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  1. Hey girls - Any new developments on the campaign to get Gerry a new man bag???? It's a great idea! Damn does that sound dirty....I'd like to personally check his man-bag.......inspector #1, ready and waiting!!!! Jen
  2. Hey girls - Ok, I was just thinking... So since we're trying REALLY hard (and I love you mods and others that have been spending so much time organizing this - you are really appreciated!!!) to make this as GB-fan friendly and non-site-specific... Is there any way that we could get the word out on the "other" site too? I know we've got some girls from gb-usa and a few other sites already coming, but it's possible that some of the local Tarts would also attend... And as we've said, the more the merrier! Ok, going back to trying to find a suitable dracula dress...(not as easy as it seems....) Jen
  3. Happy Gerry-tines to all my GALS! To the Aussies...let us know how it is, right? Sarah - He didn't even bother to do something small? You gotta be kidding me! Sounds like quality couch-time is the only action in his near future.... As my usual mode of thinking toward's V day is a loud, resounding, "Screw Valentines Day!!!!", I'll gladly ditch it in favor of Gerrytines!!! The single girls at work are wearing black for tomorrow and gorging on chocolate, even though we're in a "Biggest Loser" weight contest....a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!! To Gerry - ah, my virtual Valentine. What can I say man? I'll take you anyway, any day. There are a lot of sides to you that I appreciate even though I think most women (barring my Tarts and GALS, of course) wouldn't like or understand them. There are so many days when my smile brightens whenever I see your face popping up - on TV, on the movie screen, online. It seems that little reminders of you pop up whenever I am least expecting them, and they improve my mood...I.E....whenever I pass "Gerard" Street in Cincinnati, I smile and say, "Hey Baby!". I love your passion, your dedication, your kindness. I love your relationship with your family, your fans. Your personality (at least all facets that I've had the luck to see) is the best part about you, despite the fact that you make my pants melt with one cheeky, sultry, teasing look. (See the Vegas ad to your left...) There isn't a thing about you that I would change, but rather I'd try to soak up everything that is you.... :tasty: (and not only with my tongue!) So happy to see that your Mum posted pics from the balcony view at her house. When she said that you liked to sit out there and look at the hills while listening to Scottish music, I got the most vivid image of being right there with you. It's like you put your soul out there for us to know it, not only through your parts, but through your genuine attitude whenever we see you. Through your family, through your home country, and through us finding friendships with one another. I'll never be able to adequately thank you for the kick-in-the-pants inspiration that you gave me, or for the love that you have shown to so many others. Thanks babe! I just hope you're getting to spend Valentines Day feeling the love that everyone has for you! And last, but not least....if you'd ever like me to try and adequately express my thanks....those jeans and chaps could go a LONG way....and some stubble.....and some berries and chocolate.... :inlove: Heck, I'd put on that bright red dress that I wore in the Con...either that, or maybe just the flowers in my hair.....gggrrrrrrr! Sidenote - Beachie - OMFG with the tushie pics! I saw CHAPS!!!! Instant Gerrygasm!
