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  1. Ohhhh! I ALMOST got that one! I was sniffing for a new signature scent, and that one was really nice. But long story short, I ended up with Armani's "Mania" for women (although I almost bought the men's because it's fabulous and doesn't really smell manly.....) To change it up, I go with Victoria's Secret, "Heavenly, J. Lo's "Live", or my old standby (I bought it in 9th grade but still love it), C.K. "One".
  2. Sporran - you have just as much right as all of Gerry's other fans to stand in line. I think it's a very noble thing, but I don't think it's necessary. The man has always taken as much time as he can with his fans, and I don't think that's going to change. I just think that the practicality issue that you and the others have mentioned is going to be more of a challenge. I hope that you do get to meet him again. And I do think you're right that it is possible to be a star and a successful actor without being plastered on every page, billboard, and celebrity-gossip TV show ever. Honestly, I think that there are more than a few reasons why Gerry may not be this way. It seems like he really tries to pick movies that have more emotional parts and also to do smaller budget, yet poignant films that he really wants to do. And while we love them, and finally the critics are noticing (DF), I think that it'll still be awhile before Gerry's movies become popular enough with the general movie-going public that he becomes a household name. When he did TR2, that was a big movie, with Angelina Jolie...he did Phantom, which was Warner Brothers, Attila was all over cable, and I thought that after those he'd be HUGE. Yet somehow, that's not the case. Whenever I mention his name, no one knows who I'm talking about....I wander sometimes if he wants this sort of recognition or if he would rather be a little less known, but that's a question that only he could answer. Sometimes I think that European actors generally don't shoot for mega-stardom the way that Americans do, and I think it might be a better attitude...Fret not ladies, Gerry will NOT forget his fans, no matter how big he gets! :mopboybeowulf:
  3. Awww...not to disappoint anyone, but the above also apply in Cincinnati! And we're thisclose to Kentucky! And about #18 - we also call it "Whitey's" for short, and the condition of runs after eating Whitey's is know as White Castle a**. Just so yous know! And we absolutely do the "pop", "gym shoes", "goes", and "guys" here....I'm practically a native!!!!! But I have definitely heard one movie speculated....but until we hear for sure, it's nothing but guessing, and we'd all hate to be disappointed when we got our palates all warmed up for a certain sort of Gerry-character, so I just hope they spill the beans ASAP!!!!
  4. Hey Mel! Just a quick question...how do you stage-manage when you're onstage the whole time? I'm all sorts of impressed by that! But now you qualify to play an extra on CSI....I've always wanted to be one of those...lay on the table, look dead, get covered in peppermint-flavored look-alike blood....sounds like an interesting job to me! But you get the best role...it's always easy to mess with the other actors when you're supposed to be playing asleep or dead....wink and see what happens, right? So glad that G won the hello poll...it did seem shady that there were so many votes that we could never really get caught up! Ok, love you girls, I have to go and cut my Glasgow packing list in half and start shoving stuff into suitcases. I am possibly the heaviest packer in the known world!
  5. Awwww yeah! Chicago...only a 5-6 hour drive! Woot! And I know the Cleveland Tarts and the Tarts from Northern Indiana.... Does the happy dance... So girls, do you think Gerry's gonna be a bad guy? Or maybe he's doing one of those movies where he wears a fat suit and gets ugly to win an Oscar.......LOL!
