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  1. I'm really impressed! In only two days! We are GOOD! ~GERRY MAKES ME SMILE~

    2007 Cony Stories!

    Just a quick note to thank all who played a role in organizing the convention and seeing that it moved along so nicely. I know there must have been a whirlwind from 4:00 until 8:00 on Saturday. The decorations were beautiful. For those who helped me off the floor when I busted my arse Saturday night, no damage done. My right fingers are a little stiff, but most of the swelling has gone down. Thanks to all for a good time! I'm already looking forward to next year! AnnGal ~Gerry makes me smile~
  3. Will someone tell me what this is all about? It must be very interesting! ANNGAL
  4. All has been said before I got on, but we do thank you for all you do for us and Gerry. I was so looking forward to meeting you, but hadn't a clue that you rascals were planning on bringing the Butler Award with you. Thanks so much! I can die happy now. Thought I was going to that night!! We appreciate you!! ANNGAL
  5. Hi, GSpot! I met you fin Vegas, and Darlin', no one would think of you as prude. I'd just loved to be the TSA who checked your bag. I'll bet you had a ball telling them just what all that...em...er...stockwas for! I just wish I had your sense of humor. Good to be able to put name and face together. Love you, GALS!
  6. Tonya, anyone can say, "Thank you!" better than I, but I do appreciate the effort you put out to be with us and to bring Gerry with you. You can't imagine the joy we experienced at Vegas. It was so much fun...always something going on. And having fun with Jerame (sic???). I met some really nice and fun people at the convention. We are all connected! We are as Gerry said...a team. We will always be supportive in anyway we can. Don't hesitate to call on us if there is ever anyway we can help. My sincerest thanks, GRANDANN (Ann) ~Gerry makes me smile~
  7. I'm heading back to Denver to watch B & G (3 times with Tarts) and I don't know how many by myself.. Looking forward to seeing it again. I saw it 4 times in Winnipeg, once in Las Vegas, and now to Denver! I've got to be nuts! No argument there!
  8. Vegas in June, Glasgow in July...sounds great! I'll just have time to get home and do laundry and pack for Glasgow! I might just fly out of Vegas!
  9. Must have read my mind. That was one of my questions. Now I know. Another question...what does pinned mean? AnnGal
  10. Hi! I think this is my first post here because l could never get my computer to stay on more than two minutes. I now have a wireless card, and it's working fine. It will take a while for me to get to know you GALS, but for now I want to say how happy I am for you, Bethy. That must have been the Christmas present of all Christmas presents. You seem to have handled it really well. I would have fainted. If you have ever seen The American President you see me as the girl in the flower shop as she fell straight back when the President walked in. And give your Mom a hug for me. She deser
  11. OMG!!! I needed this; today was my first back to work after summer vacation. You GALS have had me in tears. I live in a small town and teach at the local college. There are some of the shirts that would get me fired. But I'd wear the camel one in Vegas. I'd wear the R-E-S-P-E-C-T when traveling in areas other than this town. I'd wear Dr. Em's GALS just want to have fun in this town. I want to keep my job until I get fired for taking off during the first and second week of spring semester. After Scotland, I'll handle what ever comes my way. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW I CAN GET TH
  12. I'm saving to go to Scotland, but I'd love to do Vegas during the summer. I was there in June, and it wasn't too hot. Besides, if it were not for A/C, I would never set foot outside the house. Celine Dion (sic???) is supposed to have a great theater and show. I didn't get to see her. I believe that tickets for shows should be asked for very early, so that would be something we might want to consider. I would have time to drive if I wanted to because I do not teach in the summer. I could pick up anyone from Arkansas to Vegas. I have a small motor home w/fridge, microwave, stove, toile
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