  4. Susan - It's very ok that you got some of my pics. I'm absolutely cool with anyone taking any of the pics - that's the benefit of traveling with a bunch of women with cameras....because you know that no matter how many pics you take, you'll always miss one that you love, and someone else will have gotten it! Yeah, I did give the shirt to Mum. Believe me, when I had it signed I wasn't thinking about it, I was fully intending to keep it. But then Mum and the family showed up, and he sounded so sad to have missed our party and meeting us that I was just like, "Aww hell, I'll just sign it myself and give it to him!". So yes, I did write a note on a non-signed part...right under the boobs....(which I didn't realize that you could read....hey BETHY!! You can see your name on my shirt!). So yes, I handed it over. I don't think it'll fit him, Alex was reminding me that maybe he'll be able to fit into it after he's not so huge from 300, but I think it'll just end up on the wall or something. Who knows. Crud - I don't care if he uses it as a bath towel (that's enough to give a girl an instant Gerrygasm), but I think he'll appreciate that so many of us signed it. But yeah, Mum said that she'd make sure that he got it. I asked her first about it, because I didn't know if he'd want it or not, but she got the biggest smile and said, "Did you all do this in the past two days? He'd LOVE this!" And all - yeah, both Susan and I told Mum about Gerry's call to Bethy. I told his step-Dad Alex too. Both seemed moved, but not surprised. It seems everybody knows about Gerry's big heart! :inlove: But you should know that it was our lovely Sporran that told Martyn about Bethy's call. And yes, it was one of the most moving stories told....I told a few other Tarts as well. But Susan gets things done! And it's good that Martyn, our reporter, understood that things aren't one-way with Gerry! :yippee: Hey G - we love you...be my valentine????? (And don't procrastinate about it, because I love your Mum enough to ask her too!!!!) :inlove:
  5. Hello ladies! Spent some quality time with photobucket today...(I feel your pain Susan!!!)... But anyway, I posted my Glasgow/Scotland pics in the Scottish section, (at long last because I'm totally lazy about that stuff...) Here's the link for those of you that are just aas lazy as I am and don't want to go to the other thread - http://photobucket.com/albums/a310/stagewo...t%20Con%202006/ Prayers for your son Swan! And Bethy, I'm thinking of you today, dear! We're with you! May your family and all the attendees at the funeral find peace. Love to all! :inlove: Jen
  6. Sarah!!!! Hey babe! Glad to hear from you! Sucks that it was $200 to get the computer working again, but we're thrilled that you're back. Missed you too! Now you just have to go and read the GALS/PALS chat...you missed the HOT stuff!!! Toddling off over there myself.... :tasty:
  7. Hugs to all today! Bethy ~ you're very welcome dear. Just wanted you to know we're pulling for you. What better reminder than flowers. You'll look beautiful wearing them. Everybody else - love you! Chat last night was insanity! It was LOTS and lots of fun. I love talking to you girls. To Perrin - run fast, babe! To Beans - we love you! We just love that you're so protective of our newest G man - but since Perrin is decidedly NOT a man, (yeah, I'm a suck up), he can flirt with her too. Ah...it's not like poor G is making road trips to visit any of us, so the poor man can flirt away without worrying!!! Dang...how'd he get the good deal here? Where are all the men fawning over us??? Cripes.... Anyway, I think we decided that a jello pool match in Vegas will settle the matter....heck, we could make a lot of money for charity by selling tickets....you girls up for that????? I love it that we can all kid around with each other and laugh until our cheeks hurt and we have to pee!!! Back to check if Chapter 5 is up or there was more E & C progress!!! Yay...tomorrow's FRIDAY (can ya tell it's been a long week?) Jen
  8. Of course you deserve it dearie! You're one of ours, and WE'RE the ones that are proud and honored to be at all associated with you, let alone in a group of other immensely kind and caring women, supporting a man that we're all proud of! It's the least we can do, but at least we can finally do something!!!! We love you! Jen
  9. TOTALLY girl......you holdin' out???? We'd LOVE to hear it....of course, every personal Gerry-story makes us fall in love all over again......