  6. Yeah, this would ROCK! Count me in if they get the theater up and running by the Con! ::
  7. Mkay... MUST comment on a few things! 1. Dawn - I FRIGGIN LOVE your new siggie and under-siggie....Di Me Basie Mille...you're darn right that's not enough! 2. Bethy - Again, LOVE the Vegas banner! Very cool! Also love the other FANmily ones! 3. Whoever's responsible for the flaming "Got GALS", I love you! 4. DF - In honor of this thread's theme.... Ok, so after I saw POTO, I decided that I wanted to see some of G's other movies. I had already seen ROF and TR2 (he was hot, but I didn't notice much except for the cute Star Wars play in ROF). So....DF was released only in one theater in Cincinnati...the little artsy theater in the tiny artsy district called Clifton. Luckily, I love the Esquire theater, and I've been several times. It was just an excuse to go again. So I made my little sister and my cousin go see it with me. Yeah, they thought I was a tool for wanting to see it just because Gerry was in it at first, but once we got into the movie, they LOVED it. They were both a little sniffly at the end (I was bawling like a baby...just can't help it! When Gerry cries, I cry! That, and the scene on the dock...you know the one! Sniff!). But that movie sealed the deal for me. I already was taken with POTO, but after seeing DF, I told every moderately artsy-film person about it that I could find. I ordered it ASAP, along with Attila (which funny enough was recommended by a male co-worker of mine who really enjoyed it and the "hot redhead") and Dracula 2000. I loved both of those...so I ordered more movies.....and so on, and so forth...until overcome by GALS. Now I've got all the movies (except those which we're impatiently waiting on from Amazon and for the U.S. distributors to pick up and show......note to distributors:get a friggin move on, I'm DYING here!!!!!!!) But his raw emotion and the endearing, motivating, loving themes of DF really moved me. Without a doubt, even if people don't like other Gerry movies, as long as they can get past the thick accents (the last person I lent it to liturally had to watch with subtitles), they LOVE DF. And they must admit that he's a good actor. Currently my copy of DF has been through 2 people at the office, and at least 2 more are waiting for it. They won't pay to rent it, but by goodness, I'll have them see it! Woot! Jen :KingLeo:
  8. Hello ladies! Thanks for the PSIFF update Sporran! Loved the pics of you and Sturla and all of the other girls! Sounds like everyone had a blast! I read the latest article where they were talking about Sturla's huge fan following...sounds like Gerry's fans really made an impression! Way to represent, girls! Speaking of representing, I'll PM you later - if you're heading up the SYT outing in Glasgow, I'm absolutely there! Just need to know what to pack to wear and what time.... VERY cool about Beckielou! Congrats to her and welcome! And to all of our sick GALS....go to bed, rest, read some E & C, take your meds, and GET better!!!! Love you all, Jen
  9. Bethy! Oh honey! You are BY NO MEANS a hateful or bad person. Don't even think it! You are a fabulous woman! And after all you do every day, after what you're going through, THAT should be your Dad's concern. His concern should be for your emotional wellbeing, your physical stress level, and for you and your family. His pride and respect are not the issue now, and you don't deserve this sort of treatment. It makes me furious to think that he's just adding to your already stressful and hurtful situation. I'm sure you can be civil. I'm sure that the man (as most men do) thinks that cooking and doing some tiny little thing is actually comparable to saving the world and should be met with your praise and thanks. But honestly, if he can't even see what he's doing, then maybe your outburst will help him out. It won't help you do have to deal with him as well as taking daily and nightly care of your Mother. I hope that your brother told your Dad where to get off. I'm sure he's a good person, and I'm sure that he's having a hard time too, but that is no excuse for his behavior. He may not know the right things to do for you and your Mom, so maybe you or she could let him know gently what would be most helpful, even if it's just giving you some time to sleep. You and your mother are in my thoughts and prayers daily! By the way, should you ever need a heavy-duty rant, I can call if you need to hear a friendly voice! Just PM me! Jen
  10. Carrie - I didn't see the request for letters....do we have a link to the info? I'm ALL about that!
  11. AHHHH! Best idea EVER! Woot! Letters in a brand-spanking-new MAN BAG!!!! Yes....with "Love, (and we mean that in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!!! wink wink), your GALS!"
