There was even some flashing, and a fair bit of drunkenness. I'm not the drunken sort, but I do love to watch the ones that have had a few too many! Anyway, TW, I almost choked when I read that phrase....I LOVE it! I'm going to try and work that into conversation today...that's just one of those things that you have to use! LOL LOL LOL! And Mama Navy! Priceless! And Sarah, I know, I forgot about your massive perviness. I know that kids don't make you more mature necessarily, it's just that I still feel like a kid and then the "real" kids look at me like an adult. Ick. But yeah, I guess most Mommys rise to the challenge... Swan - prayers for Nathan! Doc - prayers for the family! Bethy - hope you can get some rest dearie! Love all , Jen
  25. I think over 30 qualifies as a MAN! And I'd prefer that a bloke does the spanking thanks. Hmmmmm... Ok, ya said he was born in 1978, right Sarah... 2006-1978=.............not a man??? I remember him from Days of Our Lives...cute, but he's a bit too pretty for me....to each her own though! And he's two years older than you? I had no idea you were about my age! I think it's because of Alex, because I just assume that people with kids are WAY more mature than I am (kids are great, and I'd love to have them, but the idea of having them now scares the shite out of me!!!) I'd need WAY more practice and guidance to be a good mommy. Hell, I still go outside without a coat...parents are yelling at their kids and I'm walking by going, "I'm an idiot...don't pay any attention to me!!!!" Suz...your story about cat treasures had me ROLLING! Good luck cleaning up the lil devils! Blah. So I'm glad that Valentines is over....but still have some chocolate...yay! Dr. Em - Good to see you posting woman! Sorry to hear about the death in the family. I'm beaming mental stability to you through the airwaves! Ok...off to read whatever juicy fan fic I can find!
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