  10. OMG I know! I'm getting so hard-up for Gerry's hilarious talk-show interviews, the little juicy tid-bits (hahaha.....I'm such a perv!!) in the magazine pics and interviews, his new movies... When the heck is GOTL gonna be released? And why the frick isn't Beowulf and Grendel being picked up in the U.S.? It's enough to make a girl think seriously about driving to Canada for one FRIGGIN movie!!!! Grrrrrr! I need some Gerry-love in the form of Gerry news and new pics! Oy! Seriously, can we not get some nice street-clothes pics as aforementioned? I mean, I even got some recent Gerry-stuff in Scotland, and now it's even WORSE!!!!!!! :inlove: Come on Gerry, baby, throw your devoted girls a bone :tasty: (again with the dirty mind....) I'm with you girls! Jen
  11. Ok, well, Since I had such a hard time NOT yelling at the computer during the podcast, I have to share my thoughts! First of all, I'll just go ahead and state my position - the Phantom. No ifs, ands, or buts. The Phantom ALL the way, baby. The passion vs. safety point was very valid to me. I personally would choose passion. Yeah, it can come back to bite you in the arse, but then again, so can settling. I just personally couldn't live with myself if I chose safety over what could potentially be the love of my life. Whether or not it actually turns out to be the love of my life is sorta beside the point, and I'll deal with that later. But I felt NO passion between Raoul and Christine. I felt that he was protective, possessive, and clearly the old-school male role, but again, it was childhood sweetheart syndrome. I had a childhood sweetheart. I still love him. But I had to realize that my perceptions of him as a child were not necessarily the most clear. When you deal with a romance with a past like that, there are a bunch of emotions tied up, and with Christine, as so many of you have mentioned, that had a lot to do with her Father still being alive. (Not that she doesn't clearly have Daddy-Phantom issues as well, she does, admittedly). In my case, it's a darn good thing that I'm not with my childhood sweetheart. People change as they get older....Raoul is just the normal, safe choice for Christine. I don't see passion, and I don't see that he really loved her. I think he was just as controlling as Erik. Had he loved Christine as much as he thought, he'd have thought of another way to deal with the Phantom (or heck, just taken her away....) But with the Phantom, the passion was palpable. The man was clearly scarred, but I think that he wanted to change. The reason why women think that they can change men and it doesn't work is because the man himself didn't want to change. But I think in this instance that Erik wanted to change. I think he was more than a little dissatisfied with his life and was truly asking for her help and her love. I just think that since he recieved little or no social skills, love, and compassion, that he didn't know how to change. I think that she could have helped him through her love and understanding to become a much healthier individual. And I think their relationship would have been a strong one. Not only based on mutual passion, but since both were fairly new at relationships, they could have learned together. Plus they shared passion for music, for art, etc. She loved him on many levels: lover, muse, teacher, father figure, son figure (needing a lot of care and love), friend, contemporary (in art). I do think that she was a bit afraid of the Phantom. Totally understandable. He's more than a bit moody, unpredictable, and he's got a temper that is lethal (liturally). The man is a loose canon. But the only reason that I can give as to why this doesn't ruin the Phantom for me is that I think his actions were born of his pain, his lack of love as a child, and his total lack of understanding about what goes on in regular polite society. I don't think he was ever taught how to deal with his anger issues. Even his mother rejected him. Unless you are shown the correct way to behave, there's little way for you to know it. Plus, as he learned early in life, some of the struggles that he faced were really life-and-death. I can't blame him for murdering the circus guy. Buquet could have been justified, as he thought he was preying on the girls, including Christine. Piangi was a threat, but his death I do have to blame on Erik. I also think that her unmasking him during PONR, while a betrayal, might also have been his salvation. At the end of the play, if he remained there, he could have been captured or killed. The only way for her to force him into action was to unmask him. So although she didn't necessarily know the consequences of her action, I think that she knew she had to do something. Because as much as she loved Raoul (and there are many types of love, I do believe she loved him, but in a different way), she also loved Erik. And she didn't want to see either man killed. And sorry, but no one can convince me that the girl was just acting the part of Aminta....she was clearly quite taken by the Phantom, not only in the PONR scene, but in MOTN and the Red Death scene. However, I think that Christine was still very immature in some ways. She clearly didn't understand her pull towards the Phantom (those are hormones, babe....), and she was too scared by his temper to say what needed to be said in the lair when he pushed her down and yelled at her (i.e...."nobody pushes me, buster....now, about the mask, seriously, you don't need it...I'm interested in your heart and soul.....now....settle down, and meet me at the swan bed....wink wink!"). Likewise, Erik was just as immature (although I'm sorry, there was a bit too much Gerry in the MOTN scene...it's hard to believe that the man who handles Christine like he did is a virgin....hmmmmmm....). But I think that their love would have been strong enough to work past these issues. Oh, and also, I agree with what the girls said before about the ring!!!!! Here's something to remember me by, baby! But I still don't get why she looked back at him during the end song if she was so sure of her decision to go with Raoul.....makes me think that more than a little bit of her wishes she'd have stayed behind to check out the springs on the swan bed..... ) Jen
