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  1. I totally agree. I was very upset by her tone - very contemptuous and dismissive. There was only one elephant's behind in the room - and it was hers. j
  2. Happy, happy! Joy, joy! Good to see them both so happy together. Great pics.
  3. Letterman is very sarcastic sometimes but I thought it went much better than I thought it would. I even think Dave warmed up to Gerry a bit as G was able to toss a quip or two back at him. Dave respects that and it made him laugh in appreciation of the joke. I think Gerry will be fine. He wouldn't go back if he wasn't OK with it.
  4. I am delighted to see these pics! Thanks for posting them! jane
  5. So the player would have to know three obscure Gerry films to win? Films they figure that general population might not know???
  6. It's both. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A2H9UG6/ref=s9_simh_gw_p74_d1_i1?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-3&pf_rd_r=00070F6278BXFPH47MN9&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=470938811&pf_rd_i=507846 (Do it through GALS store and I think they get a little from it.) Also, the price will likely drop as we get closer to release. jane
  7. The clip cuts it off, but several other Brits mentioned Oz. It was a Christmas tradition in Britain during their childhoods. Makes me think of little Gerry eagerly anticipating Christmas. LOL jane
  8. I, too, think he is looking extremely happy and excited about his new relationship and just doesn't want it run through the mill by openly talking about it. I think it's great and wish them both the very best. jane
  9. Thank you SO much for the downloads! I really appreciate them! jane
  10. Very grateful for a high quality clip of this being made available. Thank you!
  11. Is there any chance of a download??? (I am on my knees in case you can't see)
  12. I'm on Oleo and it's working but you have to close all the ads as Stuart said - and they don't look like ads. All those 'Download' now and 'You need this codex' stuff are ads and it can be hard to find the "X" to close them but once you wade through all that you get to the actual screen and Soccer Aid is playing on ITV. It does work but it is confusing to get to it. jane
  13. They are starting to add them to Youtube but, naturally, haven't added Gerry's part yet. LOL jane I'm sorry, I don't know your protocols here, but this is Gerry's preshow bit on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB8s8pHrhjA&feature=g-u-u jane
  14. Thank you, Stuart! Your Oeoletv link worked! Just watched the promo show with Gerry and he was in his element. Great to see him on his home turf as 'one of the guys'. LOL The time differential is another hurdle I have trouble with but at least I can see what's going on. Thanks again! jane
  15. Someone had blogged that Silver has an ongoing relationship with a German studio that would reduce costs significantly. He may also be using the threat of filming in Germany to encourage Michigan to reinstate tax incentives. On a $40M+ project, those incentives can be a significant budget consideration. However, I don't know that Silver or his associates have stated where Motor City will be filmed yet. Wherever is cheapest would be the most fiscally responsible decision.
  16. From the same article, It’s no surprise there haven’t been many projects filming in Michigan recently after the state reduced their film incentives last year, but there are a couple of films on the horizon, and one of them is currently looking for crew members.
  17. The Friday night version had time taken up by the Michael Jackson Trial updates. The Sunday night version was the complete, longer, version. j
  18. The Numbers originally reported MGP as #1 per screen. Weekend is a small independent film at one theater that was reported later. The second is a semi-documentary film. The original posting was correct. As is usual, as further data comes in things are adjusted. MGP remains #1, however, for all commercially reported films. j
  19. This is only the theaters for the first two weeks. It will continue to go wider. j
  20. It can take four to six weeks for a film like this one to roll out. It took The King's Speech five weeks to roll out to 700 theaters, it's first 'wide release' total. There is plenty of time for it to reach the rest of the country. j
  21. Warren Beatty, Hollywood bad boy for cause, received an AFI Lifetime Achievement Award and was very well regarded by 'the industry'. As he became older he became more involved in producing and directing. An AFI is a very big, career, deal. Steve McQueen stole his producers wife, rather publicly, and was a bad boy. His acting reputation, though respectable in his lifetime (and he had his share of critical drubbing), has grown since his death as it often does. We tend to value those who are gone more than those who are with us. Tom Cruise reached a natural career peak and is drifting down as younger stars take over. It coincided with his couch jumping which was amusing. It also coincided with his anti-psychiatry rant which was less amusing and the fact the Paramount used it to get out of a profit cripelling contract when the economy tanked. Do not confuse National Enquirer gossip with economic practicalities. TC is now undergoing a career reinvention, as all actors do, and will rise again. Just not as a heartthrob lead most likely. Charlie Sheen, awaiting jail time, is the highest paid actor on TV. Audiences love to watch and gossip about him. His personal life, again for cause, is a disaster but his career is sailing. Meryl Streep is Meryl Streep. It is pointless to compare anybody to her, she is one of a kind. By "industry standards", TUT, TBH and LAC were 'hits'and are regarded as such which is why he is in demand. Only by blogger standards, those who do not care for those types of films, have they been labeled flops. Hollywood is amused by gossip but it runs on money. If Gerry didn't generate box office, whether he's talked about or not, 'the industry' would dump him. In the industry, he is regarded as dependable, bankable and hard working. And talented. By gossip standards, mostly not of his making, he is someone to talk about that people (i.e. women) want to read about and blog about. He sells magazines and he generates clicks on computers. To confuse how someone is regarded in 'the industry' and how they are regarded by Us or OK or E! is quite different. He was sought by Fiennes, no doubt, because his charisma, which makes him a 'gossip magnet' (note they did not say whether or not he deserved to be, or there was any basis for it, just that he attracts it), also makes people want to watch him on screen and investors willing to invest in projects he's attached to. When he stops being of interest to audiences, either for gossip or talent reasons, producers will no longer find him bankable. Happens to everybody. Even Meryl Streep, until Mama Mia took off and made a boatload of money, couldn't finance a film on her name alone even with her amazing talent. Talent doesn't finance films. Audience interest does. So, for the time being, if people want to watch Gerry just to see what all the talk's about or just because he's a hunk or just because he makes them feel something, it's all good. jane
  22. Anytime a handsome, world-famous movie star wants to tell the world that I am the girl who broke his heart in high school - PLEASE!!! Preferably in sky writing and full page ads in every publication on the planet! Julie is a class act and easy to see why they are still friends. A good sense of humor endures even when the hips start to go! jane
  23. What negativity? Hadn't noticed really, until you mentioned it but I don't think negativity can "distort" anything unless you allow it to. There will always be stupid people. Those are the ones I tend to ignore. Delene A negative atmosphere can and does distort perception. Sometimes stupid people just keep getting in one's way. There is enormous negativity expressed all over the web and sometimes it is hard to avoid, negativity about a lot of things. But if you're blind to it, so much the better. jane
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