  12. Totally! Thanks for the stories girls! We get to live vicariously.... So jealous of getting to see B&G....gees! Release it in the U.S. already!!!!! Smooches to Sturla for shouting-out to the Tarts! We are a force! Woot! It's so cool that he's normal and down-to-earth and willing to chat with everyone. As for those fans who don't know the Tarts....ah....give us a year or two.....world domination.....Muhahahaha..... Whoops...um.....loss of inner monologue....... :spinny:
  13. I was gonna say.... If you weren't willing to lead other GALS astray in Vegas, you're just not the woman I have come to know.....don't know if I can go on..... Plus, that's grounds for getting your GALS perv pass revoked....I don't want to have to report you, but so help me, it'd be for your own good!!!! Here's your first dose of re-perving....take a long, long, hard look at this pic....
  14. Tonya! Thanks SO much for stopping in! We are so honored to have you come in and check us out and chat!!!! You're welcome anytime, and we've already considered you an honorary GAL, one of us, so just sit down and chew the fat with us (slightly perverted) wonderful women! Thanks for using your time not only to stay in touch with us, but to do things for G even when you've got another job and we're sure that you're otherwise busy (we did hear you mention a fabulous boyfriend awhile ago! Congrats!). I'm sure you'll be right at home. The friends that I have made here are really amazing, astouding, talented, loving, fun ladies! Come around any time! Jen
  15. Aww... Sorry Bethy honey! Don't make my fly out there and kick his butt! Anyone that's free, Perrin and Chris and I are kicking it in chat! Sporran...get us the dope on B & G...I need to live vicariously! :inlove:
  16. Oh my goodness! We'd never make it out of the hotel room if that happened Bethy dear! and no one would blame us! LOL Girls!!!! If the man did decide to honor us with his presence, we'd like him to be able to walk afterwards (at least until we all got a chance to welcome him properly...then we'd carry him out and set him gently in his car............ )
  17. I'm itching to try my hand at siggie and avatar creation too! I just have to go out and get the software, and then start playing! Good to know that I'm not the only one who isn't already a genius at this stuff.... Woot! Jen
  18. Absolutely Sporran! You always do manage to put things well! He does manage to really pour his soul into his roles, and his unspoken communication is mind-altering! Dang! It's been a day or two since I sent those out...apparently mail to Canada does NOT go as fast as planned! I was just proud of myself to have mailed them before Christmas!!!! (Not the most organized GAL ever...) Also, ladies, I just need to say that I LOVE the new "respect" and "fan community" stuff in our header. How fabulous. It's absolutely true of us GALS! I really don't get the whole competition aspect of other fansites...what's the point? Compete for what??? Who gets to say they love G the most? Nah! I just like that we're the most perverted.....makes me a bit sentimental and teary-eyed, ya know? Sniff sniff... Also, does that pic of G stretching do naughty things to anyone else? I LOOOOOOVE that pic!
  19. Dang! I didn't even realize....but it's a good slip, I must say! Yeah....but still, it's just not right. The man must have golden karma. (And I must have been a serial killer in my past lives). LOL Sporran....no Capri for G, but hopefully some rest....and I do wish it was me "with whom he decided to do it"!!!!!!
  20. Get the woman a back brace STAT! Aww....come on...they're not REALLY that big...feel like it sometimes when you're trying to shove them into a dress or buy new bras....or there's a fourteen year old boy staring mindlessly at your bosom.....I HATE that! But no, being that top-heavy would NOT be a plus in being hired, I'm guessing....men can only handle so much (or else they get intimidated)!!! And we'd hate to scare G off!