  12. Ok, Ummmm... I'm going with either of the following two games to play with Gerry: 1. Ticklefight. Lots of fun. Involves giggling and tickling and putting your hands all over someone else's body! Woot! :tasty: 2. Find the quarter using no flanges......one of my personal favorites....hide a quarter somewhere in or beneath your clothing...the other party cannot use fingers or toes to aid in their search..... (Come on Ger...I know you don't necessarily need the change, but uh....I could use it!) Dang...listened to the second podcast today...had a REAL hard time not yelling at the computer during the Raoul vs. Erik debate.....I'll post my thoughts in the correct forum, but just so you know, Beanie, keep representing babe! I love ya! (Not that I don't love Dr. Em and Chantelle, I totally do, no matter how much you love that wussy Raoul! LOL!) Ok, later girlies! Jen
  13. Hey girls, I'm being a lazy bum today! Watching the game and eating snacks, yay! Ok, so I'm trying to get my Scotland photos uploaded too, because I've been incredibly lazy about that too, and I want to be able to post them! Other news - scored an extra part in a local movie...it's just one day, but technically I will be getting paid to act for at least one day in my life...woohoo! Plus it's a vampire movie and I get to we all dressed up in a gown for an opera scene...I'm pretending it's POTO meets D2K, minus Gerry (dammit!). It'll never get released, but hell, it's one more thing to stick on the old resume, right? Peace ladies! :headspin: Jen
  14. Kimbo, I'm glad you couldn't ever give that up! That's friggin AMAZING, girl! Congrats! I mean, I LOVE Gerry, but still.....Carnegie FRIGGIN Hall!!!!!!!! No way, Jose! He'd totally like it! But I'd love to try and see!!!!!! Mkay...leaving that alone before I need to take it to the over-18 area..... :mopboyerik: You're too cute!
  15. No no Kimbo....NEVER leave BEFORE the spanking!!!!!!! :bootyshake:
  16. OMG Bethy, you have NO idea how much that means to me! I have often felt the same way, that there is pain mixed in with congratulations. Believe me girl, I'm just in community theater now. I can't make the jump yet either, but I like to think that our girl Beans is leading our way. Girl, I seriously believe, with NO hesitation, that you have it within you. We ALL face the enourmous amount of rejection, of self-doubt. It is terrible, viscious even, as you described it. But I can tell, and I think everyone else here sees that this capacity is truly within you. Your passion and your heart alone give you the strength to grab your dreams. Your hardships, especially as of late, are truely daunting. I am sorry that I have given you any reason for more pain. But you mean so much to me as inspiration and as a friend (and to everyone else here, sorry if I'm speaking for all of you....), that you'll never know just how much your comments above, your offer of strength and support mean. YOU are a miracle to me. That you can hold your dreams safe in your heart and face your life every day is a testament to you, and an incredible achievement to me. I can say without hesitation that I offer you the same. To all my GALS, but especially to you Bethy, I offer you any of my heart, my experience, my friendship that helps you carry on, and lets you live easier, that fans your flame of acting. More than anything else, I too know that whenever I don't get a part or whenever I do, the others that share my passion (and there are SO many on this site...thanks for sharing Kimbo!!! And Abrock, Song, Swan, and all the other singers, actors, writers, artists, lovely ladies and gents here that I am sorry not to mention personally!!!!) are striving with me. I know that when you make it, when you get the joy of getting a part, the hardship of the long hours and low pay, that you've got a little part of me with you. Good luck to you, girl. Seize the spirit yourself, all is not defeated! Beanie couldn't have said it better. I think that we all feel that something is calling to us. When I step into a theater, it's like going home. It makes me incredibly frustrated sometimes, and sometimes irrationally happy. It's just in your blood. Whether we actually make it or not is not necessarily the important part. I just know that there are too many people who learned the hard way that TRYING is the essence of the goal. There's a quote that I love that says, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." But mainly, we'll know that we tried. We'll know that no matter our situation in life, no matter when we realized our passion, no matter what our passion is, as long as we embraced it and gave it a good run, then we have suceeded. So for all of life's disappointments, for all of the menial day-jobs (hello, I work in a lab!!!), for all of the f-ed up auditions, the missed call-backs, the thrown lines, ALL of the crud that goes along with any passion, we have each other. And at long last...sorry to get so FRIGGIN mushy! But you made my cry, girl, and your gift in your post was one of the most moving things I've ever been fortunate enough to read. Thank God for you, Bethy. Thank God for all my GALS (and PALS, I'm not forgetting the fellas!)
