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  1. Does anyone know if Warner Brothers, or someone, has improved the film distribution from 800 theaters to many more, here in the States?
  2. 'K. Gerry and David are nearly tied now. keep it going.
  3. Gerry once said that he'll sleep (or was it rest) when he's dead. I swear he did, I heard his words in my ears.
  4. It is amazing how much bigger Gerry is from just a few years ago. Look at his Phantom body and then this post-300, post-Game body. This guy just gets better. More Gerry. More to admire!
  5. Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! :woah: No need to lecture us on behavior around public film locations. I GREW UP IN SO CAL!! I know all about such things. I was asking about possible information as to where the public may observe the filming, not get permission from this web site, and a lecture on decorum. When Sandra Bullock filmed in San Luis Obispo, CA, (where we lived) a few years ago, the local tourist board, or some such agency, had the shooting locations and schedules published. That is what I was asking about. We cannot be forever lectured to, regarding behavior near public film locations, just because a few people exercised poor judgment in the past. It may be a difficult concept for some, but most of us would not rampage a location just because Gerry might be there. Film sets and the process of filming are an interesting processes to watch.
  6. Portland, Oregon, eh? Only an 1.5 from home, 45 min from work. I've never been a film star fan, so to speak, particularly growing up in LA, Malibu and Culver City, where celebrity is not any more important than all the other types of labeling people. But, I would enjoy seeing two actors, whose work entertains me, on the job. How does one learn shooting schedules, if locations are open to viewing (or whatever that's called), calls for extras, etc?
  7. he is in the left foreground of the mid image, with his bodyguard's hand on his shoulder
  8. Also, it looks like that big guy whose been Gerry's bodyguard in the past, on the left side of the middle image.
  9. I thought I saw Hilary with her hair up, wearing a black, sleeveless dress. Also, it looked like Gerry was lingering in the corner (in the middle cam image) where the last of the people were standing, with a dark suit and no tie, maybe doing an interview. It really hard to say, tho.......
  10. Now, why on Earth would I want a Phanty mask if it hadn't been in very close contact with Gerry, first??? Absolutely NO replicas for me! well... except for little Marek and the little King Leo with two heads.
  11. Well, ladies, Gers certainly redefines the meaning of that t-shirt's nickname, "wife beater". I can so imagine Gerry B having such a grin on his face as his closes in.....
  12. I think that is a medium to light gray suit that looks like a different color because of the artificial lighting from above. Most likely businessmen would be wearing gray wool suits, not turquoise.
  13. The "300" phenom continues to grow and is great fun to watch. I received a google alert for something that made me wonder if being on someone's arm as a tattoo could ever be a professional goal. Here's Gerry, actual King Leo:
  14. Well, that's probably because there isn't much for Neil to smile about, after the very beginning of the film. :boink:
  15. The lost mariner from The Black Freighter is a poignant side-story in "Watchmen", and exactly the role I had always figured Zack had in mind for Gerry, mostly because such a role would fit Gerry's work schedule, and Gerry would be great developing the lost man and his plight. Now - does this guy die, too? You'll have to read "Watchmen" to find out............
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