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  1. I'm glad to see Gerry and Sandra Bullock are in the same city filming. Hope they ill meet and connect (if they haven't already). I think they would make a perfect couple.
  2. Jackie Jr. and Mike Chadway - both obnoxious
  3. I saw POTO but didn't know who he was at that time. Didn't realize it was Gerry. Loved the movie. Then I saw PSILY, I was a goner. the road scene where they first met. The kiss - OMG I'm totally hooked. Then I realized that he was the Phantom. I have bought most of his movies now. PSILY is my favorite. I love the Galway girl scene and the song. Harry Connick says - what do women want --WE WANT GERRY!!!! notdeadyet
  4. I have been married for 52 years. We met when I was a mature 13 and he was 18 and we've been together ever since. No, I've never even kissed another man. My Husband is not perfect BUT he is a wonderful man, kind, honest, faithful, patient, loving. I could go on and on. I am a very lucky women. And ,hey, he is a very lucky man. It was not love at first sight, but it didn't take long after we met to know that we belonged to each other. So don't give up, you ladies that haven't found your man yet. There is someone out there for you.....I don't doubt it for a minute. P.S. He even accepts my obsession with Gerry and buying all his movies. He knows its all in fun. Notdeadyet.
  5. He's a boy-o. Doesn't know anything about kissing, that's a man's business. That did it for me! And that kiss -OMG!!!! What a man - what a movie. I just love it. I have bought most of Gerry's movies since then. POTO is also a favorite. So sad, it really touches me. He is the best Phantom of all. He just breaks my heart every time I watch it. There is a book titled PHANTOM by Susan Kay , 1990 which tells the whole story of the phantom. I recommend it if you can get a copy anywhere. Notdeadyet.
  6. I think I fell for Gerry Kennedy first. What a great guy. Of course I fell for Gerry Butler,naturally. I just love the movie, and I've watched it many times. However I have not read the book. After reading all your opinions here I will definately get the book and now I am really looking forward to getting to know Holly and Gerry better. Thanks.
  7. What is happening with the Robbie Burns story? Personally I love the romantic movies - P.S. I Love You, Dear Frankie and the best of all Phantom of the Opera. I guess box office rules, but I'm hoping he'll do a good romance movie soon.
  8. Welcome to GALS notdeadyet :)

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