  17. Sorry that your back is acting up Sarah...but I do have to admit that I giggled a bit at your description......to quote Craig Ferguson...."doooon't say it....don't say it!" LOL! I am SO not touching that!!!!! Ok, so I was talking with Carrie and some others, and basically it came down to us thinking that although we can know a lot about Gerry, that there were probably some parts of him that we didn't see, so I said that I'd ask. So basically, the question during our Q & A session with Andrea Gibb (among my other four questions), was: What facet of Gerry's personality is most often overlooked? She thought about that a moment, and said that while Gerry is definitely a showman, always ready to go in his work, full of energy, very giving, and has a ready sense of humor, that the his most overlooked quality was his pensive, brooding, dark side that came through in his discussion of the Stranger's part in DF and the backstory that he thought up for The Stranger (even though she didn't elaborate on that...dang it!), and how it was shown in his own reaction to the Father-son dynamic of the movie and his life. Basically she just said it was the quieter, yet deeper side of his personality. Susan, if you heard anything else, I can't remember anything, so feel free to correct me, but that's what I got. I had a feeling that that was going to be her answer, but still, I wanted to ask the question to see what someone that had spent a lot of time with him thought. I wish I could have asked his Mum, but we didn't have that kind of time, and I wasn't in the right frame of mind then either. I know what you mean about being fascinated with all the different sides of the man...he's just so human and complex that he amazes me. And no Beans, definitely not down off of the cloud yet! But seriously, congratulations from the bottom of my heart about moving on from your job and getting back to acting . Feel free to throw advice to us struggling actors now and again! Really, I feel that that bravery might be the only thing that I lack when it comes time for me to make the move. First I need to save up the money, but after that, if I lose my nerve, I'm the only one screwing myself up and it's only fear....you're my idol! If I didn't know better (and for Jeff's sake), I'd say you had a pair of brass...... :wideeyes: And everybody, watch out for our PAL....he's a charmer allright! Wink wink ....nah, we love you Gabriel! You and your lovely accent are VERY welcome!