  21. OMG! Y'all asked for it, just remember that.... My "first time" was on January 17th, 2005. I had seen previews for the movie and wanted to see it. I got excited and said to my sisters, "We'll go and see that. It looks good, and it's too artsy for anyone else to want to go with me". So as a birthday present (it's the day before, Jan 16th, and the 17th we were off for MLK day in the States), my little sisters took me to lunch and Phantom. We ate at Chipotle. And then we went to the theater. To my chagrin, it was pretty empty. It was the middle of the day on a Monday, but it was a holiday, so I expected more people. Anyway... I LOVE musicals, and I hadn't seen POTO before, so I was thrilled. And then Emmy Rossum sang. Her beautiful soprano (even thought I believe it will get better with age) was music to my ears. But I lost all thought when Gerry started singing. From the first "Brava, brava, Bravissima", I was HIS. I stared open-mouthed through MOTN. I was as entraced as Christine was supposed to be. He was so HOT! And the beautiful, rich, round, sexy baritone WITH EMOTION just sucked me in. The silky smooth, sensual way he moved and touched Christine was all I could take. PONR almost killed me. Heart racing, fast breathing, the whole enchilada. But besides his voice, it was his passion and intensity in the role that really owned me. I have always been a sucker for actors, and men that could sing, but that PLUS this unbelievable passion? I remember, like Dr. Em., sighing at the end of the movie as you saw the rose with the black ribbon on the tombstone. I was wiping tears away (I always cry when Gerry cries, and that scene where Christine gives the ring back was toture), and I just sat there going "WOW". That was fabulous. We talked about the movie all the way home in the car. Then, because I have an incredible curiosity for useless celebrity knowledge, I googled Phantom to see who Gerry was. IMDB told me that I had already seen Timeline 2, but at the time I just thought he was hot. I found gb.net, and read his profile. Not only was he an incredibly gifted actor and singer, but he was intelligent, an ex-lawyer, and Scottish! Hello! But after all that, liking him more and more, I found the fan encounters. I was blown away that he would double the donation to the Tsunami fund. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was humble, funny, and more than a bit naughty. But he seemed like a real person that was surprised to have fans, and one who treated his fans with incredible compassion and had a genuine personality that just sealed the deal for me. (And Bethy's call just stapled it to my soul....you lovely man you!) I had been out of college for about two years then, and just working. No hobbies, but there was something missing in my life. Gerry's performance helped me realize that it was my passion that I had left behind. I had to start being in the theater again. Every time I saw a show, I'd get depressed thinking about the fun and craziness that the cast had and the trials of theater life that I missed. But I knew I'd need help to get back. POTO and his performance (and Emmy's a bit, I guess) inspired me to go back to voice lessons. My first few were to see if I could learn Christine's part, and then I got back into singing for the hell of it. Voice lessons lead to ballet (and yeah, starting them at 24 years old is crazy, but good for me). So I started losing weight and started auditioning for community theater. I've been in a few things now, and I'm starting acting lessons with a brilliant local director after I get back from Scotland. But most of all, on gb.net, I found friends. Friends that I had an unexplainable bond with. And then I found the GALS thread. And now I couldn't be happier that I've met you all and been able to share this with you wonderful women. I just can't believe that it's almost a year, it feels like such a short time. I just have to keep my focus, and now I'll always remember that it's better to live your passion and your dream even if it doesn't come true than squelch it and be miserable just because it's not mainstream or likely. So this year on January 17th, I'll be packing my suitcases and setting off for Glasgow the next day! What a wonderful, rewarding, amazing journey it's been! Thanks GALS! You'll never know just how much you mean to me! And thanks Gerry! You're the MAN in all possible ways! Thank you for everything, but mostly the kick-in-the-butt that got me up to make my life MINE! And for bringing me close to these wonderful friends! :mopboyerik:
  22. Yae, I guess I agree. If I ran without a bra on I would step on my nipples. JUST KIDDING.....MAYBE NOT...... Nah Suz...the trick is to bounce 'em off your knees.....
  23. Jen ~Actually what we are doing is inviting all our GB sister sites to the convention! We feel it's time for all of us to come together and enjoy each others company! We all will be coming for the same reason - to honor Gerry, make friends and have fun! Shouldn't we do this together? Dr. Em The more the merrier, I was just taken aback the first time I read it. Heck, come one, come all ladies!!! As long as it's for Gerry-love, I'm all for it! That, and they can't possibly arrest ALL of us at one time if we travel in large groups.... Am I right?
  24. Well that's cool.... I'm a little confused, because I thought this was just a GALS deal.... Not that I don't love my fellow Tarts, because I've got MANY Tarty friends who aren't GALS and I love to hang with them, but I was just a wee bit surprised, ya know?
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