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  1. I'm almost sure I didn't vote this week. So here it is: remove J.
  2. For no reason our forum kicked me out this week and accepted my passwd only tonight so I couldn't vote earlier - but I didn't forger this time. Anyway, back to the game. Remove Sam. He's not bad at all but I'd like to keep the other 2 in the game longer. Oops, probably no need to explain, well, Remove Sam, keep Creedy, Johnnie is optional.
  3. I must disagree with your statement - respectfully. You're wrong in this case. Erik has every right to be here more than once as he creates his own rules. Plus he has a lasso! It's extremely dangerous not to follow rules set by a person using such arguments.
  4. I'd like to remove Sam 'cause I like him less than other remaining characters but I can't - he's my answer to the immunity question. So remove George. Why Sam - he's based on a real person which IMHO is more challenging than playing an imaginary person whom he can invent any way he likes. A character reflecting a real person kinda creates boundaries which an actor must respect and work in a way that convince the audience such boundaries don't exist. It's relatively easy to build a character that mocks a real person. But building a character influenced by a person in a way that combines an actor's hard work and that person'r traits isn't easy. BTW WHY isn't poor Erik here? He'd be my question for every immunity question no matter what!
  5. Remove 1-2 immunity - probably Terry. Any island, uncharted or not, is less dangerous than that prison where he managed just fine. So he can survive in bad circumstances. Plus he's robbed some graves and so on, then had to escape when cops and competitive bandits tried to take his treasures which probably includes running through wild-ish parts of any country, finding shelter, maybe even killing others. So he could use such skills not just to survive but to thrive on any island. Killing a person and killing animals to get food are quite similar. Or I'm totally wrong.
  6. Oh, no, I didn't vote last week Remove Sam Immunity question - definitely Creedy, mostly for that scene when they act the whole Star Wars. If this doesn't show the greatest range of emotions, I don't know what does.
  7. Make Creedy immune, remove Sam. How long 'till the questions? I miss them, some were sooo tricky.
  8. I'm almost sure I didn't vote this week so remove Mike and keep Creedy.
  9. Creedy immune Kable bye and it was too early for Dracula!
  10. You're absolutely right. People didn't like him back then in Egypt so why shouldn't he be happy in Europe? We could all share him, I'm not greedy, I woud not keep him forever.
  11. immunity for Dracula send Set to any location in Poland - I'll find him no matter where you put him and he'll be lonely and lost and cold and hungry and I'll provide what he needs and maybe give him back next year
  12. Kable and Mike Sorry, I messed up. I remembered I was supposed to vote about 5 minutes ago when noticed a reminder on fb.
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