  18. Ok, seriously, how funny is it that abbreviation is spelled wrong? I know it wasn't meant to be, but in a weird ironic sorta way..... :bootyshake:
  19. Hello girls (and guys!!!), Ok, so I have to admit to neglecting my GALS for a few days. Scotland (and leaving Scotland) just kinda knocked me on my keyster! Not only the jetlag, unpacking (yeah, right), and leaving the country that I LOVE and my girls, but the whole sha-bang. I guess I didn't expect to be this moved. Most of you know that I have never met Gerry personally, so up until meeting his family, I guess Gerry was mostly just the sum of the movies, my fellow fans, and the all the interviews I could take in. Ya know how you know something is real, but it just doesn't dawn on you until it smacks you in the face? Well, that's me. I guess I thought that as much as he did nice things for us, that he affected us much more than we affected him. I am amazed and humbled to find out though, through his calls, his video, his donations (if you haven't seen it yet, the man MATCHED the funds raised at the Glasgow con for CLIC Sargent, which was something like $10,000), even his family, that he is very affected by our support as well. Now, I know we can't possibly know everything about the man (hello, especially me, I've never even met him), but as you girls were listing before, there are some things that we see in his soul because he gives so freely of it: Well said Lish! Lovely Beans! I know what you mean about the actors that think they're there to "play" a character, to entertain an audience, whom they view with much less respect than those in the theater. Well, the whole reason that we respond so well to Gerry is that he's LIVING his roles, and we can see that. That's why I love the quote that he did that goes something like "if you live a role, sometimes the audience will jump right in there with you" (forgive me for not knowing it exactly.... Susan - I couldn't agree more! His family was SO giving! Their time, their stories, their hearts were shared with us for a few hours. I was amazed by how his Mom has the same talking quality as Gerry is said to have - she makes you feel like you're the only person in the room. When I told her about Bethy's call (I didn't know if she knew or not, but I thought she and Gerry's Step-Dad should), she was going to cry, which made me want to cry. She just said that whatever else he is, he's always been thoughtful and had a kind heart, and always tried to be generous with his heart to other people. I just found out about him matching the CLIC Con donation...I swear, I'm having that man's babies..........LOL! But also his sense of humor, and the dark side that Andrea mentioned when asked about his most overlooked quality (yes, Carrie, I totally asked!!!!!), I think those are also very big factors to his soul. Sometimes I think that there's still a lot of little boy in Gerry, in good and not-so-good ways. But the truth is that I love it, all of it. The summation is really quite endearing and fantastic. I just hope we all get to know a LOT more about his soul! I'll post my Scotland stories (although they're probably just like Susan's) in a bit, I guess I was just a bit overwhelmed by Gerry himself, even though we didn't physically meet him, I felt like he was just so much more real, more present, more amazing to me (and I didn't honestly know that was possible). Ok, allright, so I've got an audition and I need to get on my way! Hopefully I'll check in tonight and listen to Bethy's singing! Woot! And Swan...they absolutely do say "Oh Aye" in Scotland! Also a lot of "Aye, right" going on. The "dinna" and "canna" thing is true, but I didn't hear a whole lot of "ken". Later babes! jen
  20. I'm BAAAAACK! Hello girls!!! I'm back in business. Got back from my flight into Cleveland this afternoon, ready to enjoy the first night back in my own bed.... Doesn't sound like a lot, but to me it sounds pretty stinkin' good after the huge amount of jet-lag from Glasgow! There is SO much that happened in Glasgow that I am still in overload, but in the next few days I'll try to get the pics in order and add to Sporran's account of events at the Con and the other trips. I do, however, have an interesting tidbit to add.....another famous Scotsman was on our flight back from Glasgow to Newark, and a small group of five Tarts got to meet none other than our favorite Late Night Talk Show host, Craig Ferguson, just before he flew out to LA. I don't have pictures yet (we didn't want to bother him with taking 17 thousand, so another Tart is emailing them over in a bit), but I'll certainly put them up. The guy was SUCH a good sport, even though he looked really tired. But overall, I miss being surrounded by Gerry fans, the lovely Scottish accent, men who actually knew how to flirt :tasty: , and the overall attitude and scenery of Scotland. I must say that I fell in love with Glasgow, and I love Gerry even more (I know, I didn't think it was possible....but he's more real to me than ever). Ok, so love to all, I have to go do my GALS duty and check out the podcast...I'm off tomorrow to recover, so hopefully I'll be catching up on E & C and all the rest as well! As for Australian twang...it was actually really cool to talk to the Aussie Tarts...some of them were more than a little bit wild (and I'm no shrinking violet myself), but I did love talking to them. They kept shouting "hairy coo" whenever we passed a highland cow....SO funny! Allright girls, over and out for now! Check me out in Sporran's SYT pic!!!! :headspin: Woot! And there's an article listed on gb.net about our donation....how fab! Jen
  21. Ahhhhh! Girls! Total drive-by from Glasgow! It's my last full day here, and I've been so stinking busy around here that I haven't had time to check in with my GALS (except for the two or three of you lovelies that were in Scotland with me! Love you!!!) Anyway, MANY many stories and pics to come! Including my near-seduction of our HOT Scottish tour guide, Dave. Close, but no cigar....but I'll DEFINITELY post pics of him, in his kilt!!!!!!!! :wideeyes: And if I can get the vid from another gb.net Tart, there is some of him singing traditional Scottish songs....*thud* :inlove: Plus pics with Gerry's family as well as some with the DF screenwriter, Andrea Gibb. I have to say though, I should have gotten a laptop, because I friggin MISS my GALS!!!! Bethy honey - I love you. Hang in there! I told Gerry's Mom about your call, and she was almost crying (course, I guess I was too)! The whole family is amazing, but her reaction to the story was really lovely, she just said that he has always had a good, thoughtful heart. I think she was amazed by how much we love him. I even gave her the shirt that I had Tarts sign (while I was wearing...LOL!) so that he wouldn't feel so bad about missing us and not getting a souvenir! But his Dad was also touched...just thought you should know that they're not only proud of Gerry, but they're proud of us!!! Ok, to all my other GALS, I have to run and get all of my luggage re-packed as I've got a BUTT EARLY flight out of Glasgow tomorrow morning, and I know I'll be crying and hugging and leaving a bit of my heart behind in Scotland! Love to all! Jen :inlove:
  22. Me? A Mighty Big Dick? Oh My? Dr. Em Dang.....althought it might make an interesting addition to the Dracula Ball in Vegas....can you even rent a big costume like that??? Hell, I'd be willing to put a few bucks in the pot for a show like THAT!!! You up for it Doc????? LOL!!!!!! And Stalow, don't worry, I don't think anybody was really put off. After all, you're our GAL and no matter if we agree or disagree over the little stuff, we still love you. And you're certainly not the only GAL here with attitude (in a good way!!!), Texas-heritage notwithstanding! I forget who said the quote, but just keep in mind that "Well-behaved women rarely make history!". You said things in a respectful manner, and everyone respects you for that. Like Simone said, we're all pretty laid back. And one of the big parts that keeps us coming back is that as long as you do it in a nice way, we can share our opinions. Don't fret girl!
  23. Hey GALS! Just wanted to pop in and thank everyone for the birthday wishes! It's been a good day, but it was pretty darn cool when I stopped by and saw the messages...it's the little things, but it made me feel special! I love you GALS! I'm out for some cake and ice cream! Irreversible adulthood is just now setting in....can't claim to be young and stupid for too much longer (just stupid, I guess....LOL!) Thanks all! Have a good trip Candy, try to feel better! And I'll try to stop in tomorrow to make sure that I say goodbye before the big trip, but if I don't chat with you or get to buzz by tomorrow, I'll be back from Glasgow on January 30th, and I'm thinking of all of you!!!! Love ya! :inlove: Jen
  24. Aww! That's good...I was wondering how you were going to pass as a dead body when you were wearing a headset and yelling, "Light cue 24...go....NOW! Move that big old piece of set! Hey...who's being loud backstage???" Rehearsal scheduling...possibly the worst part of the job!!! Ick! But I do love your description of "wrangling" the cast...that's SO true. They're just not handled, they're really wrangled, LOL! Plus, I guess the crew is generally wrangled as well...it's not a pretty job, but someone is a both massochistic and sadistic enough and loves to do it, right? Long live the theatre!!!!! A big "what's shaking" to all my GALS tonight! LOVE YA!
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